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OSM Schools Progress in the 'RG' Postal Area

The blue circles on the map are schools from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a school on the official list. The lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects. Dark green lines represent a match based on the ref:edubase (England & Wales), ref:seedcode (Scotland) and ref:deni (Northern Ireland) tags. Light green lines represent a match based on location in the absense of an OSM ref:* tag. Orange lines represnt a match based on location, with an incorrect ref:* tag. The location matches can match the wrong schools, particularly in inner-city areas where there are many schools in close proximity. To fix incorrect location matches, add the appropriate ref:* tag to the OSM amenity=school objects. For more information see below.

Schools not matched to an OSM Object

Note that only OSM ways and relations tagged with amenity=school or amenity=college are checked for possible matches. In most cases, any nodes tagged like this would be better converted to way polygons covering the whole of the school site. The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby school being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official Edubase / Scottish Government data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add schools to OSM. However, knowing that there is a school missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that school using other sources -- e.g. Bing, OS Street View, and by searching for the possible school's own website.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
123345 (E) RG4 9RH Bishopswood School
128088 (E) RG41 2RE CAMHS Phoenix School
109931 (E) RG31 4XG Calcot Infant School and Nursery
110177 (E) RG4 8JZ Caversham Preparatory School
109855 (E) RG41 1JR Emmbrook Infant School
139963 (E) RG14 2PR Engaging Potential
109829 (E) RG2 9YW Farley Hill Primary School
101493 (E) RG40 1PX Foundry College
109782 (E) RG2 8RH Geoffrey Field Infant School
109924 (E) RG40 4EH Gorse Ride Infants' School
147868 (E) RG2 6AX Green Park Village Primary Academy
141882 (E) RG20 9BS Highwood Copse Primary School
147588 (E) RG24 8BQ Inclusion Hampshire
149140 (E) RG22 4BS Inclusion School
144577 (E) RG4 9AU Kidmore End Church of England Primary School
110172 (E) RG42 6JQ Meadowbrook Montessori School
144033 (E) RG20 8HZ New Barn School
145283 (E) RG45 6QZ Oaklands Infant School
139728 (E) RG30 4BZ Thames Valley School
148343 (E) RG24 9BP The Austen Academy
148960 (E) RG7 5HJ The Mile House Therapeutic School
134424 (E) RG7 1HF The Vine Christian School
148014 (E) RG40 2EJ Westende Junior School
109864 (E) RG31 6RY Westwood Farm Infant School

OSM Objects not matched to a school on the official lists

Entries here could be due to: Former schools that have now closed, more than one area being tagged for a single school, the official entry for a real school being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or institutions not included in the official lists being tagged as schools in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM Ref JRC
w189332375 +J
w537254817 +J
w492338796 +J
w484115590 +J
w128496133 +J
w133617545 +J
w223530573 +J
w153277816 +J
w453480364 +J
w215527397 +J
w223530575 +J
w224670963 +J
w1102404806 +J
r2983695 +J
w32957500 +J
w1073608500 +J
w936335430 +J
w931020506 +J
w812742464 +J
w717872593 +J
w474987278 +J
w170132652 Alderwood Junior School +J
w169717855 Alderwood Senior School +J
w655734027 Amersham and Wycombe College +J
w176990139 Andover College - 6th Form Academy +J
w239069580 Andover College - Main Reception +J
w239069578 Andover College - PA (Professions Academy) +J
w239069562 Andover College - PPB (Professions Practical Building) +J
w438458933 Army School of Physical Training +J
w168400633 Ashwood Education Centre: Broadoaks site +J
w58688965 Bearwood Primary School +J
r6565366 Berkshire College of Agriculture 130606 +J
w383532214 Bourne End Academy +J
w81235272 Bracknell & Wokingham College +J
w210929778 Bracknell & Wokingham College - Church Road Centre +J
w625527569 Bradfield College +J
w24259328 Bristow Infant School +J
w183275784 Camberley Adult Education Centre +J
w385156909 Carrington Junior School +J
w537746144 Charvil Piggott Primary School +J
w48597849 Claires Court School +J
w11159365 Farnham College +J
w108406475 Gloucester Road Centre +J
w167436992 Hatherden CE Primary School 116359 +J
w492338799 Henry Tyndale School +J
w51104438 Holy Trinity School Playing Field +J
w73236941 King Alfred's Community and Sports College (West Site) +J
w92423911 King Alfred's Sixth Form +J
w51532329 Montessori School +J
w51104971 Moor Hall +J
w571106935 Newbold College of Higher Education +J
w223530571 Oxenwood Outdoor Education Centre +J
w813203051 PLPS (Junior Annexe) +J
w813203050 Park Lane Primary School (Infants) +J
w834950878 Park Lane Primary School Field +J
w51533635 Redroofs Theatre School +J
w50315196 Ridgeway School +J
w891237581 Rotherfield Campus +J
w151571859 South Farnham Infant School +J
w195572534 Thames Valley Police Training Centre +J
w392621055 The Cedars School 110174 +J
r1015954 The Coombes C of E +J
w1052082936 The Costello School (Sports Hall Area) +J
w163595179 The Grey House School +J
w70461884 The Laurels Infant Annexe to Park Lane School +J
w826115543 Theale CofE Primary School +J
w313488651 VICI Language Academy +J
w107104180 Vigo Infant School +J
w345318792 Vinio House School +J
w563690638 Warfield (Woodhurst) CE Primary School +J
w814324939 Wilson Primary School Playing Fields +J
w1010814174 kirk site +J

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Schools matched to an OSM object by location

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM amenity=school or amenity=college way or relation within 1km of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several school sites are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MR MPC Offset JRC
110187 (E) RG5 3EU Addington School w3239030 Bulmershe School + + 145 m +J
149352 (E) RG40 1UX All Saints Church of England Primary School w209306375 All Saints CE (Aided) Primary School 101 m +J
109836 (E) RG41 5BB Bearwood Primary School w780223735 + 64 m +J
109950 (E) RG20 8SL Beedon C.E. (Controlled) Primary School w96640130 + 97 m +J
109893 (E) RG12 7WW Birch Hill Primary School w307966849 + 84 m +J
132926 (E) RG4 8JZ Chiltern Nursery Nurse Training School w703348397 Caversham Preparatory School. + + 65 m +J
110178 (E) RG42 4DE Cressex Lodge School w446719569 Newbold College of Higher + + 367 m +J
109863 (E) RG41 1JR Emmbrook Junior School w193500734 Emmbrook Infant and Junior School + + 84 m +J
109781 (E) RG2 8RH Geoffrey Field Junior School w45669341 Geoffrey Field Infant School + + 119 m +J
145892 (E) RG42 4FS King's Academy Binfield w999291667 King's Academy Binfield + + 117 m +J
147076 (E) RG42 4FY King's Academy Oakwood w1060142784 + 51 m +J
116306 (E) RG23 7JZ Oakley Church of England Junior School w168546454 Oakley Infant School + 216 m +J
116047 (E) RG23 7JZ Oakley Infant School w168546453 Oakley Church of England Junior School + 99 m +J
115903 (E) RG27 8DY Oakwood Infant School w169715139 Oakwood Infant School + 167 m +J
134467 (E) RG2 0LU OneSchool Global Reading Senior Campus w695954025 The Abbey Junior School + + 879 m +J
135693 (E) RG2 8QA OneSchool Global UK Reading Primary Campus w42155177 OneSchool Global Reading Campus + + 22 m +J
149435 (E) RG14 6NQ Park House School w391799734 Park House School 102 m +J
137999 (E) RG1 4JJ Red Balloon Learner Centre Reading w148156383 Reading College + + 210 m +J
109989 (E) RG10 8ED Robert Piggott CofE Infant School w696943477 + 81 m +J
109993 (E) RG10 8DY Robert Piggott CofE Junior School w696943476 + 55 m +J
149386 (E) RG12 2JG Sandy Lane Primary School w392935904 Sandy Lane Primary School 123 m +J
109975 (E) RG17 7DB Shefford C.E. Primary School w96456526 + 236 m +J
136706 (E) RG31 4XR TLG Reading w1041694038 Integration College + + 579 m +J
141123 (E) RG23 8AA The Ashwood Academy w168400418 Ashwood Education Centre: Ashwood site + 47 m +J
110062 (E) RG5 3EU The Bulmershe School w453480363 + 116 m +J
144637 (E) RG2 9NX The Coombes Church of England Primary School w64381339 + 165 m +J
135995 (E) RG1 4QZ The Deenway Montessori School w99003932 + 709 m +J
130789 (E) RG9 1UH The Henley College w26705125 Henley College (Deanfield Campus) + + 69 m +J
142121 (E) RG30 2BB The WREN School w566198806 The Wren School + 102 m +J
138968 (E) RG2 7AG Trinity Christian School w844037640 The Abbey Junior School + + 147 m +J
109876 (E) RG41 5LH Winnersh Primary School w83205013 + 137 m +J
131066 (E) RG14 7BT iCollege Alternative Provision w173026749 Newbury Hall + 555 m +J

Schools matched to an OSM object by reference number

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MPC Offset
110175 (E) RG7 4JU Alder Bridge School w392337946 Alderbridge Steiner Waldorf + 125 m
147862 (E) RG2 9RA Alder Grove Church of England Primary School w690564393 Alder Grove Church of England Primary School 181 m
109947 (E) RG7 4LX Aldermaston C.E. Primary School w391077989 Aldermaston C of E Primary School 92 m
109850 (E) RG6 7HR Aldryngton Primary School w42104604 Aldryngton Primary School 42 m
116427 (E) RG22 6HA Aldworth School w391077990 Aldworth School 70 m
109776 (E) RG6 1JR Alfred Sutton Primary School w229968941 Alfred Sutton Primary School 47 m
109945 (E) RG1 6NP All Saints Church of England Aided Infant School w392337947 All Saints Infant School 41 m
137281 (E) RG1 6NP All Saints Junior School w392337949 All Saints Junior School 15 m
115921 (E) RG19 8BB Ashford Hill Primary School w168399938 Ashford Hill Primary School 83 m
123042 (E) RG9 2HL Badgemore Primary School w391244902 Badgemore Primary School 39 m
109949 (E) RG8 8PD Basildon C.E. Primary School w391244903 Basildon C.E. Primary School 20 m
130688 (E) RG21 8TN Basingstoke College of Technology w224684934 Basingstoke College of Technology 116 m
139066 (E) RG30 2TD Battle Primary Academy w390638324 Battle Primary Academy 31 m
147023 (E) RG5 4JJ Beechwood Primary School w104111616 Beechwood Primary School and The Ambleside Centre + 128 m
109802 (E) RG7 5NN Beenham Primary School w391244904 Beenham Primary School 134 m
109999 (E) RG42 4EW Binfield Church of England Primary School w391893256 Binfield Church of England Primary School 180 m
109844 (E) RG31 5LN Birch Copse Primary School w132043293 Birch Copse Primary School 119 m
116478 (E) RG22 6SR Bishop Challoner Catholic Secondary School w223721589 Bishop Challoner Catholic Secondary School 45 m
116035 (E) RG26 3NA Bishopswood Infant School w168400819 Bishopswood Infant School 180 m
116013 (E) RG26 3NA Bishopswood Junior School w168400816 Bishopswood Junior School 105 m
110107 (E) RG30 3EP Blessed Hugh Faringdon Catholic School w132398342 Blessed Hugh Faringdon Catholic School 79 m
142181 (E) RG2 9GB Bohunt School Wokingham w508256025 Bohunt School Wokingham 182 m
110007 (E) RG7 6HR Bradfield C.E. Primary School w124983881 Bradfield Church of England Primary School 61 m
110121 (E) RG7 6AU Bradfield College w145107774 Bradfield College 20 m
116278 (E) RG26 5AH Bramley Church of England Primary School w260172811 Bramley Church of England Primary School 302 m
116441 (E) RG22 4HS Brighton Hill Community School w166223582 Brighton Hill Community College 106 m
110008 (E) RG20 7BN Brightwalton C.E. Aided Primary School w391255173 Brightwalton C.E. Aided Primary School 80 m
109954 (E) RG7 4TL Brimpton C.E. Primary School w391255176 Brimpton C.E. Primary School 171 m
110127 (E) RG18 9UL Brockhurst and Marlston House Schools w391255181 Brockhurst and Marlston House Schools 119 m
110186 (E) RG31 6SW Brookfields Special School w426391155 Brookfields Special School 40 m
109955 (E) RG7 6QP Bucklebury C.E. Primary School w391255185 Bucklebury C.E. Primary School 61 m
115868 (E) RG20 9HT Burghclere Primary School w168401278 Burghclere Primary School 34 m
109956 (E) RG30 3TX Burghfield St Mary's C.E. Primary School w390637778 Burghfield St Mary's Primary School 124 m
131516 (E) RG26 4HN Burnham Copse Primary School w168402051 Burnham Copse Primary School 106 m
115933 (E) RG29 1NE Buryfields Infant School w169686325 Buryfields Infant School 126 m
109932 (E) RG31 4XG Calcot Junior School w126041307 Calcot Junior 131 m
116041 (E) RG23 8BN Castle Hill Infant School w168402409 Castle Hill Infant School 24 m
116005 (E) RG23 8BN Castle Hill Primary School w168402408 Castle Hill Junior School 110 m
109925 (E) RG4 6RP Caversham Park Primary School w54890383 Caversham Park Primary School 45 m
109778 (E) RG4 7RA Caversham Primary School w144371895 Caversham Primary School 59 m
109957 (E) RG20 7DT Chaddleworth St Andrew's C.E. Primary School w164920301 Chaddleworth St Andrew's Cof E Primary School 180 m
116057 (E) RG22 4ER Chalk Ridge Primary School w166223584 Chalk Ridge Primary School 62 m
116357 (E) RG27 0LX Charles Kingsley's Church of England Primary School w169688094 Charles Kingsley's Church of England Primary School 82 m
116520 (E) RG19 8LD Cheam School w390881908 Cheam School 335 m
123200 (E) RG8 0SR Checkendon Church of England (A) Primary School w392337950 Checkendon Church of England (Aided) Primary School 124 m
109810 (E) RG20 8TY Chieveley Primary School w257543186 Chieveley Primary School 67 m
134652 (E) RG22 5BB Chiltern Primary School w168410071 Chiltern Primary School 40 m
148349 (E) RG40 2HR Chiltern Way Academy Wokingham w391869458 Chiltern Way Academy Wokingham 125 m
126397 (E) RG17 0TF Chilton Foliat Church of England Primary School w391255187 Chilton Foliat Church of England Primary School 284 m
110005 (E) RG2 8LX Christ The King Catholic Primary School w42156399 Christ The King Catholic Primary School 73 m
136457 (E) RG30 4HP Churchend Primary Academy w132399233 Churchend Primary School 71 m
140379 (E) RG1 7HL Civitas Academy w593023100 Civitas Acadamy 70 m
115877 (E) RG25 2QU Cliddesden Primary School w168411281 Cliddesden Primary School 33 m
109958 (E) RG18 9PT Cold Ash St Mark's CE Primary School w142953636 St. Mark's School 52 m
109779 (E) RG1 6AZ Coley Primary School w549563492 Coley Primary School 56 m
131769 (E) RG40 3BT College Hall w392621044 College Hall 150 m
109959 (E) RG20 6QU Compton C.E. Primary School w391643757 Compton C.E. Primary School 54 m
116432 (E) RG21 3NP Cranbourne w168411619 Cranbourne 176 m
147719 (E) RG30 2TS Cranbury College w584365542 Cranbury College 1 m
147378 (E) RG10 8LY Crazies Hill Church of England Primary School w392337952 Crazies Hill Church of England Primary School 62 m
110155 (E) RG2 9BL Crosfields School w42156398 Crosfields School 123 m
144048 (E) RG12 0PE Crown Wood Primary School w132712771 Crown Wood Primary School 65 m
109962 (E) RG45 6ND Crowthorne Church of England Primary School w391255189 Crowthorne CofE School 29 m
109811 (E) RG18 9DZ Curridge Primary School w392495274 Curridge Primary School 58 m
116550 (E) RG27 0AR Daneshill School w225946808 Daneshill School 204 m
137777 (E) RG31 6XY Denefield School w132399234 Denefield School 125 m
116355 (E) RG27 8SS Dogmersfield Church of England Primary School w169701214 Dogmersfield Primary School 127 m
110163 (E) RG10 0FR Dolphin School w390882774 Dolphin School 105 m
137605 (E) RG21 5SU Dove House School w166225672 Dove House School 160 m
110123 (E) RG18 9JJ Downe House w142797361 Downe House School 124 m
109896 (E) RG31 6FE Downsway Primary School w29006591 Downsway Primary School 142 m
109780 (E) RG1 8DZ E P Collier Primary School w77499533 EP Collier Primary School 12 m
144571 (E) RG6 1EY Earley St Peter's Church of England Primary School w42279893 Earley St Peter's CofE Primary School 106 m
110071 (E) RG12 8FS Easthampstead Park Community School w91515626 Easthampstead Park Community School 60 m
116285 (E) RG20 4UA Ecchinswell and Sydmonton Church of England Primary School w168412263 Ecchinswell and Sydmonton Primary School 404 m
145244 (E) RG45 7HZ Edgbarrow School w391893257 Edgbarrow School 157 m
110140 (E) RG7 5TD Elstree School w300932892 Elstree School 207 m
109794 (E) RG4 8LN Emmer Green Primary School w182216368 Emmer Green Primary School 75 m
109963 (E) RG20 0JU Enborne C.E. Primary School w391255190 Enborne C.E. Primary School 15 m
110011 (E) RG7 5ER Englefield C.E. Primary School w391945915 Englefield Church of England Primary School 56 m
110004 (E) RG30 4BE English Martyrs' Catholic Primary School w112287226 English Martyrs' Catholic Primary School 26 m
140953 (E) RG40 3HD Evendons Primary School w391945916 Evendons Primary School 258 m
145125 (E) RG24 9UP Everest Community Academy w390621139 Everest Community Academy 131 m
116232 (E) RG21 3DH Fairfields Primary School w168413196 Fairfields Primary School 49 m
109871 (E) RG14 6NU Falkland Primary School w391799733 Falkland Primary School 102 m
110012 (E) RG40 4JR Finchampstead CofE VA Primary School w312600671 Finchampstea C of E (Aided) Primary School 199 m
139081 (E) RG14 2RA Fir Tree Primary School and Nursery w164708037 Fir Tree Primary School 25 m
142182 (E) RG40 1BG Floreat Montague Park Primary School w492337419 Floreat Montague Park 72 m
116247 (E) RG24 8PQ Four Lanes Community Junior School w168413382 Four Lanes Community Junior School 39 m
116082 (E) RG24 8PQ Four Lanes Infant School w168413381 Four Lanes Infant School 82 m
109805 (E) RG12 7JZ Fox Hill Primary School w413448554 Fox Hill Primary School 18 m
147273 (E) RG19 4GG Francis Baily Primary School w391869452 Francis Baily Primary School 181 m
110461 (E) RG9 6PR Frieth Church of England Combined School w391625370 Frieth Church of England Combined School 33 m
109858 (E) RG7 3HG Garland Junior School w26937585 Garland Junior School 94 m
110069 (E) RG42 2AD Garth Hill College w391255191 Garth Hill Technology College 93 m
137921 (E) RG9 1PS Gillotts School w391945917 Gillotts School 327 m
123201 (E) RG8 0BG Goring Church of England Aided Primary School r6048191 Goring Church of England Aided Primary School 143 m
109877 (E) RG40 4JJ Gorse Ride Junior School w440989852 Gorse Ride Junior School 26 m
133964 (E) RG26 5JS Grantham Farm Montessori School w394161046 Grantham Farm Montessori School 633 m
110015 (E) RG7 1JY Grazeley Parochial Church of England Aided Primary School w390631488 Grazeley Parochial Church of England Aided Primary School 77 m
132212 (E) RG24 8AJ Great Binfields Primary School w163218049 Great Binfields Primary School 50 m
144628 (E) RG12 8YR Great Hollands Primary School w330638900 Great Hollands Primary School 61 m
116071 (E) RG27 8DQ Greenfields Junior School w93526729 Greenfields Junior School 3 m
147675 (E) RG1 5SG Hamilton School w440989451 Hamilton School 1345 m
109964 (E) RG18 0TR Hampstead Norreys C.E. Primary School w391945918 Hampstead Norreys C.E. Primary School 85 m
130949 (E) RG12 9NE Harmans Water Primary School w391945919 Harmans Water Primary School 148 m
145284 (E) RG45 6LP Hatch Ride Primary School w293933125 Hatch Ride Primary School 40 m
116137 (E) RG22 4PQ Hatch Warren Infant School w168477763 Hatch Warren Infant School 86 m
116255 (E) RG22 4PQ Hatch Warren Junior School w168477764 Hatch Warren Junior School 52 m
109929 (E) RG6 3AP Hawkedon Primary School w42152405 Hawkedon Primary School 232 m
110112 (E) RG4 7SD Hemdean House School w388293024 Hemdean House 74 m
109815 (E) RG18 9SA Hermitage Primary School w123274183 Hermitage Primary School 114 m
110181 (E) RG40 1TS High Close School w209240538 High Close School 113 m
136307 (E) RG4 8LR Highdown School and Sixth Form Centre w153747650 Highdown School 49 m
131689 (E) RG5 3JE Highwood Primary School w3243655 Highwood Primary School 88 m
109930 (E) RG6 4HQ Hillside Primary School w33082508 Hillside Primary School 56 m
109807 (E) RG12 2SW Holly Spring Primary School w392621046 Holly Spring Primary School 54 m
110148 (E) RG40 3AL Holme Grange School w391945920 Holme Grange School 46 m
116228 (E) RG27 9NR Hook Infant School r6498219 Hook Infant School 19 m
116045 (E) RG27 9NN Hook Junior School r6498220 Hook Junior School 276 m
116526 (E) RG20 9DJ Horris Hill School w392495275 Horris Hill School 42 m
109816 (E) RG17 0BT Hungerford Primary School w133623630 Hungerford Primary School 212 m
109817 (E) RG17 9QE Inkpen Primary School w117283472 Inkpen School (CofE) 79 m
144608 (E) RG12 8EB Jennett's Park CofE Primary School w391887162 Jennett's Park CofE Primary School 28 m
130247 (E) RG2 8AF John Madejski Academy w42156402 John Madejski Academy 143 m
142822 (E) RG17 0AN John O'Gaunt School w80604734 John O'Gaunt School 169 m
109826 (E) RG14 6EX John Rankin Infant and Nursery School w392621047 John Rankin Infant and Nursery School 134 m
109825 (E) RG14 6ES John Rankin Junior School w392621048 John Rankin Junior School 118 m
109920 (E) RG1 2NL Katesgrove Primary School w132398395 Katesgrove Primary School 56 m
147805 (E) RG40 1PG Keep Hatch Primary School w209306377 Keep Hatch Primary School + 96 m
116036 (E) RG22 5LL Kempshott Infant School w394150584 Kempshott Infant School 16 m
116016 (E) RG22 5LL Kempshott Junior School w168480560 Kempshott Junior School 77 m
136448 (E) RG1 5BN Kendrick School w307855104 Kendrick School 48 m
110190 (E) RG42 2EX Kennel Lane School w369702325 Kennel Lane School 146 m
136647 (E) RG19 4LL Kennet School w391869453 Kennet School 155 m
109898 (E) RG31 7YT Kennet Valley Primary School w132398343 Kennet Valley Primary 256 m
136876 (E) RG30 4EX King's Academy Prospect w109356675 Prospect School 178 m
116230 (E) RG21 8YJ King's Furlong Infant School and Nursery w168540801 King’s Furlong Infant School and Nursery 81 m
116231 (E) RG21 8YJ Kings Furlong Junior School w168540800 Kings Furlong Junior School 110 m
116295 (E) RG20 5RE Kingsclere Church of England Primary School w168541041 Kingsclere Church of England Primary School 126 m
109967 (E) RG17 9XN Kintbury St Mary's C.E. Primary School w391255193 Kintbury St Mary's C.E. Primary School 34 m
141295 (E) RG10 9UX Knowl Hill Church of England Primary Academy w392495276 Knowl Hill Church of England Primary Academy 43 m
146307 (E) RG17 7LJ Lambourn CofE Primary School w391627042 Lambourn CofE Primary School 58 m
110135 (E) RG42 6LU Lambrook School w335041366 Lambrook School 104 m
109830 (E) RG7 1JB Lambs Lane Primary School w391622934 Lambs Lane Primary School 78 m
137976 (E) RG8 0RA Langtree School w41199083 Langtree School 84 m
110110 (E) RG2 7DH Leighton Park School w13870751 Leighton Park School 163 m
116614 (E) RG22 6PS Limington House School w166223585 Limington House School 84 m
110063 (E) RG31 5TY Little Heath School w126327855 Little Heath School 335 m
131192 (E) RG6 7LR Loddon Primary School r12003569 Loddon Primary School 7 m
109853 (E) RG31 6YG Long Lane Primary School w391622938 Long Lane Primary School 35 m
116298 (E) RG29 1ST Long Sutton Church of England Primary School w141703484 Long Sutton Primary School 421 m
116521 (E) RG29 1TB Lord Wandsworth College w390626862 Lord Wandsworth College 461 m
110136 (E) RG40 3EU Luckley House School w392621049 Luckley House School 85 m
110138 (E) RG40 3AB Ludgrove School Trust Limited w265636263 Ludgrove 316 m
146103 (E) RG4 9LN Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge w390886607 Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge 70 m
136637 (E) RG6 7HS Maiden Erlegh School w42104603 Maiden Erlegh School 97 m
141886 (E) RG1 5SL Maiden Erlegh School in Reading w581522443 Maiden Erlegh School in Reading 97 m
116055 (E) RG22 4DH Manor Field Infant School w168542610 Manor Field Infant School 25 m
116015 (E) RG22 4DH Manor Field Junior School w168542609 Manor Field Junior School 66 m
109944 (E) RG30 3LJ Manor Primary School w390881909 Manor Primary School 56 m
116605 (E) RG21 5SX Maple Ridge School w166225669 Maple Ridge Primary School 54 m
116023 (E) RG24 9PT Marnel Community Infant School w168543013 Marnel Community Infant School 41 m
148385 (E) RG24 9PT Marnel Junior School w168543016 Marnel Junior School 95 m
110180 (E) RG14 3BQ Mary Hare School w391869454 Mary Hare School 152 m
116075 (E) RG29 1NB Mayhill Junior School w169712695 Mayhill Junior School 76 m
138372 (E) RG30 6BS Meadow Park Academy w29004796 Meadow Park Academy 203 m
109942 (E) RG42 1SY Meadow Vale Primary School w394150585 Meadow Vale Primary School 109 m
116004 (E) RG24 9HB Merton Infant School w168543753 Merton Infant School 121 m
116001 (E) RG24 9HB Merton Junior School w168543754 Merton Junior School 110 m
109926 (E) RG4 6LU Micklands Primary School w391622941 Micklands Primary School 123 m
109799 (E) RG30 4UN Moorlands Primary School w29111261 Moorlands Primary School 34 m
109977 (E) RG7 3PB Mortimer St Mary's C.E. Junior School w47374534 Saint Mary's Junior School 190 m
109978 (E) RG7 3SY Mortimer St. John's C.E. Infant School w66161597 Mortimer St John's C of E Infant School 124 m
109887 (E) RG7 3LP Mrs Bland's Infant School w627108771 Mrs Bland's Infant School 74 m
123037 (E) RG9 5DA Nettlebed Community School w391622945 Nettlebed Community School 116 m
145660 (E) RG2 0AY New Christ Church Church of England Primary School w95914368 New Christ Church Church of England Primary School 120 m
142682 (E) RG1 3LS New Town Primary School w440989745 New Town Primary School 52 m
110141 (E) RG42 4AH Newbold School w391893259 Newbold School 79 m
130602 (E) RG14 7TD Newbury College w58897431 Newbury College 9 m
145281 (E) RG40 3RB Nine Mile Ride Primary School w392495277 Nine Mile Ride Primary School 138 m
115932 (E) RG25 2BL North Waltham Primary School w163722405 North Waltham Primary School 56 m
138367 (E) RG7 1ER Oakbank w390638629 Oakbank School 166 m
145282 (E) RG45 6QZ Oaklands Junior School w394150586 Oaklands Junior School 106 m
115859 (E) RG21 5RR Oakridge Infant School w168546744 Oakridge Infant School 68 m
115974 (E) RG21 5RR Oakridge Junior School w168546743 Oakridge Junior School 123 m
116039 (E) RG24 7DL Old Basing Infant School w163218182 Old Basing Infant School 112 m
123286 (E) RG8 7SF Oratory Preparatory School w390641358 The Oratory Preparatory School 188 m
110154 (E) RG45 6PB Our Lady's Preparatory School w392495278 Our Lady's Preparatory School 177 m
116305 (E) RG25 3ES Overton Church of England Primary School w163213950 Overton Primary School 74 m
109786 (E) RG1 7PJ Oxford Road Community School w549386639 Oxford Road Primary School 104 m
110169 (E) RG7 4NR Padworth College w392508189 Padworth College 102 m
110132 (E) RG8 8LA Pangbourne College w392621050 Pangbourne College 115 m
109940 (E) RG8 7LB Pangbourne Primary School w170143969 Pangbourne Primary School 118 m
109790 (E) RG31 5BD Park Lane Primary School w132400152 Park Lane Primary School (Juniors) + 8 m
116237 (E) RG22 6RT Park View Primary School w808563524 Park View Primary School 176 m
109875 (E) RG19 3SR Parsons Down Infant School w164708038 Parsons Down Infant School 126 m
109923 (E) RG19 3SR Parsons Down Junior School w164708039 Parsons Down Junior School 72 m
123135 (E) RG9 5JU Peppard Church of England Primary School w391622949 Peppard C of E Primary School 163 m
147556 (E) RG10 9HS Polehampton Church of England Infant School w47079668 Polehampton Infants 75 m
147580 (E) RG10 9AX Polehampton Church of England Junior School w47053918 Polehampton Juniors 103 m
116308 (E) RG25 2EE Preston Candover Church of England Primary School w168546938 Preston Candover CE Primary School 26 m
132003 (E) RG18 9NU Priors Court School w219095644 Prior's Court School 91 m
109971 (E) RG8 8AF Purley CofE Primary School w391622952 Purley CofE Primary School 43 m
110109 (E) RG4 6DX Queen Anne's School w390632900 Queen Anne's School 227 m
145175 (E) RG21 3HF Queen Mary's College w394150587 Queen Mary's College 112 m
109927 (E) RG6 5UZ Radstock Primary School w42121921 Radstock Primary School 51 m
137267 (E) RG12 9DA Ranelagh School w80718135 Ranelagh School 158 m
142072 (E) RG30 4ED Ranikhet Academy w112515023 Ranikhet Academy 47 m
110151 (E) RG4 6SU Reading Blue Coat School w123713556 Reading Blue Coat School 105 m
144610 (E) RG2 7PY Reading Girls' School w132398344 Reading Girls' School 119 m
136449 (E) RG1 5LW Reading School w72354123 Reading School 72 m
110137 (E) RG41 5BG Reddam House Berkshire w41684969 Reddam House Berkshire 67 m
109787 (E) RG1 5QH Redlands Primary School w392330202 Redlands Primary School 17 m
109894 (E) RG5 4BS Rivermead Primary School w109354920 Rivermead Primary School 147 m
138135 (E) RG29 1NA Robert May's School w169712697 Robert May's School 132 m
109861 (E) RG14 1TS Robert Sandilands Primary School and Nursery w392621051 Robert Sandilands Primary School and Nursery 91 m
116040 (E) RG21 3EX Rucstall Primary School w168547932 Rucstall Primary School 123 m
123276 (E) RG9 2BN Rupert House School w391869455 Rupert House School 89 m
123204 (E) RG9 1SL Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Henley-on-Thames w196777824 Sacred Heart Catholic Prmary School 61 m
145285 (E) RG40 3AT Saint Sebastians Church of England Primary School w392935906 St Sebastians Church of England Primary School 67 m
116634 (E) RG24 9NH Saxon Wood School w168548462 Saxon Wood School 1 m
109974 (E) RG14 2JG Shaw-cum-Donnington C.E. Primary School w391869456 Shaw-cum-Donnington C.E. Primary School 137 m
116315 (E) RG24 9HT Sherborne St John Church of England Primary School w168549763 Sherborne St. John Church of England Primary School 35 m
134769 (E) RG27 0HU Sherfield School w130412364 Sherfield School 236 m
147249 (E) RG2 9EH Shinfield Infant and Nursery School w391622955 Shinfield Infant and Nursery School + 165 m
109976 (E) RG2 9EJ Shinfield St Mary's CofE Junior School w391622960 Shinfield St Mary's C.E Junior School 171 m
123203 (E) RG9 4DN Shiplake Church of England School w201171623 Shiplake Church of England Primary School 92 m
123285 (E) RG9 4BW Shiplake College w390881910 Shiplake College 181 m
116369 (E) RG7 2NJ Silchester Church of England Primary School w169456681 Silchester Church Of England Primary School 112 m
147379 (E) RG4 6XF Sonning Church of England Primary School w173538729 Sonning Church of England Primary School 23 m
123038 (E) RG4 9RJ Sonning Common Primary School w147535559 Sonning Common Primary School 23 m
133383 (E) RG5 3NA South Lake Primary School w3244027 Southlake Primary School 94 m
123039 (E) RG8 0JS South Stoke Primary School w391869457 South Stoke Primary School 132 m
115975 (E) RG21 5LL South View Infant and Nursery School w169456914 South View Infant School 20 m
115860 (E) RG21 5LL South View Junior School w169456913 South View Junior School 77 m
109795 (E) RG30 3EJ Southcote Primary School w390886608 Southcote Primary School 76 m
143999 (E) RG14 1NU Speenhamland School w391869459 Speenhamland Primary School 104 m
109866 (E) RG31 5NJ Springfield Primary School w126327857 Springfield Primary School 93 m
109937 (E) RG19 3XX Spurcroft Primary School w164708031 Spurcroft Primary School 160 m
110122 (E) RG8 8QA St Andrew's School w178152601 Saint Andrew's School 84 m
147519 (E) RG22 6RE St Anne's Catholic Primary School w166223583 St Anne's Catholic Primary School 73 m
110003 (E) RG4 5AA St Anne's Catholic Primary School w392621052 St Anne's Catholic Primary School 103 m
137465 (E) RG14 6JP St Bartholomew's School w392330204 St Bartholomew's School 29 m
116380 (E) RG24 9DX St Bede's Catholic Primary School w169680929 St Bede's Catholic Primary School 206 m
145286 (E) RG40 1SS St Crispin's School w135978362 St Crispin's School 199 m
110041 (E) RG5 3BH St Dominic Savio Catholic Primary School w112390602 St Dominic Savio Catholic Primary School 156 m
110114 (E) RG30 2JH St Edward's Prep w360775482 St Edward's Prep 35 m
110037 (E) RG18 9HU St Finian's Catholic Primary School w121035017 St. Finian's School 58 m
110128 (E) RG20 9BD St Gabriel's School w121067899 St Gabriel's School 24 m
110093 (E) RG14 7DE St John the Evangelist CofE Infant and Nursery School w452282241 St John the Evangelist C.E. Nursery and Infant Sch 50 m
142735 (E) RG1 3JN St John's Church of England Primary School w150354954 St John's Church of England Primary School 81 m
116400 (E) RG21 3JU St John's Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School w169681166 St John's Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 104 m
110094 (E) RG14 2AW St Joseph's Catholic Primary School w392330201 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School 76 m
110027 (E) RG12 9AP St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Bracknell w440983532 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Bracknell 46 m
110111 (E) RG1 5JT St Joseph's College w391077991 St Joseph's College 31 m
142319 (E) RG12 7RD St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School, Bracknell w392330205 St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School 145 m
131450 (E) RG22 4US St Mark's Church of England Primary School w169682584 Saint Mark's Church of England Primary School 32 m
110038 (E) RG4 6SS St Martin's Catholic Primary School w54896165 St. Martin's RC Primary School 85 m
116356 (E) RG20 0AF St Martin's East Woodhay Church of England (Aided) Primary School w169683000 St Martin’s C of E School 8 m
146275 (E) RG1 6DU St Mary & All Saints Church of England Primary School w132398345 St Mary & All Saints Church of England Primary School 193 m
116350 (E) RG24 7DE St Mary's Church of England Voluntary Aided Junior School w163218183 St Mary's Junior School 139 m
123280 (E) RG9 1HS St Mary's Preparatory w391869460 St Mary's School 39 m
110010 (E) RG12 7EH St Michael's Easthampstead Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School w391949712 St Michael's Easthampstead Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 65 m
109796 (E) RG30 4AS St Michael's Primary School w112246658 St. Michael's Primary School 84 m
116594 (E) RG20 9JW St Michael's School w391799735 St. Michael’s School 33 m
116516 (E) RG27 0PN St Neot's School w392621053 St Neots 169 m
147377 (E) RG10 0DR St Nicholas Church of England Primary, Hurst w224952091 St Nicholas Church of England Primary, Hurst 160 m
110013 (E) RG14 7LU St Nicolas C.E. Junior School w392330203 Saint Nicolas C of E Junior School 35 m
110006 (E) RG31 4SZ St Paul's Catholic Primary School w126185342 St Paul's Catholic Primary School 36 m
109987 (E) RG41 2YJ St Paul's CofE Junior School w194587065 St Pauls C of E Junior School 135 m
144455 (E) RG40 2EB St Teresa's Catholic Academy w207425264 St Teresa's Catholic Academy 69 m
116328 (E) RG20 9XF St Thomas' Church of England Infant School, Woolton Hill w169683794 St Thomas' Church of England Infant School, Woolton Hill 118 m
110017 (E) RG20 8LD Stockcross C.E. School w391949713 Stockcross C.E. School 58 m
123136 (E) RG9 5QS Stoke Row CofE Primary School w208480042 Stoke Row C.E. Primary School 109 m
109979 (E) RG8 9QL Streatley C.E. Voluntary Controlled School w374108371 Streatley School 246 m
110021 (E) RG7 4HH Sulhamstead and Ufton Nervet School w392621054 Sulhamstead and Ufton Nervet C of E Primary School 441 m
115952 (E) RG26 3PB Tadley Community Primary School w169684177 Tadley Community Primary School 185 m
131531 (E) RG26 3TB Tadley Court School w390881911 Tadley Court 33 m
116502 (E) RG28 7JF Testbourne Community School w98041487 Testbourne Community School 212 m
109800 (E) RG4 8DB Thameside Primary School w137356791 Thameside Primary School 28 m
135080 (E) RG18 4NP Thatcham Park CofE Primary w164708045 Thatcham Park Church of England Primary School 106 m
110165 (E) RG1 5DZ The Abbey School Reading w307848229 The Abbey School 71 m
137435 (E) RG30 4BZ The Avenue Special School w712464260 The Avenue School 79 m
142577 (E) RG12 7BA The Brakenhale School w169320669 The Brakenhale School 160 m
110182 (E) RG14 2JG The Castle School w391799736 The Castle School 127 m
116430 (E) RG20 9HP The Clere School w168410301 The Clere School 97 m
109878 (E) RG10 0AX The Colleton Primary School w47042685 Colleton Primary 68 m
141187 (E) RG22 5TH The Coppice Spring Academy w168413525 The Coppice Spring School 30 m
138287 (E) RG21 4AL The Costello School w168411429 The Costello School 110 m
110102 (E) RG20 6AD The Downs School w151753912 The Downs School 115 m
148453 (E) RG41 1JP The Emmbrook School w193479932 The Emmbrook School + 77 m
139853 (E) RG41 5NE The Forest School w83206391 The Forest School 126 m
109921 (E) RG41 3PQ The Hawthorns Primary School w190554467 The Hawthorns Primary School 271 m
139972 (E) RG4 7LB The Heights Primary School w975106096 The Heights Primary School 2258 m
109788 (E) RG4 8TU The Hill Primary School w77517876 The Hill Primary School 289 m
136880 (E) RG41 1EE The Holt School w205434556 The Holt School 119 m
110193 (E) RG30 3LJ The Holy Brook School w391622963 The Holy Brook School 71 m
116422 (E) RG26 5NL The Hurst School w168478195 The Hurst School 25 m
109813 (E) RG20 7LP The Ilsleys Primary School w391643758 The Ilsleys Primary School 146 m
116589 (E) RG27 0JD The Loddon School w390639078 The Loddon School 227 m
123282 (E) RG8 0PJ The Oratory School w392935907 The Oratory School 60 m
139653 (E) RG2 7PP The Palmer Primary Academy w391622966 The Palmer Primary Academy 152 m
136891 (E) RG10 8DS The Piggott School w48744315 Piggott Secondary 93 m
134740 (E) RG12 7WX The Pines School w440990357 The Pines School 88 m
136447 (E) RG26 5QD The Priory Primary School w168547135 The Priory Primary School 52 m
109789 (E) RG2 8JD The Ridgeway Primary School w42121922 The Ridgeway Primary School 199 m
116440 (E) RG21 5PB The Vyne Community School w166225670 The Vyne Community School 89 m
110048 (E) RG7 3XJ The Willink School w27021644 The Willink School 75 m
135213 (E) RG14 7SJ The Willows Primary School w391949715 The Willows Primary School 520 m
135079 (E) RG14 1LN The Winchcombe School w481366726 The Winchcombe School 53 m
109980 (E) RG7 5AS Theale C.E. Primary School w124970550 Theale Church of England Primary School 180 m
145945 (E) RG7 5DA Theale Green School w124970527 Theale Green School 125 m
116590 (E) RG20 9PS Thorngrove School w391799737 Thorngrove School 249 m
123173 (E) RG9 1HJ Trinity Church of England Primary School w392621056 Trinity Church of England Primary School 92 m
138525 (E) RG14 2DU Trinity School w391799738 Trinity School 12 m
139268 (E) RG1 5RQ UTC Reading w392621057 UTC Reading 31 m
123041 (E) RG9 1RR Valley Road School w392621058 Valley Road Primary School 69 m
142166 (E) RG5 4RF Waingels w115643012 Waingels College 78 m
109869 (E) RG41 2TA Walter Infant School w194587066 Walter Infant School 146 m
109832 (E) RG10 0NU Waltham St Lawrence Primary School w392621059 Waltham St Lawrence Primary School 160 m
109982 (E) RG42 6BR Warfield Church of England Primary School w392621060 Warfield Church of England Primary School 1340 m
110142 (E) RG40 4YD Waverley Preparatory School & Day Nursery w392621061 Waverley School 343 m
109984 (E) RG20 8HL Welford and Wickham C.E. Primary School w391643759 Welford and Wickham CE Primary 78 m
110125 (E) RG45 7PU Wellington College w265635831 Wellington College 273 m
147926 (E) RG40 2EN Wescott Infant School w440989625 Wescott Infant School 62 m
109845 (E) RG31 6RY Westwood Farm Junior School w29006110 Westwood Farm School 107 m
139900 (E) RG41 5UU Wheatfield Primary School w219978896 Wheatfield Primary School 160 m
116324 (E) RG28 7LS Whitchurch Church of England Primary School w98041491 Whitchurch Primary School 96 m
123009 (E) RG8 7EJ Whitchurch Primary School w392557645 Whitchurch Primary School 250 m
131145 (E) RG42 3QS Whitegrove Primary School w72300603 Whitegrove Primary School 40 m
148800 (E) RG2 8EP Whiteknights Primary School w42121920 Whiteknights Primary School 74 m
140407 (E) RG18 3FH Whitelands Park Primary School w164708036 Whitelands Park Primary School 86 m
116345 (E) RG27 9BG Whitewater Church of England Primary School w169716658 Whitewater Church of England Primary School 40 m
136512 (E) RG2 7RB Whitley Park Primary and Nursery School w391622969 Whitley Park Primary and Nursery School 132 m
145319 (E) RG45 7HD Wildmoor Heath School w392124052 Wildmoor Heath School 172 m
109941 (E) RG12 7DX Wildridings Primary School w146622577 Wildridings School 60 m
109889 (E) RG5 4RW Willow Bank Infant School w394150589 Willow Bank Infant School 12 m
109890 (E) RG5 4RW Willow Bank Junior School w166818009 Willow Bank Junior School 96 m
109793 (E) RG30 2RW Wilson Primary School w532543768 Wilson Primary School 149 m
139899 (E) RG41 3DR Windmill Primary School w284959588 Windmill Primary School 90 m
109994 (E) RG42 6NH Winkfield St Mary's CofE Primary School w44955791 Winkfield St. Mary's CofE Primary School 257 m
115971 (E) RG23 8AF Winklebury Infant School w169685021 Winklebury Infant School 50 m
115858 (E) RG23 8AF Winklebury Junior School w169685017 Winklebury Junior School 35 m
123040 (E) RG8 0QY Woodcote Primary School w41199085 Woodcote Primary School 129 m
109922 (E) RG12 8DB Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School w407314166 Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School 199 m
109988 (E) RG5 4UX Woodley CofE Primary School w130849386 Woodley C of E Primary School 285 m
110025 (E) RG7 5TB Woolhampton C.E. Primary School w300930644 Woolhampton C.E. Primary School 6 m
116076 (E) RG20 9XE Woolton Hill Junior School w169683790 Woolton Hill Junior School 111 m
110026 (E) RG18 0UR Yattendon C.E. Primary School w392103286 Yattendon C.E. Primary School 7 m

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