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OSM Schools Progress in the 'RH' Postal Area

The blue circles on the map are schools from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a school on the official list. The lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects. Dark green lines represent a match based on the ref:edubase (England & Wales), ref:seedcode (Scotland) and ref:deni (Northern Ireland) tags. Light green lines represent a match based on location in the absense of an OSM ref:* tag. Orange lines represnt a match based on location, with an incorrect ref:* tag. The location matches can match the wrong schools, particularly in inner-city areas where there are many schools in close proximity. To fix incorrect location matches, add the appropriate ref:* tag to the OSM amenity=school objects. For more information see below.

Schools not matched to an OSM Object

Note that only OSM ways and relations tagged with amenity=school or amenity=college are checked for possible matches. In most cases, any nodes tagged like this would be better converted to way polygons covering the whole of the school site. The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby school being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official Edubase / Scottish Government data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add schools to OSM. However, knowing that there is a school missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that school using other sources -- e.g. Bing, OS Street View, and by searching for the possible school's own website.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
126133 (E) RH17 6SQ Ardingly College
129023 (E) RH10 3HZ Beechfield Secure Children's Home
147187 (E) RH12 4QR Bohunt Horsham
131189 (E) RH16 4NQ Chalkhill Education Centre, Chalkhill Hospital
146527 (E) RH1 3PU Chart Wood School
114504 (E) RH18 5EB Forest Row Church of England Primary School
131139 (E) RH13 0QX Hillcrest Manor House School
147193 (E) RH12 0BZ Kilnwood Vale Primary School
125387 (E) RH7 6PH Lingfield College
133760 (E) RH13 6EW Littlehaven Educational Trust
135766 (E) RH16 1XQ My Choice School - Oak House
131950 (E) RH9 8ND Orpheus Centre
125992 (E) RH13 8PL Shipley CofE Primary School
126005 (E) RH17 6UQ St Peter's CofE Primary School
141241 (E) RH7 6PW St Piers College (Young Epilepsy)
125453 (E) RH7 6PW St Piers School (Young Epilepsy)

OSM Objects not matched to a school on the official lists

Entries here could be due to: Former schools that have now closed, more than one area being tagged for a single school, the official entry for a real school being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or institutions not included in the official lists being tagged as schools in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM Ref
w61089111 Art Department
w53840053 Birchwood Grove County Primary School
w725346752 Bohunt School
w4796362 Burgess Hill Girls
w541157393 Caterham Pre-Prep School
w5025364 Chichester College, Brinsbury Campus
w371694305 College of St. Barnabas
w313763214 Cranleigh Preparatory School
w184477640 Discovery New School
w6416890 East Surrey College (South)
w781286732 George Abbot School
w61095762 Guildford Adult Learning Centre
w69594740 Guildford Children's Centre
w69884265 Guildford College
w26798953 High Ashurst Outdoor Education Centre
w369359848 Kingdom Faith College
w164945576 Lanesborough Pre-Prep School (Braganza)
w301084391 Major Minors Day Nursery
w109634900 Marle Place Adult Education Centre
r4183571 Onslow Infant School
w550691002 Orchards Infant School
w188086278 Reigate Grammar School
w188265846 Reigate St Mary's Preparatory and Choir School
w386534715 Roffey Park Institute
w430307200 Royal Alexandra & Albert School
w28943618 Scott-Broadwood School
w295433205 Send Church of England First School
w506481097 St Joseph's Roman Catholic Primary School
w27584171 St Martin's Church of England School (Pixham)
w533626665 Starhurst School
w389628161 Steyning Grammar School
w417411201 Thakeham Primary Schoool
w164946057 Tormead School Junior School

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Schools matched to an OSM object by location

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM amenity=school or amenity=college way or relation within 1km of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several school sites are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MR MPC Offset
132069 (E) RH13 0RQ Apple Orchard Slinfold w415110267 Orchard House (Residential School) + + 5 m
114624 (E) RH18 5JY Ashdown House School w328872999 Ashdown House School + 104 m
144730 (E) RH6 9QA Aurora Redehall School w38618787 Redehall Preparatory School + + 45 m
125376 (E) RH5 6LQ Belmont School w359999382 Belmont Preparatory School + + 383 m
125944 (E) RH15 0DP Birchwood Grove Community Primary School, Burgess Hill w53840054 Woodlands Meed College + 55 m
144229 (E) RH1 4PP Bletchingley Village Primary School w364502868 St Catherines Primary School + 115 m
125388 (E) RH5 6EA Box Hill School w26999785 Boxhill School + + 5 m
131602 (E) RH10 7JE Brook Infant School w19829911 The Brook School + + 8 m
125472 (E) RH2 0DF Brooklands School w38002876 Brooklands School + + 97 m
126134 (E) RH15 0EG Burgess Hill Girls w56026910 Burgess Hill Girls + + 23 m
125292 (E) RH6 9PT Burstow Primary School w24905609 Burstow Primary School + + 155 m
126013 (E) RH10 3RD Copthorne CofE Junior School w141249790 Copthorne Junior School + 172 m
125406 (E) RH10 3HR Copthorne Preparatory School w325433830 Copthorne Preparatory School + 123 m
133477 (E) RH1 5HS Cornfield School w300238157 Cornfield School + 84 m
131001 (E) RH10 4XA Crawley Down Village CofE w24952742 Crawley Down Village CofE Primary School + + 113 m
124986 (E) RH7 6PE Dormansland Primary School w802656484 + 33 m
124987 (E) RH1 6DZ Earlswood Infant and Nursery School w39583966 Earlswood Infant School + + 78 m
125068 (E) RH1 6JX Earlswood Junior School w145478324 Brambletye Junior School + + 48 m
130824 (E) RH1 2JX East Surrey College w30980520 East Surrey College (North) + + 68 m
125943 (E) RH10 3QD Fairway Infant School, Copthorne w141249779 Fairway Infant School + 180 m
126126 (E) RH12 3PN Farlington School w321887216 Farlington School + 365 m
126139 (E) RH17 5RD Farney Close School w798242381 Farney Close School + 79 m
124971 (E) RH19 2NT Felbridge Primary School w364388007 Felbridge Primary School + 113 m
140651 (E) RH10 3SW Forge Wood Primary School w521658578 Forge Wood Primary School + + 216 m
125130 (E) RH1 3PA Furzefield Primary School w40665245 Furzefield Community Primary School + + 87 m
143635 (E) RH11 8HW Gossops Green Primary w390879583 Gossops Green Primary School + + 101 m
140723 (E) RH16 1PJ Harlands Primary School r7048547 Harlands County Primary School + + 207 m
145887 (E) RH1 6AT Hatchlands Primary w550117468 + 529 m
125386 (E) RH8 0QU Hazelwood School w106548731 Hazelwood School + + 51 m
138648 (E) RH11 8QL Hilltop Primary School w33689706 Hilltop Primary School + + 105 m
125069 (E) RH8 9BQ Holland Junior School w106548756 + 173 m
125010 (E) RH8 0HJ Hurst Green Infant School w106548758 + 127 m
133967 (E) RH11 7PF Langley Green Primary w390816294 Langley Green Primary School + 129 m
139557 (E) RH1 3LH Lime Tree Primary School w550540507 Lime Tree Primary School + + 347 m
125459 (E) RH8 0RZ Limpsfield Grange School w377318512 Limsfield Grange School + + 80 m
125124 (E) RH7 6HA Lingfield Primary School w178991808 Lingfield Primary + + 169 m
125931 (E) RH15 9YQ London Meed Community Primary School r10604660 London Meed Community Primary School + + 71 m
125845 (E) RH14 0SR Loxwood Primary School w220535878 Loxwood Primary School + 83 m
125930 (E) RH15 0PZ Manor Field Primary School w336040944 Manor Field Primary School + + 107 m
145898 (E) RH1 3PU Merstham Park School w40858763 Merstham Campus + + 90 m
144697 (E) RH1 3AZ Merstham Primary School w550540506 Merstham Primary School + + 94 m
125916 (E) RH10 3AG Milton Mount Primary School w37331456 Milton Mount Primary School + + 120 m
125385 (E) RH2 8RE Moon Hall School, Reigate w22999497 Burys Court + + 10 m
125434 (E) RH5 6LQ Moon Hall School for Dyslexic Children w381579032 + 32 m
125454 (E) RH8 9AQ Moor House School & College w373015197 + 39 m
144453 (E) RH16 3RX Northlands Wood Primary Academy w58987834 Northlands Wood CP School + + 151 m
126085 (E) RH16 2AQ Oathall Community College w95937479 Oathall Community College + 46 m
126044 (E) RH11 7PZ Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic Primary School, Crawley w36332540 Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic Primary School + 105 m
126111 (E) RH12 3HJ Pennthorpe School w389125621 Pennthorpe School + 97 m
125151 (E) RH4 3DF Powell Corderoy Primary School w31895226 Powell Corderoy Primary School + + 226 m
145005 (E) RH2 0SD Reigate College w5983303 Reigate College + 14 m
125422 (E) RH2 0QS Reigate Grammar School w550535240 Reigate Grammar School + + 40 m
125196 (E) RH2 7DB Reigate Parish Church Primary School w188256905 Reigate Parish Church Of England (Aided) Infant School + 5 m
125070 (E) RH2 7RL Reigate Priory Community Junior School w48365304 Reigate Priory Community Junior School + + 75 m
125279 (E) RH2 0TD Royal Alexandra and Albert School w265611701 + 80 m
125849 (E) RH12 3HW Rudgwick Primary School w389125622 Rudgwick Primary School + 56 m
142019 (E) RH1 5BQ Salfords Primary School w560562847 Salfords Primary School + + 160 m
138645 (E) RH11 9ES Seymour Primary School w47188117 Seymour Primary School + + 120 m
144599 (E) RH10 6DG Southgate Primary w136549338 Southgate Primary School + + 100 m
125941 (E) RH15 9SU Southway Junior School w55856704 Southway Junior School + + 58 m
126047 (E) RH10 6NU St Andrew's CofE Primary School w135801715 St Andrew's Church of England Primary School + + 41 m
126030 (E) RH13 6LH St Andrew's CofE Primary School w296200551 St. Andrew's Church of England Primary School + 198 m
125278 (E) RH1 2LQ St Bede's School w550540508 St Bede's School + + 98 m
126046 (E) RH10 6HD St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School, Crawley w136551387 St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School + 123 m
139721 (E) RH4 2LR St John's Church of England Primary School w532016869 St. John's Community School + + 96 m
125204 (E) RH4 3JA St Joseph's Catholic Primary School w293568349 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School + + 56 m
126059 (E) RH16 3PQ St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Haywards Heath w99159625 St Josephs Catholic Primary School + + 13 m
125234 (E) RH1 1DU St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Redhill w190403743 St Joseph's Primary School + + 170 m
125141 (E) RH4 1HW St Martin's CofE Controlled Primary School, Dorking w257965655 St Martin's C of E Junior School + + 122 m
144994 (E) RH1 1JF St Matthew's CofE Primary School w39583965 St Matthew's Church of England Primary School + + 167 m
126101 (E) RH15 8GA St Paul's Catholic College w54518574 St Paul's Catholic College + + 201 m
125197 (E) RH8 9NN St Peter's CofE Infant School w208352920 St Peters C of E Infants school + + 243 m
125402 (E) RH5 6ST St Teresa's School w528958914 St Teresa's + + 104 m
126061 (E) RH15 9RJ St Wilfrid's Catholic Primary School, Burgess Hill w59224511 St Wilfrid's Catholic Primary School + + 52 m
126056 (E) RH16 3NL St Wilfrid's CofE Primary School, Haywards Heath w99159398 St Wilfrid's C Of E Primary School + + 91 m
143901 (E) RH4 1LY The Ashcombe School w111322971 Ashcombe School + + 107 m
138050 (E) RH11 8XW The Bewbush Academy w390879584 The Bewbush Academy + 181 m
142089 (E) RH15 9EA The Burgess Hill Academy w53840995 The Burgess Hill Academy + + 181 m
126149 (E) RH16 1DB The Education Centre w59006884 Haywards Heath College + + 512 m
125940 (E) RH15 9SL The Gattons Infant School w54518575 The Gattons Primary School + + 57 m
125355 (E) RH1 4QJ The Hawthorns School w364507010 The Hawthorns School + 34 m
125964 (E) RH19 4DD The Meads Primary School w364385710 The Meads Primary School + + 67 m
125281 (E) RH4 3DG The Priory CofE Voluntary Aided School w27068451 The Priory School + + 75 m
143903 (E) RH1 4AD The Warwick School w39314119 The Warwick School + + 102 m
137211 (E) RH16 3JR Warden Park Primary Academy w96041868 Warden Park Primary Academy + 123 m
125936 (E) RH17 5TJ Warninglid Primary School w333670516 Warninglid County Primary School + 256 m
145544 (E) RH11 8RA Waterfield Primary School w390879585 Waterfield Primary School + + 30 m
126068 (E) RH14 9RY Weald School, The w364015428 The Weald School + 131 m
125826 (E) RH11 7EL West Green Primary School w43760524 West Green Primary School + 100 m
131182 (E) RH15 8RE West Sussex Alternative Provision College w58979617 Alternative Provision College + + 126 m
126113 (E) RH20 4AY Windlesham House School w33469258 Windlesham House School + 59 m
125481 (E) RH1 3PR Woodfield School w40858655 Woodfield School + + 106 m
136114 (E) RH15 9EY Woodlands Meed r10604661 Woodlands Meed School + + 159 m
126137 (E) RH10 4SD Worth School r1686901 Worth School + + 169 m
145226 (E) RH2 0LR Wray Common Primary School w550535238 Wray Common Primary School + + 90 m

Schools matched to an OSM object by reference number

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MPC Offset
133321 (E) RH12 5JB All Saints CofE Primary School, Horsham w386024346 All Saints' CofE Primary School 25 m
125883 (E) RH12 1RR Arunside School, Horsham w321528005 Arunside School 129 m
125971 (E) RH20 3PG Ashington CofE Primary School w453764295 Ashington CofE First School 148 m
125929 (E) RH19 3QW Ashurst Wood Primary School w394728658 Ashurst Wood Primary School 95 m
126006 (E) RH17 6HS Balcombe CofE Controlled Primary School w391711938 Balcombe CofE Controlled Primary School 182 m
141267 (E) RH19 2AP Baldwins Hill Primary School, East Grinstead w394725094 Baldwins Hill Primary School 115 m
125838 (E) RH13 0PJ Barns Green Primary School w161548182 Barns Green Primary School 107 m
135813 (E) RH14 9RE Billingshurst Primary School w364015429 Billingshurst Primary School 123 m
141892 (E) RH16 2UA Blackthorns Community Primary Academy w447261720 Blackthorns Community Primary Academy 50 m
125963 (E) RH19 3JL Blackwell Primary School w54934539 Blackwell Primary School 110 m
126007 (E) RH17 5QP Bolney CofE Primary School w455541359 Bolney CofE Primary School 109 m
135607 (E) RH16 4GD Bolnore Village Primary School w449529736 Bolnore Village Primary School 160 m
126150 (E) RH19 3PD Brambletye School w394728659 Brambletye School 6 m
145394 (E) RH17 6EQ Brantridge School w328933348 Brantridge School 32 m
138453 (E) RH11 9PD Broadfield Primary Academy w20358938 Broadfield Primary Academy 122 m
126022 (E) RH20 1HB Bury CofE Primary School w71729741 Bury C.E. (Aided) Primary School 139 m
131130 (E) RH13 9US Castlewood Primary School w392019922 Castlewood Primary School 140 m
124946 (E) RH6 0DA Charlwood Village Primary School w392078769 Charlwood Village Infant School 128 m
126107 (E) RH13 0LJ Christ's Hospital w27612017 Christ's Hospital School 180 m
125825 (E) RH13 6HS Colgate Primary School w391372460 Colgate Primary School 392 m
126106 (E) RH11 9AU Cottesmore School w421825521 Cottesmore School 97 m
114623 (E) RH17 7HT Cumnor House School w447262338 Cumnor House School 107 m
114499 (E) RH17 7JB Danehill Church of England Primary School w447262576 Danehill Church of England Primary School 14 m
143973 (E) RH10 5EA Desmond Anderson Primary Academy w390255953 Desmond Anderson Primary Academy + 32 m
126109 (E) RH20 1PB Dorset House School w453766597 Dorset House School 254 m
145205 (E) RH2 7RF Dovers Green School w455541257 Dovers Green School 90 m
125356 (E) RH2 7EL Dunottar School w455558834 Dunottar School 92 m
125945 (E) RH19 3TY Estcots Primary School w95934162 Estcots Primary School 163 m
125984 (E) RH20 1JB Fittleworth CofE Village School w682058574 Fittleworth C of E Village School 128 m
125021 (E) RH9 8NH Godstone Primary and Nursery School w453367162 Godstone Village School 123 m
126135 (E) RH16 2QL Great Walstead School w447262198 Great Walstead School 126 m
114659 (E) RH18 5JD Greenfields School w464717127 Greenfields School 97 m
138492 (E) RH12 2JS Greenway Academy w35419245 Greenway Academy 214 m
141265 (E) RH19 1LR Halsford Park Primary School w95934165 Halsford Park Primary School 165 m
126143 (E) RH17 6HF Handcross Park Preparatory School w145419732 Handcross Park Preparatory School 209 m
125932 (E) RH17 6HB Handcross Primary School w239961672 Handcross Primary School 83 m
137263 (E) RH10 1SX Hazelwick School w30849855 Hazelwick School 156 m
125887 (E) RH13 6DJ Heron Way Primary School w223880079 Heron Way Primary School 62 m
125965 (E) RH12 5PP Holbrook Primary School w385925561 Holbrook Primary School 61 m
145213 (E) RH2 0BY Holmesdale Community Infant School w455558618 Holmesdale Community Infant School 9 m
126054 (E) RH17 5BQ Holy Trinity CofE Primary School, Cuckfield w456606167 Holy Trinity CofE Primary School, Cuckfield 139 m
125987 (E) RH13 6NS Holy Trinity CofE Primary School, Lower Beeding w391924763 Holy Trinity CofE Primary School 85 m
126098 (E) RH11 8JE Holy Trinity CofE Secondary School, Crawley w33547118 Holy Trinity CE School 199 m
124981 (E) RH6 7JF Horley Infant School w392272381 Horley Infant School 230 m
125442 (E) RH5 6NU Hurtwood House School r6453681 Hurtwood House School 84 m
126071 (E) RH11 0DB Ifield Community College w390886188 Ifield Community College 69 m
126088 (E) RH19 1QY Imberhorne School w177529180 Imberhorne School (Upper) 378 m
126088 (E) RH19 1QY Imberhorne School w364385728 Imberhorne School (Lower) 942 m
135814 (E) RH14 9AX Ingfield Manor School w435298634 Ingfield Manor School 33 m
125985 (E) RH13 8JJ Jolesfield CofE Primary School w453764514 Jolesfield CofE Primary School 24 m
134776 (E) RH13 5PS Kingslea Primary School w231497665 Kingslea Primary School 125 m
125104 (E) RH6 9AU Langshott Primary School w394289308 Langshott Primary School 183 m
125918 (E) RH13 6AG Leechpool Primary School w385686252 Leechpool Primary School 117 m
125191 (E) RH8 0EA Limpsfield CofE Infant School w440375191 Limpsfield CofE Infant School 68 m
142291 (E) RH16 2DX Lindfield Primary Academy w447261997 Lindfield Primary Academy 68 m
125837 (E) RH12 4EH Littlehaven Infant School w180935444 LIttlehaven Infant School 99 m
133143 (E) RH20 1LZ Lodge Hill Residential Centre w560824045 Lodge Hill 193 m
125962 (E) RH10 7RA Maidenbower Infant School w391263564 Maidenbower Infant School 38 m
131603 (E) RH10 7RA Maidenbower Junior School w19184804 Maidenbower Junior School 132 m
126157 (E) RH11 0DX Manor Green College w390886189 Manor Green College 68 m
126162 (E) RH11 0DU Manor Green Primary School w391186668 Manor Green Primary School 40 m
134732 (E) RH6 8AL Manorfield Primary and Nursery School w394287713 Manorfield Primary and Nursery School 220 m
125083 (E) RH6 8JG Meath Green Infant School w392444123 Meath Green Infant School 79 m
125012 (E) RH6 8HW Meath Green Junior School w392444126 Meath Green Junior School 112 m
114625 (E) RH18 5JA Michael Hall School w456605956 Michael Hall School 13 m
125357 (E) RH2 9DU Micklefield School w455558468 Micklefield School 17 m
126066 (E) RH13 5HR Millais School w135797957 Millais School 133 m
126154 (E) RH13 0NJ Muntham House School w387690784 Muntham House School 77 m
143400 (E) RH12 3PQ New Barn School w545227004 New Barn School 125 m
125192 (E) RH5 5DJ Newdigate CofE Endowed Aided Infant School w394289839 Newdigate C of E Aided Endowed Infant School 25 m
124949 (E) RH3 7LA North Downs Primary School w455559163 North Downs Primary School 178 m
125949 (E) RH12 5XL North Heath Community Primary School w386058102 North Heath Community Primary School 146 m
133973 (E) RH10 8DX Northgate Primary School w34119022 Northgate Primary School 47 m
125836 (E) RH12 4ET Northolmes Junior School, Horsham w180936411 Northolmes Junior School 103 m
125193 (E) RH1 4JJ Nutfield Church CofE Primary School w453366514 Nutfield Church CofE Primary School 122 m
125273 (E) RH6 9AE Oakwood School w392270520 Oakwood School 105 m
134042 (E) RH10 7XW Oriel High School w19184604 Oriel High School 156 m
142315 (E) RH8 0AB Oxted School w453367810 Oxted School 257 m
126141 (E) RH19 4PR Philpots Manor School w464717158 Philpots Manor School 24 m
125848 (E) RH14 0PX Plaistow and Kirdford Primary School w682693819 Plaistow and Kirdford Primary School 107 m
142290 (E) RH10 7EB Pound Hill Infant Academy w390814361 Pound Hill Infant Academy 114 m
125905 (E) RH10 7EB Pound Hill Junior School, Crawley w30624790 Pound Hill Junior School 130 m
126160 (E) RH13 5NW Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee School, Horsham w223972099 Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee School 53 m
145217 (E) RH2 7NT Reigate School w455558732 Reigate School 96 m
135893 (E) RH2 8PP Reigate Valley College w394291957 Reigate Valley College 27 m
126132 (E) RH12 3BE Rikkyo School-in-England w453766006 Rikkyo School-in-England 260 m
125850 (E) RH12 4PR Rusper Primary School w391375896 Rusper Primary School 131 m
126089 (E) RH19 3TY Sackville School w223114777 Sackville School 82 m
144938 (E) RH2 8HH Sandcross Primary School w455558649 Sandcross Primary School 167 m
125241 (E) RH5 5JX Scott Broadwood CofE Infant School w392156243 Scott Broadwood CofE Infant School 65 m
125958 (E) RH15 8JT Sheddingdean Community Primary School w447262837 Sheddingdean Community Primary School 195 m
125820 (E) RH12 3LU Shelley Primary School w321507543 Shelley Primary School 175 m
125995 (E) RH13 0RR Slinfold CofE Primary School r6453662 Slinfold CofE Primary School 96 m
136866 (E) RH13 9JH Southwater Infant Academy w435298962 Southwater Infant Academy 46 m
136865 (E) RH13 9JH Southwater Junior Academy w435298955 Southwater Junior Academy 119 m
126009 (E) RH17 7PB St Augustine's CofE Primary School w447263108 St Augustine's CofE Primary School 73 m
126057 (E) RH17 7AY St Giles CofE Primary School w447262267 St Giles CofE Primary School 181 m
125978 (E) RH20 1LW St James' CofE Primary School, Coldwaltham w416174442 St James CE Primary School 119 m
126039 (E) RH12 1RR St John's Catholic Primary School w321528006 St John's Catholic Primary School 75 m
146661 (E) RH1 6QG St John's Primary School w455559018 St John's Primary School 63 m
126043 (E) RH11 0AQ St Margaret's CofE Primary School w390886190 St Margaret's CofE Primary School 117 m
126015 (E) RH17 6EN St Mark's CofE Primary School w328933319 St Mark's CofE Primary School 239 m
126048 (E) RH20 2AN St Mary's Church of England Primary School w682367184 St Mary's C of E Primary School 76 m
126029 (E) RH12 1JL St Mary's CofE (Aided) Primary School w303484342 St Mary's CofE Primary School 44 m
125999 (E) RH20 4AP St Mary's CofE Primary School w453764238 St Mary's CofE First School 186 m
125194 (E) RH8 0NP St Mary's CofE Primary School w453367551 St Mary's CofE Primary School 153 m
126055 (E) RH19 2DS St Mary's CofE Primary School, East Grinstead w345077958 St Mary's CofE Primary School 92 m
125170 (E) RH5 6EW St Michael's CofE Aided Infant School w455559311 St Michael's CofE Aided Infant School 50 m
125171 (E) RH4 2HS St Paul's CofE (Aided) Primary School w455559037 St Paul's CofE (Aided) Primary School 137 m
126060 (E) RH19 1JB St Peter's Catholic Primary School w364385722 St Peter's Catholic Primary School 75 m
126025 (E) RH13 8QZ St Peter's CofE (Aided) Primary School w209997067 St. Peter's CofE Primary School 67 m
126053 (E) RH12 4LP St Robert Southwell Catholic Primary School, Horsham w180937901 St Robert Southwell Catholic Primary School 153 m
144939 (E) RH9 8HR St Stephen's CofE Primary School w453367471 St Stephen's CofE Primary School 146 m
126095 (E) RH11 8PG St Wilfrid's Catholic Comprehensive School, Crawley w391274146 St Wilfrid's Catholic School 105 m
134634 (E) RH19 4HP Step By Step School w464717064 Step By Step, School for Autistic Children Ltd 461 m
125874 (E) RH20 4PG Storrington Primary School w453763463 Storrington First School 117 m
146438 (E) RH4 3QF Surrey Hills All Saints Primary School w453363399 Surrey Hills All Saints Primary School 42 m
126064 (E) RH12 1SR Tanbridge House School w157997197 Tanbridge House School 33 m
125856 (E) RH20 3AA Thakeham Primary School r2423928 Thakeham First School 2553 m
130847 (E) RH12 2EJ The College of Richard Collyer In Horsham w124316276 The College of Richard Collyer 151 m
126065 (E) RH13 5NT The Forest School w87503769 The Forest School 75 m
141038 (E) RH10 9TP The Gatwick School w391189281 The Gatwick School 113 m
139958 (E) RH11 0EL The Mill Primary Academy w36331530 The Mill Primary Academy 121 m
138618 (E) RH10 5DP The Oaks Primary School & Nursery w141272202 The Oaks Primary School 90 m
142083 (E) RH5 4QW The Weald CofE Primary School w394290554 The Weald CofE Primary School 138 m
138620 (E) RH10 5AD Thomas Bennett Community College w390255954 Thomas Bennett Community College 105 m
125901 (E) RH10 1QG Three Bridges Primary School w141245795 Three Bridges Primary School - Upper Site 216 m
125901 (E) RH10 1QG Three Bridges Primary School w390287175 Three Bridges Primary School - Lower Site 97 m
125835 (E) RH12 2JF Trafalgar Community Infant School w375865877 Trafalgar Community Infant School 133 m
141036 (E) RH6 9NS Trinity Oaks Church of England Primary School w189842622 Trinity Oaks Church of England Primary School 200 m
126010 (E) RH10 4PA Turners Hill CofE Primary School w391713506 Turners Hill CofE Primary School 71 m
126011 (E) RH17 5NR Twineham CofE Primary School w454322355 Twineham CofE Primary School 230 m
137416 (E) RH17 5DP Warden Park School w419415275 Warden Park Academy 46 m
125998 (E) RH12 3RQ Warnham CofE Primary School w357894832 Warnham C of E Primary School 141 m
125859 (E) RH20 2JY West Chiltington Community Primary School w453763515 West Chiltington Community First School 70 m
126012 (E) RH19 4QG West Hoathly CofE Primary School w177526804 West Hoathly CofE Primary School 18 m
126002 (E) RH13 8GR William Penn School w435298786 William Penn School 165 m
125860 (E) RH14 0EE Wisborough Green Primary School w453765897 Wisborough Green Primary School 68 m
114424 (E) RH17 7QN Wivelsfield Primary School w447262966 Wivelsfield Primary School 129 m
125289 (E) RH6 7BZ Yattendon School w392272385 Yattendon School 219 m

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