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OSM Schools Progress in the 'RM' Postal Area

The blue circles on the map are schools from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a school on the official list. The lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects. Dark green lines represent a match based on the ref:edubase (England & Wales), ref:seedcode (Scotland) and ref:deni (Northern Ireland) tags. Light green lines represent a match based on location in the absense of an OSM ref:* tag. Orange lines represnt a match based on location, with an incorrect ref:* tag. The location matches can match the wrong schools, particularly in inner-city areas where there are many schools in close proximity. To fix incorrect location matches, add the appropriate ref:* tag to the OSM amenity=school objects. For more information see below.

Schools not matched to an OSM Object

Note that only OSM ways and relations tagged with amenity=school or amenity=college are checked for possible matches. In most cases, any nodes tagged like this would be better converted to way polygons covering the whole of the school site. The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby school being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official Edubase / Scottish Government data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add schools to OSM. However, knowing that there is a school missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that school using other sources -- e.g. Bing, OS Street View, and by searching for the possible school's own website.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
144805 (E) RM8 2ES Alamiyah School
145192 (E) RM1 3LP Bep Academy
142885 (E) RM7 0HG Concordia Academy
102295 (E) RM7 8JB Crownfield Infant School
136090 (E) RM3 9XR Drapers' Academy
142966 (E) RM3 9DJ Drapers' Brookside Infant School
148932 (E) RM10 7FN Elutec Academy
137549 (E) RM16 6SA Harris Academy Chafford Hundred
138349 (E) RM16 6SA Harris Primary Academy Chafford Hundred
144875 (E) RM6 4TR Newbridge School
147847 (E) RM16 2QH Orsett Heath Academy
139576 (E) RM17 5UT Quarry Hill Academy
141299 (E) RM1 4UD Rise Park Infant School
102357 (E) RM2 6HH St Mary's Hare Park School
133114 (E) RM16 4LU The Gateway Academy
148539 (E) RM16 2WU Treetops Free School
101223 (E) RM10 9JS Village Infants' School
101219 (E) RM6 6DA Warren Junior School

OSM Objects not matched to a school on the official lists

Entries here could be due to: Former schools that have now closed, more than one area being tagged for a single school, the official entry for a real school being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or institutions not included in the official lists being tagged as schools in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM Ref JRC
w137680361 +J
w183210474 +J
w183210473 +J
w558918659 A* Star Kids Nursery +J
w181154232 Bishops Hill Adult Community Learning Centre +J
w22869909 Bower Park School +J
w60085317 Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence +J
w559245492 Elm Park Children's Centre +J
w201769537 Herrington House School +J
w558918661 Little Learners Nursery & Pre-School +J
w518743325 London South East Colleges: Bexley +J
w658956303 New City College (Rainham Campus) Construction Centre +J
w500681542 Peniel College of Higher Education +J
w17710100 Robert Clack Comprehensive School (Lower Site) +J
w858900216 Robert Clack School - Leamington Campus +J
w777453841 Scallywags Nursery +J
w469218685 Shenfield High School +J
w67554556 St Josephs RC Primary School +J
w345302882 Suttons Primary School +J
w652539948 Sydney Russell Primary School +J
w332516582 Trinity School +J
w399565215 USP College, Palmer's Campus +J

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Schools matched to an OSM object by location

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM amenity=school or amenity=college way or relation within 1km of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several school sites are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MR MPC Offset JRC
102271 (E) RM11 2SP Ardleigh Green Infant School (Ardleigh Green Learning Federation) w5786706 Havering College of Further and Higher Education + + 467 m +J
102270 (E) RM11 2SP Ardleigh Green Junior School (Ardleigh Green Learning Federation w351436953 Ardleigh Green Junior School + 22 m +J
142896 (E) RM6 4XX Atam Academy w59541028 + 214 m +J
139307 (E) RM1 4YY Bower Park Academy w492655366 + 38 m +J
102314 (E) RM13 9XA Brady Primary School w846813796 + 154 m +J
136267 (E) RM6 4RS Chadwell Heath Academy w60138405 + 25 m +J
102294 (E) RM7 8JB Crownfield Junior School w22868413 Crownfield Schools + + 170 m +J
140687 (E) RM8 2NB Dorothy Barley Junior Academy w675560607 Manor Longbridge School + 379 m +J
140818 (E) RM3 9DJ Drapers' Brookside Junior School w905240640 Drapers' Brookside Primary School + + 86 m +J
141549 (E) RM3 9XR Drapers' Maylands Primary School w5211117 Drapers' Academy + + 224 m +J
141577 (E) RM3 9RT Drapers' Pyrgo Priory School w5211234 Pyrgo Primary School + + 158 m +J
138065 (E) RM18 8SB East Tilbury Primary School w422690923 East Tilbury Primary School & Nursery + + 560 m +J
102835 (E) RM6 4XS Grove Primary School w59541035 + 35 m +J
147537 (E) RM15 5AY Harris Academy Ockendon w434942410 The Ockendon Academy + + 151 m +J
144750 (E) RM19 1QY Harris Academy Riverside w725859173 Harris Academy + + 23 m +J
140938 (E) RM16 6SA Harris Primary Academy Mayflower w102552193 + 151 m +J
101232 (E) RM10 8UR John Perry Primary School w46890770 John Perry Infant and Junior Schools + + 38 m +J
146973 (E) RM3 7SU Koru Independent AP Academy w4942983 Ingrebourne School + + 174 m +J
102280 (E) RM11 3SD Langtons Infant School & Nursery w23041821 Havering Sixth Form College + 738 m +J
139406 (E) RM11 3SD Langtons Junior Academy w56224761 Langtons Schools + 78 m +J
142050 (E) RM3 9YA Lime Academy Forest Approach r4047635 Dycorts School + + 17 m +J
102878 (E) RM6 5RX Little Heath School w60224735 + 138 m +J
132816 (E) RM9 6TJ Mayesbrook Park School w959578293 Roding Primary School + 932 m +J
102858 (E) RM8 1XE Mayfield School w17704417 + 181 m +J
102321 (E) RM11 3BX Nelmes Primary School w7955752 Campion School + 231 m +J
140861 (E) RM18 7AX Olive AP Academy - Thurrock w103630646 + 242 m +J
143130 (E) RM11 3UR Olive Ap Academy - Havering w790188355 + 447 m +J
102299 (E) RM1 4QX Parklands Primary School w22869701 + 92 m +J
101227 (E) RM9 5RH Parsloes Primary School w17442711 Parsloes Primary School + + 72 m +J
141173 (E) RM1 4UD Rise Park Junior School w22869625 Rise Park Schools + + 108 m +J
101245 (E) RM8 1JU Robert Clack School w22868462 Robert Clack Comprehensive School (Upper Site) + 165 m +J
101230 (E) RM8 2XS Roding Primary School w17456597 Roding Primary School + + 79 m +J
101224 (E) RM6 5NJ Rose Lane Primary School w60797064 + 86 m +J
146046 (E) RM13 7DH Routes4Life Limited w17935786 The RJ Mitchell Primary School + + 968 m +J
101212 (E) RM7 0RL Rush Green Primary School w56002074 Rush Green Junior School + + 24 m +J
144589 (E) RM13 7PL Scargill Infant School w662740367 RJ Mitchell Nursery + + 754 m +J
144590 (E) RM13 7PL Scargill Junior School w558000015 Scargill Infant School + 128 m +J
131845 (E) RM9 5LT Southwood Primary School w60150181 + 65 m +J
102304 (E) RM2 5TP Squirrels Heath Infant School w453701579 Goodrington School 994 m +J
102845 (E) RM6 5RR St Bede's Catholic Primary School w60905375 + 67 m +J
145944 (E) RM7 9NX St Edward's Church of England Academy w22793609 + 53 m +J
102331 (E) RM5 2AP St Patrick's Catholic Primary School w22868362 + 102 m +J
146299 (E) RM17 5RW St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School w65218025 St Thomas's Catholic Junior School + + 193 m +J
148289 (E) RM8 2JN St Vincent's Catholic Primary School w60140812 + 48 m +J
102283 (E) RM12 6RP Suttons Primary School w776881040 Fledgelings Day Nursery + 77 m +J
147853 (E) RM17 5FP Thames Park Secondary School w507315025 South Essex College, Thurrock Campus + 683 m +J
145510 (E) RM1 2RR The Bridge w56175768 Raphael Independent School + 489 m +J
137040 (E) RM11 3BX The Campion School w162158295 Nelmes Primary School + 95 m +J
102268 (E) RM14 3NB The James Oglethorpe Primary School w27771727 + 32 m +J
131590 (E) RM12 5PP The R J Mitchell Primary School w345032731 First Step + + 82 m +J
147330 (E) RM8 2XJ The St Teresa Catholic Primary School w1040496350 The Saint Teresa Catholic Primary School + + 86 m +J
141178 (E) RM6 6SB The Warren School w30124475 + 69 m +J
140832 (E) RM18 8HJ Tilbury Pioneer Academy w103581641 + 170 m +J
144234 (E) RM16 2WU Treetops School w415929624 + 125 m +J
139991 (E) RM20 3HR West Thurrock Academy w103150861 + 357 m +J
101234 (E) RM10 9JS William Ford CofE Junior School w854903744 + 152 m +J

Schools matched to an OSM object by reference number

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MPC Offset
136663 (E) RM12 4YB Abbs Cross Academy and Arts College w17715749 Abbs Cross Academy 48 m
101247 (E) RM8 1JT All Saints Catholic School and Technology College w67524776 All Saints Catholic School and Technology College 18 m
146818 (E) RM15 4AA Aveley Primary School w28792892 Aveley Primary School 200 m
130424 (E) RM7 0XU Barking and Dagenham College w453702313 Barking and Dagenham College 185 m
102840 (E) RM6 4RJ Barley Lane Primary School w453703742 Barley Lane Primary School 103 m
138736 (E) RM15 5AY Beacon Hill Academy w453703633 Beacon Hill Academy 97 m
101202 (E) RM10 9ED Beam Primary School w102318596 Beam Primary School 46 m
101231 (E) RM8 2QR Becontree Primary School w453703785 Becontree Primary School 93 m
139105 (E) RM17 5YN Belmont Castle Academy w154819682 Belmont Castle Academy 295 m
143216 (E) RM12 4QS Benhurst Primary School w23051295 Benhurst Primary School 54 m
139382 (E) RM15 6PG Benyon Primary School w444003571 Benyon Primary School 129 m
148209 (E) RM15 5BA Bonnygate Primary School w443890091 Bonnygate Primary School 98 m
135588 (E) RM14 2LW Branfil Primary School w321509784 Branfil Primary School 43 m
102317 (E) RM3 8JS Broadford Primary School w453701690 Broadford Primary School 115 m
144603 (E) RM14 3RL Bulphan Church of England Academy w440845743 Bulphan Church of England Primary School 269 m
102836 (E) RM6 4EU Chadwell Primary School w453703834 Chadwell Primary School 75 m
143149 (E) RM16 4DH Chadwell St Mary Primary School w342220501 Chadwell St Mary Primary School 94 m
102291 (E) RM5 3QR Clockhouse Primary School w210613348 Clockhouse Primary School 102 m
102362 (E) RM14 2YQ Corbets Tey School w56230294 Corbets Tey School 30 m
135812 (E) RM7 9EJ Crowlands Primary School w453705542 Crowlands Primary School 11 m
136028 (E) RM10 9QH Dagenham Park CofE School r11772096 Dagenham Park CofE School 32 m
146185 (E) RM4 1PS Dame Tipping Church of England Primary School w445297562 Dame Tipping Church of England Primary School 126 m
141897 (E) RM16 2SS Deneholm Primary School w453699788 Deneholm Primary School 116 m
139104 (E) RM15 5JQ Dilkes Academy w443890089 Dilkes Academy 163 m
101188 (E) RM8 2LL Dorothy Barley Infants' School w453705343 Dorothy Barley Infants' School 110 m
101243 (E) RM10 7UR Eastbrook School w23141601 Eastbrook School 64 m
102272 (E) RM12 5UA Elm Park Primary School w42567722 Elm Park Primary School 46 m
137414 (E) RM11 3AD Emerson Park Academy w4949563 Emerson Park School 139 m
132766 (E) RM14 1SW Engayne Primary School w56315318 Engayne Primary School 147 m
101228 (E) RM9 5TB Five Elms Primary School w406270068 Five Elms Primary School 22 m
101203 (E) RM6 6ES Furze Infant School w453705463 Furze Infants' School 63 m
144095 (E) RM14 3UX Gaynes School w17931448 Gaynes School 204 m
102355 (E) RM2 5JR Gidea Park Preparatory School and Nursery w445297610 Gidea Park College 59 m
102308 (E) RM2 5AJ Gidea Park Primary School w114959181 Gidea Park Primary School 124 m
130919 (E) RM9 6JH Godwin Primary School w453704877 Godwin Primary School 20 m
140962 (E) RM9 6XW Goresbrook School w67701260 Goresbrook School 118 m
101206 (E) RM8 3EX Grafton Primary School w453703983 Grafton Primary School 109 m
115239 (E) RM17 5UX Grays Convent High School w440846288 Grays Convent High School 33 m
146136 (E) RM12 6AU Hacton Primary School w17934233 Hacton Primary School 324 m
137197 (E) RM14 1SF Hall Mead School w18522420 Hall Mead School 154 m
102278 (E) RM3 0SH Harold Court Primary School w4907651 Harold Court Primary School 171 m
102269 (E) RM3 0TH Harold Wood Primary School w4942997 Harold Wood Primary School 70 m
143428 (E) RM13 9XD Harris Academy Rainham w186837355 Harris Academy Rainham 87 m
145111 (E) RM12 4BP Harrow Lodge Primary School w56158386 Harrow Lodge Primary School 98 m
101229 (E) RM8 1UR Henry Green Primary School w17708825 Henry Green Primary School 114 m
138962 (E) RM16 4JX Herringham Primary Academy w358720734 Herringham Primary Academy 110 m
102325 (E) RM3 7DU Hilldene Primary School w4942606 Hilldene Primary School 143 m
146296 (E) RM15 5RP Holy Cross Catholic Primary School w434945409 Holy Cross Catholic Primary School 112 m
134388 (E) RM9 6XN Hopewell School w453704354 Hopewell School (Harmony House) 98 m
143946 (E) RM12 4AJ Hornchurch High School w345070709 Hornchurch High School 23 m
131844 (E) RM10 8DE Hunters Hall Primary School w453702289 Hunters Hall Primary School 79 m
102276 (E) RM1 2RU Hylands Primary School w681604652 Hylands Primary School 76 m
102360 (E) RM1 4HR Immanuel School w445297311 Immanuel School 439 m
133561 (E) RM9 4UN Jo Richardson Community School w52175673 Jo Richardson Community School 121 m
138735 (E) RM15 4NB Kenningtons Primary Academy w453701935 Kenningtons Primary Academy 64 m
102330 (E) RM13 8SP La Salette Catholic Primary School w453703487 La Salette Catholic Primary School 147 m
145604 (E) RM4 1AU Lambourne Primary School w48045620 Lambourne Primary School 484 m
138048 (E) RM18 7QB Lansdowne Primary Academy w453364406 Lansdowne Primary Academy 90 m
142722 (E) RM3 8HN Lime Academy Ravensbourne w453701633 Ravensbourne School 171 m
147215 (E) RM17 5SW Little Thurrock Primary School w453700017 Little Thurrock Primary School 150 m
101211 (E) RM10 9NJ Marsh Green Primary School w453703038 Marsh Green Primary School 84 m
144094 (E) RM1 4EH Marshalls Park Academy w8038010 Marshalls Park Academy 69 m
102322 (E) RM3 9JD Mead Primary School w5210822 Mead Primary School 33 m
130340 (E) RM9 4RB Monteagle Primary School w453704399 Monteagle Primary School 115 m
102319 (E) RM13 8QR Newtons Primary School w453703247 Newtons Primary School 80 m
102361 (E) RM14 2YG Oakfields Preparatory School w453700371 Oakfields Montessori School 52 m
140022 (E) RM5 2TX Oasis Academy Pinewood w445296906 Oasis Academy Pinewood 126 m
135960 (E) RM15 4RU Ormiston Park Academy w434946959 Ormiston Park Academy 67 m
144587 (E) RM16 3JR Orsett Church of England Primary School w28182677 Orsett Church of England Primary School 15 m
102312 (E) RM13 9JU Parsonage Farm Primary School w453703582 Parsonage Farm Primary School 142 m
139380 (E) RM19 1TA Purfleet Primary Academy w453701882 Purfleet Primary Academy 54 m
102324 (E) RM13 9AA Rainham Village Primary School w703442369 Rainham Village Primary School 152 m
137396 (E) RM3 0TS Redden Court School w4907488 Redden Court School 19 m
130357 (E) RM10 8DF Richard Alibon Primary School with ARP for Cognitive and Learning Difficulties : SEN Base w453702075 Richard Alibon Primary School 79 m
137233 (E) RM14 2QR Sacred Heart of Mary Girls' School w321648608 Sacred Heart of Mary 87 m
146309 (E) RM12 6RT Sanders Draper w17935456 Sanders School 73 m
102316 (E) RM12 6TH Scotts Primary School w17935549 Scotts Primary School 121 m
139166 (E) RM15 5QJ Shaw Primary Academy w443862868 Shaw Primary Academy 125 m
144448 (E) RM15 5LX Somers Heath Primary School w443891313 Somers Heath Primary School 111 m
102303 (E) RM2 5TP Squirrels Heath Junior School w4784157 Squirrels Heath School 109 m
102336 (E) RM12 5LN St Alban's Catholic Primary School w349938605 St. Alban's Catholic Primary School 71 m
102328 (E) RM1 4BT St Edward's Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School w453705790 St Edward's Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 26 m
102334 (E) RM14 2QB St Joseph's Catholic Primary School w406039506 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School 77 m
147329 (E) RM9 5UL St Joseph's Catholic Primary School w67554559 St Josephs RC Primary School 97 m
102329 (E) RM12 4TL St Mary's Catholic Primary School w453703035 St Mary's Catholic Primary School 29 m
146867 (E) RM18 7QH St Mary's Catholic Primary School w455560881 St Mary's Catholic Primary School 18 m
101237 (E) RM9 6UU St Peter's Catholic Primary School w122297268 St Peter's Catholic Primary School 26 m
102335 (E) RM1 4JA St Peter's Catholic Primary School w453705723 St Peter's Catholic Primary School 16 m
102332 (E) RM3 7JS St Ursula's Catholic Primary School w5014215 St Ursula's Catholic Primary School 120 m
144881 (E) RM4 1EJ Stapleford Abbotts Primary School w5014233 Stapleford Abbotts Primary School 818 m
141877 (E) RM16 2ST Stifford Clays Primary School w453699105 Stifford Clays Primary School 74 m
138581 (E) RM17 6EF Thameside Primary School w507312617 Thameside Primary School 128 m
136576 (E) RM13 7BB The Brittons Academy w22870075 The Brittons Academy 65 m
136600 (E) RM14 3HS The Coopers' Company and Coborn School w17932109 The Coopers' Company & Coborn School 162 m
138326 (E) RM1 2RR The Frances Bardsley Academy for Girls w4800540 Frances Bardsley School 20 m
138334 (E) RM16 4LU The Gateway Primary Free School w103581673 The Gateway Academy 256 m
139578 (E) RM17 5LL The Hathaway Academy w399553051 Hathaway Academy 88 m
144280 (E) RM9 6TD The James Cambell Primary School w453704819 The James Cambell Primary School 48 m
101216 (E) RM10 9YR The Leys Primary School w46928420 Leys Primary School 70 m
131426 (E) RM7 7HR The Mawney Foundation School w453705551 The Mawney Foundation School 109 m
143877 (E) RM2 6HJ The Royal Liberty School w4289954 The Royal Liberty School 102 m
141683 (E) RM9 5QT The Sydney Russell School w17456497 Sydney Russell Comprehensive School 138 m
101220 (E) RM9 6NH Thomas Arnold Primary School, Rowdowns Road w22870087 Thomas Arnold Primary School 62 m
102309 (E) RM11 1HP Towers Infant School w453701357 Towers Infant School 21 m
102313 (E) RM11 1PD Towers Junior School w453701193 Towers Junior School 106 m
131102 (E) RM10 7SJ Trinity School w453702034 Trinity School 110 m
141070 (E) RM16 6PL Tudor Court Primary School w453364447 Tudor Court Primary School 112 m
138943 (E) RM14 3BS Upminster Infant School w56229347 Upminster Infant School 146 m
138944 (E) RM14 3BS Upminster Junior School w855180887 Upminster Junior School 146 m
101222 (E) RM8 3AR Valence Primary School w453703877 Valence Primary School 3 m
148172 (E) RM16 6NB Warren Primary School w102552176 Warren Primary School 89 m
102285 (E) RM13 7AR Whybridge Infant School w664931077 Whybridge Infant School 94 m
144596 (E) RM13 7AH Whybridge Junior School w22870076 Whybridge Junior School 91 m
101226 (E) RM10 7HX William Bellamy Primary School w453702126 William Bellamy Primary School 41 m
137214 (E) RM16 3NJ William Edwards School w453699355 William Edwards School 141 m
139106 (E) RM16 2GJ Woodside Academy w25466121 Woodside Academy 167 m

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