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OSM Schools Progress in the 'SE' Postal Area

The blue circles on the map are schools from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a school on the official list. The lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects. Dark green lines represent a match based on the ref:edubase (England & Wales), ref:seedcode (Scotland) and ref:deni (Northern Ireland) tags. Light green lines represent a match based on location in the absense of an OSM ref:* tag. Orange lines represnt a match based on location, with an incorrect ref:* tag. The location matches can match the wrong schools, particularly in inner-city areas where there are many schools in close proximity. To fix incorrect location matches, add the appropriate ref:* tag to the OSM amenity=school objects. For more information see below.

Schools not matched to an OSM Object

Note that only OSM ways and relations tagged with amenity=school or amenity=college are checked for possible matches. In most cases, any nodes tagged like this would be better converted to way polygons covering the whole of the school site. The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby school being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official Edubase / Scottish Government data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add schools to OSM. However, knowing that there is a school missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that school using other sources -- e.g. Bing, OS Street View, and by searching for the possible school's own website.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
148043 (E) SE25 5PQ AYA College (On-Site Educational Provision)
147732 (E) SE5 8TS Arco Academy
100529 (E) SE1 7FX DLD College
100765 (E) SE6 1UF Greenvale School
147681 (E) SE18 6HU Greenwich Engineering and Medical School
147355 (E) SE14 5RD Haberdashers' Hatcham Primary
139829 (E) SE25 6EJ Harris Aspire Academy
140908 (E) SE11 4AX Kennington Park Academy
140674 (E) SE25 4XG Oasis Academy Ryelands
141315 (E) SE2 9PT Pulse and Water College
147991 (E) SE9 5NP Serenity School Eltham
147199 (E) SE9 1TY Social Arts for Education
100173 (E) SE18 7QG St Patrick's Catholic Primary School
100705 (E) SE23 1NH Stillness Infant School
136092 (E) SE9 6DN Wize Up
143686 (E) SE28 8RF Woolwich Polytechnic school for Girls
146277 (E) SE6 1AU philippa wall

OSM Objects not matched to a school on the official lists

Entries here could be due to: Former schools that have now closed, more than one area being tagged for a single school, the official entry for a real school being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or institutions not included in the official lists being tagged as schools in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM Ref JRC
w49865485 +J
w1093291877 +J
w1039090228 +J
w801019778 +J
w189826944 +J
w160661212 AMOS Sport Business School +J
w52716929 Bellerbys College London 134827 +J
w27101890 Bessemer Grange Primary School +J
w24906078 Capel Manor College +J
w382663845 Christ the King: Aquinas Sixth Form College +J
w189506374 DUCKS Kindergarten and Infants' School +J
w257025626 Dorset Road Infant School +J
w385654799 Drumbeat School and ASD Service +J
w27256844 Dulwich Village C of E Infants School +J
w158753705 Eltham College Junior School +J
w24830971 Eveline Lowe Primary School +J
w455560993 Grace’s Day Nursery & Pre-School +J
w427544586 Hadlow College +J
w636959667 Heath House Preparatory School +J
w184280909 Invicta Primary School Deptford +J
w33324171 James Allen's Preparatory School +J
w5015045 James Alleyn Preparatory School +J
w392587518 James Wolfe Primary School and Centre for the Deaf +J
w22797847 John Ball Nursery School +J
w406475399 Kent House Hospital School 141697 +J
w229927368 Laban Centre for Contemporary Dance +J
w54268808 Lewisham College +J
w288984959 Lewisham Southwark College +J
w262748977 Negus Sixth Form Centre +J
w490176906 Nelly’s Nursery +J
w160661225 Oxford International Education Group Greenwich +J
w475500354 Prendergast Hilly Fields College Upper Site +J
w731126146 Rose Bruford College +J
w640731552 Sedgehill School Playing Fields +J
w4209567 St Dunstan's College, Sportsground Clubhouse +J
w385182818 St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School 100720 +J
w397944806 St Winifred's Catholic Infant & Nursery School +J
w54059799 St. Matthew Academy +J
w27514619 Summerhouse Primary Referral Unit +J
w166970291 Sydenham High School +J
w94069741 The Art Academy +J
w352555662 The Pointer School +J
w36072986 Tree Centre +J
w398997795 Trinity Primary School +J
w437352937 Whitehorse Manor Schools - Brigstock Site +J
w906697991 Windrush Primary School +J

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Schools matched to an OSM object by location

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM amenity=school or amenity=college way or relation within 1km of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several school sites are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MR MPC Offset JRC
130856 (E) SE12 8JP Abbey Manor College w38160407 Broadoak Campus, Abbey Manor College + + 929 m +J
133223 (E) SE23 1AT Allenby Tutorial Trust w391221122 Life In London Uk + + 910 m +J
139718 (E) SE5 0UB Ark All Saints Academy w94090190 Van Gogh Primary School (Infants) + + 906 m +J
148772 (E) SE25 5RR Beckmead College w191154268 Beckmead College + 80 m +J
133166 (E) SE5 8UF Camberwell College of Arts w667186508 Mountview Academy + 773 m +J
131237 (E) SE16 2PA Cavendish School w52589976 + 118 m +J
134222 (E) SE1 5LA City of London Academy (Southwark) r13599389 City of London Academy + + 73 m +J
139587 (E) SE16 2BT Compass School Southwark w24841213 Compass School Southwark + 53 m +J
100784 (E) SE17 3LE Crampton Primary w218903191 + 7 m +J
100740 (E) SE14 6AN Deptford Green School w189780356 Deptford Green School + 35 m +J
100678 (E) SE8 5RJ Deptford Park Primary School w25953017 + 136 m +J
101434 (E) SE9 3RH Dulverton Primary School w431242878 + 88 m +J
143933 (E) SE6 2BX Education-My Life Matters w862963987 Abbey Manor College + 820 m +J
100875 (E) SE1 7EH Evelina Hospital School w77739171 BPP Law School + 922 m +J
100745 (E) SE23 2XN Forest Hill School w398999791 Our Lady & St Philip Neri Catholic Primary School + + 139 m +J
142875 (E) SE16 3PB Galleywall Primary School w54989268 Southwark Park School + + 101 m +J
147073 (E) SE1 0EX Haberdashers' Borough Academy w1008674593 Haberdashers’ Aske’s Borough Academy + + 69 m +J
135073 (E) SE14 5SF Haberdashers' Hatcham College w186890169 Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham College (years 10-13 site) + 57 m +J
138270 (E) SE15 5DZ Harris Primary Free School Peckham w78230896 Peckham After-School Club + 405 m +J
145197 (E) SE25 6EJ Harris Professional Skills Sixth Form w223073080 Spurgeon's College + 992 m +J
100203 (E) SE3 0TG Heath House Preparatory School w220591400 Blackheath High School + 87 m +J
100872 (E) SE5 0TW Highshore School w1074738245 Highshore School + 38 m +J
133247 (E) SE19 1BY Hillcrest w399073392 Kingswood Primary School (Lower Site) + + 947 m +J
144407 (E) SE2 9TA Horizons Academy Bexley w329461639 Horizons Academy Bexley + + 79 m +J
131246 (E) SE10 8RZ James Wolfe Primary School and Centre for the Deaf w1088140612 James Wolfe Primary School (Royal Hill Campus) + 1 m +J
100798 (E) SE5 0PQ John Ruskin Primary School and Language Classes w626656386 John Ruskin School + + 184 m +J
100204 (E) SE9 5LX King's Oak School w398612991 Moatbridge School + + 102 m +J
133447 (E) SE14 6EU Kings Kids Christian School w186890764 Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham College (years 7-9 site) + 789 m +J
135409 (E) SE1 4JU London Christian School w101530108 Southwark Inclusive Learning Centre + + 249 m +J
133167 (E) SE1 6SB London College of Printing & Distributive Trades w96038230 King's College London Mathematics School Kennington Road Building + 684 m +J
100876 (E) SE5 8AZ Maudsley and Bethlem Hospital School w87748268 Spéos + 456 m +J
142928 (E) SE11 6QH NAS Vanguard School w1014195283 Vanguard School + + 17 m +J
100103 (E) SE9 6HR Newhaven Pupil Referral Unit w1103789814 + 57 m +J
140138 (E) SE15 3AZ Newlands Academy w26577980 + 33 m +J
100859 (E) SE1 6EX Notre Dame Roman Catholic Girls' School w24420016 Notre Dame School + + 13 m +J
138803 (E) SE11 6AU Octavia House Schools, London r14884659 + 165 m +J
100817 (E) SE1 5JT Phoenix Primary School w24830972 Eveline Lowe Primary School + + 71 m +J
141701 (E) SE5 0NA PhoenixPlace w1074745254 ARK All Saints Academy + 80 m +J
100183 (E) SE18 1QF Plumstead Manor School w232840356 Plumstead Manor School (Girls) + 23 m +J
100750 (E) SE4 1LE Prendergast School w475500358 Prendergast Hilly Fields College Lower Site + + 13 m +J
134402 (E) SE18 6BB Right Choice Independent Special School w479890127 Brookhill Children’s Centre + + 709 m +J
100810 (E) SE16 2PE Rotherhithe Primary School w214288100 Rotherhithe Primary School + + 87 m +J
100703 (E) SE6 1NW Sandhurst Primary School w382781275 Sandhurst Infant and Junior School + + 40 m +J
140221 (E) SE17 2TP South Bank University Academy w80278340 St John's Walworth Church of England Primary School 542 m +J
143745 (E) SE5 7EW Spa School Camberwell w67172237 Southwark College + + 80 m +J
145621 (E) SE23 2NE St George's CofE Primary School w158481613 Christ Church C of E Primary School + + 210 m +J
100830 (E) SE15 4DY St John's and St Clement's Church of England Primary School w813235272 Thomas Calton Centre + + 529 m +J
133144 (E) SE15 4DY St John's and St Clement's Primary School Co Hearing Impaired Unit w4652365 St John's and St Clement's Primary School + + 6 m +J
100854 (E) SE5 0TS St Joseph's Catholic Infants School w41690535 St Gabriel's College + + 786 m +J
100853 (E) SE5 0TS St Joseph's Catholic Junior School w169691956 St Joseph's Catholic Infant & Junior School + + 69 m +J
100616 (E) SE24 0EL St Jude's Church of England Primary School w1023636013 + 66 m +J
100170 (E) SE18 7RL St Margaret's Church of England Primary School w262749054 + 139 m +J
100839 (E) SE17 2HH St Peter's Church of England Primary School w80273527 St Peter's Church of England Primary School and Nursery + + 147 m +J
100177 (E) SE2 9LY St Thomas A Becket Roman Catholic Primary School w1034346568 + 5 m +J
142456 (E) SE12 0SJ St Winifred's RC Primary School w38582949 St Winifred's Catholic Junior School + + 16 m +J
100704 (E) SE23 1NH Stillness Junior School w385509712 Stillness Infant & Junior Schools + + 44 m +J
136100 (E) SE9 1DA StreetVibes Media Academy w238584201 StreetVibes Academy + + 31 m +J
100757 (E) SE26 6BL Sydenham High School, GDST w228376857 Sydenham High School (Prep School) + 94 m +J
132942 (E) SE23 2XN Sydenham and Forest Hill Sixth Form w158438839 Forest Hill School + 66 m +J
147977 (E) SE1 5TY THE BRIDGE SPECIAL EDUCATION NEEDS SCHOOL w100614964 Chrysolyte School + + 770 m +J
143526 (E) SE1 6FE The Autism Project - CareTrade w1008674595 Haberdashers’ Aske’s Borough Academy + + 482 m +J
100840 (E) SE1 1HG The Cathedral School of St Saviour and St Mary Overie w99493705 Cathedral School of St. Saviour & St. Mary Overie + + 16 m +J
144309 (E) SE27 9BZ The Elmgreen School w26446233 Elm Green School + 98 m +J
147168 (E) SE6 4AS The Family Learning School w845748469 + 279 m +J
145315 (E) SE3 8EP The Halley Academy w22724427 Corelli College + + 102 m +J
133530 (E) SE5 9RS The Hospital and Home Tuition Sick Children's Service w27350939 William Booth College + 424 m +J
130414 (E) SE1 7JY The Marine Society College of the Sea w96213393 Farley House Junior School + 105 m +J
147986 (E) SE19 1RT The New School w293671923 Virgo Fidelis Convent Senior School 240 m +J
148174 (E) SE11 4AS The Park College w783562123 Archbishop Sumner School (Oakden Site) + + 798 m +J
100708 (E) SE6 1TG Torridon Primary School w382784006 Torridon Primary School + + 38 m +J
141031 (E) SE15 1JF Treasure House (London) CIC w391221125 Southwark Free School + + 133 m +J
100643 (E) SE21 8LX Turney Primary and Secondary Special School w177218532 Turney School + 81 m +J
143838 (E) SE13 7FY Urban Mission School w965149151 Granville Park Adult Education Centre + 336 m +J
133086 (E) SE3 7PA Wildwood Montessori School w22710561 John Roan Senior School + 394 m +J
148615 (E) SE3 9GJ Wingfield Primary School w294034717 Wingfield Primary School + 43 m +J

Schools matched to an OSM object by reference number

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MPC Offset
100671 (E) SE26 4AQ Adamsrill Primary School w49771266 Adamsrill Primary School 84 m
100748 (E) SE14 6TJ Addey and Stanhope School w385745971 Addey and Stanhope Comprehensive School 47 m
100774 (E) SE16 7JD Albion Primary School w47303441 Albion Primary School 50 m
143601 (E) SE9 2JH Alderwood Primary School w440371566 Alderwood Primary School 232 m
131841 (E) SE2 0QS Alexander McLeod Primary School w404591079 Alexander McLeod Primary School 170 m
140080 (E) SE26 5DS Alexandra Junior School w86750437 Alexandra Junior School 76 m
100819 (E) SE16 7LP Alfred Salter Primary School w47322661 Alfred Salter Primary School 26 m
101787 (E) SE19 3LG All Saints CofE Primary School w38866894 All Saints Infant and Junior School 90 m
100719 (E) SE3 0TX All Saints' Church of England Primary School Blackheath w452689553 All Saints' Church of England Primary School 41 m
100864 (E) SE22 8SU Alleyn's School r12006909 Alleyn's School 112 m
141666 (E) SE15 6FL Angel Oak Academy w48045086 Angel Oak Academy 74 m
100609 (E) SE11 4PH Archbishop Sumner Church of England Primary School w97211749 Archbishop Sumner School 3 m
145857 (E) SE11 5SR Archbishop Tenison's School w185755085 Archbishop Tenison's School 15 m
135389 (E) SE24 0QN Ark Evelyn Grace Academy w276149623 Evelyn Grace Academy 7 m
135584 (E) SE1 6AG Ark Globe Academy w100275623 Globe Academy 54 m
138245 (E) SE18 4LH Ark Greenwich Free School w398984343 Greenwich Free School 15 m
135315 (E) SE1 5UJ Ark Walworth Academy w80804218 Walworth Academy 73 m
100716 (E) SE8 4DX Ashmead Primary School w397966631 Ashmead School 74 m
100672 (E) SE6 3LD Athelney Primary School w385057604 Athelney Primary School 95 m
145313 (E) SE16 6AT Bacon's College w151622198 Bacon's College 103 m
100113 (E) SE18 1HE Bannockburn Primary School w404591077 Bannockburn Primary School 111 m
100673 (E) SE12 0NB Baring Primary School w384745598 Baring Primary School 118 m
100674 (E) SE4 2BS Beecroft Garden Primary w280642872 Beecroft Garden School 97 m
100775 (E) SE15 4JP Bellenden Primary School w623925865 Bellenden Primary School 45 m
100879 (E) SE1 3PS Beormund Primary School w101530133 Beormund Primary School 4 m
130918 (E) SE5 8HP Bessemer Grange Primary School w27101809 Bessemer Grange Primary School 35 m
100181 (E) SE28 8LW Bishop John Robinson Church of England Primary School w453721730 Bishop John Robinson Church of England Primary School 93 m
100756 (E) SE3 7AG Blackheath High School w22715519 Blackheath High School 1 m
100199 (E) SE3 0NJ Blackheath Prep w452689648 Blackheath Prep 86 m
100822 (E) SE1 3BW Boutcher Church of England Primary School w85166184 Boutcher Church of England Primary School 39 m
100150 (E) SE2 9JP Boxgrove Primary School w453721654 Boxgrove Primary School 68 m
100760 (E) SE23 2QU Brent Knoll School w8598106 Brent Knoll School 108 m
100687 (E) SE13 6EH Brindishe Green School w223050186 Brindishe Green School 51 m
100717 (E) SE12 8NA Brindishe Lee School w244626366 Brindishe Lee Primary School 178 m
100693 (E) SE13 5LS Brindishe Manor School w398997797 Brindishe Manor School 170 m
143210 (E) SE3 9AB Brooklands Primary School w398233891 Brooklands Primary School 64 m
131843 (E) SE5 7QH Brunswick Park Primary School w67888637 Brunswick Park Primary School 103 m
100780 (E) SE15 1QP Camelot Primary School w73813358 Camelot Primary School 19 m
100155 (E) SE18 5LP Cardwell Primary School w398987265 Cardwell Primary School 16 m
146892 (E) SE28 8QA Castilion Primary School w453721857 Castilion Primary School 24 m
148012 (E) SE1 1AF Charles Dickens Primary School w1008655859 Charles Dickens Primary School 25 m
100816 (E) SE11 4SN Charlotte Sharman Primary School w24397610 Charlotte Sharman Primary School 84 m
100164 (E) SE7 7EF Charlton Manor Primary School w398613005 Charlton Manor Primary School 4 m
138547 (E) SE7 8HX Charlton Park Academy w398987269 Charlton Park Academy 16 m
100881 (E) SE15 5BB Cherry Garden School w5548356 Cherry Garden School 34 m
100115 (E) SE7 7DG Cherry Orchard Primary School w398981077 Cherry Orchard Primary School 107 m
146221 (E) SE14 6DG Childeric Primary School w87496752 Childeric Primary School 63 m
100165 (E) SE10 0DZ Christ Church Church of England Primary School w398616936 Christ Church Church of England Primary School 59 m
100166 (E) SE18 3RS Christ Church Church of England Primary School, Shooters Hill w455568496 Christ Church Church of England Primary School, Shooters Hill 3 m
130416 (E) SE13 5GE Christ The King Sixth Form College w1058077736 Christ the King St. Mary's Sixth Form College 8431 m
100782 (E) SE5 0JD Cobourg Primary School w22934760 Cobourg Community Primary School 30 m
100202 (E) SE12 8AW Colfe's School w316464047 Colfe's School 206 m
100783 (E) SE5 0LQ Comber Grove School w39502488 Comber Grove Primary School 18 m
100742 (E) SE6 2SE Conisborough College w397898511 Conisborough College 126 m
132800 (E) SE18 1QY Conway Primary School w455567174 Conway Primary School 56 m
100676 (E) SE12 0LF Cooper's Lane Primary School w398022066 Coopers Lane Primary School 77 m
100785 (E) SE5 9NF Crawford Primary School w39498160 Crawford Primary School 82 m
144626 (E) SE25 4AU Cypress Primary School w50763606 Cypress Primary School 100 m
144626 (E) SE25 4AU Cypress Primary School w625370710 Cypress Primary School 96 m
100677 (E) SE23 1AS Dalmain Primary School w385509711 Dalmain Primary School 84 m
100152 (E) SE2 9PD De Lucy Primary School w453720917 De Lucy Primary School 113 m
143599 (E) SE9 1XP Deansfield Primary School w22970518 Deansfield Primary School 3 m
131109 (E) SE28 0JN Discovery Primary School w453706043 Discovery Primary School 80 m
100786 (E) SE22 8AB Dog Kennel Hill School w33324168 Dog Kennel Hill School 21 m
101778 (E) SE19 3XE Downsview Primary and Nursery School w168241813 Downsview Primary and Nursery School 110 m
100861 (E) SE21 7LD Dulwich College w27826000 Dulwich College 147 m
136665 (E) SE21 7AL Dulwich Hamlet Junior School w189508273 Dulwich Hamlet Junior School 136 m
100862 (E) SE21 7AA Dulwich Prep London w189733614 Dulwich Prep London 50 m
100823 (E) SE21 7AL Dulwich Village Church of England Infants' School w27256903 Dulwich Village Church of England Infants' School 67 m
100801 (E) SE21 8NS Dulwich Wood Primary School w190221214 Dulwich Wood Primary School 288 m
100120 (E) SE9 6BP Ealdham Primary School w398186091 Ealdham Primary School 51 m
100680 (E) SE14 5LY Edmund Waller Primary School w440383228 Edmund Waller Primary School 111 m
132827 (E) SE18 3PY Eglinton Primary School w103891073 Eglinton Primary School 71 m
100681 (E) SE6 3EN Elfrida Primary School w385057600 Elfrida Primary School 68 m
100711 (E) SE26 4BU Eliot Bank Primary School w289383492 Eliot Bank Primary School 57 m
100597 (E) SE27 9RR Elm Wood School w306045517 Elm Wood Primary School 39 m
140533 (E) SE9 4AT Elmstead Wood Primary School w629492376 Elmstead Wood Primary School 124 m
100167 (E) SE9 1TR Eltham Church of England Primary School w50934644 Eltham Church of England Primary School 71 m
101693 (E) SE9 4QF Eltham College w158753702 Eltham College 29 m
100182 (E) SE9 5EE Eltham Hill School w398613014 Eltham Hill School 31 m
100824 (E) SE17 1QD English Martyrs' Roman Catholic Primary School r14870810 English Martyrs' Catholic Primary School 86 m
100710 (E) SE23 3SB Fairlawn Primary School w291745991 Fairlawn Primary School 73 m
100683 (E) SE6 1PQ Forster Park Primary School w385820003 Forster Park Primary School 42 m
100125 (E) SE7 7NQ Fossdene Primary School w398428034 Fossdene Primary School 49 m
143592 (E) SE18 7EX Foxfield Primary School w404550197 Foxfield Primary School 121 m
100855 (E) SE1 0RF Friars Primary Foundation School w92240486 Friars Primary (Foundation) School 45 m
100126 (E) SE18 1JR Gallions Mount Primary School w404591092 Gallions Mount Primary School 89 m
100790 (E) SE22 0EP Goodrich Community Primary School w27514562 Goodrich Community Primary School 96 m
145130 (E) SE22 8HG Goose Green Primary and Nursery School w4647094 Goose Green Primary School 8 m
100127 (E) SE9 1QG Gordon Primary School w398613000 Gordon Primary School 89 m
100684 (E) SE4 1HQ Gordonbrock Primary School w147221865 Gordonbrock Primary School 110 m
100791 (E) SE1 4RP Grange Primary School w85166336 Grange Primary School 42 m
145210 (E) SE9 3JN Greenacres Primary School and Language Impairment Unit w404558432 Greenacres Primary School 146 m
100162 (E) SE18 2QQ Greenslade Primary School w232838911 Greenslade Primary School 72 m
132066 (E) SE3 7SE Greenwich Steiner School w166463257 Greenwich Steiner School 89 m
100685 (E) SE8 5LW Grinling Gibbons Primary School w398182924 Grinling Gibbons Primary School 68 m
139672 (E) SE14 5SF Haberdashers' Hatcham Free School w776091225 Haberdasher's Temple Grove Free School 21 m
100129 (E) SE9 6DY Haimo Primary School w398189765 Haimo Primary School 24 m
143597 (E) SE10 0LD Halstow Primary School w398428049 Halstow Primary School 51 m
131747 (E) SE16 3TZ Harris Academy Bermondsey w364315466 Harris Academy Bermondsey 68 m
138449 (E) SE9 5EQ Harris Academy Greenwich w281469362 Harris Academy Greenwich 53 m
134225 (E) SE15 5DZ Harris Academy Peckham w30240084 Harris Academy at Peckham 37 m
135249 (E) SE25 6AE Harris Academy South Norwood w168241817 Harris Academy Upper Norwood 2132 m
135249 (E) SE25 6AE Harris Academy South Norwood w292293477 Harris Academy South Norwood 84 m
135816 (E) SE22 0AT Harris Boys' Academy East Dulwich w36884646 Harris Boy's Academy 71 m
135311 (E) SE19 2JH Harris City Academy Crystal Palace w180232790 Harris City Academy Crystal Palace 15 m
132711 (E) SE22 0NR Harris Girls' Academy East Dulwich w26573991 Harris Girls' Academy 39 m
139966 (E) SE20 8RH Harris Primary Academy Crystal Palace w376224322 Harris Primary Academy Crystal Palace 54 m
140937 (E) SE22 8HA Harris Primary Academy East Dulwich w317677638 Harris Primary Academy School, 58 m
139678 (E) SE20 7QR Harris Primary Academy Kent House w391189704 Harris Primary Academy Kent House 35 m
137413 (E) SE15 5TD Harris Primary Academy Peckham Park w164080986 Harris Primary Academy Peckham Park 55 m
100686 (E) SE26 5AD Haseltine Primary School w39895357 Haseltine Primary School 20 m
148614 (E) SE28 8AS Hawksmoor School w453721186 Hawksmoor School 100 m
100878 (E) SE15 6SY Haymerle School w73496662 Haymerle School 63 m
101776 (E) SE25 6LT Heavers Farm Primary School w24877116 Heavers Farm Primary School 157 m
100793 (E) SE22 9LA Heber Primary School w33704467 Heber Primary School 45 m
131874 (E) SE11 5BZ Henry Fawcett Primary School w422873242 Henry Fawcett Primary School 29 m
100131 (E) SE9 6NZ Henwick Primary School w22728027 Henwick Primary School 71 m
100866 (E) SE24 9LY Herne Hill School w126772778 Herne Hill School 122 m
100158 (E) SE28 0EA Heronsgate Primary School w135657528 Heronsgate Primary School 99 m
100688 (E) SE6 4TP Holbeach Primary School w397944803 Holbeach Primary School 40 m
100794 (E) SE15 2AR Hollydale Primary School w25886181 Hollydale Primary School 41 m
100739 (E) SE6 2LD Holy Cross Catholic Primary School w397944809 Holy Cross RC Primary School 203 m
100178 (E) SE3 9YX Holy Family Catholic Primary School w258003340 Holy Family Catholic Primary School 15 m
100723 (E) SE23 3HZ Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School w158437746 Holy Trinity C of E Primary School 26 m
143598 (E) SE12 9BT Horn Park Primary School w398022043 Horn Park Primary School 122 m
100714 (E) SE23 3BP Horniman Primary School w289336801 Horniman Primary School 65 m
100795 (E) SE16 3LA Ilderton Primary School w27470424 Ilderton Primary School 57 m
100134 (E) SE3 7HE Invicta Primary School w1060373148 Invicta Primary School 40 m
100796 (E) SE15 3BU Ivydale Primary School w440374551 Ivydale Primary School 116 m
100863 (E) SE22 8TE James Allen's Girls' School w33324170 James Allen's Girls' School 73 m
143774 (E) SE20 8BW James Dixon Primary School w182707259 James Dixon Primary School 59 m
100572 (E) SE24 0BJ Jessop Primary School w40527851 Jessop Primary School 22 m
100709 (E) SE3 0TP John Ball Primary School w22797846 John Ball Primary School 121 m
140507 (E) SE15 2SW John Donne Primary School w35428079 John Donne Primary School 96 m
145888 (E) SE16 3FN John Keats Primary School w948552407 John Keats Primary School 6 m
100689 (E) SE4 2DY John Stainer Community Primary School w49136187 John Stainer Community Primary School 108 m
145071 (E) SE28 8JB Jubilee Primary School w455566932 Jubilee Primary School 124 m
139907 (E) SE24 9JE Judith Kerr Primary School w125771150 Judith Kerr Primary School 27 m
100602 (E) SE27 0JF Julian's School w177387697 Julian's Primary School 715 m
100602 (E) SE27 0JF Julian's School w529016290 Julian's School 75 m
100690 (E) SE26 6BB Kelvin Grove Primary School w391189705 Kelvin Grove Primary School 46 m
100691 (E) SE14 5JA Kender Primary School w87496726 Kender Primary School 24 m
100800 (E) SE17 3TR Keyworth Primary School w37746181 Keyworth Primary School 105 m
100136 (E) SE3 8JG Kidbrooke Park Primary School w398623135 Kidbrooke Park Primary School 712 m
100718 (E) SE23 2SP Kilmorie Primary School w289446711 Kilmorie Primary School 92 m
140564 (E) SE11 6NJ King's College London Maths School r13671132 King's College London Maths School + 31 m
136309 (E) SE21 8SQ Kingsdale Foundation School w189508271 Kingsdale Foundation School 30 m
100574 (E) SE27 9RD Kingswood Primary School w158787056 Kingswood Primary School 9 m
145895 (E) SE3 8SY Leigh Academy Blackheath w22715865 Leigh Academy Blackheath 88 m
100625 (E) SE11 5QY Lilian Baylis Technology School w300860274 Lilian Baylis Technology School 135 m
100159 (E) SE28 8DT Linton Mead Primary School w453721234 Linton Mead Primary School 19 m
100642 (E) SE1 9NA London Nautical School w107679042 The London Nautical School 22 m
100695 (E) SE8 4QB Lucas Vale Primary School w397966632 Lucas Vale School 29 m
148574 (E) SE5 8SN Lyndhurst Primary School w8083129 Lyndhurst Primary School 110 m
135901 (E) SE8 5RQ Marathon Science School w391221123 Marathon Science School 19 m
100696 (E) SE12 9RA Marvels Lane Primary School w398999522 Marvels Lane Primary School 74 m
100137 (E) SE10 9NY Meridian Primary School w398616947 Meridian Primary School 101 m
100803 (E) SE17 2HR Michael Faraday School w80339120 Michael Faraday Primary School 51 m
130921 (E) SE9 5RX Middle Park Primary School w440374228 Middle Park Primary School 63 m
143211 (E) SE10 0BG Millennium Primary School w243238421 Millennium Primary School 6 m
100149 (E) SE9 3EY Montbelle Primary School w301499712 Montbelle Primary School 53 m
100114 (E) SE13 7QP Morden Mount Primary School w399001056 Morden Mount Primary School 49 m
130412 (E) SE1 7HT Morley College w392596120 Morley College (Chelsea campus) 5527 m
130412 (E) SE1 7HT Morley College r14902574 Morley College 5 m
100163 (E) SE18 5DL Mulgrave Primary School w222711288 Mulgrave Primary School 12 m
100713 (E) SE4 1DF Myatt Garden Primary School w382660912 Myatt Garden Primary School 134 m
145215 (E) SE18 7JJ Nightingale Primary School w404578929 Nightingale Primary School 100 m
100179 (E) SE18 3SJ Notre Dame Catholic Primary School w404549721 Notre Dame Catholic Primary School 146 m
100644 (E) SE21 8HP Oakfield Preparatory School r4035175 Oakfield Preparatory School 71 m
140209 (E) SE25 4QL Oasis Academy Arena w183353274 Oasis Academy Arena 32 m
137430 (E) SE1 7RH Oasis Academy Johanna w23486327 Oasis Academy Johanna 20 m
139659 (E) SE1 7HS Oasis Academy South Bank w624599066 Oasis Academy South Bank 37 m
100821 (E) SE5 8UH Oliver Goldsmith Primary School w167571619 Oliver Goldsmith Primary School 213 m
100732 (E) SE26 5SE Our Lady and St Philip Neri Roman Catholic Primary School w440382453 Our Lady and St Philip Neri Roman Catholic Primary School 28 m
100168 (E) SE7 7HR Our Lady of Grace Catholic Primary School w22715784 Our Lady of Grace Primary School 100 m
140907 (E) SE27 9NP Park Campus Academy w399073402 Park Campus Academy 15 m
100577 (E) SE19 1PA Paxton Primary School w196778436 Paxton Primary School 50 m
100715 (E) SE23 2PX Perrymount Primary School w158482346 Perrymount Primary School 92 m
100837 (E) SE16 5ED Peter Hills with St Mary's and St Paul's CofE Primary School w138084586 Peter Hills with Saint Mary's and Saint Paul's C of E Primary School 25 m
100818 (E) SE15 1EF Pilgrims' Way Primary School w82110378 Pilgrims' Way Primary School 25 m
100140 (E) SE18 3HW Plumcroft Primary School w404571021 Plumcroft Primary School 148 m
100747 (E) SE4 1SA Prendergast Ladywell School w392587521 Prendergast Ladywell School 170 m
135843 (E) SE13 7BN Prendergast Vale School w397964117 Prendergast Vale College 7 m
101856 (E) SE19 3QN Priory School w293673044 Priory School 67 m
100700 (E) SE6 4NL Rathfern Primary School w292103755 Rathfern Primary School 110 m
142233 (E) SE9 4LW Ravensworth Primary School w26634043 Mottingham Primary 114 m
137648 (E) SE16 5LQ Redriff Primary School w47313970 Redriff Primary School 18 m
100808 (E) SE16 4PS Riverside Primary School w24839051 Riverside Primary School 77 m
100200 (E) SE12 8UF Riverston School w135790824 Riverston School 81 m
100809 (E) SE17 1DQ Robert Browning Primary School w80278348 Robert Browning Primary School 61 m
143593 (E) SE18 2NP Rockliffe Manor Primary School w404571710 Rockliffe Manor School 116 m
101783 (E) SE19 3ST Rockmount Primary School w224073296 Rockmount Primary School 166 m
139331 (E) SE23 2AG Rose House Montessori School w391221124 Rose House Montessori School 799 m
100645 (E) SE21 8HZ Rosemead Preparatory School w303142425 Rosemead Preparatory School 131 m
100645 (E) SE21 8HZ Rosemead Preparatory School w998257476 Rosemead Preparatory School & Nursery 77 m
144308 (E) SE21 8LR Rosendale Primary School w177218528 Rosendale Primary School 99 m
143927 (E) SE7 8LJ Royal Greenwich Trust School w906697992 Royal Greenwich Trust School 233 m
100701 (E) SE6 2LA Rushey Green Primary School w397944802 Rushey Green Primary School 138 m
134903 (E) SE15 3PD Rye Oak Primary School w35208899 Rye Oak Primary School 74 m
138960 (E) SE5 0RP Sacred Heart Catholic School r14880176 Sacred Heart RC Secondary School 160 m
100834 (E) SE1 1NJ Saint Joseph's Catholic Primary School, the Borough w99493663 Saint Joseph's Catholic Primary School 15 m
100171 (E) SE18 5PW Saint Mary Magdalene Church of England All Through School r11016279 St Mary Magdalene C of E School 1805 m
148003 (E) SE6 3QW Sedgehill Academy w640731476 Sedgehill School 70 m
100141 (E) SE7 7JP Sherington Primary School w220434720 Sherington Primary School 46 m
138966 (E) SE18 4LD Shooters Hill Sixth Form College w455568581 Shooters Hill Post-16 Campus 163 m
100712 (E) SE8 5AE Sir Francis Drake Primary School w52597649 Sir Francis Drake Primary School 148 m
100811 (E) SE1 3TD Snowsfields Primary School w27219670 Snowfields Primary School 11 m
146543 (E) SE25 5QP South Norwood Primary w398621587 South Norwood Primary 64 m
143596 (E) SE18 7PX South Rise Primary School w404549719 South Rise Primary School 88 m
135260 (E) SE15 6LF Southwark Inclusive Learning Service (Sils) w75668652 Southwark Inclusive Learning Centre 50 m
100812 (E) SE16 2JH Southwark Park Primary School w24822735 Southwark Park Primary School 81 m
146190 (E) SE1 5RN Spa School, Bermondsey w87922603 Spa School 194 m
100174 (E) SE10 9RB St Alfege with St Peter's Church of England Primary School w398988291 St Alfege with St Peter's Church of England Primary School 8 m
100629 (E) SE11 5JA St Anne's Catholic Primary School r14884763 St. Annes Primary School 57 m
100852 (E) SE22 0LA St Anthony's Catholic Primary School w27515337 Saint Anthony's Catholic Primary School 23 m
144549 (E) SE20 8ES St Anthony's Roman Catholic Primary School w391189708 St Anthony's Roman Catholic Primary School 99 m
100725 (E) SE6 3RD St Augustine's Catholic Primary School and Nursery w440382507 St Augustine's Catholic Primary School and Nursery 48 m
100726 (E) SE26 4LJ St Bartholomews's Church of England Primary School w228375461 St Batholomew's Church of England Primary School 76 m
142731 (E) SE25 6LR St Chad's Catholic Primary School w24876965 Saint Chads Primary School 102 m
100754 (E) SE6 4TY St Dunstan's College w962599231 St Dunstan's College 57 m
100851 (E) SE23 3LE St Francesca Cabrini Primary School w27516194 St. Francesca Cabrini Catholic Primary School 117 m
100826 (E) SE15 1RQ St Francis RC Primary School w73813354 St Francis RC Primary School 44 m
100828 (E) SE1 6HR St George's Cathedral Catholic Primary School w89825017 St. George's Cathedral RC Primary School 52 m
100827 (E) SE5 7TF St George's Church of England Primary School w70913315 St George's Church of England Primary School 181 m
100825 (E) SE15 5LP St James the Great Roman Catholic Primary School w65382161 St James the Great Primary School 15 m
100829 (E) SE16 4SU St James' Church of England Primary School r11016431 St James' Church of England Primary School 262 m
100727 (E) SE14 6AD St James's Hatcham Church of England Primary School w729321133 Saint James Hatcham CE Primary School 9 m
100614 (E) SE5 0SX St John the Divine Church of England Primary School w39528953 St John the Divine CE Primary School 63 m
140648 (E) SE20 8HU St John's Church of England Primary School w375928438 St Johns Church of England Primary School 60 m
100841 (E) SE16 6SD St John's Roman Catholic Primary School w122228354 St John's Catholic Primary School 18 m
100169 (E) SE10 9AN St Joseph's Catholic Primary School w398616942 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School 86 m
100833 (E) SE16 2TY St Joseph's Catholic Primary School w392066704 St Joseph's RC Primary School 92 m
100729 (E) SE8 3PH St Joseph's Catholic Primary School w398184196 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School 56 m
138221 (E) SE19 3HL St Joseph's College w34766093 St Joseph's College 87 m
101803 (E) SE19 3NX St Joseph's RC Infant School w293671920 St Joseph's RC Infant School 74 m
101795 (E) SE19 3NU St Joseph's RC Junior School w293671921 St Joseph's RC Junior School 86 m
100832 (E) SE16 4UP St Joseph's Roman Catholic Primary School w624746813 St Joseph's RC Primary School 35 m
100835 (E) SE1 6HA St Jude's Church of England Primary School r14884664 St Jude's CofE Primary School 10 m
145616 (E) SE27 0DZ St Luke's Church of England Primary School w303158337 St. Lukes Primary School 117 m
100180 (E) SE28 8GB St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School w453721380 St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School 4 m
100724 (E) SE13 5SG St Margaret's Lee CofE Primary School w22797872 St Margaret's Lee Primary School 23 m
141119 (E) SE25 4JD St Mark's Church of England Primary Academy w257176506 St Mark's School 69 m
100619 (E) SE11 5SL St Mark's Church of England Primary School w285464312 St Mark's CE Primary School 12 m
100836 (E) SE15 3RA St Mary Magdalene Church of England Primary School w25756930 St Mary Magdalene School 17 m
144091 (E) SE9 1UF St Mary's Catholic Primary School w398612980 St Mary's Catholic Primary School 82 m
100730 (E) SE13 6NX St Mary's Lewisham Church of England Primary School w288854816 St Mary's Lewisham Church of England Primary School 36 m
135264 (E) SE3 0XX St Matthew Academy w54059802 St. Matthew Academy 14 m
138961 (E) SE16 4UN St Michael's Catholic College w24805046 St Michael's Catholic College 20 m
100731 (E) SE26 4HH St Michael's Church of England Primary School r14550618 Saint Michael's CE Primary School 40 m
100201 (E) SE9 3QS St Olave's Prep School w404560039 St Olave's Preparatory School 38 m
105135 (E) SE2 9PX St Paul's Academy w42230578 St Paul's Academy 32 m
146669 (E) SE17 3DT St Paul's Church of England Primary School w29360810 Saint Paul's Primary School 13 m
100175 (E) SE18 7BN St Peter's Catholic Primary School w455568868 St Peter's Catholic Primary School 62 m
100733 (E) SE13 6AL St Saviour's Catholic Primary School w398178328 St Saviour's R.C. Primary School 11 m
100620 (E) SE24 0AY St Saviour's Church of England Primary School w302321873 Saint Saviour's Church of England Primary School 129 m
100849 (E) SE1 4AN St Saviour's and St Olave's Church of England School w56096055 St Saviour's and St Olave's Church of England School 17 m
100734 (E) SE8 4ED St Stephen's CofE Primary School w397966630 St Stephens C of E (VA) Primary School 87 m
138612 (E) SE25 5BN St Thomas Becket Catholic Primary School w455562010 St Thomas Becket Catholic Primary School 22 m
141716 (E) SE9 2SU St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School w390098793 St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School 98 m
100176 (E) SE9 6NS St Thomas More Catholic Primary School w22728028 St Thomas More Catholic Primary School 94 m
100193 (E) SE10 8HN St Ursula's Convent School w398987777 St Ursula's Convent School 50 m
141481 (E) SE9 4JR St Vincent's Catholic Primary School w404559373 St Vincent's Catholic Primary School 49 m
100737 (E) SE23 1PS St William of York Catholic Primary School w232072371 St William of York Catholic Primary School 144 m
141309 (E) SE9 2PT Stationers' Crown Woods Academy w38863030 Stationers' Crown Woods Academy 9 m
137035 (E) SE20 7YB Stewart Fleming Primary School w26784313 Stewart Fleming Primary School 65 m
146117 (E) SE17 2JY Surrey Square Primary School w80804341 Surrey Square Primary School 24 m
100741 (E) SE26 4RD Sydenham School w158438051 Sydenham School 46 m
142090 (E) SE15 4DG The Belham Primary School w4865563 Belham Primary School 113 m
139811 (E) SE19 1RS The Cedars School w260633676 The Cedars School 6597 m
142178 (E) SE22 8RB The Charter School East Dulwich w26488343 The Charter School East Dulwich 69 m
136298 (E) SE24 9JH The Charter School North Dulwich w89471476 The Charter School North Dulwich 82 m
147439 (E) SE3 7QR The John Roan School w22761451 The John Roan School 10 m
140356 (E) SE19 3FA The Laurels School w393379448 The Laurels School 4050 m
133442 (E) SE24 0HZ The Michael Tippett School w302321872 Michael Tippett School 45 m
100624 (E) SE19 3NY The Norwood School w399001400 The Norwood School 92 m
100198 (E) SE3 7TH The Pointer School w449852819 The Pointer School 27 m
100857 (E) SE15 2EB The St Thomas the Apostle College w200080072 St Thomas the Apostle College 34 m
134142 (E) SE15 5AH The Villa w75059867 The Villa 113 m
100190 (E) SE3 9PX Thomas Tallis School w398988850 Thomas Tallis School 38 m
100142 (E) SE7 8AE Thorntree Primary School w398613013 Thorntree Primary School 87 m
137441 (E) SE8 4RJ Tidemill Academy w392587522 Tidemill Academy 98 m
143209 (E) SE18 2SG Timbercroft Primary School w404571024 Timbercroft Primary School 72 m
100813 (E) SE1 2AE Tower Bridge Primary School w24814561 Tower Bridge Primary School 13 m
100814 (E) SE17 1HJ Townsend Primary School w80804404 Townsend School 45 m
100749 (E) SE12 8PD Trinity Church of England School, Lewisham w242370682 Trinity School 17 m
100880 (E) SE15 6ER Tuke School w391189710 Tuke School 19 m
146100 (E) SE4 2HH Turnham Academy w385654801 Turnham Primary Foundation School 111 m
100588 (E) SE11 5LG Vauxhall Primary School w301957704 Vauxhall Primary School 108 m
100815 (E) SE17 1PT Victory Primary School w80814071 Victory Primary School 5 m
100589 (E) SE11 6DS Walnut Tree Walk Primary School w69217623 Walnut Tree Walk Primary School 46 m
100766 (E) SE6 3WG Watergate School w48146600 Watergate 29 m
133401 (E) SE18 7NB Waterside School w404549716 Waterside Primary School 85 m
136932 (E) SE2 9XB Willow Bank Primary School w455567014 Willow Bank Primary School 58 m
143595 (E) SE18 2JD Willow Dene School w455567137 Willow Dene School 45 m
143079 (E) SE28 8AR Windrush Primary School w453721605 Windrush Primary School 1 m
143594 (E) SE18 5JE Woodhill Primary School w398987263 Woodhill Primary School 6 m
141163 (E) SE28 8AT Woolwich Polytechnic School w453706327 Woolwich Polytechnic School 19 m
100146 (E) SE9 2EH Wyborne Primary School w58924271 Wyborne Primary school 90 m

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