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OSM Schools Progress in the 'SK' Postal Area

The blue circles on the map are schools from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a school on the official list. The lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects. Dark green lines represent a match based on the ref:edubase (England & Wales), ref:seedcode (Scotland) and ref:deni (Northern Ireland) tags. Light green lines represent a match based on location in the absense of an OSM ref:* tag. Orange lines represnt a match based on location, with an incorrect ref:* tag. The location matches can match the wrong schools, particularly in inner-city areas where there are many schools in close proximity. To fix incorrect location matches, add the appropriate ref:* tag to the OSM amenity=school objects. For more information see below.

Schools not matched to an OSM Object

Note that only OSM ways and relations tagged with amenity=school or amenity=college are checked for possible matches. In most cases, any nodes tagged like this would be better converted to way polygons covering the whole of the school site. The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby school being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official Edubase / Scottish Government data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add schools to OSM. However, knowing that there is a school missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that school using other sources -- e.g. Bing, OS Street View, and by searching for the possible school's own website.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
106162 (E) SK8 1JE Ashcroft School
142333 (E) SK6 2SR Austen House
136167 (E) SK17 0QY Bradshaw Farm Independent School
140814 (E) SK14 6NT Brambles School
142225 (E) SK4 5HS Broadstones
133326 (E) SK3 0RJ Cheadle Heath Primary School
145870 (E) SK8 5GB Cheadle Hulme Primary School
111499 (E) SK9 7UD David Lewis School
106046 (E) SK2 5DR Fairway Primary School
112819 (E) SK17 8RG Great Hucklow CE Primary
143041 (E) SK6 2SR Hope House School
106052 (E) SK8 7PZ Hursthead Infant School
142332 (E) SK6 2SR Jefferson House
143858 (E) SK6 2SR Lincoln House School
106170 (E) SK2 5LB Lisburne School
106023 (E) SK4 1SZ Moat House
143841 (E) SK6 2SR Nightingale House School
142524 (E) SK8 3DG North West Priory School
111508 (E) SK11 8JR Park Lane School
135526 (E) SK5 7JG Penarth Group School
147235 (E) SK3 0AN Progress Schools - Stockport
142536 (E) SK5 6RN Reddish Hall School
145296 (E) SK6 2SR Rosa House School
139218 (E) SK8 6RQ Royal College Manchester (Seashell Trust)
141935 (E) SK11 8JG The Fermain Academy
135241 (E) SK17 8DJ The Meadows
144404 (E) SK6 2SR The Retreat
106168 (E) SK7 1EN Valley School
136230 (E) SK8 6RF Willow House
141312 (E) SK15 1EB Works 4 U Summort (Norman Mackie & Associates Ltd)

OSM Objects not matched to a school on the official lists

Entries here could be due to: Former schools that have now closed, more than one area being tagged for a single school, the official entry for a real school being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or institutions not included in the official lists being tagged as schools in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM Ref
w265348929 Aquinas College
w668610754 Beaver Road School (Juniors)
w453791185 Cambian Birch House School 130386
w349146208 Chinley Chapel Sunday School
w546992445 Christ Church
w95801566 Dowson County Primary School Infants
w4967686 Fielden Park College
w203468505 Glossopdale School
w185583723 Hulme Hall Grammar School
w85526938 Manchester College Northenden Campus
w173497311 Manifold CofE Primary School
w301283422 Marple Sixth Form College
w268930611 Martenscroft Nursery School and Children's Centre
w187675951 Martenscroft Nursery School and Children's Centre
w442236689 Ramillies Hall School 106150
w646825227 Richmond Park Centre Pupil Referal Unit
w79819312 Royal Northern College of Music
w28081604 St. Georges Youth and Community Centre
w749027973 The King's School
w250926241 The King's School for Girls
w367997969 Two Trees High School

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Schools matched to an OSM object by location

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM amenity=school or amenity=college way or relation within 1km of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several school sites are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MR MPC Offset
106074 (E) SK5 7ET Abingdon Primary School w321898544 + 111 m
131551 (E) SK6 7NN Acorns School w546998443 Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form Colledge + + 201 m
106100 (E) SK6 2EX Arden Primary School w244314290 Arden Nursery and Primary School + + 272 m
106184 (E) SK14 6PW Arundale Primary School w368579577 Arundale Community Primary School and Nursery + + 58 m
112893 (E) SK17 8NE Bishop Pursglove CofE (A) Primary School w108012672 Bishop Pursglove Primary School + 144 m
143376 (E) SK14 4NA Bradley Green Primary Academy w369645096 Bradley Green Primary School + + 128 m
131554 (E) SK8 6AN Bradshaw Hall Primary School w185584365 Bradshaw Hall Primary and Nursery School + + 100 m
147723 (E) SK6 1BX Bredbury St. Marks CofE Primary School w442228588 St Mark's Church of England Primary School 85 m
106032 (E) SK3 8LX Bridge Hall Primary School w292502651 + 99 m
106193 (E) SK16 5DP Broadbent Fold Primary School and Nursery w369649856 + 82 m
106172 (E) SK2 5DS Castle Hill High School w137003263 Fairway Primary School + + 88 m
130515 (E) SK8 5HA Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College w292992893 Orrishmere Primary School (Disused) + + 624 m
139294 (E) SK15 3RR Copley Academy w370420887 Copley High School + + 47 m
106279 (E) SK16 5BJ Cromwell High School w369649849 Astley Sports College + + 316 m
147371 (E) SK5 6QG Dane Bank Primary School w157872219 Dane Bank Primary and Nursery School + + 173 m
143377 (E) SK14 5HU Dowson Primary Academy w95801489 Dowson County Primary School Juniors + + 162 m
143495 (E) SK14 5PL Endeavour Primary Academy w368526690 + 74 m
142701 (E) SK14 4SQ Flowery Field Primary School w301085415 + 118 m
106226 (E) SK14 5LX Gee Cross Holy Trinity CofE (VC) Primary School w127647548 Holy Trinity Primary School + 97 m
106188 (E) SK15 2DP Gorse Hall Primary and Nursery School w369651168 + 229 m
106048 (E) SK2 7DG Great Moor Infant School w265348927 Aquinas College + + 889 m
106178 (E) SK14 1QD Greenfield Primary School and Early Years Centre w95921929 Green St Primary School + + 78 m
112598 (E) SK22 3AP Hague Bar Primary School w170413780 + 82 m
112823 (E) SK17 0AS Hartington CofE Primary School w295673485 Hartington C of E Primary School + 122 m
142276 (E) SK17 0RH Hollinsclough Church of England Academy w185823347 Hollingsclough Primary School + + 81 m
106151 (E) SK3 8HA Hulme Hall Grammar School r3886266 Aquinas College + 671 m
140925 (E) SK8 7PZ Hursthead Junior School w4791881 Hurstead County Primary School + + 123 m
106268 (E) SK14 4SP Hyde Community College w301085414 + 131 m
134064 (E) SK8 1JE Inscape House School w18513159 Kingsway (Lower) + + 814 m
145893 (E) SK8 5GB Laurus Cheadle Hulme w406280910 Cheadle & Marple Sixth Form College + + 57 m
144579 (E) SK14 8LW Longdendale High School w158603570 + 247 m
142275 (E) SK17 0JP Manifold Church of England Primary School w215300684 Manifold C of E Primary School + + 30 m
106090 (E) SK7 1DS Moss Hey Primary School w26984676 Moss Hey Primary + + 83 m
106237 (E) SK14 6JL Mottram CofE Primary School w158602752 Mottram C of E Primary School + + 109 m
106281 (E) SK16 5LD Oakdale School w369649844 St Mary's RC Primary School + + 84 m
142717 (E) SK14 4EZ Oakfield Primary and Moderate Learning Difficulties Resource Provision w369645093 Oakfield Primary School + + 118 m
136168 (E) SK17 0SN Old Sams Farm Independent School w280245548 + 562 m
106114 (E) SK3 9HX Our Lady's Catholic Primary School w40437469 St Matthew's Church Of England Primary School + + 214 m
112848 (E) SK17 8EJ Peak Forest Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School w166515884 + 247 m
106133 (E) SK4 3HP Priestnall School w249888303 Priestnall High School + + 50 m
134845 (E) SK16 4JG Ravensfield Primary School w369935766 + 33 m
144622 (E) SK16 5BL Rayner Stephens High School w369649846 Yew Tree Community Primary School + + 169 m
145133 (E) SK5 7HD Reddish Vale High School w321911822 Reddish Vale Technology College + + 86 m
106075 (E) SK6 4NE Romiley Primary School w239778674 Romiley Primary School and Nursery + 80 m
106115 (E) SK3 8LQ St Ambrose Catholic Primary School w96087063 St Ambrose Roman Catholic Primary School + + 104 m
106144 (E) SK4 2QP St Anne's Roman Catholic High School, Stockport w34058080 St Anne's RC school + + 104 m
147516 (E) SK5 6BL St Elisabeth's Church of England Primary w348713001 St Elisabeth's C. E. Primary School + 46 m
106239 (E) SK14 3DQ St James Catholic Primary School w368520306 St. James' Catholic Primary School + + 92 m
106228 (E) SK16 5JA St John's CofE Primary School, Dukinfield w369651162 + 156 m
106122 (E) SK1 1EF St Joseph's Stockport Catholic Primary School w370569493 + 32 m
106240 (E) SK16 5LB St Mary's Catholic Primary School w369649847 Oakdale Primary School + + 118 m
106106 (E) SK5 7DR St Mary's Church of England Primary School w321062125 Saint Mary's Church of England Primary School + + 112 m
140417 (E) SK3 9EA St Matthew's Church of England Primary School w40437468 Our Lady's Catholic Primary School + + 63 m
106238 (E) SK14 4AG St Paul's Catholic Primary School w369591384 + 67 m
143551 (E) SK15 2PT St Paul's CofE Primary School, Stalybridge w370448445 St. Paul's CofE Primary School + + 81 m
106241 (E) SK15 2HB St Peter's Catholic Primary School w369653665 St Peter's Primary School + + 171 m
106125 (E) SK7 5PL St Peter's Catholic Primary School w136240872 Saint Peter's Catholic Primary Shool + + 48 m
106128 (E) SK4 4QG St Thomas' Church of England Primary School Heaton Chapel w157835959 St Thomas' C of E Primary School + + 102 m
106129 (E) SK4 3JH St Winifred's Roman Catholic Primary School, Stockport w252724944 St Winifred's + + 87 m
106154 (E) SK4 3BR Stella Maris School w32729776 Stella Maris + + 119 m
106156 (E) SK2 7AF Stockport Grammar School w158605694 + 122 m
106135 (E) SK2 6BW Stockport School w208554671 Stockport School + + 71 m
137322 (E) SK16 4UJ Tameside Pupil Referral Service w295332323 White Bridge College + + 128 m
131860 (E) SK9 7UD The David Lewis Centre w336539076 + 5 m
142509 (E) SK8 4QX The Kingsway School w160684854 Kingsway (Upper) + + 57 m
137064 (E) SK11 8JR The Macclesfield Academy w273520703 + 281 m
106022 (E) SK3 0RJ The Pendlebury Centre w40567862 Cheadle Heath Primary School + + 99 m
106278 (E) SK14 4SS Thomas Ashton School w369930428 + 207 m
106079 (E) SK8 7LD Thorn Grove Primary School w4792040 Thorn Grove County Primary School + + 107 m
106194 (E) SK15 2PG Wild Bank Community School w118456866 Wild Bank Community Primary School + 277 m
146456 (E) SK16 5BJ Yew Tree Primary School w369649848 Yew Tree Community Primary School and Acorn Nursery + + 155 m

Schools matched to an OSM object by reference number

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MPC Offset
143154 (E) SK10 4JX Adlington Primary School w442235074 Adlington Primary School 333 m
106024 (E) SK3 8PQ Adswood Primary School w247176477 Adswood Primary School 65 m
134283 (E) SK14 5NJ Alder Community High School w368529091 Alder Community High School 457 m
111008 (E) SK9 7UZ Alderley Edge Community Primary School w416065774 Alderley Edge Community Primary School 98 m
111478 (E) SK9 7QE Alderley Edge School for Girls w456445841 Alderley Edge School for Girls 95 m
135746 (E) SK3 9RF Alexandra Park Primary School w40526443 Alexandra Park Primary School 62 m
139139 (E) SK11 8LB All Hallows Catholic College w442260513 All Hallows Catholic College 164 m
139735 (E) SK16 5AP All Saints Catholic College w369649923 All Saints Catholic College 97 m
146132 (E) SK13 7RJ All Saints Catholic Voluntary Academy w453827688 All Saints Catholic Voluntary Academy 132 m
106102 (E) SK6 7BQ All Saints Church of England Primary School Marple w442225318 All Saints Church of England Primary School Marple 105 m
106103 (E) SK4 1ND All Saints Church of England Primary School Stockport w442239775 All Saints Church of England Primary School Stockport 304 m
130514 (E) SK2 6TH Aquinas College r3886265 Aquinas College 258 m
106190 (E) SK15 1HQ Arlies Primary School w447546167 Arlies Primary School 73 m
135187 (E) SK10 5JR Arnfield Independent School w453827656 Arnfield Independent School 20857 m
140444 (E) SK11 7TF Ash Grove Academy w367141010 Ash Grove Academy 94 m
111227 (E) SK9 6LJ Ashdene Primary School w435332290 Ashdene Primary School 93 m
106027 (E) SK1 4PR Banks Lane Infant School w442231988 Banks Lane Infant School 72 m
106028 (E) SK1 4PR Banks Lane Junior School w442232023 Banks Lane Junior School 72 m
111474 (E) SK10 2EG Beech Hall School w442234766 Beech Hall School 43 m
112822 (E) SK17 0DQ Biggin CofE Primary School w453824026 Biggin CofE Primary School 110 m
111360 (E) SK10 3AT Bollinbrook CofE Primary School w368503883 Bollinbrook CE Primary School 249 m
111252 (E) SK10 5EG Bollington Cross CofE Primary School w442234848 Bollington Cross CofE Primary School 102 m
111324 (E) SK10 5LY Bollington St John's CofE Primary School w286842648 Bollington St. John's CE Primary School 92 m
106029 (E) SK8 3LW Bolshaw Primary School w442235732 Bolshaw Primary School 80 m
111253 (E) SK11 0NX Bosley St Mary's CofE Primary School w405377985 Bosley Saint Mary's Primary School 68 m
106147 (E) SK6 7DB Brabyns Preparatory School w442226759 Brabyns Preparatory School 75 m
106139 (E) SK7 2JT Bramhall High School w179057116 Bramhall High School 189 m
145054 (E) SK6 3DG Bredbury Green Primary School w442228441 Bredbury Green Primary School 101 m
106227 (E) SK14 6BB Broadbottom Church of England Primary School w447548752 Broadbottom Church of England Primary School 96 m
106034 (E) SK4 5JD Broadstone Hall Primary School w442239919 Broadstone Hall Primary School 175 m
141193 (E) SK11 8UD Broken Cross Primary Academy and Nursery w366857215 Broken Cross Primary Academy and Nursery 81 m
106036 (E) SK6 8DB Brookside Primary School w136361403 Brookside Primary School 105 m
106191 (E) SK15 3NU Buckton Vale Primary School w446302375 Buckton Vale Primary School 155 m
112520 (E) SK17 9AE Burbage Primary School w96396477 Burbage Primary School 111 m
112970 (E) SK17 9EA Buxton Community School w96398069 Buxton Community School 3 m
112522 (E) SK17 6QB Buxton Infant School w97858330 Buxton Infant School 2 m
112521 (E) SK17 9DR Buxton Junior School w96398759 Buxton Junior School 176 m
112526 (E) SK23 7NJ Buxworth Primary School w118392812 Buxworth Primary School 40 m
106091 (E) SK3 8JG Cale Green Primary School w442231980 Cale Green Primary School 30 m
133538 (E) SK23 0NL Chapel-en-le-Frith CofE VC Primary School w224344355 Chapel-en-le-Frith CofE VC Primary School 96 m
112932 (E) SK23 0TQ Chapel-en-le-Frith High School w256988328 Chapel-en-le-Frith High School 107 m
112877 (E) SK13 5ET Charlesworth Voluntary Controlled Primary School w453827741 Charlesworth Voluntary Controlled Primary School 218 m
106111 (E) SK8 6DB Cheadle Catholic Infant School w447544969 Cheadle Catholic Infant School 99 m
106112 (E) SK8 6DB Cheadle Catholic Junior School w447544783 Cheadle Catholic Junior School 99 m
137843 (E) SK8 7JY Cheadle Hulme High School w4792038 Cheadle Hulme High School 83 m
106157 (E) SK8 6EF Cheadle Hulme School w179484607 Cheadle Hulme School 107 m
106038 (E) SK8 1BB Cheadle Primary School w442242198 Cheadle Primary School 83 m
111254 (E) SK11 9AY Chelford CofE Primary School w405379600 Chelford CE Primary School 38 m
112527 (E) SK23 6DR Chinley Primary School w4340210 Chinley Primary School 78 m
135820 (E) SK11 7SF Christ the King Catholic and Church of England Primary School w367163541 Christ the King Catholic and Church of England Primary School 107 m
112525 (E) SK23 9UZ Combs Infant School w449576195 Combs Infant School 234 m
106158 (E) SK4 4NX Covenant Christian School w464764014 Covenant Christian School 116 m
111147 (E) SK10 5HS Dean Valley Community Primary School w137388328 Dean Valley Community Primary School 132 m
106043 (E) SK2 5LB Dial Park Primary School w447052417 Dial Park Primary School 80 m
106098 (E) SK4 3HB Didsbury Road Primary School w35883635 Didsbury Road Primary School 183 m
112884 (E) SK13 6NX Dinting Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School w205393505 Dinting Primary School 119 m
140428 (E) SK14 3LE Discovery Academy w554256347 Discovery Academy 136 m
111015 (E) SK12 2BD Disley Primary School w442229681 Disley Primary School 128 m
112809 (E) SK17 8BJ Dove Holes CofE Primary School w778050696 Dove Holes C of E Primary School 101 m
112868 (E) SK13 7RD Duke of Norfolk CofE Primary School w203523226 Duke of Norfolk CofE Primary School 135 m
112821 (E) SK17 0BS Earl Sterndale CofE Primary School w453823769 Earl Sterndale CofE Primary School 100 m
106045 (E) SK8 3DL Etchells Primary School w442236182 Etchells Primary School 101 m
112806 (E) SK17 7NA Fairfield Endowed CofE (C) Junior School w147550071 Fairfield Endowed CE (C) Junior School 117 m
112699 (E) SK17 7PQ Fairfield Infant and Nursery School w96399238 Fairfield Infant & Nursery School 66 m
112648 (E) SK23 7PQ Furness Vale Primary School w36882673 Furness Vale Primary School 8 m
146665 (E) SK13 6HW Gamesley Primary School w365662352 Gamesley Primary School 48 m
141275 (E) SK8 4NB Gatley Primary School w156554302 Gatley Primary School + 109 m
144833 (E) SK11 9QU Gawsworth Primary School w367878725 Gawsworth Primary School 76 m
112957 (E) SK13 2DA Glossopdale School w365100706 Glossopdale School 144 m
142704 (E) SK14 2QB Godley Community Primary Academy w369360967 Goldley Community Prmary Academy 130 m
143011 (E) SK9 5NQ Gorsey Bank Primary School w8032434 Gorsey Bank Primary School 172 m
106049 (E) SK2 7DG Great Moor Junior School w442234492 Great Moor Junior School 119 m
106050 (E) SK6 1HR Greave Primary School w239778094 Greave Primary School 204 m
106148 (E) SK8 6HU Greenbank Preparatory School w442236524 Greenbank Preparatory School 9 m
112692 (E) SK13 1PN Hadfield Infant School w453358378 Hadfield Infant School 138 m
146615 (E) SK9 3NG Handforth Grange Primary School w435332642 Handforth Grange Primary School 139 m
112523 (E) SK17 9LP Harpur Hill Primary School w146227060 Harpur Hill Primary School 123 m
106143 (E) SK6 3BU Harrytown Catholic High School w166847473 Harrytown Catholic High School 113 m
112554 (E) SK22 2HB Hayfield Primary School w422234742 Hayfield Primary School 114 m
137923 (E) SK7 5JX Hazel Grove High School w135930828 Hazel Grove High School 48 m
106099 (E) SK7 4JH Hazel Grove Primary School w225726535 Hazel Grove Primary School 54 m
106173 (E) SK4 4RE Heaton School w34485375 Heaton School 188 m
106051 (E) SK6 8JQ High Lane Primary School w442229272 High Lane Primary School 98 m
134623 (E) SK5 8DR Highfields Inclusion Partnership w442233222 Highfields Inclusion Partnership 106 m
106179 (E) SK14 8LP Hollingworth Primary School w453357756 Hollingworth Primary School 16 m
146430 (E) SK11 0EE Hollinhey Primary School w367153662 Hollinhey Primary School 98 m
111233 (E) SK10 2LW Hurdsfield Community Primary School w273205163 Hurdsfield Community Primary School 166 m
141792 (E) SK11 8PB Ivy Bank Primary School w368286509 Ivy Bank County Primary School 49 m
111459 (E) SK23 7QU Kettleshulme St James CofE (VA) Primary School w442230076 Kettleshulme St James CofE (VA) Primary School 86 m
137450 (E) SK9 4DP Lacey Green Primary Academy w32729745 Lacey Green Primary Academy 106 m
106149 (E) SK8 1JE Lady Barn House School w442242194 Lady Barn House School 79 m
106054 (E) SK8 2JF Ladybridge Primary School w239197596 Ladybridge Primary School 155 m
106055 (E) SK7 2LT Ladybrook Primary School w396246411 Ladybrook Primary School 91 m
106097 (E) SK8 7AL Lane End Primary School w442236953 Lane End Primary School 285 m
106056 (E) SK3 9PH Lark Hill Primary School w40647896 Lark Hill Primary School 89 m
111031 (E) SK9 6EH Lindow Community Primary School w400008049 Lindow Community Primary School 211 m
112886 (E) SK17 8QU Litton CofE Primary School w449578151 Litton CofE Primary School 27 m
146402 (E) SK12 1XG Lostock Hall Primary School w136130410 Lostock Hall Primary School 292 m
111023 (E) SK12 1HE Lower Park School r8104001 Lower Park School 149 m
106057 (E) SK6 5DU Ludworth Primary School w442227863 Ludworth Primary School 118 m
106093 (E) SK8 4RR Lum Head Primary School w442241285 Lum Head Primary School 101 m
106192 (E) SK16 4JS Lyndhurst Community Primary School w370014603 Lyndhurst Community Primary School 81 m
130621 (E) SK11 8LF Macclesfield College w273496918 Macclesfield College 20 m
142561 (E) SK10 2HJ Marlborough Primary School w386573710 Marlborough Primary School 38 m
106138 (E) SK6 6LB Marple Hall School w442226115 Marple Hall School 234 m
111329 (E) SK11 9HD Marton and District CofE Aided Primary School w404245524 Marton and District CE Aided Primary School 115 m
145688 (E) SK8 2LE Meadowbank Primary School w442242270 Meadowbank Primary School 125 m
137542 (E) SK6 5PL Mellor Primary School w442225556 Mellor Primary School 287 m
106059 (E) SK4 2BZ Mersey Vale Primary School w447545136 Mersey Vale Primary School 112 m
106195 (E) SK15 3JX Millbrook Primary School w451947575 Millbrook Primary School 239 m
134883 (E) SK7 5HP Moorfield Primary School w136081968 Moorfield Primary School 114 m
136518 (E) SK10 4QL Mottram St Andrew Primary Academy w367714853 Mottram St Andrew Primary Academy 33 m
141306 (E) SK10 4TR Nether Alderley Primary School w456434786 Nether Alderley Primary School 459 m
106062 (E) SK7 3ET Nevill Road Infant School w442234008 Nevill Road Infant School 127 m
106063 (E) SK7 3ET Nevill Road Junior School w442234241 Nevill Road Junior School 138 m
112597 (E) SK22 4AY New Mills Primary School w447548949 New Mills Primary School 86 m
112936 (E) SK22 4NR New Mills School w453359110 New Mills School 56 m
112599 (E) SK22 3JS Newtown Primary School (High Peak Federation) w118825497 Newtown Primary School 58 m
106064 (E) SK7 6LE Norbury Hall Primary School w135930588 Norbury Hall Primary School 211 m
106065 (E) SK4 2NF Norris Bank Primary School w172510436 Norris Bank Primary School 196 m
106113 (E) SK8 4RZ North Cheshire Jewish Primary School w219970882 North Cheshire Jewish Primary School 207 m
106073 (E) SK8 5HH Oak Tree Primary School w292992892 Oak Tree Primary School 93 m
131887 (E) SK8 3BU Oakgrove School w442236409 Oakgrove School 96 m
134493 (E) SK4 2AA Oneschool Global Uk Northwich Campus w453791793 Focus School - Stockport Campus 79 m
106094 (E) SK8 3ND Outwood Primary School w442236460 Outwood Primary School 82 m
112552 (E) SK13 1EQ Padfield Community Primary School w201426102 Padfield Community Primary School 24 m
140438 (E) SK11 6QX Parkroyal Community School w405191742 Parkroyal Community School 47 m
112656 (E) SK17 8AJ Peak Dale Primary School w449576564 Peak Dale Primary School 36 m
146053 (E) SK23 6ES Peak School w395777837 Peak School 80 m
106181 (E) SK14 3NL Pinfold Primary School w368518963 Pinfold Primary School 86 m
111462 (E) SK10 5RT Pott Shrigley Church School w442229034 Pott Shrigley Church School 370 m
106089 (E) SK7 2EB Pownall Green Primary School w290471770 Pownall Green Primary School 148 m
111481 (E) SK9 5DW Pownall Hall School w8590222 Pownall Hall School 79 m
146387 (E) SK12 1PU Poynton High School w135928750 Poynton High School 228 m
111325 (E) SK10 4JJ Prestbury CofE Primary School w286850041 Prestbury CE Primary School 50 m
106071 (E) SK8 3RJ Prospect Vale Primary School w219971190 Prospect Vale Primary School 96 m
145248 (E) SK10 1QJ Puss Bank School and Nursery w250921953 Puss Bank School and Nursery 119 m
106072 (E) SK7 1NE Queensgate Primary School w277715808 Queensgate Primary School 170 m
111203 (E) SK10 5UB Rainow Primary School w442230217 Rainow Primary School 117 m
106076 (E) SK6 6DW Rose Hill Primary School w207255817 Rose Hill Primary School 91 m
106166 (E) SK8 6RQ Royal School, Manchester w442236503 Royal College Manchester 195 m
146594 (E) SK11 0SG Rushton CofE Primary School w276489699 Rushton CE Primary School 59 m
137951 (E) SK15 1EA Silver Springs Primary Academy w447546149 Silver Springs Primary Academy 187 m
112706 (E) SK13 6NN Simmondley Primary School w408603507 Simmondley Primary School 90 m
141811 (E) SK10 3HJ St Alban's Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Academy w366913704 St Alban's Catholic Primary School 149 m
112869 (E) SK13 2DR St Andrew's CofE Junior School w453358536 St Andrew's CofE Junior School 64 m
146109 (E) SK17 7AN St Anne's Catholic Voluntary Academy w96404325 St Anne's Catholic Voluntary Academy 138 m
111287 (E) SK9 5JQ St Anne's Fulshaw C of E Primary School w416065912 St. Anne's Fulshaw Church of England Primary School 117 m
124261 (E) SK17 0NZ St Bartholomew's CofE (C) School w416564737 St Bartholomew's CofE (C) School 101 m
111323 (E) SK9 3AE St Benedict's Catholic Primary School w28252056 St. Benedict's Catholic Primary School 26 m
106116 (E) SK5 8AR St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School w442232805 St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School 93 m
146273 (E) SK13 1PJ St Charles's Catholic Primary Voluntary Academy w335533851 St Charles's Catholic Voluntary Academy 166 m
106117 (E) SK6 3AX St Christopher's Catholic Primary School w166847189 St Christopher's Catholic Primary School 98 m
131306 (E) SK2 6NX St George's Church of England Primary School w442231798 St George's Church of England Primary School 11 m
106236 (E) SK14 1JL St George's CofE Primary School w447548695 St George's CofE Primary School 119 m
144468 (E) SK22 4NP St George's CofE Primary School w453359360 St George's CofE Primary School 118 m
111327 (E) SK10 5HS St Gregory's Catholic Primary School w137388327 St. Gregory's Catholic Primary School 165 m
106142 (E) SK8 6PZ St James' Catholic High School w179484268 St James' Catholic High School 148 m
111331 (E) SK11 8QN St John the Evangelist CofE Primary School Macclesfield w427387341 St John The Evangelist C Of E (Aided) Primary School 176 m
106105 (E) SK4 3DG St John's Church of England Primary School w447545124 St John's Church of England Primary School 58 m
112817 (E) SK13 7BS St Luke's CofE Primary School w203377970 St Luke's C of E Primary School 140 m
146113 (E) SK13 6JH St Margaret's Catholic Voluntary Academy w367225670 St Margaret's RC Primary School 259 m
146322 (E) SK13 8NE St Mary's Catholic Voluntary Academy w366542635 St Mary's Catholic Voluntary Academy 118 m
146189 (E) SK6 5BR St Mary's Catholic Voluntary Academy w442227371 St Mary's Catholic Voluntary Academy 116 m
146260 (E) SK22 3BL St Mary's Catholic Voluntary Academy w447548880 St Mary's Catholic Primary 131 m
106124 (E) SK4 1RF St Mary's Roman Catholic Primary School Stockport w442239437 St Mary's Roman Catholic Primary School Stockport 136 m
141831 (E) SK12 1LY St Paul's Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Academy w136077669 St Paul's Catholic Primary School 92 m
106108 (E) SK5 8AA St Paul's Church of England Primary School Brinnington w442232217 St Paul's Church of England Primary School Brinnington 99 m
142042 (E) SK13 8DR St Philip Howard Catholic Voluntary Academy w453358753 St Philip Howard Catholic Voluntary Academy 23 m
106126 (E) SK2 5LB St Philip's Catholic Primary School w442231480 St Philip's Catholic Primary School 313 m
106242 (E) SK15 3JL St Raphael's Catholic Primary School w447547011 St Raphael's Catholic Primary School 134 m
106127 (E) SK7 4LH St Simon's Catholic Primary School w136358840 St Simon's Catholic Primary School 144 m
146128 (E) SK17 6AF St Thomas More Catholic Voluntary Academy w96401665 St. Thomas More Catholic Voluntary Academy 132 m
106109 (E) SK1 3PJ St Thomas' Church of England Primary School Stockport w442232201 St Thomas' Church of England Primary School Stockport 67 m
136430 (E) SK5 6BG St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Reddish w348713716 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School 116 m
106222 (E) SK15 2TR Stalyhill Infant School w447545441 Stalyhill Infant School 192 m
106189 (E) SK15 2TD Stalyhill Junior School w447545526 Stalyhill Junior School 117 m
135262 (E) SK3 0UP Stockport Academy w40567885 Stockport Academy 147 m
111009 (E) SK9 4JE Styal Primary School w301241102 Styal Primary School 156 m
112892 (E) SK17 9TW Taddington and Priestcliffe School w449577864 Taddington and Priestcliffe School 147 m
112872 (E) SK23 7DL Taxal and Fernilee CofE Primary School w256986238 Taxal and Fernilee CofE Primary School 70 m
136278 (E) SK10 4AF The Fallibroome Academy w313943497 The Fallibroome Academy 239 m
111473 (E) SK10 1DA The King's School In Macclesfield w250926243 The King's School for Boys 183 m
111468 (E) SK9 7UY The Ryleys School w306387389 The Ryleys School 25 m
143156 (E) SK9 2LX The Wilmslow Academy w442235205 The Wilmslow Academy 79 m
112600 (E) SK22 1AT Thornsett Primary School (High Peak Federation) w453359555 Thornsett Primary School 167 m
112923 (E) SK13 1LY Tintwistle CofE (Aided) Primary School w335533711 Tintwistle CofE Primary School 60 m
106080 (E) SK4 3NG Tithe Barn Primary School w266862457 Tithe Barn Primary School 75 m
106081 (E) SK7 6NR Torkington Primary School w136358864 Torkington Primary School 159 m
106276 (E) SK15 1SH Trinity School w453792145 Trinity School 5 m
140791 (E) SK10 2EE Tytherington School w250914524 Tytherington School 57 m
142513 (E) SK10 3ED Upton Priory School w366875556 Upton Priory School 99 m
131083 (E) SK5 6TP Vale View Primary School w442239937 Vale View Primary School 127 m
106082 (E) SK1 2NF Vernon Park Primary School w79421299 Vernon Park Primary School 41 m
135327 (E) SK12 1NW Vernon Primary School w136077657 Vernon Primary School 103 m
106083 (E) SK2 5XU Warren Wood Primary School w219583202 Warren Wood Primary School 207 m
106136 (E) SK6 3BX Werneth School w442228532 Werneth School 163 m
137020 (E) SK15 1LX West Hill School w447546029 West Hill School 70 m
132121 (E) SK5 8HH Westmorland Primary School w442233581 Westmorland Primary School 97 m
112647 (E) SK23 7HX Whaley Bridge Primary School w256986239 Whaley Bridge Primary School 207 m
140598 (E) SK10 3JL Whirley Primary School w366874327 Whirley Primary School 117 m
106084 (E) SK4 1PB Whitehill Primary School w266807069 Whitehill Primary School 51 m
112818 (E) SK13 8EF Whitfield St James' CofE (VC) Primary School w453358699 St James' CofE Controlled Primary School 57 m
111443 (E) SK9 1LZ Wilmslow High School w439062858 Wilmslow High School 117 m
111477 (E) SK9 5EG Wilmslow Preparatory School w435332020 Wilmslow Preparatory School 84 m
111326 (E) SK11 0QH Wincle CofE Primary School w276371859 Wincle C of E Primary Schoot 85 m
131889 (E) SK6 7HZ Windlehurst School w442229498 Windlehurst School 117 m
134779 (E) SK6 1LH Woodley Primary School w442228751 Woodley Primary School 198 m
139459 (E) SK12 1QA Worth Primary School w136125407 Worth Primary School 90 m

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