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OSM Schools Progress in the 'SW' Postal Area

The blue circles on the map are schools from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a school on the official list. The lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects. Dark green lines represent a match based on the ref:edubase (England & Wales), ref:seedcode (Scotland) and ref:deni (Northern Ireland) tags. Light green lines represent a match based on location in the absense of an OSM ref:* tag. Orange lines represnt a match based on location, with an incorrect ref:* tag. The location matches can match the wrong schools, particularly in inner-city areas where there are many schools in close proximity. To fix incorrect location matches, add the appropriate ref:* tag to the OSM amenity=school objects. For more information see below.

Schools not matched to an OSM Object

Note that only OSM ways and relations tagged with amenity=school or amenity=college are checked for possible matches. In most cases, any nodes tagged like this would be better converted to way polygons covering the whole of the school site. The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby school being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official Edubase / Scottish Government data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add schools to OSM. However, knowing that there is a school missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that school using other sources -- e.g. Bing, OS Street View, and by searching for the possible school's own website.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
147188 (E) SW14 7HL Capella House School
134683 (E) SW16 3JE Silburn Reid
144819 (E) SW1V 4LD Sir Simon Milton Westminster University Technical College
142873 (E) SW6 6HB TBAP 16-19 Academic AP Academy
146042 (E) SW12 0NS The Michael Tippett College
147547 (E) SW15 5JJ The Priory Roehampton Hospital School
145164 (E) SW17 0NY Tram House School

OSM Objects not matched to a school on the official lists

Entries here could be due to: Former schools that have now closed, more than one area being tagged for a single school, the official entry for a real school being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or institutions not included in the official lists being tagged as schools in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM Ref
w431554951 Albermale Primary School
w494804353 Angell Town School
w174444761 Chelsea College of Art & Design
w89591536 Chelsea College of Art and Design: Triangle Space
w32930164 Christ Church New Malden
w392104738 Ecole du Parc 134812
w393564351 FACE Youth Therapeutic School 140421
w817767958 Heythrop College (former)
w184905774 Honeywell Schools
w409984605 Lambeth City Learning Centre
w32687839 Norbiton Childrens Centre
w393961635 Plan B Education Chelsea 142414
w29402593 Putney School of Art & Design
w393447012 RANN Horizon School 137817
w378178039 South Thames College
w329942757 The Fulham Bilingual
w37798949 The Heatherley School of Fine Art
w478112317 Warren Park Children's Centre
w437352937 Whitehorse Manor Schools - Brigstock Site

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Schools matched to an OSM object by location

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM amenity=school or amenity=college way or relation within 1km of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several school sites are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MR MPC Offset
146729 (E) SW17 7TJ Al-Risalah Boys School w393376943 Rechere's Hair & Beauty Academy + 889 m
101173 (E) SW1P 4AU Fairley House School w533507024 Fairley House School + + 30 m
145860 (E) SW20 9NS Harris Academy Wimbledon w757731856 Harris Academy Wimbledon + 13 m
140939 (E) SW1H 9LH Harris Westminster Sixth Form w115673240 Robert Hooke Science Centre + + 536 m
100483 (E) SW3 3AP Marlborough Primary School w98849491 + 377 m
140222 (E) SW15 1LY Oasis Academy Putney w392033761 Lion House School 900 m
139898 (E) SW1V 3AT Pimlico Primary w533584886 Grey Coat Hospital School + + 461 m
142905 (E) SW2 1QS South Bank Engineering UTC w220011217 Sudbourne Primary (second site) - under construction + + 467 m
101129 (E) SW1V 3AG St Gabriel's CofE Primary School w543428075 Saint Gabriel's Church of England Primary School + + 13 m
100543 (E) SW7 1PT St Nicholas Preparatory School w810633499 Kensington Park School Sixth Form + + 748 m
101140 (E) SW1W 0NL St Peter's Eaton Square CofE Primary School w203229419 Westminster Kingsway College + 771 m
141023 (E) SW20 8AH The Norwegian Kindergarten In London w731993747 + 231 m
140603 (E) SW7 3LQ Westminster Tutors w30784871 + 330 m
144516 (E) SW5 0JN Wetherby Kensington w364215325 Thomas's Kensington Lower School + + 814 m

Schools matched to an OSM object by reference number

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MPC Offset
146214 (E) SW11 2AA ARK John Archer Primary Academy w220331990 ARK John Archer Primary Academy 49 m
101090 (E) SW17 7TJ Al Risalah Secondary School w393383265 Al-Risalah 31 m
101032 (E) SW19 6JP Albemarle Primary School w390779707 Albemarle Primary School 3 m
100995 (E) SW12 8PP Alderbrook Primary School w305751137 Alderbrook Primary School 77 m
100344 (E) SW6 6ED All Saints CofE Primary School w107298611 All Saints C of E Primary School 13 m
102663 (E) SW19 1EB All Saints' CofE Primary School w144909133 All Saints' Church of England Primary School 93 m
102663 (E) SW19 1EB All Saints' CofE Primary School w392404360 All Saints' C of E Primary School 279 m
101034 (E) SW15 1HL All Saints' CofE Primary School, Putney w390785033 All Saints' Church of England Primary School 48 m
100598 (E) SW4 6RP Allen Edwards Primary School w25717304 Allen Edwards Primary School 21 m
100996 (E) SW18 2LR Allfarthing Primary School w142287815 Allfarthing Primary School 88 m
138267 (E) SW11 6BF Ark Bolingbroke Academy w184467859 Bolingbroke Academy 4 m
138681 (E) SW15 3DG Ark Putney Academy w232805638 Ark Putney Academy 25 m
100477 (E) SW10 0DT Ashburnham Community School w111618644 Ashburnham Community School 66 m
135316 (E) SW15 2UT Ashcroft Technology Academy w187358541 Ashcroft Technology Academy 27 m
100556 (E) SW8 1NT Ashmole Primary School w289283381 Ashmole Primary School 39 m
102902 (E) SW13 0QQ Barnes Primary School r6754542 Barnes Primary School 51 m
100997 (E) SW18 3ER Beatrix Potter Primary School w380552600 Beatrix Potter Primary School + 12 m
137563 (E) SW11 6PR Belleville Primary School w184117318 Belleville Primary School 59 m
144621 (E) SW4 0AJ Belleville Wix Academy w390990015 Belleville Wix Academy 16 m
102666 (E) SW19 7EP Bishop Gilpin CofE Primary School w103872127 Bishop Gilpin Church of England Primary School 12 m
100638 (E) SW16 2HY Bishop Thomas Grant Catholic Secondary School w177387695 Bishop Thomas Grant School 48 m
131247 (E) SW4 9LB Bonneville Primary School w85945110 Bonneville Primary School 59 m
100480 (E) SW5 0DJ Bousfield Primary School w391381114 Bousfield Primary School 10 m
101001 (E) SW15 2ED Brandlehow Primary School w32381676 Brandlehow Primary School 61 m
101002 (E) SW17 0DZ Broadwater Primary School w391382338 Broadwater Primary School 8 m
101074 (E) SW12 8NR Broomwood Hall School w326054746 Broomwood Hall Lower School 2473 m
101074 (E) SW12 8NR Broomwood Hall School w391045145 Broomwood Hall Upper School 50 m
101074 (E) SW12 8NR Broomwood Hall School w394430389 Broomwood Hall Lower School 297 m
101074 (E) SW12 8NR Broomwood Hall School w394431177 Broomwood Hall Lower School 268 m
101074 (E) SW12 8NR Broomwood Hall School r5917862 Broomwood Hall School 1175 m
101122 (E) SW1P 2QQ Burdett-Coutts and Townshend Foundation CofE Primary School w203229412 Burdett-Coutts & Townshend Foundation CE Primary School + 25 m
139842 (E) SW17 0AQ Burntwood School w81254231 Burntwood School 101 m
100538 (E) SW3 6AH Cameron House School w205671394 Cameron House School 24 m
101175 (E) SW11 1SH Centre Academy London w312377863 Centre Academy + 59 m
100549 (E) SW10 9NH Chelsea Community Hospital School w397113136 Chelsea Community Hospital School 31 m
135531 (E) SW10 0AB Chelsea Academy w37798940 Chelsea Academy 7 m
134735 (E) SW6 1HD Chelsea Independent College w159596128 Chelsea Independent College 15 m
145280 (E) SW11 5DT Chesterton Primary School w391236970 Chesterton Primary School 16 m
136883 (E) SW12 8JZ Chestnut Grove School w282807155 Chestnut Grove Academy 31 m
101035 (E) SW11 2TH Christ Church CofE Primary School w340281486 Christ Church CE School 67 m
100489 (E) SW3 4AA Christ Church CofE Primary School w391521212 Christ Church Primary School + 44 m
100610 (E) SW9 6HN Christ Church Primary SW9 w94090197 Christ Church Primary 55 m
145614 (E) SW2 3NF Christ Church, Streatham Church of England Primary School w392829925 Christ Church, Streatham Church of England Primary School 38 m
139940 (E) SW1V 3EU Churchill Gardens Primary Academy w53651523 Churchill Gardens Primary Academy + 13 m
137954 (E) SW2 3PW City Heights E-ACT Academy w391522427 City Heights E-Act Academy 53 m
100560 (E) SW4 0BZ Clapham Manor Primary School w85865471 Clapham Manor Primary School 23 m
100539 (E) SW5 0HL Collingham w393382350 Collingham College + 24 m
137295 (E) SW2 5BL Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School w391262360 Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School 79 m
139541 (E) SW6 2LL Courtyard AP Academy w393320911 The Courtyard + 86 m
100593 (E) SW16 3HX Crown Lane Primary School w168241811 Crown Lane Primary School 29 m
101084 (E) SW11 6QW Dolphin School (Incorporating Noahs Ark Nursery Schools) w184877785 Dolphin School 9 m
102687 (E) SW19 4NP Donhead Preparatory School w392499196 Donhead Preparatory School 108 m
102628 (E) SW19 3QH Dundonald Primary School w391581524 Dundonald Primary School + 156 m
137093 (E) SW16 2QB Dunraven School r4035756 Dunraven School + 67 m
101005 (E) SW18 3QQ Earlsfield Primary School w186649277 Earlsfield Primary School 8 m
102885 (E) SW14 8ED East Sheen Primary School w210881970 East Sheen Primary School 76 m
101160 (E) SW1W 9BA Eaton House School Belgravia w393328440 Eaton House Belgravia 3 m
101088 (E) SW4 9RU Eaton House the Manor School w390990014 Eaton House The Manor Preparatory School 20 m
101178 (E) SW1V 1PP Eaton Square School w242293773 Eaton Square School + 145 m
101178 (E) SW1V 1PP Eaton Square School w315240170 Eaton Square Pre-Prep & Nursery 471 m
100659 (E) SW2 2EF Elm Court School w393381597 Elm Court School 66 m
101071 (E) SW11 1HS Emanuel School w23647908 Emanuel School 27 m
101053 (E) SW17 7DF Ernest Bevin College w305791940 Ernest Bevin College 44 m
101080 (E) SW17 7BQ Eveline Day School w393378393 Eveline Day School 29 m
100372 (E) SW6 4QT Evergreen Primary School w394429180 Al-Muntada Islamic School 31 m
101006 (E) SW11 2LX Falconbrook Primary School w93879129 Falconbrook Primary School 14 m
100520 (E) SW7 4QB Falkner House w391392579 Falkner House Girls' School 30 m
100595 (E) SW2 3PW Fenstanton Primary School w26434042 Fenstanton Primary School 23 m
101076 (E) SW17 7HL Finton House School w391411776 Finton House School 39 m
101007 (E) SW17 7PP Fircroft Primary School w391340145 Fircroft Primary School 3 m
140423 (E) SW18 4EQ Floreat Wandsworth Primary School w378714892 Floreat Wandsworth Primary School 33 m
100994 (E) SW17 8HE Francis Barber Pupil Referral Unit w394055320 Francis Barber 125 m
101161 (E) SW1W 8JF Francis Holland School w391413814 Francis Holland School 23 m
146191 (E) SW17 8HQ Franciscan Primary School w392096603 Franciscan Primary School 79 m
136151 (E) SW3 5BY Frederick Hugh House w391442618 Frederick Hugh House 48 m
139364 (E) SW6 6SN Fulham College Boys' School w111511450 Fulham College Boys' School + 25 m
139365 (E) SW6 6BP Fulham Cross Girls' School and Language College w158235617 Fulham Cross Girls' School & Language College + 23 m
143213 (E) SW6 1JU Fulham Primary School w395524691 Fulham Primary School + 3 m
101009 (E) SW17 9TJ Furzedown Primary School w195118168 Furzedown Primary School 84 m
100522 (E) SW3 4TW Garden House School w37754176 Garden House School 14 m
102629 (E) SW19 8SB Garfield Primary School w103833538 Garfield Primary School 119 m
101103 (E) SW18 3TB Garratt Park School w186648331 Garratt Park School 90 m
134041 (E) SW17 0DS Gatton (VA) Primary School w391443907 Gatton Primary School 100 m
100601 (E) SW4 8LD Glenbrook Primary School w392405108 Glenbrook Primary School + 19 m
100508 (E) SW7 5JX Glendower Preparatory School w392631244 Glendower Preparatory School 11 m
146549 (E) SW16 6DS Goldfinch Primary School w33683860 Goldfinch Primary School + 67 m
101028 (E) SW15 6XA Granard Primary School w281225084 Granard Primary School 13 m
100564 (E) SW16 5AN Granton Primary School w392404559 Granton Primary School + 78 m
137005 (E) SW17 9BU Graveney School r6761816 Graveney School 14 m
101099 (E) SW19 6RY Greenmead School w294812772 Greenmead Primary School 1585 m
145060 (E) SW8 4JB Griffin Primary School w392836742 Griffin Primary School + 15 m
101086 (E) SW15 3EQ Hall School Wimbledon w264141190 Hall School Wimbledon Junior School 68 m
101086 (E) SW15 3EQ Hall School Wimbledon w395783915 Hall School Wimbledon (Senior School) 2895 m
140985 (E) SW11 5AP Harris Academy Battersea w322432645 Harris Academy Battersea 28 m
100566 (E) SW8 3EH Heathbrook Primary School w85864449 Heathbrook Primary School 57 m
101029 (E) SW15 4LJ Heathmere Primary School w385804795 Heathmere Primary School 94 m
100567 (E) SW12 0JA Henry Cavendish Primary School w37978065 Henry Cavendish Primary School Streatham Site 1135 m
100567 (E) SW12 0JA Henry Cavendish Primary School w303226736 Henry Cavendish Primary School Balham Site 71 m
100604 (E) SW8 2HP Herbert Morrison Primary School w301692549 Herbert Morrison Primary School 9 m
100518 (E) SW1X 0EP Hill House International Junior School w393325257 Hill House School 26 m
131340 (E) SW9 8UE Hill Mead Primary School w392835007 Hill Mead Primary School 25 m
101057 (E) SW17 8SG Hillbrook School w392037844 Hillbrook Primary School 231 m
131824 (E) SW16 2JQ Hitherfield Primary School w303157589 Hitherfield Primary School 83 m
102633 (E) SW20 0SQ Hollymount School w392498552 Hollymount School 146 m
100345 (E) SW6 4BL Holy Cross RC School w374780720 Holy Cross + 76 m
101036 (E) SW12 8QJ Holy Ghost Catholic Primary School w391032478 Holy Ghost Primary RC School 78 m
100622 (E) SW2 2RL Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School w302039512 Holy Trinity School 56 m
102665 (E) SW19 8PW Holy Trinity CofE Primary School w392402558 Holy Trinity Primary School + 56 m
100490 (E) SW1X 9DE Holy Trinity CofE Primary School w393326531 Holy Trinity C of E Primary School 6 m
100490 (E) SW1X 9DE Holy Trinity CofE Primary School w630720422 Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School + 164 m
101012 (E) SW11 6EF Honeywell Infant School w391661285 Honeywell Infant School + 91 m
101011 (E) SW11 6EF Honeywell Junior School w391661286 Honeywell Junior School + 48 m
101078 (E) SW12 8RS Hornsby House School w391050871 Hornsby House School 28 m
101013 (E) SW15 1PN Hotham Primary School w392032521 Hotham Primary School 39 m
101067 (E) SW15 2NQ Hurlingham School w392032362 Hurlingham School 12 m
101064 (E) SW15 5PY Ibstock Place School r8657820 Ibstock Place School 117 m
100633 (E) SW16 5SL Immanuel and St Andrew Church of England Primary School w216499579 Immanuel and St Andrew School 21 m
133168 (E) SW1W 9BA Inchbald School of Design w393383511 Inchbald School of Design 739 m
135614 (E) SW4 9PA Iqra Primary School w25820641 Iqra VA Primary School 21 m
101014 (E) SW11 5QR John Burns Primary School w391255747 John Burns Primary School 55 m
102634 (E) SW20 9NS Joseph Hood Primary School w757731854 Joseph Hood Primary School 47 m
133662 (E) SW2 2JE Jubilee Primary School w26465894 Jubilee Primary School 43 m
100509 (E) SW6 5PA Kensington Prep School w361789935 Kensington Prep School 66 m
130410 (E) SW10 0QS Kensington and Chelsea College w392596120 Kensington and Chelsea College 1 m
102684 (E) SW19 4TT King's College School w391524485 King's College School 148 m
133315 (E) SW4 8BQ Kings Avenue School w42314298 Kings Avenue School + 67 m
100533 (E) SW1X 0BD Knightsbridge School w164942560 Knightsbridge School + 47 m
135277 (E) SW11 3DS L'Ecole de Battersea w93728176 L'Ecole de Battersea + 78 m
100375 (E) SW6 2NB L'Ecole des Petits School w366078207 L'Ecole des Petits 29 m
100637 (E) SW12 0AB La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls' School w85945121 La Retraite RC Secondary Girls' School 65 m
138607 (E) SW6 4UN Lady Margaret School w111511457 Lady Margaret School 35 m
134815 (E) SW4 9ET Lambeth Academy w24592268 Lambeth Academy 122 m
130413 (E) SW4 9BL Lambeth College w85945086 Lambeth College 39 m
141685 (E) SW6 2LG Langford Primary School w366267086 Langford Primary School + 62 m
100654 (E) SW9 9QD Lansdowne School w301149951 Lansdowne School 54 m
100576 (E) SW4 6PH Lark Hall Primary School (Including Lark Hall Centre for Pupils with Autism) w390965716 Lark Hall Primary School 65 m
145709 (E) SW19 6JB Linden Lodge School w392035930 Linden Lodge School 25 m
102635 (E) SW17 9EH Links Primary School w390967668 Links Primary School 42 m
101073 (E) SW12 0LT London Steiner School w390968558 London Steiner School + 59 m
133584 (E) SW9 7UA Loughborough Primary School w302319605 Loughborough Primary School 80 m
102892 (E) SW13 9AE Lowther Primary School w210886686 Lowther Primary School 79 m
100547 (E) SW7 2DG Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle w27366176 Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle + 66 m
100612 (E) SW4 0NU Macaulay Church of England Primary School w390986928 Macaulay Church of England Primary School 38 m
100540 (E) SW7 5AB Mander Portman Woodward School w391520361 Mander Portman Woodward School 24 m
101065 (E) SW15 2BZ Merlin School w185594063 Merlin School 49 m
102638 (E) SW19 2JY Merton Abbey Primary School w357278378 Merton Abbey Primary 32 m
102639 (E) SW19 3HQ Merton Park Primary School w391261415 Merton Park Primary School + 75 m
138683 (E) SW1P 4HR Millbank Academy w112662020 Millbank Academy 49 m
100521 (E) SW1X 0AA More House School w257240682 More House School 7 m
139687 (E) SW15 4EU Mosaic Jewish Primary School w393563927 Mosaic Jewish Primary School 18 m
101082 (E) SW8 4BX Newton Preparatory School w83016358 Newton Prep 78 m
143175 (E) SW17 7DF Nightingale Community Academy w45515145 Nightingale Community Academy 474 m
101785 (E) SW16 5QR Norbury Manor Primary School w206183113 Norbury Manor Primary School and Children's Centre 19 m
101089 (E) SW11 6EL Northcote Lodge School w392833761 Northcote Lodge School 20 m
101094 (E) SW12 8NA Oak Lodge School w391049970 Oak Lodge School 26 m
134808 (E) SW4 9AH Oliver House Preparatory School w184117749 Oliver House School 117 m
100491 (E) SW3 6QH Oratory Roman Catholic Primary School w98849490 The Oratory RC Primary School + 23 m
101051 (E) SW19 6AD Our Lady Queen of Heaven RC School w391090587 Our Lady Queen of Heaven RC School 79 m
101037 (E) SW15 1AW Our Lady of Victories Catholic Primary School w392032849 Our Lady of Victories Primary School 139 m
100504 (E) SW7 5AQ Our Lady of Victories RC Primary School w391382007 Our Lady of Victories Catholic Primary School 4 m
101102 (E) SW15 5RT Paddock School w391064230 Paddock Secondary School 11 m
141027 (E) SW19 3EF Park Community School w392401138 Park Community School 65 m
134145 (E) SW18 2SL Park House School w391086881 Park House School 92 m
100486 (E) SW10 0AY Park Walk Primary School w392094341 Park Walk Primary School 18 m
101091 (E) SW4 9SD Parkgate House School w392103948 Parkgate House School 14 m
134010 (E) SW6 4LJ Parsons Green Prep School w391261204 Parsons Green Prep School 78 m
102642 (E) SW19 1NU Pelham Primary School w392402553 Pelham Primary School 17 m
101016 (E) SW16 6RJ Penwortham Primary School w33683815 Penwortham Primary School 84 m
135676 (E) SW1V 3AT Pimlico Academy w53651524 Pimlico Academy 45 m
136450 (E) SW9 0AL Platanos College w300037228 Platanos College 95 m
102644 (E) SW19 3JZ Poplar Primary School w392501902 Poplar Primary School 120 m
101081 (E) SW15 3NT Prospect House School w392034313 Prospect House School 29 m
101072 (E) SW15 6BH Putney High School w30442892 Putney High School 42 m
100511 (E) SW7 5LE Queen's Gate School w391520362 Queen's Gate School 29 m
143212 (E) SW6 6ND Queen's Manor School and Special Needs Unit w25815764 Queen's Manor Primary School + 13 m
136509 (E) SW19 7HB RR6 w393564724 RR6 + 76 m
101017 (E) SW12 9SS Ravenstone Primary School w95864126 Ravenstone Primary School 59 m
102674 (E) SW20 0JL Raynes Park High School w376408218 Raynes Park High School 18 m
100634 (E) SW9 0EN Reay Primary School w300034883 Reay Primary School 26 m
100507 (E) SW10 9JH Redcliffe School w392834795 Redcliffe School 21 m
102673 (E) SW19 7HB Ricards Lodge High School w381721425 Ricards Lodge High School 96 m
100578 (E) SW2 4JP Richard Atkins Primary School w301993036 Richard Atkins Primary School 15 m
136208 (E) SW14 8RG Richmond Park Academy w210881521 Richmond Park Academy 104 m
101018 (E) SW18 5JP Riversdale Primary School w185967032 Riversdale Primary School 9 m
147334 (E) SW15 3QL Robin Hood Primary and Nursery School w4770823 Robin Hood Primary and Nursery School 171 m
101038 (E) SW15 4AA Roehampton CofE Primary School w186396289 Roehampton Church of England Primary School + 67 m
101031 (E) SW19 6RY Ronald Ross Primary School w391090586 Ronald Ross Primary School 21 m
139775 (E) SW17 7BS Rutherford House School w393378392 Rutherford House School 8 m
102679 (E) SW20 9AD Rutlish School w159708654 Rutlish School + 196 m
131520 (E) SW11 2TD Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Battersea w314269609 Sacred Heart RC Primary School 24 m
101050 (E) SW15 5NX Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Roehampton w391653084 Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School 18 m
141808 (E) SW18 5JR Saint Cecilia's Church of England School w377513919 Saint Cecilia's School 28 m
100627 (E) SW9 6UL Saint Gabriel's College w39698474 St Gabriel's College 11 m
135762 (E) SW11 3DQ Saint John Bosco College w391256790 Saint John Bosco College 54 m
100502 (E) SW3 2QS Saint Thomas More Language College w112300685 St Thomas More Language College + 54 m
101019 (E) SW17 9SA Sellincourt Primary School w392503180 Sellincourt Primary School 73 m
100500 (E) SW10 9NA Servite RC Primary School w111300903 Servite RC Primary School 76 m
101020 (E) SW11 5UW Shaftesbury Park Primary School w391193986 Shaftesbury Park Primary School 47 m
102897 (E) SW14 7RT Sheen Mount Primary School w210875815 Sheen Mount Primary School 45 m
101026 (E) SW18 5TR Sheringdale Primary School w209204539 Sheringdale Primary School 51 m
100374 (E) SW6 6DA Sinclair House School w391257829 Sinclair House School + 16 m
102647 (E) SW19 2NT Singlegate Primary School w392398926 Singlegate Primary School 35 m
100338 (E) SW6 7LN Sir John Lillie Primary School w88107998 Sir John Lillie Primary School 49 m
101021 (E) SW17 0TW Smallwood Primary School and Language Unit w27040770 Smallwood Primary School and Language Unit + 97 m
135616 (E) SW5 9SJ Snowflake School w393321105 Snowflake School + 28 m
138682 (E) SW18 5JU Southfields Academy w186256492 Southfields Academy 9 m
101027 (E) SW19 6QT Southmead Primary School w225431995 Southmead Primary School 16 m
100632 (E) SW16 2ET St Andrew's Catholic Primary School w327837033 St Andrew's Catholic Primary School 131 m
100613 (E) SW9 9DE St Andrew's Church of England Primary School w301151337 St Andrew's C of E Primary School 55 m
101041 (E) SW18 2RU St Anne's CofE Primary School w327208671 St Annes C of E Primary School 27 m
101052 (E) SW17 8BS St Anselm's Catholic Primary School w392404612 St Anselm's Primary School + 74 m
101126 (E) SW1W 8PF St Barnabas' CofE Primary School w391413812 St Barnabas' Church of England Primary School and Nursery 11 m
100631 (E) SW12 0LF St Bede's Catholic Infant School w132702061 St Bede's Infant School 46 m
100628 (E) SW12 0AB St Bernadette Catholic Junior School w303225391 St. Bernadette's School 157 m
101042 (E) SW17 8PP St Boniface RC Primary School w392096600 St Boniface RC Primary School 33 m
100498 (E) SW5 9UE St Cuthbert with St Matthias CofE Primary School w29480916 Saint Cuthbert with Saint Matthias + 7 m
101043 (E) SW18 1AE St Faith's CofE Primary School w334473097 St Faith's Church of England Primary School 55 m
130422 (E) SW12 8EN St Francis Xavier Sixth Form College w183872359 St Francis Xavier Sixth Form College 101 m
101044 (E) SW8 4JS St George's CofE Primary School w234726504 St George School + 11 m
100623 (E) SW9 0TQ St Helen's Catholic School w322962466 St Helen's Catholic School 53 m
102671 (E) SW20 9NA St John Fisher RC Primary School w153918201 St. John Fisher + 384 m
100615 (E) SW9 7HH St John's Angell Town Church of England Primary School w392835006 St John's Angell Town Church of England Primary School 731 m
100349 (E) SW6 6AS St Johns Walham Green Church of England Primary School w31014918 St John's C of E Walham Green Primary School 618 m
100496 (E) SW3 2QT St Joseph's Catholic Primary School w112300672 St Joseph's Primary School + 10 m
101045 (E) SW15 2QD St Joseph's RC Primary School w26401501 St. Joseph's RC Primary School 32 m
145615 (E) SW16 6NP St Leonard's Church of England Primary School w327837032 St Leonard's Church of England Primary School + 85 m
137966 (E) SW2 3UP St Martin in the Fields High School for Girls w303145090 St Martin In The Fields High School for Girls 87 m
102909 (E) SW14 8HE St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School w210882641 St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School 62 m
102670 (E) SW19 1QL St Mary's Catholic Primary School w392402554 St Mary's Catholic Primary School 78 m
101046 (E) SW15 1BA St Mary's CofE Primary School w391371833 St. Mary's Church of England Primary School 90 m
101048 (E) SW8 4BE St Mary's RC Voluntary Aided Primary School w83016354 St. Mary's R.C. Primary School 41 m
100636 (E) SW4 9QJ St Mary's Roman Catholic Primary School w85945083 St Mary's RC Primary and Nursery School 39 m
102664 (E) SW20 0SX St Matthew's CofE Primary School w392331350 St Matthew's Church of England School 127 m
101138 (E) SW1P 2DG St Matthew's School, Westminster w392405213 St. Matthew's Westminster Primary School + 24 m
101049 (E) SW18 5SQ St Michael's CofE Primary School w391092790 St Michael's CofE Primary School 44 m
102919 (E) SW13 9HQ St Osmund's Catholic Primary School w210885687 St Osmund's Catholic Primary School 24 m
102942 (E) SW13 9JT St Paul's School w313367313 St Paul's School 91 m
100516 (E) SW7 4NE St Philip's School w392604721 St Philips School for Boys + 1 m
100621 (E) SW8 1EJ St Stephen's Church of England Primary School w302827733 St Stephens Primary School 27 m
100357 (E) SW6 7HB St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School w392405626 St Thomas of Canterbury RC Primary School + 85 m
101144 (E) SW1P 1EP St Vincent De Paul Catholic Primary School w203229416 St Vincent de Paul RC Primary School + 52 m
146401 (E) SW16 5HB Stanford Primary School w206183123 Stanford Primary School 75 m
100582 (E) SW9 9TG Stockwell Primary School w321325249 Stockwell Primary School and Children's Centre 64 m
100608 (E) SW2 3NJ Streatham Wells Primary School w302045406 Streatham Wells Primary School 13 m
100648 (E) SW16 1AW Streatham and Clapham High School w302038459 Streatham & Clapham Junior School & Nursery 1322 m
100648 (E) SW16 1AW Streatham and Clapham High School w302088954 Streatham & Clapham High School 120 m
100584 (E) SW2 5AP Sudbourne Primary School w303229814 Sudbourne Primary School 66 m
143214 (E) SW6 3BN Sulivan Primary School w299026725 Sulivan Primary School 201 m
100585 (E) SW16 2UW Sunnyhill Primary School w177387698 Sunnyhill Primary School 134 m
100514 (E) SW1X 0EA Sussex House School w112306886 Nicholls Hall (Sussex House school) + 99 m
101022 (E) SW18 2SA Swaffield Primary School w122414809 Swaffield Primary School 65 m
100586 (E) SW12 0HW Telferscot Primary School w303222332 Telferscot Primary School 66 m
132237 (E) SW11 2HB Thames Christian School w396051344 Thames Christian College 16 m
145030 (E) SW15 4PD The Alton School w391066674 The Alton School 59 m
139509 (E) SW6 6HB The Bridge AP Academy w391083247 The Bridge AP Academy 67 m
131662 (E) SW18 3QG The Chelsea Group of Children w391340074 The Chelsea Group of Children 14 m
101077 (E) SW11 4DX The Dominie School Limited w391236971 The Dominie 20 m
101949 (E) SW15 6PY The Falcons School for Girls w391372244 The Falcons School for Girls 22 m
138313 (E) SW1P 2DY The Grey Coat Hospital w203229414 Grey Coat Hospital School + 32 m
101163 (E) SW3 6NB The Hampshire School, Chelsea w391521077 The Hampshire School, Chelsea 47 m
102950 (E) SW13 9QN The Harrodian School w211781782 The Harrodian School 227 m
141617 (E) SW6 3ED The Hurlingham Academy w329872854 The Hurlingham Academy 33 m
140356 (E) SW3 4LG The Laurels School w393379448 The Laurels School 4445 m
133440 (E) SW16 2PW The Livity School w392503893 The Livity School 33 m
137157 (E) SW6 1RX The London Oratory School w61382626 The London Oratory School 482 m
131675 (E) SW6 6EG The Moat School w391261203 The Moat School 15 m
102693 (E) SW20 8AH The Norwegian School in London w392498660 The Norwegian School in London + 43 m
134507 (E) SW2 3ES The Orchard School w393381554 The Orchard Primary School 316 m
102672 (E) SW19 8LX The Priory CofE School w392402557 The Priory, Church of England Primary School 93 m
136110 (E) SW15 5JJ The Priory Lodge School w392491190 Priory Lodge School 126 m
101075 (E) SW18 1HW The Roche School w391160769 The Roche School 16 m
102685 (E) SW20 0EG The Rowans School w392498306 The Rowans School 32 m
102689 (E) SW19 4UN The Study Preparatory School w230453520 The Study Preparatory School + 80 m
102948 (E) SW13 9JS The Swedish School w216873106 The Swedish School 535 m
100651 (E) SW12 0LF The White House Preparatory School & Woodentops Kindergarten w303225392 The White House 57 m
142256 (E) SW6 4LY Thomas's Academy w391261205 Thomas's Academy 64 m
100530 (E) SW11 3JB Thomas's Battersea w318377531 Thomas's London Day Schools - Battersea + 27 m
130398 (E) SW11 6JZ Thomas's Clapham w183855097 Thomas's, Clapham + 58 m
130239 (E) SW6 3ES Thomas's Fulham w329872852 Thomas's London Day Schools - Fulham + 16 m
139549 (E) SW14 8HY Thomson House School r11169583 Thomson House School 131 m
139592 (E) SW17 8HE Tooting Primary School w392096599 Tooting Primary School 76 m
102937 (E) SW14 8LF Tower House School w217018514 Tower House School 11 m
140966 (E) SW2 1QS Trinity Academy w301886705 Trinity Academy 3 m
101047 (E) SW12 8DR Trinity St Mary's CofE Primary School w392404935 Trinity St Marys CofE Primary School + 19 m
102683 (E) SW20 8HA Ursuline High School Wimbledon w391524683 Ursuline High School 88 m
102686 (E) SW20 8HR Ursuline Preparatory School Wimbledon w392498661 Ursuline Preparatory School 9 m
146368 (E) SW9 0RD Van Gogh Primary w285407024 Van Gogh Primary 40 m
132077 (E) SW19 6HR Victoria Drive Primary Pupil Referral Unit w396844420 Victoria Drive Primary Pupil Referral Unit 11 m
108892 (E) SW17 7DJ Wandsworth Hospital and Home Tuition Service w393967023 Hospital and Home Tuition Service 195 m
138406 (E) SW18 2PQ Wandsworth Preparatory School w186116730 Wandsworth Preparatory School 77 m
101024 (E) SW18 5ST West Hill Primary School w377487533 West Hill Primary School 63 m
102652 (E) SW20 0BZ West Wimbledon Primary School w376408205 West Wimbledon Primary School 10 m
140682 (E) SW11 3NE Westbridge Primary School w391256146 Westbridge Primary School 54 m
101159 (E) SW1P 3NY Westminster Abbey Choir School w113081335 Westminster Abbey Choir School 24 m
101166 (E) SW1P 1QH Westminster Cathedral Choir School w113081342 Westminster Cathedral Choir School + 5 m
101146 (E) SW1V 3SE Westminster Cathedral RC Primary School w53651512 Westminster Cathedral Catholic Primary School 51 m
138312 (E) SW1E 5HJ Westminster City School w203229418 Westminster City School + 33 m
101162 (E) SW1P 3PF Westminster School r9346126 Westminster School + 41 m
101165 (E) SW1P 2NN Westminster Under School w111800452 Westminster Under School + 5 m
101069 (E) SW19 7QQ Willington School w382295356 Willington Independent Preparatory School 1 m
102662 (E) SW19 3QB Wimbledon Chase Primary School w154983937 Wimbledon Chase Primary School 43 m
102681 (E) SW19 4NS Wimbledon College w391524484 Wimbledon College 50 m
102690 (E) SW19 4TA Wimbledon Common Preparatory School w391524544 Wimbledon Common Preparatory School + 31 m
102692 (E) SW19 4AB Wimbledon High School w361579113 Wimbledon High School 43 m
102648 (E) SW19 8EJ Wimbledon Park Primary School w317354469 Wimbledon Park Primary School 63 m
133165 (E) SW19 3QA Wimbledon School of Art w392500591 Wimbledon College of Art 39 m
100590 (E) SW16 5UQ Woodmansterne School w206183126 Woodmansterne Primary School and Children's Centre + 58 m
100591 (E) SW8 2TJ Wyvil Primary School and Centres for Children With Speech and Language Impairment and Autism w301174869 Wyvil Primary School 28 m

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