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OSM Schools Progress in the 'TS' Postal Area

The blue circles on the map are schools from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a school on the official list. The lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects. Dark green lines represent a match based on the ref:edubase (England & Wales), ref:seedcode (Scotland) and ref:deni (Northern Ireland) tags. Light green lines represent a match based on location in the absense of an OSM ref:* tag. Orange lines represnt a match based on location, with an incorrect ref:* tag. The location matches can match the wrong schools, particularly in inner-city areas where there are many schools in close proximity. To fix incorrect location matches, add the appropriate ref:* tag to the OSM amenity=school objects. For more information see below.

Schools not matched to an OSM Object

Note that only OSM ways and relations tagged with amenity=school or amenity=college are checked for possible matches. In most cases, any nodes tagged like this would be better converted to way polygons covering the whole of the school site. The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby school being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official Edubase / Scottish Government data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add schools to OSM. However, knowing that there is a school missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that school using other sources -- e.g. Bing, OS Street View, and by searching for the possible school's own website.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
139606 (E) TS17 5BL All Saints Church of England Academy
111520 (E) TS6 0BZ Archway
111773 (E) TS4 3JS Beverley School
135424 (E) TS25 1NN Cambian Hartlepool School
145877 (E) TS3 9DB Discovery Special Academy
143063 (E) TS16 0LA Egglescliffe School
146824 (E) TS20 1PQ Elmbank Learning Centre
111661 (E) TS25 3PU Grange Primary School
143519 (E) TS4 3JS Hollis Academy
140949 (E) TS17 0FA Ingleby Manor Free School & Sixth Form
136259 (E) TS3 8BT Keys Tees Valley College
143429 (E) TS12 2TZ Old Farm School
142487 (E) TS3 8RD River Tees High Academy
142502 (E) TS3 8RD River Tees Middle Academy
142511 (E) TS3 8RD River Tees Primary Academy
114161 (E) TS21 3DA Sedgefield Hardwick Primary School
140769 (E) TS6 6TA St Margaret Clitherows RC Primary School
142108 (E) TS22 5SE Wynyard Church of England Primary School

OSM Objects not matched to a school on the official lists

Entries here could be due to: Former schools that have now closed, more than one area being tagged for a single school, the official entry for a real school being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or institutions not included in the official lists being tagged as schools in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM Ref
w202419311 Bede Sixth Form College
w236009753 Catcote Futures
w51444333 Cleveland College of Art and Design
w60347237 Egglescliffe School
w68744740 Halycon Centre
w25280030 Hartlepool Sixth Form College
w33142872 Jesmond Road Primary School
w104190080 John Snow College
w59614566 Old Campus School
w99625873 Red House Prep & Senior School
w32243069 Redcar & Cleveland College
w149407758 St Margaret Clitherow's Catholic Primary School
w59529767 Stockton Sixth Form College
w32000949 Stockton Sixth Form College
w397010280 Swainby and Potto C of E Primary School

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Schools matched to an OSM object by location

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM amenity=school or amenity=college way or relation within 1km of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several school sites are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MR MPC Offset
139974 (E) TS19 8BU Abbey Hill Academy w59612622 Abbey Hill School Technology College + + 55 m
145774 (E) TS5 8PB Acklam Grange School w100089365 + 352 m
111586 (E) TS5 8SQ Acklam Whin Primary School w448999515 Acklam Whin Primary School + + 106 m
145623 (E) TS5 4DY Archibald Primary School w59182249 Archibald Primary + + 84 m
146770 (E) TS1 4NT Ayresome Primary School w59182067 + 41 m
143623 (E) TS17 0BY Bader Primary School w71883877 + 120 m
143618 (E) TS12 2XR Badger Hill Academy w145140104 Badger Hill Primary School + 86 m
147392 (E) TS6 0RZ Bankfields Primary School w59454596 Bankfields Primary School + 37 m
134708 (E) TS17 0QP Barley Fields Primary w39668783 Barley Fields Primary School + + 80 m
146856 (E) TS24 9SD Barnard Grove Primary School w57818400 Barnard Grove Primary School + + 163 m
111662 (E) TS14 7BS Belmont Primary School w63256843 Belmont Primary School + + 127 m
147435 (E) TS23 3LH Bewley Primary School w123467083 + 139 m
111524 (E) TS23 1BE Billingham South Community Primary School w61689541 + 39 m
121480 (E) TS9 7JL Bilsdale Midcable Chop Gate Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School w108380810 Bilsdale Midcable Chop Gate Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School + 26 m
111521 (E) TS23 3HB Bishopton Centre w617049374 Billingham Campus School + 105 m
137021 (E) TS21 1HD Bishopton Redmarshall CofE Primary School w359903017 Bishopton & Redmarshall CofE Primary School + 71 m
114201 (E) TS27 4NA Blackhall Primary School w61300812 Blackhall Primary School + + 6 m
114071 (E) TS29 6JU Bluebell Meadow Primary School w563079533 + 286 m
111540 (E) TS18 3JB Bowesfield Primary School w128864992 Bowesfield Primary School + + 128 m
142965 (E) TS24 8EY Brougham Primary School w50307892 Brougham Primary School + + 173 m
147433 (E) TS6 7NA Caedmon Primary School w59530865 Caedmon Primary School + 103 m
121608 (E) TS9 7BB Carlton and Faceby Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School w392504801 Carlton & Faceby Church of England Primary School + + 92 m
139976 (E) TS25 4EZ Catcote Academy w25166719 Catcote Academy + + 102 m
145163 (E) TS24 0RG Catcote Futures w693320269 West View Primary School + + 669 m
131644 (E) TS14 6JA Chaloner Primary School w90610812 Chaloner Primary School + + 54 m
142279 (E) TS17 9JP Christ The King Roman Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Catholic Academy w176550690 Christ the King RC Primary School + + 11 m
111614 (E) TS27 3PN Clavering Primary School w60051862 Clavering Primary School + + 118 m
145670 (E) TS10 1QY Coatham Church of England Primary School w148585504 Coatham CE VC Primary School + 87 m
139318 (E) TS15 9ET Conyers School w100034085 Conyers School + + 115 m
139931 (E) TS10 5LY Dormanstown Primary Academy w148585911 Dormanstown Primary School + 64 m
111562 (E) TS16 0NG Durham Lane Primary School w52460633 Durham Lane Primary School + + 83 m
139405 (E) TS24 8NQ Dyke House Sports and Technology College w50303864 Dyke House Secondary School + + 95 m
139851 (E) TS26 9LY Eldon Grove Academy w41398987 Eldon Grove Primary School + + 129 m
146486 (E) TS11 7BL Errington Primary School w99181935 Errington Primary School + + 8 m
139584 (E) TS25 4BT Eskdale Academy w303340598 Eskdale Academy School + + 116 m
134621 (E) TS19 7PW Fairfield Primary School w183049722 + 82 m
111600 (E) TS25 2LY Fens Primary School w25166713 + 121 m
147541 (E) TS12 2SJ Freebrough Academy w145140106 Freebrough Specialist Engineering College + + 117 m
145666 (E) TS14 8DW Galley Hill Primary School w54608082 Galley Hill Primary School + + 100 m
111581 (E) TS25 1HN Golden Flatts Primary School w4863481 Golden Flats Primary School + + 49 m
147394 (E) TS6 7JA Grangetown Primary School w59530796 Grangetown Primary School + + 57 m
111673 (E) TS25 2EU Greatham CofE Primary School w142783801 Greatham Primary School + + 160 m
141384 (E) TS19 0JD Green Gates Academy w48553446 St. Mark's Primary School + + 75 m
145662 (E) TS10 4HS Green Gates Primary School w148989583 Green Gates Primary + + 155 m
131645 (E) TS13 4RL Handale Primary School w145117630 Handale Primary School + 56 m
139392 (E) TS19 8WF Hardwick Green Primary Academy w297219245 Hardwick Green Primary Academy + 60 m
134853 (E) TS17 7JJ Harewood Primary School w251206102 Harewood Primary School + + 41 m
141301 (E) TS19 8DE Harrow Gate Academy w59612623 Harrowgate Lane Primary School + 41 m
145813 (E) TS27 3AP Hart Primary School w123228702 Hart Primary School + + 102 m
130567 (E) TS24 7NT Hartlepool College of Further Education w164702044 Hartlepool College of Further Education + + 73 m
131294 (E) TS25 4BY Hartlepool Pupil Referral Unit w25280029 + 68 m
146733 (E) TS18 3TN Hartwell School w362369880 + 29 m
114143 (E) TS27 4PT Hesleden Primary School w264491136 + 66 m
111523 (E) TS2 1SY High Clarence Primary School w97104229 High Clarence Primary + + 32 m
111748 (E) TS26 0LQ High Tunstall College of Science w33101619 High Tunstall Secondary School + + 32 m
131457 (E) TS14 8AA Highcliffe Primary School w54851945 Highcliffe Primary School + 40 m
144901 (E) TS25 1BZ Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School w34892197 Holy Trinity School + + 7 m
131251 (E) TS19 7QU Holy Trinity Rosehill CofE Voluntary Aided Primary School w180366424 + 37 m
111618 (E) TS13 4XD Hummersea Primary School w98730026 Hummersea Primary School + 26 m
121361 (E) TS15 0EQ Hutton Rudby Primary School w190490363 Hutton Rudby Primary School + + 113 m
141369 (E) TS19 7AJ Ian Ramsey Church of England Academy w59455113 Ian Ramsey CofE School + 170 m
121503 (E) TS9 6LL Ingleby Greenhow Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School w100708153 Ingleby Greenhow Church of England School + + 101 m
130256 (E) TS17 0LW Ingleby Mill Primary School w41315394 Ingleby Mill Primary + + 93 m
145664 (E) TS10 2JZ Ings Farm Primary School w145571871 Ings Farm Primary School + 97 m
145663 (E) TS10 3PG John Emmerson Batty Primary School w148326065 John Emmerson Batty Primary School + 75 m
143068 (E) TS16 0EU Junction Farm Primary School w55954191 Junction Farm Primary Schooal + + 95 m
140869 (E) TS5 8NU Kader Academy w64932148 Kader Primary School + 99 m
139110 (E) TS12 2UW Kilton Thorpe Specialist Academy w145140112 St Peter's Church of England VC Primary School + 229 m
111601 (E) TS25 5JR Kingsley Primary School w4578506 Kingsley Primary School + + 129 m
121611 (E) TS9 7AL Kirkby and Great Broughton Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School w397660281 Kirkby & Great Broughton Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School + + 387 m
111777 (E) TS10 4QR Kirkleatham Hall School w148997325 Kirkleatham Hall Special School + + 27 m
145665 (E) TS10 4JH Lakes Primary School w148330286 Lakes Primary School + 158 m
147724 (E) TS14 6RD Laurence Jackson School w89549916 Laurence Jackson School + 150 m
146017 (E) TS15 9TF Layfield Primary School w60342957 + 17 m
146394 (E) TS15 9RJ Levendale Primary School w259994408 Levendale Primary School + 220 m
111531 (E) TS12 3DU Lingdale Primary School w97948645 Lingdale Primary School + 98 m
145775 (E) TS5 6EA Linthorpe Community Primary School w98750691 + 154 m
111533 (E) TS12 3BL Lockwood Primary School w145240637 Lockwood Primary School + 170 m
111590 (E) TS26 8RL Lynnfield Primary School w41188064 Lynnfield Primary School + 82 m
130908 (E) TS5 4AG Macmillan Academy w59183075 MacMillan Academy + + 79 m
130378 (E) TS17 8AP Mandale Mill Primary School w68744741 Mandale Mill Primary + + 46 m
141686 (E) TS25 3PS Manor Community Academy w44529741 Manor College of Technology + 62 m
121495 (E) TS9 6NN Marwood Church of England Voluntary Controlled Infant School, Great Ayton w102164372 Marwood Church of England V C Infant School + + 55 m
130570 (E) TS2 1AD Middlesbrough College w469382589 + 60 m
111539 (E) TS18 1QX Mill Lane Primary School w42968146 Mill Lane Primary + + 11 m
146953 (E) TS6 7NP Mo Mowlam Academy w148322058 Pathways School + 11 m
132808 (E) TS17 5BL Myton Park Primary School w39667907 All Saints VA C of E School + + 140 m
145667 (E) TS11 8BN New Marske Primary School w144722395 New Marske Primary School + 86 m
111638 (E) TS10 1NL Newcomen Primary School w148330288 Newcomen Primary School + 91 m
111580 (E) TS1 5NQ Newport Primary School w67660144 + 198 m
140918 (E) TS6 0NP Normanby Primary School w59454597 Normanby Primary School + + 280 m
136146 (E) TS20 2AY North Shore Academy w234426387 North Shore Academy + + 99 m
111731 (E) TS22 5EG Northfield School and Sports College w59529965 Northfield School + + 129 m
138845 (E) TS7 0LA Nunthorpe Academy w148578755 Nunthorpe School + 314 m
140919 (E) TS7 0LA Nunthorpe Primary Academy w148579230 Nunthorpe Primary School + 204 m
121300 (E) TS13 5HA Oakridge Community Primary School w98621890 Oakridge Community Primary School + 66 m
141370 (E) TS19 0QH Our Lady & St. Bede Catholic Academy w48652001 Our Lady and St Bedes RC School + + 184 m
139823 (E) TS5 7JY Outwood Academy Acklam w383767408 Outwood Academy Acklam + 152 m
143146 (E) TS19 8TF Outwood Academy Bishopsgarth w99572066 Outwood Academy Bishopsgarth + 108 m
141399 (E) TS11 6AR Outwood Academy Bydales w99181943 Outwood Academy Bydales + 198 m
147544 (E) TS6 9AG Outwood Academy Normanby w59459898 Hillsview Academy 70 m
145188 (E) TS10 4AB Outwood Academy Redcar w148588057 Redcar Academy + 103 m
146403 (E) TS7 9JF Overfields Primary School w149405185 Overfields Primary School + 74 m
111644 (E) TS18 4DA Oxbridge Lane Primary School w50406154 Oxbridge Lane Primary School + + 7 m
144542 (E) TS23 2RG Pentland Primary School w99314465 Pentland Primary School + 79 m
111535 (E) TS16 0BE Preston Primary School w39630546 Preston Primary School + + 20 m
145227 (E) TS14 6BU Prior Pursglove and Stockton Sixth Form College w55462065 Prior Pursglove College + + 90 m
111667 (E) TS22 5BX Prior's Mill Church of England Controlled Primary School, Billingham w59529968 Priors Mill CofE Primary School + + 126 m
145046 (E) TS10 4HH Riverdale Primary School w148330290 Riverdale Primary School + 31 m
141463 (E) TS9 6EP Roseberry Academy w87536854 Roseberry Community Primary School + + 145 m
135126 (E) TS23 2HJ Roseberry Primary School w61486664 + 32 m
143145 (E) TS19 9LF Rosebrook Primary School w129857929 Rosebrook Primary School + 182 m
144027 (E) TS10 2HN Rye Hills Academy w145564506 Rye Hills School + 316 m
142273 (E) TS10 1PJ Sacred Heart Catholic Secondary w148993030 Sacred Heart RC + 75 m
141458 (E) TS11 6AE Saint Bede's Catholic VA Primary School w99181926 Westgarth Primary School + + 123 m
140750 (E) TS7 9LF Saint Gabriel's Catholic Voluntary Primary Academy w149405186 St Gabriel's Primary School + + 120 m
141457 (E) TS13 4PZ Saint Joseph's Catholic Primary School, A Catholic Voluntary Academy w104135804 St Joseph's Roman Catholic Primary School + 130 m
141456 (E) TS14 8DN Saint Paulinus Catholic Primary School, A Catholic Voluntary Academy w54604390 St. Paulinas RC Primary School + + 108 m
147670 (E) TS21 3DD Sedgefield Community College w109402601 Sedgefield Community College + + 68 m
111785 (E) TS26 0TB Springwell School w25712254 Springwell School + + 254 m
144902 (E) TS25 5BA St Aidan's Church of England Memorial Primary School w4715071 Saint Aidan's School + + 206 m
142367 (E) TS3 6PX St Alphonsus' Catholic Primary School w59181659 + 94 m
142368 (E) TS8 0TE St Augustine's RC Primary School w398206491 + 46 m
111697 (E) TS24 0DX St Bega's RC Primary School w53600588 Saint Begas School + + 85 m
142272 (E) TS10 1LS St Benedict's Primary Catholic Voluntary Academy w149408407 St Benedict's Primary School + 114 m
111692 (E) TS25 5AJ St Cuthbert's RC Primary School w303340595 St Cuthbert's RC Primary School + 54 m
111683 (E) TS18 3SY St Cuthbert's RC Voluntary Aided Primary School w128864996 St Cuthbert's RC Primary School + + 10 m
147275 (E) TS17 5GA St Francis of Assisi Church of England Primary School w38964076 St Francis of Assisi Church of England Primary School + + 18 m
139492 (E) TS19 9AD St Gregory's Catholic Academy w129870265 St Gregory's Catholic Academy + 20 m
111605 (E) TS24 0HG St Helen's Primary School w53600582 Saint Helen's School + + 30 m
133293 (E) TS24 9PB St Hild's Church of England Voluntary Aided School w169065718 Saint Hild's Secondary School + + 129 m
111698 (E) TS24 9PA St John Vianney RC Primary School w57818984 Saint John Vianney Primary School + + 23 m
142734 (E) TS23 1LJ St John the Evangelist Catholic Primary School w61689550 St John The Evangelist R C Primary School + 28 m
114280 (E) TS27 4HE St Joseph's Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School, Blackhall w502868355 St Joseph's RC Primary School + + 39 m
144551 (E) TS19 7HA St Mark's Church of England Primary School w180370577 + 458 m
140779 (E) TS6 7AD St Mary's Catholic Voluntary Primary Academy w59530866 Saint Mary's RCVA Primary School + 2 m
146449 (E) TS21 1DL St Mary's Church of England Primary School w95507454 St Mary's Church of England Primary School + 66 m
142281 (E) TS17 9DE St Patrick's Catholic College, A Voluntary Catholic Academy w191189054 St. Patricks Catholic Collage + + 26 m
111687 (E) TS19 7PL St Patrick's Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School w183050409 St Patrick R C Primary + + 87 m
142739 (E) TS22 5LU St Paul's Catholic Primary School w59529969 St. Pauls RC Primary School + + 39 m
145671 (E) TS12 2UW St Peter's Church of England Primary School w145140109 Kilton Thorpe School + 155 m
142282 (E) TS17 6NE St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Catholic Academy w565100604 St Patrick's RC Primary School + + 97 m
121301 (E) TS13 5AU Staithes, Seton Community Primary School w220728240 Staithes, Seton Community Primary School + 157 m
143612 (E) TS9 5EW Stokesley Primary Academy w145315671 Stokesley Primary Academy + 34 m
141930 (E) TS9 5AL Stokesley School w145315674 Stokesley School + 140 m
139884 (E) TS25 1SQ Stranton Primary School w49786247 Stranton Primary School + + 100 m
140503 (E) TS8 0RJ Sunnyside Academy w401924388 Sunnyside Academy + + 45 m
111768 (E) TS16 9AT Teesside High School w304436694 Teesside High School + 194 m
130576 (E) TS17 6FB The Education Training Collective w32992748 Stockton Riverside College + 64 m
140867 (E) TS25 4HA The English Martyrs School and Sixth Form College w25166721 English Martyrs School + + 150 m
111550 (E) TS20 1QY The Glebe Primary School w99798330 The Glebe Primary School + + 101 m
139673 (E) TS18 4LE The Grangefield Academy w59529770 Grangefield School + + 124 m
134223 (E) TS8 0GA The King's Academy w372403693 The King's Academy + + 173 m
143077 (E) TS16 9ES The Links Primary School w56676495 + 86 m
130571 (E) TS5 7RJ The Northern School of Art w59686716 The Northern School of Art + 4 m
139959 (E) TS19 0SE The Oak Tree Academy w99278435 Oaktree Primary School + + 18 m
147254 (E) TS17 9DB Thornaby Church of England Primary School w67657600 + 62 m
147765 (E) TS3 9NH Thorntree Academy w161640673 Thorntree School + 33 m
111612 (E) TS26 0TJ Throston Primary School w33057675 Throston Primary School + + 85 m
142382 (E) TS4 3JW Trinity Catholic College w449000236 Trinity Academy + + 87 m
146020 (E) TS17 8PW Village Primary School w59175015 Village Primary + + 78 m
136943 (E) TS24 7LE Ward Jackson Church of England VA Primary School w34257931 Ward Jackson C of E Primary School + + 42 m
141627 (E) TS24 9BP West View Primary School w51425511 West View Primary School + + 138 m
145661 (E) TS11 6AE Westgarth Primary School w99181946 St Bede's RC Primary School + + 27 m
141385 (E) TS17 9RA Westlands Academy w59175146 + 188 m
147393 (E) TS6 8AD Whale Hill Primary School w59534922 Whale Hill Primary School + 85 m
145668 (E) TS10 2PU Wheatlands Primary School w148326349 Wheatlands Primary School + 114 m
134076 (E) TS5 4QQ Whinney Banks Primary School w98750706 Whinney Banks + + 88 m
145223 (E) TS17 0RJ Whinstone Primary School w40068273 Whinstone Primary School + + 19 m
143619 (E) TS13 4AD Whitecliffe Academy w148991028 Whitecliffe Primary + 14 m
111549 (E) TS19 0TS Whitehouse Primary School w31973358 Whitehouse Primary School + + 153 m
146067 (E) TS6 8DY Wilton Primary Academy w107897012 Wilton Primary School + + 171 m
111771 (E) TS15 9ES Yarm Preparatory School w361172100 Yarm Prep School + + 70 m
140599 (E) TS15 9HF Yarm Primary School w390271064 Yarm Primary + + 99 m
111769 (E) TS15 9EJ Yarm School w100033336 Yarm School + + 24 m
143478 (E) TS10 3JL Zetland Primary School w149403010 Zetland Primary School + + 54 m

Schools matched to an OSM object by reference number

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MPC Offset
131519 (E) TS1 3JR Abingdon Primary School w453526054 Abingdon Primary School 91 m
141345 (E) TS23 2BU Ash Trees Academy w453532212 Ash Trees Academy 202 m
111577 (E) TS4 3AP Beech Grove Primary School w449426953 Beech Grove Primary School 145 m
111626 (E) TS3 7QH Berwick Hills Primary School w59181661 Berwick Hills Primary School 40 m
138559 (E) TS3 9DB Brambles Primary Academy w59182061 Brambles Primary Academy + 146 m
111587 (E) TS4 2DS Breckon Hill Primary School w449426833 Breckon Hill Primary School 119 m
139476 (E) TS3 9HD Caldicotes Primary Academy w161640902 Caldicotes Primary School 120 m
146222 (E) TS7 8DU Captain Cook Primary School w449428667 Captain Cook Primary School 138 m
145287 (E) TS7 0JL Chandlers Ridge Academy w453529976 Chandlers Ridge Academy 190 m
142344 (E) TS3 8NL Corpus Christi RC Primary School w59182060 Corpus Christi RC Primary School + 64 m
145689 (E) TS20 1SN Crooksbarn Primary School w453535378 Crooksbarn Primary School 63 m
114144 (E) TS29 6BP Deaf Hill Primary School w453549659 Deaf Hill Primary School 98 m
140714 (E) TS4 3RG Easterside Academy w449429420 Easterside Academy 124 m
144936 (E) TS16 9BT Egglescliffe Church of England Primary School w453537129 Egglescliffe Church of England Primary School 102 m
114095 (E) TS21 4AU Fishburn Primary School w453549526 Fishburn Primary School 59 m
140072 (E) TS20 1BZ Frederick Nattrass Primary Academy w453535207 Frederick Nattrass Primary Academy 46 m
140722 (E) TS5 7RU Green Lane Primary Academy w453530997 Green Lane Primary Academy 105 m
146019 (E) TS18 5BS Hartburn Primary School w453537218 Hartburn Primary School 17 m
145136 (E) TS8 9SJ Hemlington Hall Academy w449425917 Hemlington Hall Academy 76 m
111775 (E) TS4 3PT Holmwood School w449429442 Holmwood School 13 m
111726 (E) TS12 1HJ Huntcliff School w453529356 Huntcliff School 202 m
114232 (E) TS27 4RY Hutton Henry CofE (Controlled) Primary School w453533776 Hutton Henry CofE (Controlled) Primary School 86 m
143215 (E) TS24 8PJ Jesmond Gardens Primary School w449426274 Jesmond Gardens Primary School 498 m
140272 (E) TS20 1LG King Edwin School w453787010 King Edwin School 170 m
145976 (E) TS15 9LX Kirklevington Primary School w453536542 Kirklevington Primary School 259 m
146251 (E) TS7 8LP Lingfield Primary School w453530263 Lingfield Primary School 136 m
146262 (E) TS7 8RH Marton Manor Primary School w449429184 Marton Manor Primary School 261 m
111585 (E) TS5 7NJ Newham Bridge Primary School w453530698 Newham Bridge Primary School 95 m
138854 (E) TS3 6LB North Ormesby Primary Academy w59181658 North Ormesby Primary Academy + 276 m
140519 (E) TS20 2RD Norton Primary Academy w453535852 Norton Primary Academy 52 m
131409 (E) TS23 3NR Oakdene Primary School w453532175 Oakdene Primary School 18 m
143479 (E) TS7 9AB Ormesby Primary School w449427783 Ormesby Primary School 129 m
146709 (E) TS23 2BS Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Catholic Academy w453536481 Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Catholic Academy 77 m
138711 (E) TS3 0RH Outwood Academy Ormesby w584847699 Outwood Academy Ormesby 210 m
144136 (E) TS3 8PW Pallister Park Primary School w59181660 Pallister Park Primary School 66 m
111632 (E) TS3 0AA Park End Primary School w449427882 Park End Primary School 27 m
138560 (E) TS3 0QS Pennyman Primary Academy w453529890 Pennyman Primary Academy 19 m
131425 (E) TS3 0RH Priory Woods School w161640006 Priory Woods School & Arts College 220 m
111767 (E) TS20 1DX Red House School w453786779 Red House Nursery & Infant School 185 m
111640 (E) TS25 4JY Rift House Primary School w453533487 Rift House Primary School 36 m
140504 (E) TS8 0UG Rose Wood Academy w453530000 Rose Wood Academy 144 m
111641 (E) TS25 3JL Rossmere Primary School w453533097 Rossmere Primary School 99 m
142365 (E) TS1 4NP Sacred Heart Primary School w453531107 Sacred Heart RC Primary School 29 m
111691 (E) TS26 8NL Sacred Heart RC Primary School w449426341 Sacred Heart RC Primary School 44 m
111663 (E) TS12 1HJ Saltburn Primary School w453529764 Saltburn Primary School 106 m
114159 (E) TS21 2BJ Sedgefield Primary School w453550026 Sedgefield Primary School 53 m
114159 (E) TS21 2BJ Sedgefield Primary School w562962384 Sedgefield Hardwick Primary School 851 m
140319 (E) TS12 2LR Skelton Primary School w453529800 Skelton Primary School 135 m
134705 (E) TS6 6SY South Bank Community Primary School w59529960 South Bank Community Primary School 170 m
146249 (E) TS3 7HD St Pius X Catholic Primary School, a Catholic Voluntary Academy w59181786 St Pius X Catholic Primary School + 124 m
140442 (E) TS19 0DW St Bede's Catholic Academy w453787077 St Bede's Catholic Academy 54 m
142369 (E) TS7 0PZ St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School w453530504 St Bernadette's RC Primary School 200 m
142370 (E) TS5 8RZ St Clare's RC Primary School w449426136 St Clare's RC Primary School 190 m
142371 (E) TS5 6QS St Edward's RC Primary School w449427729 St Edward's RC Primary School 107 m
142373 (E) TS8 9HU St Gerard's RC Primary School w453530043 St Gerard's RC Primary School 127 m
111668 (E) TS19 0FB St John the Baptist Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School w453533941 St John the Baptist Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 181 m
146679 (E) TS20 1HR St Joseph's Catholic Academy w453535390 St Joseph's Catholic Academy 102 m
142374 (E) TS4 2NT St Joseph's Catholic Primary School w449427386 St Joseph's RC Primary School 13 m
142736 (E) TS23 3NN St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Billingham w453531780 St Joseph's Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School, Billingham 54 m
111693 (E) TS24 7HT St Joseph's RC Primary School w449426588 St Joseph's RC Primary School 31 m
114279 (E) TS28 5AN St Mary's Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School, Wingate w453549669 St Mary's Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School, Wingate 609 m
139656 (E) TS23 3DX St Michael's Catholic Academy w453536528 St Michael's Catholic Academy 153 m
140751 (E) TS6 6SP St Peter's Catholic College w138351632 Saint Peter's Catholic Voluntary Academy 91 m
145814 (E) TS27 3EG St Peter's Elwick Church of England Primary School w453533711 St Peter's Elwick Church of England Primary School 96 m
111694 (E) TS25 3BG St Teresa's RC Primary School w41631272 Saint Teresa's Roman Catholic Lower School 79 m
142280 (E) TS17 0QP St Therese of Lisieux Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Catholic Academy w453537167 St Therese of Lisieux Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Catholic Academy 146 m
142376 (E) TS4 3QH St Thomas More RC Primary School w449429458 St Thomas More RC Primary School 47 m
147402 (E) TS29 6HY St William's Catholic Academy w453549489 St William's Catholic Primary School 91 m
146887 (E) TS6 0BZ Teesville Academy w59182066 Teesville Academy 333 m
146887 (E) TS6 0BZ Teesville Academy w59454594 Teesville Academy 90 m
146252 (E) TS7 0AG The Avenue Primary School w453530558 The Avenue Primary School 125 m
144495 (E) TS17 9DB Thornaby Academy w453531655 Thornaby Academy 186 m
111660 (E) TS18 2HU Tilery Primary School w453531765 Tilery Primary School 67 m
133768 (E) TS3 8RE Unity City Academy w449426645 Unity City Academy 131 m
140505 (E) TS8 9HL Viewley Hill Academy w453530088 Viewley Hill Academy 122 m
114315 (E) TS28 5AX Wellfield School w453549869 Wellfield Community School A Specialist Maths and Computing College 72 m
141717 (E) TS26 0BU West Park Primary School w453533652 West Park Primary School 138 m
111720 (E) TS21 1JD William Cassidi Church of England Aided Primary School w453554906 William Cassidi Church of England Aided Primary School 64 m
114149 (E) TS28 5AQ Wingate Primary School w453549863 Wingate Primary School 423 m
146018 (E) TS22 5LN Wolviston Primary School w453532285 Wolviston Primary School 89 m

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