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OSM Schools Progress in the 'TW' Postal Area

The blue circles on the map are schools from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a school on the official list. The lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects. Dark green lines represent a match based on the ref:edubase (England & Wales), ref:seedcode (Scotland) and ref:deni (Northern Ireland) tags. Light green lines represent a match based on location in the absense of an OSM ref:* tag. Orange lines represnt a match based on location, with an incorrect ref:* tag. The location matches can match the wrong schools, particularly in inner-city areas where there are many schools in close proximity. To fix incorrect location matches, add the appropriate ref:* tag to the OSM amenity=school objects. For more information see below.

Schools not matched to an OSM Object

Note that only OSM ways and relations tagged with amenity=school or amenity=college are checked for possible matches. In most cases, any nodes tagged like this would be better converted to way polygons covering the whole of the school site. The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby school being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official Edubase / Scottish Government data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add schools to OSM. However, knowing that there is a school missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that school using other sources -- e.g. Bing, OS Street View, and by searching for the possible school's own website.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
145866 (E) TW7 5AJ Bolder Academy
143317 (E) TW2 7SL Clarendon School
124916 (E) TW15 3DU Fordway Centre
146362 (E) TW19 6BS Green Corridor
138924 (E) TW5 0QR Heston Community School
142781 (E) TW13 7EF Logic Studio School
135090 (E) TW3 1JS Oak Heights Independent School
140718 (E) TW13 4QP Oak Hill Academy
137009 (E) TW14 9PE Rivers Academy West London
137618 (E) TW13 7EF Springwest Academy
134109 (E) TW20 0RX St Peter's Centre
139121 (E) TW1 4LT St Richard Reynolds Catholic High School
139122 (E) TW1 4LT St Richard Reynolds Catholic Primary School
134243 (E) TW4 5HU Suffah Primary School

OSM Objects not matched to a school on the official lists

Entries here could be due to: Former schools that have now closed, more than one area being tagged for a single school, the official entry for a real school being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or institutions not included in the official lists being tagged as schools in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM Ref
w55880293 Athelstan House School
w32930164 Christ Church New Malden
w33175694 Clarendon School
w373801165 Cranford College
w136210946 Cranmere Primary School
w27161796 Denmead School
w241804211 Denmead School
w100720482 Holly Lodge
w222576798 King's House School
w384968452 Kingston College
w373792772 Meadowbank Adult Education Centre
w32687839 Norbiton Childrens Centre
w4953330 Oaklands School
w72139522 Richmond and Hillcroft Adult Community College
w260981037 Riverbridge Primary School Knowle Green Base
w249623202 Salesian School
w211813935 St Mary's CE Primary School (Juniors)
r1802962 St. Anne's Catholic Primary School
r8534677 Strathmore School
w566668292 Strode's College
w151687060 Strode's College
w51452078 Surbiton High Junior Girls School
w51453545 Surbiton High School Assembly Rooms
w27163431 The Lady Eleanor Holles School - Junior Department
w10575085 The Old Rectory Nursery School
w211818538 Trafalgar Infant School
w478112317 Warren Park Children's Centre
w210347255 Windham Nursery School

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Schools matched to an OSM object by location

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM amenity=school or amenity=college way or relation within 1km of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several school sites are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MR MPC Offset
131173 (E) TW20 0HS ACS Egham International School w158694873 ACS Egham International School + 84 m
140974 (E) TW3 4DU Alexandra Primary School w5002548 Alexandra Nursery, Infant and Junior Schools + + 94 m
102920 (E) TW2 5TU Archdeacon Cambridge's Church of England Primary School w33234398 Archdeacon Cambridge's CE Primary School + 214 m
125113 (E) TW15 3HN Ashford Park Primary School w162858576 Ashford Park County Primary School + + 222 m
102520 (E) TW4 6HR Beavers Community Primary School w5012795 Beavers Community Primary School + + 109 m
135831 (E) TW14 9QZ Bedfont Primary School w22701618 Marjory Kinnon School + 115 m
144097 (E) TW5 9HQ Berkeley Academy w10575121 Berkeley Primary School + + 171 m
102918 (E) TW2 6LF Bishop Perrin Church of England Primary School w211790276 Bishop Perrin CE Primary School + 32 m
125328 (E) TW20 0YJ Bishopsgate School w303179031 Bishopsgate School + 98 m
139095 (E) TW8 0PG Brentford School for Girls w23792427 Brentford School for Girls + + 87 m
102938 (E) TW9 3HS Broomfield House School w222576087 Broomfield House School + 2 m
102904 (E) TW12 3LT Buckingham Primary School w211551040 Buckingham Primary & Nursery School + 158 m
135237 (E) TW18 1NB Buckland Primary School w162902344 Buckland Infant and Junior Schools + + 127 m
102471 (E) TW13 5AL Cardinal Road Infant and Nursery School w23388084 Cardinal Road Infant School + + 58 m
102883 (E) TW12 3AJ Carlisle Infant School w32986557 Carlisle Infant School + 34 m
102905 (E) TW2 7DE Chase Bridge Primary School w7848021 Chase Bridge Primary School + 85 m
135880 (E) TW3 2NW Chatsworth Primary School w7848043 Chatsworth Infant and Nursery School + + 67 m
102929 (E) TW10 6HW Christ's Church of England Comprehensive Secondary School w210347533 Christ's School + 24 m
125088 (E) TW15 2HZ Clarendon Primary School w162873374 + 57 m
102903 (E) TW11 9BS Collis Primary School w211552798 Collis Primary School + 116 m
132263 (E) TW13 5LN Crane Park Primary School w23060039 Crane Park Primary School + + 130 m
136522 (E) TW5 9PD Cranford Community College w5044062 Cranford Community College + + 102 m
136809 (E) TW4 6LB Cranford Primary School w154193268 Cranford Infant & Nursery School + + 252 m
102884 (E) TW9 4LH Darell Primary and Nursery School w140287827 Darell Primary School + 57 m
142012 (E) TW9 2RE Deer Park School w658870586 Deer Park School + 49 m
142889 (E) TW5 0AQ Edison Primary School w9652972 Springwell Junior School + + 166 m
102514 (E) TW13 4TQ Edward Pauling Primary School w23546090 Edward Pauling Primary School + 34 m
125101 (E) TW20 0NP Englefield Green Infant School and Nurseries w491783747 Englefield Green Infants School + + 61 m
132264 (E) TW14 8ET Fairholme Primary School w22969490 Fairholme School + + 210 m
145195 (E) TW9 2SS Falcons Preparatory School for Boys w158578897 Falcon's Preparatory School for Boys + 122 m
102484 (E) TW13 4LZ Feltham Hill Infant and Nursery School w23485744 Feltham Hill Junior School + + 64 m
132266 (E) TW8 0BJ Green Dragon Primary School w23699299 Green Dragon Primary School + 110 m
138825 (E) TW10 7HN Grey Court School w37418206 Grey Court School + 106 m
102519 (E) TW3 3QQ Grove Road Primary School w4944009 Grove Road Primary School + + 55 m
137928 (E) TW7 6XF Gumley House RC Convent School, FCJ w5217109 Gumley House Convent School + + 26 m
102545 (E) TW8 9LB Gunnersbury Catholic School w24265564 Gunnersbury Catholic School + + 131 m
125411 (E) TW17 9HX Halliford School r6802986 Halliford School + + 91 m
143419 (E) TW12 3HB Hampton High w25568953 Hampton High + 48 m
102886 (E) TW12 1HW Hampton Hill Junior School w27162637 Hampton Hill Junior School + 55 m
102888 (E) TW12 2JH Hampton Infant School and Nursery w92793300 Hampton Infant School & Nursery + 81 m
102887 (E) TW12 2LA Hampton Junior School w55880292 Hampton Junior School + 13 m
102946 (E) TW12 3HD Hampton School w25568954 Hampton School + 119 m
102889 (E) TW11 9RP Hampton Wick Infant and Nursery School w211554607 Hampton Wick Infant School + 18 m
102891 (E) TW2 6EN Heathfield Infant School w29428970 Turing House School + + 280 m
102890 (E) TW2 6EN Heathfield Junior School w211800143 Heathfield Nursery infant School & Junior School + 106 m
136191 (E) TW5 0QR Heston Primary School w5044058 Heston Community School + + 75 m
102908 (E) TW10 5AA Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School w4765426 Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School + 98 m
102490 (E) TW4 7HE Hounslow Heath Infant and Nursery School w817923279 Wellington Primary School + + 841 m
102489 (E) TW4 7BD Hounslow Heath Junior School w4986436 + 110 m
102491 (E) TW3 1QZ Hounslow Town Primary School w4953331 Hounslow Town Primary School + + 201 m
125107 (E) TW18 3HD Hythe Primary School w251399427 The Hythe Community Primary School + + 177 m
102492 (E) TW7 6AB Isleworth Town Primary School w5068503 Isleworth Town Primary and Nursery School + + 163 m
137940 (E) TW7 5LJ Isleworth and Syon School for Boys r11248900 Isleworth and Syon School for Boys + + 56 m
102512 (E) TW7 7QB Ivybridge Primary School w23340632 Ivybridge Primary School + + 43 m
102940 (E) TW9 3HQ Kew College w222572111 Kew College + 40 m
134932 (E) TW9 3AF Kew Green Preparatory School w26280408 Kew Green Preparatory School + 1 m
140066 (E) TW8 0EX Kew House w777820896 + 98 m
133343 (E) TW9 4ES Kew Riverside Primary School w210348598 Kew Riverside Primary School + 12 m
102931 (E) TW10 6ES King's House School w222577838 King's House School + 3 m
139276 (E) TW3 1AX Kingsley Academy w4844651 Kingsley Academy + + 34 m
102932 (E) TW12 3HF Lady Eleanor Holles School w25568955 Lady Eleanor Holles School + 107 m
125229 (E) TW18 1SB Laleham CofE VA Primary School w162939305 Laleham Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School + + 104 m
136341 (E) TW3 4EP Lampton Academy w4842335 Lampton School + 89 m
102556 (E) TW13 6ST Lindon Bennett School w22924454 Lindon Bennett School + + 77 m
102493 (E) TW8 9QT Lionel Primary School w23699604 Lionel Primary School + + 175 m
125473 (E) TW17 8EL Manor Mead School w257122991 Manor Mead School + + 10 m
102554 (E) TW14 9QZ Marjory Kinnon School w22701619 Bedfont Junior, Infant and Nursery Schools + + 20 m
102494 (E) TW7 5XA Marlborough Primary School w5096815 Marlborough Primary School + + 19 m
133728 (E) TW10 6HY Marshgate Primary School w210346957 Marshgate Primary School + 12 m
146264 (E) TW15 1LP Meadhurst Primary School w250363942 + 155 m
102893 (E) TW10 7TS Meadlands Primary School w37418205 Meadlands Primary School + 164 m
145122 (E) TW2 7BU Nelson Primary School w8011955 Nelson Primary School + 111 m
102934 (E) TW1 4TQ Newland House School w207443589 Newland House School + 78 m
139720 (E) TW7 5PN Nishkam School West London w656746666 Nishkam School West London + 152 m
102555 (E) TW3 4BX Oaklands School w619202524 Oaklands School + + 94 m
135562 (E) TW4 5JW Orchard Primary School w4958932 The Orchard Junior School + + 132 m
140158 (E) TW13 6QQ Oriel Academy West London w22924013 Oriel Junior, Infant and Nursery School + + 152 m
102895 (E) TW1 3EN Orleans Primary School w25134775 Orleans Primary School + 103 m
102526 (E) TW8 9JF Our Lady and St John's Catholic Primary School w267105011 Our Lady & St John's Primary School + + 181 m
125215 (E) TW18 2EF Our Lady of the Rosary RC Primary School w162354668 Our Lady of the Rosary RC Primary School + + 113 m
137018 (E) TW1 4QG Radnor House w234015043 Newland House School Pre-Preparatory Department + 679 m
138266 (E) TW13 4AB Reach Academy Feltham w306298530 Reach Academy + + 64 m
130454 (E) TW2 7SJ Richmond-upon-Thames College w7848020 Richmond upon Thames College + + 58 m
143371 (E) TW18 2EF Riverbridge Primary School w162354657 Riverbridge Primary School Park Avenue Base + 165 m
102916 (E) TW11 9DD Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School w211555228 Sacred Heart RC Primary School + 84 m
140250 (E) TW17 0JB Saxon Primary School w162919159 Saxon County Junior School + + 70 m
145475 (E) TW14 9NP Southville Primary School w8084133 Southville Schools + + 175 m
142126 (E) TW14 9PE Space Studio West London w22969181 Longford Community School + + 43 m
102499 (E) TW14 0DB Sparrow Farm Infant and Nursery School w22604045 Sparrow Farm Infants School + + 84 m
102508 (E) TW14 0DG Sparrow Farm Junior School w19831931 Sparrow Farm Junior School + 89 m
102500 (E) TW7 4HB Spring Grove Primary School w9936075 Spring Grove Primary School + + 74 m
146822 (E) TW5 9EF Springwell School w9652974 Springwell Infant and Nursery School + + 102 m
102936 (E) TW1 4QJ St Catherine's School w241185701 St. Catherine's School + 179 m
102912 (E) TW2 7BB St Edmund's Catholic Primary School w211808063 St. Edmunds Catholic Primary School + 148 m
102910 (E) TW10 6HN St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School w210873192 St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School + 27 m
100528 (E) TW15 3DZ St James Senior Boys' School w351471387 St James Senior Boys' School + + 36 m
102913 (E) TW2 5NP St James's Roman Catholic Primary School w29429494 St James Catholic Primary School + 137 m
102527 (E) TW13 4FF St Lawrence Catholic Primary School w524688635 + 210 m
137995 (E) TW3 3EJ St Mark's Catholic School w4971810 St. Mark's Catholic School + + 60 m
102528 (E) TW7 7EE St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Isleworth w5068515 St. Mary's Catholic Primary School + 12 m
139421 (E) TW12 2HP St Mary's Hampton Church of England Primary w385874654 St Mary's Hampton CE Primary school + 280 m
102917 (E) TW11 8RX St Mary's and St Peter's Church of England Primary School w196898653 St. Mary's & St. Peter's CoE Primary School + 83 m
102531 (E) TW4 7AG St Michael and St Martin Catholic Primary School w4986435 St. Michael and St. Martin Catholic Primary School + + 77 m
102524 (E) TW8 0PN St Paul's CofE Primary School w23792421 St. Paul's CE Primary School + + 25 m
146474 (E) TW13 6UN St Richard's Church of England Primary School w22992563 Forge Lane Primary School + + 152 m
102907 (E) TW10 7NL St Richard's Church of England Primary School w4775621 St. Richard's with St. Andrew's Church of England Primary & Nursery School + 92 m
102915 (E) TW1 1LF St Stephen's C E Primary School w24489630 St Stephen's Church of England Primary School + 94 m
125414 (E) TW18 2BT Staines Preparatory School w165280320 Staines Prep School + 104 m
102898 (E) TW11 8UH Stanley Primary School w191612172 Stanley Primary School + 73 m
143318 (E) TW1 4DQ Strathmore School w43346202 St Richard Reynolds Catholic College + 25 m
125423 (E) TW20 8TE T A S I S w261876945 The American School in England + 406 m
137273 (E) TW5 0LJ Tarbiyyah Primary School w62277260 + 226 m
138460 (E) TW11 9PJ Teddington School w211819112 Teddington School + 103 m
137237 (E) TW17 9EE Thamesmead School w161778436 Thamesmead School + + 163 m
102523 (E) TW7 6RQ The Blue School CofE Primary w23031360 Isleworth Blue School + + 20 m
102558 (E) TW5 9RU The Cedars Primary School w15244837 The Cedars Primary School + + 22 m
140034 (E) TW15 1EX The Echelford Primary School w154040422 Echelford Primary School + + 170 m
102945 (E) TW10 7AH The German School w28410174 The German School + 162 m
144515 (E) TW7 6AU The Green School for Boys w5096788 Syon Park School + + 40 m
139989 (E) TW7 5BB The Green School for Girls w5081409 The Green School + + 109 m
102539 (E) TW4 5JD The Heathland School w4986442 The Heathland School + + 82 m
137116 (E) TW18 3HJ The Magna Carta School w162347413 The Magna Carta School 170 m
102933 (E) TW2 5NQ The Mall School w189838565 The Mall School + 4 m
138765 (E) TW18 1PF The Matthew Arnold School w162902356 The Matthew Arnold School + + 145 m
102935 (E) TW10 6QX The Old Vicarage School w222578347 Old Vicarage School + 79 m
102921 (E) TW9 3HJ The Queen's Church of England Primary School w4766398 Queen's Church of England primary school + 108 m
143022 (E) TW2 7SL The Richmond upon Thames School w161639861 St Mary's CE Primary School (Infants) + 935 m
140360 (E) TW13 7EF The Rise Free School w22604308 Feltham Community College + + 130 m
135261 (E) TW5 0RL The Rosary Catholic Primary School w8685853 The Rosary Catholic Primary School + + 38 m
102896 (E) TW10 7AH The Russell Primary School w211823003 The Russell Primary School + 140 m
102515 (E) TW7 5BF The Smallberry Green Primary School w5081403 Smallberry Green Primary School + + 26 m
138771 (E) TW13 6PN The St Michael Steiner School w387153930 The St Michael Steiner School + + 139 m
102906 (E) TW10 6NE The Vineyard School w91044415 The Vineyard Primary School + 109 m
131201 (E) TW7 5ED The Woodbridge Park Education Service w5096771 Isleworth and Syon School + + 581 m
136832 (E) TW15 3DU Thomas Knyvett College w351521108 Brooklands College + + 828 m
125072 (E) TW20 8DY Thorpe Lea Primary School w162344614 Thorpe Lea Primary School + + 96 m
102901 (E) TW2 5EH Trafalgar Infant School w354182409 The Mall School (Infants) + 244 m
102900 (E) TW2 5EG Trafalgar Junior School w170754285 Trafalgar Junior School + 71 m
141963 (E) TW11 0LR Turing House School w628277714 Turing House School + 103 m
102943 (E) TW12 2SA Twickenham Preparatory School w241327016 Twickenham Preparatory School + 111 m
142122 (E) TW2 6QF Twickenham Primary Academy w44072412 Radnor House + 678 m
143420 (E) TW2 6JW Twickenham School w211819343 Twickenham Academy + 35 m
102944 (E) TW9 3JX Unicorn School w222576418 Unicorn School + 129 m
102486 (E) TW13 4AQ Victoria Junior School w23388092 Victoria Junior School + 77 m
138461 (E) TW2 5LH Waldegrave School w29429490 Waldegrave School + 104 m
102505 (E) TW3 4LB Wellington Primary School w4996349 Wellington Primary & Nursery School + + 22 m
130447 (E) TW7 4HS West Thames College w5068526 West Thames College + + 119 m
139889 (E) TW5 0NB Westbrook Primary School w8116460 Westbrook Primary School + + 94 m
102506 (E) TW7 7DB Worple Primary School w23031369 Worple Primary School + + 23 m
109907 (E) TW19 5DJ Wraysbury Primary School w168838662 Wraysbury Primary School + + 107 m

Schools matched to an OSM object by reference number

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MPC Offset
125228 (E) TW15 2BW Ashford CofE Primary School w455560672 Ashford CofE Primary School 116 m
102546 (E) TW7 4LW Ashton House School w455555098 Ashton House School 20 m
125096 (E) TW16 5LE Beauclerc Infant and Nursery School w455560510 Beauclerc Infant and Nursery School 75 m
125094 (E) TW16 5ED Chennestone Primary School w33146931 Chennestone Primary School 56 m
125284 (E) TW16 6PG Hawkedale Primary School w455560479 Hawkedale Primary School 232 m
102939 (E) TW12 3HX Jack and Jill School w455560449 Jack and Jill School 70 m
140348 (E) TW16 7QL Kenyngton Manor Primary School w163003972 Kenyngton Manor Primary School 111 m
125231 (E) TW17 0QE Littleton CofE Infant School w257122997 Littleton CofE Infant School 73 m
124953 (E) TW20 9LX Manorcroft Primary School w455560647 Manorcroft Primary School 72 m
138651 (E) TW1 3BB Orleans Park School w211814853 Orleans Park School 142 m
140350 (E) TW16 6LY Springfield Primary School w162944478 Springfield Primary School 134 m
125209 (E) TW20 0RY St Cuthbert's Catholic Primary School, Englefield Green w440983945 St Cuthbert's Catholic Primary School, Englefield Green 47 m
125214 (E) TW16 6QG St Ignatius RC Primary School w33146816 St Ignatius Catholic Primary School 24 m
125173 (E) TW20 0RU St Jude's Church of England Junior School (VA) w440984105 St Jude's Church of England Junior School (VA) 54 m
102914 (E) TW1 3HE St Mary's Church of England Primary School w452264741 St Mary's Church of England Primary School 122 m
125233 (E) TW15 2DG St Michael Catholic Primary School w455560676 St Michael Catholic Primary School 93 m
125230 (E) TW17 9AD St Nicholas CofE Primary School w460528759 St Nicholas Church Of England Primary School 133 m
125311 (E) TW16 6JE St Paul's Catholic College w32987999 St Paul's Catholic College 250 m
144001 (E) TW19 7DB Stanwell Fields CofE Primary School w455560420 Stanwell Fields CofE Primary School 74 m
136529 (E) TW16 6LF Sunbury Manor School w162944521 Sunbury Manor School 96 m
138491 (E) TW16 6LT The Bishop Wand Church of England School w162944426 The Bishop Wand Church of England School 147 m
125174 (E) TW20 8QD Thorpe CofE Aided Primary School w161545288 Thorpe C of E Primary School + 88 m
125126 (E) TW19 7HU Town Farm Primary School & Nursery w455560326 Town Farm Primary School & Nursery 103 m

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