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OSM Schools Progress in the 'WS' Postal Area

The blue circles on the map are schools from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a school on the official list. The lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects. Dark green lines represent a match based on the ref:edubase (England & Wales), ref:seedcode (Scotland) and ref:deni (Northern Ireland) tags. Light green lines represent a match based on location in the absense of an OSM ref:* tag. Orange lines represnt a match based on location, with an incorrect ref:* tag. The location matches can match the wrong schools, particularly in inner-city areas where there are many schools in close proximity. To fix incorrect location matches, add the appropriate ref:* tag to the OSM amenity=school objects. For more information see below.

Schools not matched to an OSM Object

Note that only OSM ways and relations tagged with amenity=school or amenity=college are checked for possible matches. In most cases, any nodes tagged like this would be better converted to way polygons covering the whole of the school site. The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby school being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official Edubase / Scottish Government data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add schools to OSM. However, knowing that there is a school missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that school using other sources -- e.g. Bing, OS Street View, and by searching for the possible school's own website.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
145680 (E) WS13 7PH Charnwood Primary Academy
141501 (E) WS10 0GB Homeschool
104265 (E) WS1 2PD Mayfield Preparatory School
146806 (E) WS11 0LG Peak Education - Cannock
147082 (E) WS12 4RY Poppyfield Primary Academy
104196 (E) WS4 1NQ Rushall Primary School

OSM Objects not matched to a school on the official lists

Entries here could be due to: Former schools that have now closed, more than one area being tagged for a single school, the official entry for a real school being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or institutions not included in the official lists being tagged as schools in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM Ref
r5815615 Abbots Bromley School 124470
w166596001 Bader
w209910770 Batmans Hill School
w52333093 Bloxwich West Children's Centre
w44044921 Christ Church CE Primary School (Nursery Centre)
w432815048 Cooper & Jordan Sports Field
w166596294 Design and Technology Block
w52116299 Forest Arts Centre
r2355334 Highclare School, Woodfield
w92286643 King Edward VI Leisure Centre
w166596002 King's Hill House
w324051891 Languages Block
w324050952 Languages Block
w97576230 Marshlands Primary School
w233521814 Music block
w70573802 Palfrey Girls School
w207633867 Park Hall Schools
w379374468 Pinfold Primary School
w204553949 Saint Bede's Preparatory School
w122939070 St Mary's College
w54209147 Valley Children's Centre
w61382611 Walsall College
w396149973 Wood Green Academy

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Schools matched to an OSM object by location

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM amenity=school or amenity=college way or relation within 1km of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several school sites are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MR MPC Offset
104168 (E) WS3 2RP Abbey Primary School w52331340 Abbey Primary School + 157 m
135483 (E) WS2 7AN Abu Bakr Boys School w51426752 North Wasall Primary School + + 275 m
132750 (E) WS1 4JJ Abu Bakr Girls School w740077955 Abu Bakr Girls School + 21 m
141410 (E) WS3 3LP All Saints National Academy w53538155 Bloxwich C. of E. Primary School + + 36 m
139435 (E) WS2 8NF Birchills Church of England Community Academy w260075578 + 107 m
104144 (E) WS3 3JF Blakenall Heath Junior School w54209123 Blakenall Heath Junior School + + 49 m
137274 (E) WS2 7NR Bloxwich Academy w53050440 Bloxwich West Children's Centre + + 515 m
138606 (E) WS1 2ND Blue Coat Church of England Academy r11149876 Blue Coat Church of England Academy + 69 m
104230 (E) WS1 2LP Blue Coat Church of England Aided Junior School w68505777 Blue Coat C.E.(A) Junior School + 22 m
104206 (E) WS8 7LA Brownhills West Primary School w41646513 Brownhills West Primary School + 133 m
146785 (E) WS3 2QF Busill Jones Primary School w53050441 Busill Jones Primary School + 89 m
104147 (E) WS4 2AH Butts Primary School w61376612 Butts Primary School + 132 m
143904 (E) WS1 3RH Caldmore Primary Academy w69594882 Caldmore Community Primary School + + 76 m
104204 (E) WS9 9JP Castlefort Junior Mixed and Infant School w32317370 Castlefort J.M.I School + + 125 m
146443 (E) WS6 7JQ Cheslyn Hay Academy w389911909 Cheslyn Hay High School + + 121 m
124189 (E) WS6 7JQ Cheslyn Hay Primary School w389911913 Cheslyn Hay Primary School + + 96 m
124257 (E) WS13 8AY Christ Church CofE (C) Primary School w299523235 Christ Church Primary School + + 145 m
104220 (E) WS3 1EN Christ Church CofE Primary School w52116303 Christ Church Primary School + 121 m
132076 (E) WS1 2DZ Chuckery Primary School w68505757 Chuckery Primary School + 90 m
132073 (E) WS9 8NH Cooper and Jordan Church of England Primary School w14403090 Cooper & Jordan C of E School + 124 m
138420 (E) WS2 8JE Croft Academy w61390150 Croft Community Primary School + + 48 m
104150 (E) WS5 4PU Delves Infant School w31518565 Yew Tree Primary School + + 789 m
104170 (E) WS5 4PU Delves Junior School w23820006 Delves Infant & Nursery School + 148 m
139610 (E) WS3 1RQ Edgar Stammers Primary Academy w45669882 Edgar Stammers Primary School with Nursery and Children's Centre + 76 m
104153 (E) WS3 2HW Elmore Green Primary School w53050444 Elmore Green Primary School + 48 m
135461 (E) WS4 1EG Elmwood School w32694386 Elmwood School + 361 m
130323 (E) WS2 8PR Emmanuel School w32117950 Abu Bakr Girls Secondary School + 722 m
141203 (E) WS14 9AN Five Spires Academy w37190763 Saxon Hill Community School + + 474 m
144604 (E) WS15 4LY Gentleshaw Primary Academy w131615735 Gentleshaw Primary School + + 19 m
124162 (E) WS6 7BZ Glenthorne Community Primary School w389911418 Glenthorne Community Primary School + + 62 m
138591 (E) WS3 1DL Goldsmith Primary Academy w54209136 Goldsmith Primary Academy + 100 m
135956 (E) WS10 8QJ Grace Academy Darlaston w56918901 His Grace Academy + 117 m
144988 (E) WS6 6LQ Great Wyrley Academy w305846692 Great Wyrley High School + + 168 m
104216 (E) WS4 1PL Greenfield Primary School w39764786 Greenfield Primary School + 41 m
124126 (E) WS14 0LT Greysbrooke Primary School w11237329 + 95 m
124151 (E) WS15 4EU Hayes Meadow Primary School w204358935 Hayes Meadow Primary School + + 118 m
146910 (E) WS15 3QN Henry Chadwick Primary School w139595026 Henry Chadwick Primary School + + 36 m
131511 (E) WS2 9BP Hillary Primary School w256967580 Hillary Primary School + 65 m
124212 (E) WS7 1LU Holly Grove Primary School w219512235 + 129 m
104223 (E) WS8 7EG Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School w40710571 Holy Trinity C.E. Primary School & Church + 61 m
104266 (E) WS1 2QG Hydesville Tower School w78192562 Hydesville Tower School + 40 m
137830 (E) WS5 4PG Joseph Leckie Academy w31777695 Joseph Leckie Academy + 90 m
138540 (E) WS3 2SQ Jubilee Academy Mossley w52335574 Mossley Primary School + + 156 m
104175 (E) WS2 0JN King Charles Primary School w261691280 King Charles School + 97 m
124408 (E) WS14 9EE King Edward VI School w37190762 King Edward VI School + + 198 m
104179 (E) WS10 9JG Kings Hill Primary School w261950345 + 93 m
124190 (E) WS6 6AQ Landywood Primary School w392286596 Landywood Primary School + + 146 m
104157 (E) WS3 2BB Leamore Primary School w54209129 Leamore School + + 57 m
131433 (E) WS9 8HZ Leighswood School w14479624 Leighswood School + + 80 m
104222 (E) WS3 3DL Little Bloxwich CofE VC Primary School w47440593 Little Bloxwich C of E V C Primary School + 116 m
143898 (E) WS12 4UD Littleton Green Community School w239629172 Littleton Green Community School + 351 m
104169 (E) WS3 3QH Lower Farm Primary School w48454954 Lower Farm County Primary School + 69 m
124488 (E) WS13 8BL Maple Hayes Hall School w131620325 Maple Hayes Hall Dyslexia School & Research Centre + + 169 m
104272 (E) WS2 7NR Mary Elliot School w53050425 Frank F Harrison Engineering College + + 122 m
104203 (E) WS8 6BN Millfield Primary School w32902894 Millfield Primary School + 141 m
124191 (E) WS6 6BX Moat Hall Primary School w305846693 Moat Hall Primary School + + 194 m
146493 (E) WS13 7NB Nether Stowe School w201568409 Netherstowe School + + 155 m
134523 (E) WS4 1NG New Leaf Centre w39764781 Rushall J.M.I School + 126 m
144499 (E) WS2 7BH North Walsall Primary Academy w51426764 Abu Bakr Independent School + + 54 m
104275 (E) WS9 9JS Oakwood School w32317369 Oakwood School + 108 m
104224 (E) WS10 8DL Old Church Church of England C Primary School w261549398 + 45 m
104274 (E) WS2 7LU Old Hall School w268634939 + 945 m
103909 (E) WS10 9LX Old Park Primary School w138743167 Old Park Primary School + + 175 m
135769 (E) WS4 1BW Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy w39658087 Shelfield Community Academy + 68 m
104161 (E) WS1 4HY Palfrey Infant School w70573692 Palfrey Infant School + + 111 m
104160 (E) WS1 4AH Palfrey Junior School w70573810 Palfrey Junior School + + 90 m
136303 (E) WS5 3HF Park Hall Infant Academy w23819652 Park Hall Schools + + 104 m
137797 (E) WS5 3HF Park Hall Junior Academy w207633869 Park Hall Schools + + 45 m
104176 (E) WS10 8PU Pinfold Street Primary School w56676727 + 75 m
136773 (E) WS1 2PG Queen Mary's Grammar School w68505798 Queen Mary's Grammar School + 171 m
136777 (E) WS4 2AE Queen Mary's High School w61376617 Queen Mary's High School + + 23 m
146901 (E) WS13 6PJ Queen's Croft High School w299305321 Queen's Croft Community School + + 230 m
145276 (E) WS13 7PH Rocklands School w37191878 Charnwood Primary School + + 239 m
136619 (E) WS3 4HX Ryders Hayes School w40221366 Ryders Hayes Community School + 104 m
124375 (E) WS13 7NH SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School w58480107 SS. Peter & Paul R C Primary School + + 145 m
104178 (E) WS10 8BQ Salisbury Primary School w164766029 Salisbury Street Primary School + + 138 m
142094 (E) WS14 9DE Saxon Hill Academy w166600802 Student Support + + 4 m
145538 (E) WS13 6DE Scotch Orchard Primary School w25578940 Scotch Orchard Primary School + 106 m
104024 (E) WS14 0LB Shenstone Lodge School w293386807 + 88 m
136620 (E) WS9 9PA Shire Oak Academy w32489479 Shire Oak Academy + 15 m
104242 (E) WS8 6HX St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School w41226466 St. Bernadette's Catholic Primary School + + 142 m
124259 (E) WS13 6SN St Chad's CofE (VC) Primary School w204527509 St. Chad’s C.E. (VC) Primary School + 82 m
104239 (E) WS4 1RH St Francis Catholic Primary School w39764788 St. Francis Catholic School + 85 m
143347 (E) WS15 4PL St James Church of England Primary Academy w512955613 St James School + + 11 m
140856 (E) WS10 9AR St John's Church of England Primary Academy w220122958 + 59 m
104228 (E) WS9 9NA St John's Church of England Primary School w32514117 St Johns Primary School + + 105 m
124357 (E) WS14 9AN St Joseph's Catholic Primary School w112692041 St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School + + 123 m
104235 (E) WS10 8HN St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Darlaston w320700648 + 80 m
134353 (E) WS11 1HN St Lukes CofE Primary School w389904717 St Luke's C of E School + + 232 m
104240 (E) WS9 0HA St Mary of the Angels Catholic Primary School w14403087 St Mary of the Angels Catholic Primary School + + 151 m
103993 (E) WS10 9PN St Mary's Catholic Primary School w219870304 Saint Mary's RC Primary School + + 88 m
104232 (E) WS1 3AY St Mary's The Mount Catholic Primary School w69588978 St Mary's R.C. Primary School + 156 m
104227 (E) WS3 4JJ St Michael's Church of England C Primary School w42761605 St. Michael's C.E.(C) Primary School + 105 m
124258 (E) WS14 9AW St Michael's CofE (C) Primary School w37191037 St Michael's C of E Primary School + + 133 m
104233 (E) WS2 8HN St Patrick's Catholic Primary School, Walsall w61382615 St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School + 34 m
104234 (E) WS3 3LY St Peter's Catholic Primary School, Bloxwich w53565312 St Peter's R. C. Primary School + 128 m
142982 (E) WS9 9EE St Peter's Church of England Primary Academy w32204326 St Peter's C.E. (C) Primary School + + 39 m
124084 (E) WS13 8NL St Stephen's Primary School w39990273 St Stephen's Primary School + + 20 m
124376 (E) WS6 6PG St Thomas More Catholic Primary School w389911308 St Thomas More Catholic Primary School + + 35 m
104236 (E) WS3 1SP St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School w45669879 St. Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School + 121 m
147085 (E) WS13 8FT Streethay Primary School w701785292 + 119 m
104145 (E) WS3 1HF Sunshine Infant and Nursery School w54209126 Sunshine Infant and Nursery School + 191 m
124054 (E) WS15 4AZ The Croft Primary School w624329950 Croft Primary School + + 227 m
146907 (E) WS13 7EW The Friary School w153762301 The Friary School + + 116 m
104271 (E) WS2 0JH The Jane Lane School, A College for Cognition & Learning w210846770 Jane Lane School + 75 m
143750 (E) WS1 1RL The Ladder School w68505759 Chuckery & Paddock Children's Centre + + 586 m
124052 (E) WS15 3BT The Richard Clarke First School w388105001 The Richard Clarke Community First School + 53 m
142097 (E) WS15 3LN The St. Mary's CofE Primary School w362628874 + 219 m
133697 (E) WS3 3LX Walsall Academy w48452198 Walsall Academy + 16 m
130483 (E) WS2 8ES Walsall College r9959975 Walsall College + 23 m
139789 (E) WS1 1RL Walsall Studio School w217753570 Top Marks + 548 m
104201 (E) WS8 7BP Walsall Wood School w32489478 Walsall Wood School + 35 m
104198 (E) WS9 0HJ Whetstone Field Primary School r5950220 Whetstone Field Primary School + + 133 m
104162 (E) WS1 3JY Whitehall Junior Community School w69602716 Whitehall Junior Community School + 108 m
104163 (E) WS1 3HS Whitehall Nursery and Infant School w69597461 Whitehall Nursery and Infant School + + 117 m
124140 (E) WS14 9LG Whittington Primary School w622829637 Whittington Primary School + 20 m
124161 (E) WS13 7NU Willows Primary School w58602289 Willows Primary School + + 120 m
139918 (E) WS10 0DR Wodensborough Ormiston Academy w206566109 Wodensborough Community Techical College + + 174 m
136616 (E) WS10 9QU Wood Green Academy w83303538 Wood Green Academy + + 60 m
103913 (E) WS10 9BW Wood Green Junior School w261407052 Wood Green Junior School + 120 m
139305 (E) WS10 8NQ Woods Bank Academy w57086811 Rough Hay Junior and Infants School + + 115 m
103974 (E) WS5 4DX Yew Tree Primary School w204179734 Yew Tree Primary School + + 115 m

Schools matched to an OSM object by reference number

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MPC Offset
103906 (E) WS10 9QG Albert Pritchard Infant School w261406449 Albert Pritchard Infant School 74 m
137974 (E) WS9 0BG Aldridge School - A Science College r3081443 Aldridge School 93 m
104143 (E) WS2 9UP Alumwell Infant School w32072587 Alumwell Infant School 106 m
104142 (E) WS2 9UP Alumwell Junior School w392442291 Alumwell Junior School 108 m
136885 (E) WS9 0RF Barr Beacon School w4621001 Barr Beacon School 160 m
104174 (E) WS2 0EQ Bentley West Primary School Additionally Resourced for Hearing Impaired w273510497 Bentley West Primary School Additionally Resourced for Hearing Impaired 119 m
104231 (E) WS1 3AF Blue Coat Church of England Aided Infant School w465226520 Blue Coat Church of England Aided Infant School 51 m
143900 (E) WS7 2PF Boney Hay Primary Academy w394601543 Boney Hay Primary Academy + 171 m
132131 (E) WS13 6SW Bridge Short Stay School w394606901 The Bridge Centre + 163 m
124067 (E) WS11 0AZ Bridgtown Primary School w389904366 Bridgtown Primary School 103 m
104248 (E) WS8 7QG Brownhills School w24000419 Brownhills School 211 m
137384 (E) WS11 1JT Cannock Chase High School w389905534 Cannock Chase High School 136 m
124468 (E) WS11 4AW Cardinal Griffin Catholic College w389905535 Cardinal Griffin Catholic College 156 m
104269 (E) WS3 2ED Castle Business and Enterprise College w271447145 Castle Business and Enterprise College 95 m
144498 (E) WS13 7HJ Chadsmead Primary Academy w58459866 Chadsmead Primary School + 93 m
124240 (E) WS11 6DR Chadsmoor CofE (VC) Junior School w398537961 Chadsmoor CofE (VC) Junior School 100 m
124068 (E) WS11 6EU Chadsmoor Community Infants and Nursery School w398537687 Chadsmoor Community Infants and Nursery School 84 m
124168 (E) WS15 2EW Chancel Primary School w394611150 Chancel Primary School 211 m
124486 (E) WS11 0UR Chase Grammar School r5921299 Chase Grammar School 20 m
131695 (E) WS11 0UR Chase Grammar School International Study Centre w394613183 Chase Grammar School International Study Centre + 7 m
124207 (E) WS7 1AH Chase Terrace Primary School w219524402 Chase Terrace Primary School + 48 m
143899 (E) WS7 2DB Chase Terrace Technology College w219524401 Chase Terrace Technology College + 194 m
134666 (E) WS15 1NE Chase View Community Primary School w398528730 Chase View Community Primary School 80 m
146272 (E) WS11 1LH Chaselea PRU w394632189 Chaselea Short Stay School 303 m
132731 (E) WS7 3QL Chasetown Community School w398497808 Chasetown Community School + 192 m
144386 (E) WS15 2LB Churchfield CofE Primary Academy w398531064 Churchfield CofE Primary Academy 61 m
104189 (E) WS2 0DH County Bridge Primary School w203875804 County Bridge Primary School + 128 m
136886 (E) WS7 3QW Erasmus Darwin Academy w394633490 Erasmus Darwin Academy + 243 m
147424 (E) WS15 2XY Etching Hill CofE (C) Primary School w136993664 Etching Hill CE Primary Academy 238 m
124070 (E) WS12 2EZ Five Ways Primary School w389902878 Five Ways Primary School 212 m
124209 (E) WS7 9BJ Fulfen Primary School w394638259 Fulfen Primary School + 106 m
124183 (E) WS12 3TG Gorsemoor Primary School w389903637 Gorsemoor Primary School 214 m
145684 (E) WS12 0PN Hazel Slade Primary Academy w305857133 Hazel Slade Primary Academy 221 m
140490 (E) WS12 2EP Heath Hayes Primary Academy w389902879 Heath Hayes Academy 109 m
124508 (E) WS12 4JS Hednesford Valley High School w389908968 Hednesford Valley High School 95 m
124211 (E) WS7 9BT Highfields Primary School w394640423 Highfields Primary School + 109 m
124291 (E) WS15 1ED Hob Hill CE/Methodist (VC) Primary School w394641259 Hob Hill CE/Methodist (VC) Primary School 123 m
144630 (E) WS10 7PZ Holyhead Primary Academy w372947403 Holyhead Primary Academy + 98 m
124175 (E) WS11 9TP Jerome Primary School w85252775 Jerome Primary School 94 m
142313 (E) WS12 1DH Kingsmead School w398537162 Kingsmead School 58 m
124474 (E) WS13 7LH Lichfield Cathedral School w453356843 Lichfield Cathedral School 21 m
137098 (E) WS15 4PT Longdon Hall School w398493083 Longdon Hall School + 21 m
145685 (E) WS11 1PD Longford Primary Academy w389904633 Longford Primary Academy 100 m
137972 (E) WS10 0QY Mesty Croft Academy w206566124 Mesty Croft Academy 13 m
124220 (E) WS11 5RN Moorhill Primary School w389906475 Moorhill Primary School 162 m
124220 (E) WS11 5RN Moorhill Primary School w389908442 Moorhill Primary School 195 m
124395 (E) WS11 9SP Norton Canes High School w398498867 Norton Canes High School 84 m
140489 (E) WS11 9SQ Norton Canes Primary Academy r9056382 Norton Canes Primary Academy 130 m
103910 (E) WS10 0TJ Park Hill Primary School w182529093 Park Hill Primary School 129 m
104214 (E) WS3 4NJ Pelsall Village School w44853103 Pelsall Village School 128 m
143382 (E) WS3 2ED Phoenix Academy w271445988 Phoenix Academy 146 m
141493 (E) WS12 4RT Pye Green Academy w389910503 Pye Green Academy 290 m
104207 (E) WS4 1JJ Radleys Primary School w453357191 Radleys Primary School 16 m
146814 (E) WS15 1AU Redbrook Hayes Community Primary School w453824941 Redbrook Hayes Community Primary School 84 m
124073 (E) WS11 5JR Redhill Primary School w389906476 Redhill Primary School 126 m
138452 (E) WS2 8RX Reedswood E-ACT Academy w268641959 Reedswood E-ACT Academy + 107 m
124214 (E) WS7 4TU Ridgeway Primary School w398496287 Ridgeway Primary School + 174 m
140196 (E) WS3 1NP Rivers Primary Academy w54209137 Rivers Primary Academy 129 m
132735 (E) WS15 3JQ Rugeley School w398467450 Rugeley School + 250 m
124514 (E) WS11 5SA Sherbrook Primary School w389905536 Sherbrook Primary School + 263 m
124514 (E) WS11 5SA Sherbrook Primary School w453787852 Sherbrook Primary School 42 m
140402 (E) WS7 4UN Springhill Primary Academy w398493205 Springhill Primary Academy + 107 m
104255 (E) WS9 0RN St Francis of Assisi Catholic Technology College w14403086 St Francis of Assisi Catholic Technology College 247 m
131581 (E) WS8 6AE St James Primary School w41226467 St James Primary School 146 m
124351 (E) WS7 3XL St Joseph and St Theresa Catholic Primary w398496790 St Joseph and St Theresa Catholic Primary + 143 m
124354 (E) WS12 1DE St Joseph's Catholic Primary School w398536518 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School 19 m
124360 (E) WS15 1BN St Joseph's Catholic Primary School w453346758 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School 173 m
124349 (E) WS11 0AE St Mary's Catholic Primary School w389903843 St Mary's Catholic Primary School 140 m
145683 (E) WS12 1BE St Peter's CofE Primary Academy w389911017 St Peter's CofE Primary Academy 98 m
137164 (E) WS12 4JH Staffordshire University Academy w389908967 Staffordshire University Academy 121 m
104020 (E) WS10 9QS Stuart Bathurst Catholic High School College of Performing Arts w396143304 Stuart Bathurst Catholic High School College of Performing Arts 163 m
146358 (E) WS10 0EZ Tameside Primary Academy w182529090 Tameside Primary Academy 105 m
137100 (E) WS15 2UE The Hart School w126614342 The Hart Lower School 629 m
137100 (E) WS15 2UE The Hart School w398534084 The Hart Upper School 886 m
124171 (E) WS15 2PA The John Bamford Primary School w136993684 The John Bamford Primary School 157 m
131212 (E) WS10 0JG The Priory Primary School w362093646 The Priory Primary School 99 m
104202 (E) WS8 7LW Watling Street Primary School w41993968 Watling Street Primary School 78 m
124072 (E) WS12 4BH West Hill Primary School w453788059 West Hill Primary School 57 m
138374 (E) WS2 9UA West Walsall E-ACT Academy w32072583 West Walsall E-ACT Academy 96 m
124125 (E) WS15 2PD Western Springs Primary School w136993692 Western Springs Primary School 54 m

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