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OSM Schools Progress in the 'WV' Postal Area

The blue circles on the map are schools from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a school on the official list. The lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects. Dark green lines represent a match based on the ref:edubase (England & Wales), ref:seedcode (Scotland) and ref:deni (Northern Ireland) tags. Light green lines represent a match based on location in the absense of an OSM ref:* tag. Orange lines represnt a match based on location, with an incorrect ref:* tag. The location matches can match the wrong schools, particularly in inner-city areas where there are many schools in close proximity. To fix incorrect location matches, add the appropriate ref:* tag to the OSM amenity=school objects. For more information see below.

Schools not matched to an OSM Object

Note that only OSM ways and relations tagged with amenity=school or amenity=college are checked for possible matches. In most cases, any nodes tagged like this would be better converted to way polygons covering the whole of the school site. The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby school being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official Edubase / Scottish Government data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add schools to OSM. However, knowing that there is a school missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that school using other sources -- e.g. Bing, OS Street View, and by searching for the possible school's own website.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
140227 (E) WV16 6AX Bridge School
140604 (E) WV11 1RD Central Learning Partnership
143150 (E) WV6 0UA Evergreen Academy
134523 (E) WV12 4EG New Leaf Centre
142086 (E) WV6 0UB Pine Green Academy
148643 (E) WV3 0NR Progress Schools - Wolverhampton
104225 (E) WV12 4EG Rosedale Church of England C Infant School
134257 (E) WV4 6SR The Braybrook Centre (Key Stage 3 PRU)
131547 (E) WV6 8XG The King's Church of England School
104288 (E) WV4 6SR The Orchard Centre (Home and Hospital PRU)
148252 (E) WV2 3AQ WV2 Education
142123 (E) WV4 6JP Wolverhampton Vocational Training Centre
145059 (E) WV10 8ED Woodbury School

OSM Objects not matched to a school on the official lists

Entries here could be due to: Former schools that have now closed, more than one area being tagged for a single school, the official entry for a real school being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or institutions not included in the official lists being tagged as schools in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM Ref JRC
w1050556663 +J
r6024904 +J
w56676727 +J
w269571007 +J
w152990804 +J
w278777512 +J
w1099299306 +J
w53098699 BEST Construction Training Centre +J
w209910770 Batmans Hill School +J
w399261760 Bloomfield School 135518 +J
w44044921 Christ Church CE Primary School (Nursery Centre) +J
w305762451 Dudley Advanced Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Technology +J
w672276057 Dudley College - Evolve Campus +J
w680639416 Dudley College Aspire Campus +J
w137768891 Dudley College Dudley Sixth Campus +J
w1111164432 Grange Park +J
w55943829 Heronswood Primary School +J
w41533361 Kates Hill & Sledmore Childrens Centre +J
w393641500 Kidderminster College 142481 +J
w55931644 King Charles I School & Sixth Form Centre +J
w583769468 Laches Wood Outdoor Education Centre +J
w392088933 Moffatts School 123601 +J
w325924474 Newhall Theatre Project 134458 +J
w39085345 Oakham Centre +J
w150360022 Redhill School and Language College +J
w70517323 Saltwells Educational Development Centre +J
w583257559 The Kingswood Trust +J
w152484101 The Pensnett School +J
w395798527 Whitgreave Infant School 104298 +J
w420032762 Wyre Forest School +J

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Schools matched to an OSM object by location

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM amenity=school or amenity=college way or relation within 1km of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several school sites are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MR MPC Offset JRC
146807 (E) WV5 7HR All Saints' CofE Primary School w287893768 + 193 m +J
132197 (E) WV3 0HY Bantock Primary School w271060966 + 62 m +J
140658 (E) WV10 8NZ Berrybrook Primary School w209032396 + 124 m +J
142603 (E) WV14 7NB Bow Street School w267760969 + 820 m +J
143152 (E) WV1 2DS East Park Academy w211173251 + 85 m +J
143813 (E) WV11 3DB Edward the Elder Primary School w213881226 Moat House Primary + + 125 m +J
141775 (E) WV14 7AE Field View Primary School w203872208 + 113 m +J
104302 (E) WV2 4NE Graiseley Primary School w149574962 + 47 m +J
104415 (E) WV14 6EH Green Park School w86878721 City of Wolverhampton College + + 391 m +J
141789 (E) WV1 2BS Holy Rosary Catholic Primary Academy w294761746 + 65 m +J
134450 (E) WV11 3HT Jennie Lee Centre w258909003 Edward the Elder Primary School + + 203 m +J
104320 (E) WV11 1EB Long Knowle Primary School w258879798 + 110 m +J
104334 (E) WV3 0UP Merridale Primary School w271060967 + 114 m +J
139274 (E) WV3 0PR Nishkam Primary School Wolverhampton w294544602 + 62 m +J
104191 (E) WV12 4RX Pool Hayes Primary School w258869184 + 99 m +J
139894 (E) WV6 0HR SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary Academy & Nursery w207183552 The Giffard + + 74 m +J
104303 (E) WV4 4NJ Springdale Primary School w185964469 Springdale Schools + + 180 m +J
143393 (E) WV4 5LG St Bartholomew's Church of England Primary School w165409018 + 98 m +J
124269 (E) WV6 7AQ St Chad's CofE (VC) First School w183520168 St Chads C of E Primary School + + 182 m +J
141827 (E) WV10 8PG St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Wolverhampton w259210949 + 102 m +J
147630 (E) WV11 1PG St Patrick's Catholic Primary Academy w295058655 + 53 m +J
145396 (E) WV11 3TG St Thomas' Church of England Primary Academy w258909002 + 63 m +J
104323 (E) WV13 3TT Stow Heath Primary School w211175228 + 42 m +J
144374 (E) WV14 9DE The Rowan School w44032237 The Coseley School + 491 m +J
141245 (E) WV11 3ES Wednesfield High Academy w213882279 + 167 m +J
142383 (E) WV10 8NZ Westcroft School w209032397 + 113 m +J
144209 (E) WV6 8DA Wightwick Hall School w267064364 + 22 m +J
137706 (E) WV12 4BD Willenhall E-ACT Academy w210978695 + 162 m +J
139199 (E) WV10 0LH Woden Primary School w258882369 + 24 m +J
104322 (E) WV11 1YQ Wood End Primary School w209202243 + 123 m +J
147528 (E) WV4 4AG Woodfield Primary School w204770012 Woodfield Avenue Schools + + 149 m +J
138343 (E) WV12 5PR Woodlands Academy of Learning w210974978 + 169 m +J
146194 (E) WV6 8XL Woodthorne Primary School w258769279 + 210 m +J

Schools matched to an OSM object by reference number

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MPC Offset
123410 (E) WV7 3QS Albrighton Primary School & Nursery w393161316 Albrighton Primary School 130 m
139138 (E) WV8 1RT Aldersley High School w209210227 Aldersley High School 132 m
143548 (E) WV15 6JT Alveley Primary School w395794495 Alveley Primary School 45 m
135081 (E) WV13 1NA Barcroft Primary School w395281746 Barcroft Primary School 66 m
131580 (E) WV12 5HA Beacon Primary School w209021910 Beacon Primary School 128 m
124139 (E) WV3 8DZ Bhylls Acre Primary School w264309392 Bhylls Acre Primary School 97 m
124453 (E) WV8 1EU Bilbrook CofE (VC) Middle School w393163371 Bilbrook CofE (VC) Middle School 114 m
130305 (E) WV14 0HU Bilston Church of England Primary School w166722513 Bilston Church of England Primary School 123 m
144935 (E) WV8 2JG Birches First School w265437363 Birches First School 110 m
123616 (E) WV7 3AF Birchfield School w393158661 Birchfield School 164 m
124192 (E) WV5 0JR Blakeley Heath Primary School w267262565 Blakeley Heath Primary School 123 m
139437 (E) WV14 9TU Bramford Primary School w271404099 Bramford Primary School 101 m
139143 (E) WV16 4ER Bridgnorth Endowed School w194947412 Bridgnorth Endowed School 256 m
143506 (E) WV1 4AL Broadmeadow Special School w395406894 Broadmeadow Special School 45 m
123532 (E) WV16 6SS Brown Clee CofE Primary School w535180887 Brown Clee CE Primary School 193 m
104290 (E) WV10 8BY Bushbury Hill Primary School w395409689 Bushbury Hill Primary School 182 m
142823 (E) WV10 9TR Bushbury Lane Academy w393181808 Bushbury Lane Academy 60 m
104311 (E) WV3 8HS Castlecroft Primary School w47601689 Castlecroft Primary School 24 m
145202 (E) WV16 5DQ Castlefields Primary School w395414928 Castlefields Primary School 7 m
144208 (E) WV5 0AX Cherry Trees School w395794780 Cherry Trees School 105 m
104362 (E) WV6 8EL Christ Church (Church of England) Infant and Nursery School w47701781 Christ Church (Church of England) Infant and Nursery School 43 m
104366 (E) WV6 8LG Christ Church (Church of England) Junior School w405140286 Christ Church (Church of England) Junior School 123 m
103838 (E) WV14 8YB Christ Church CofE Primary School w44044923 Christ Church CE Primary School 119 m
130484 (E) WV6 0DU City of Wolverhampton College w47595349 Wolverhampton College 9 m
104310 (E) WV6 9JU Claregate Primary School w149390570 Claregate Primary School 66 m
123539 (E) WV5 7DX Claverley CofE Primary School w394383489 Claverley CE (Aided) Primary School 66 m
124400 (E) WV8 1PQ Codsall Community High School w258766991 Codsall Community High School 131 m
142980 (E) WV8 1PB Codsall Middle School w258767005 Codsall Middle School 45 m
104395 (E) WV4 5DG Colton Hills Community School w203911294 Colton Hills Community School 5 m
145114 (E) WV11 2QE Coppice Performing Arts School w395277018 Coppice Performing Arts School 214 m
141769 (E) WV11 2LT Corpus Christi Catholic Primary Academy w296213644 Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School 78 m
145395 (E) WV11 1DD Deyncourt Primary School w258904452 D'Eyncourt Primary School 112 m
104350 (E) WV8 1TX Dovecotes Primary School w209209098 Dovecotes Primary School 45 m
142679 (E) WV6 0NH Dunstall Hill Primary School w47658107 Dunstall Hill Primary School 127 m
104342 (E) WV1 2QY Eastfield Primary School w395284691 Eastfield Primary School 6 m
142349 (E) WV10 6NN Elston Hall Primary School w265815953 Elston Hall Primary School 123 m
104294 (E) WV10 8BN Fallings Park Primary School w259208876 Fallings Park Primary School 100 m
141278 (E) WV10 7AS Featherstone Academy w395253441 Featherstone Academy 151 m
143417 (E) WV13 3BB Fibbersley Park Academy w269213402 Fibbersley Park Academy 100 m
144252 (E) WV4 5ET Goldthorn Park Primary School w203911293 Goldthorn Park Primary School 19 m
142680 (E) WV2 1HZ Grove Primary Academy w43154103 Grove Primary Academy 168 m
140858 (E) WV10 7LE Havergal CofE (C) Primary School w395252898 Havergal CofE (C) Primary School 146 m
137730 (E) WV11 1RD Heath Park w453788536 Heath Park 111 m
142317 (E) WV4 4NT Highfields School w280400978 Highfields School 18 m
123371 (E) WV16 6EH Highley Community Primary School w351122615 Highley Primary School 91 m
143151 (E) WV4 6PY Hill Avenue Academy w363802312 Hill Avenue Academy 136 m
104378 (E) WV14 7PD Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School w157899553 Holy Trinity RC Primary School 55 m
143537 (E) WV14 9AJ Hurst Hill Primary School w271407550 Hurst Hill Primary School 106 m
124174 (E) WV8 1EU Lane Green First School w395402165 Lane Green First School 113 m
104327 (E) WV4 6BZ Lanesfield Primary School w204772615 Lanesfield Primary School 168 m
142765 (E) WV12 4BU Lodge Farm Primary School w60828120 Lodge Farm Primary School 13 m
104315 (E) WV14 0AU Loxdale Primary School w584236006 Loxdale Primary School 46 m
141858 (E) WV14 9UQ Manor Primary School w268013709 Manor Primary School 61 m
134256 (E) WV4 6SR Midpoint Centre (Key Stage 4 PRU) w395802093 Midpoint Centre (Key Stage 4 PRU) + 66 m
135016 (E) WV14 8NE Moorcroft Wood Primary School w209910944 Moorcroft Wood Primary School 87 m
144278 (E) WV10 8BY Moreton School w150928202 Moreton School 91 m
141180 (E) WV16 4RJ Morville CofE (Controlled) Primary School w394385377 Morville CofE (Controlled) Primary School 222 m
138098 (E) WV14 6LU Moseley Park w157898902 Moseley Park School and Technology College 42 m
104187 (E) WV12 5SA New Invention Infant School w395281101 New Invention Infant School 143 m
104192 (E) WV12 5SA New Invention Junior School w210977629 New Invention Junior School 77 m
104408 (E) WV6 0LH Newbridge Preparatory School w453768704 Newbridge Preparatory School 105 m
141648 (E) WV10 8DS Northwood Park Primary School w149595027 Northwood Park Primary School 141 m
104341 (E) WV11 2QQ Oak Meadow Primary School w71403046 Oak Meadow Primary School 195 m
142153 (E) WV16 5JD Oldbury Wells School r5936907 Oldbury Wells School 65 m
145134 (E) WV10 6SE Ormiston NEW Academy w280065340 Ormiston NEW Academy 24 m
145008 (E) WV14 0LN Ormiston SWB Academy w71966520 Ormiston SWB Academy 65 m
141802 (E) WV10 8BL Our Lady and St Chad Catholic Academy w194296033 Our Lady and St Chad Catholic Academy 69 m
142684 (E) WV6 9DF Palmers Cross Primary School w393165060 Palmers Cross Primary School 93 m
144253 (E) WV4 6HB Parkfield Primary School w268007650 Parkfield Primary School 55 m
104412 (E) WV4 4NT Penn Fields School w401597446 Penn Fields School 67 m
104417 (E) WV4 5HP Penn Hall School w203988671 Penn Hall School 80 m
139870 (E) WV11 3RT Perry Hall Primary School w213882278 Perry Hall Primary School 180 m
124177 (E) WV6 7LX Perton First School w398464696 Perton First School 90 m
124437 (E) WV6 7NR Perton Middle School w258769265 Perton Middle School 148 m
143353 (E) WV6 7PS Perton Primary Academy w170304420 Perton Primary Academy 106 m
142594 (E) WV12 4QZ Pool Hayes Academy w258869183 Pool Hayes Academy 46 m
104304 (E) WV10 6US Rakegate Primary School w209207770 Rakegate Primary School 330 m
103882 (E) WV14 8XJ Rosewood School w44044928 Rosewood School 36 m
139800 (E) WV2 1HZ SS. Mary and John's Catholic Primary Academy w43158050 SS Mary & John's Catholic Primary School 99 m
131619 (E) WV13 2QJ Shepwell Short Stay School (PRU-Medical) w399264658 Shepwell Centre A Short Stay School (PRU-Medical) 136 m
104188 (E) WV12 4DS Short Heath Junior School w210979070 Short Heath Junior School 171 m
140586 (E) WV3 8HU Smestow School w47601685 Smestow School 73 m
104330 (E) WV4 6SD Spring Vale Primary School r5405185 Spring Vale Primary School 125 m
145747 (E) WV11 2PF St Alban's Church of England Primary Academy w395277696 St Alban's Church of England Primary Academy 27 m
132806 (E) WV6 0RH St Andrew's Church of England Primary School w47635471 Saint Andrew's C of E Primary School 116 m
147367 (E) WV10 6NW St Anthony's Catholic Primary Academy w150916411 St Anthony's Catholic Primary Academy 100 m
143829 (E) WV5 9DZ St Benedict Biscop CofE Primary School w267265282 St.Benedict Biscop Primary School 54 m
124372 (E) WV5 8DZ St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School w194679107 St. Bernadettes Primary School 64 m
148318 (E) WV8 1PF St Christophers Catholic Primary Academy w395424121 St Christophers Catholic Primary Academy 150 m
139891 (E) WV3 9DU St Edmunds Catholic Academy w772116561 St Edmunds Catholic Academy 184 m
104226 (E) WV13 2ER St Giles Church of England Primary School w259611043 St Giles Primary School 88 m
123551 (E) WV16 4HW St John's Catholic Primary School w194946552 St John's Catholic Primary School 86 m
141822 (E) WV11 2RF St John's Primary Academy w259758190 St John's Primary Academy 119 m
140355 (E) WV6 0DT St Jude's Church of England Primary Academy w47587350 St Judes School 61 m
145221 (E) WV16 4HL St Leonard's CofE Primary School w405139826 St Leonard's CofE Primary School 78 m
104372 (E) WV2 3AE St Luke's Church of England Aided Primary School w453768981 St Luke's Church of England Aided Primary School 11 m
141825 (E) WV14 8BS St Martin's Church of England Primary School w24276650 St Martin's CE School 58 m
123536 (E) WV15 5EQ St Mary's Bluecoat CofE (VA) Primary School w286896034 St Mary's Bluecoat CofE (VA) Primary School 38 m
123458 (E) WV7 3DS St Mary's CofE Primary School w393160171 St Mary's CofE Primary School 103 m
104387 (E) WV1 2BH St Matthias School w86700045 St Matthias School 144 m
139892 (E) WV3 7LE St Michael's Catholic Primary Academy and Nursery w57793052 St Michael's Catholic Primary Academy and Nursery 89 m
104384 (E) WV6 9AF St Michael's Church of England Aided Primary School w43157347 St Michael's Church of England Aided Primary School 82 m
142986 (E) WV8 1AN St Nicholas Church of England First School w290033984 St Nicholas CofE First School 69 m
104382 (E) WV9 5NR St Paul's Church of England Aided Primary School w209207769 St Paul's Church of England Aided Primary School 76 m
147422 (E) WV9 5AD St Paul's CofE First School w305605122 St Paul's CofE First School 126 m
138852 (E) WV3 9DU St Peter's Collegiate Academy w47594235 St Peter's Collegiate Church of England School 652 m
144251 (E) WV10 0BB St Stephen's Church of England Primary School w295119768 St Stephen's Church of England Primary School 188 m
139893 (E) WV4 6AW St Teresa's Catholic Primary Academy w395801579 St Teresa's Catholic Primary Academy 108 m
104259 (E) WV14 7BL St Thomas More Catholic School, Willenhall r5598910 St Thomas More Catholic School 236 m
104317 (E) WV14 6EH Stowlawn Primary School w157896907 Stowlawn Primary School + 77 m
104407 (E) WV6 8QX Tettenhall College Incorporated w47636019 Tettenhall College 191 m
104414 (E) WV6 8XF Tettenhall Wood School w47701782 Tettenhall Wood School 767 m
142080 (E) WV4 6AP The Khalsa Academy Wolverhampton w203911295 The Khalsa Academy Wolverhampton 160 m
143101 (E) WV3 0EG The Royal School, Wolverhampton r8376528 The Royal School, Wolverhampton 65 m
140160 (E) WV10 0JR Thomas Telford University Technical College w612864195 Thomas Telford University Technical College 88 m
145288 (E) WV10 0UB Trinity CofE Primary Academy w156821433 Trinity CofE Primary Academy 129 m
104332 (E) WV3 8BA Uplands Junior School w47635846 Uplands Junior School 159 m
145715 (E) WV14 6PR Villiers Primary School w32812751 Villiers Primary School 108 m
147721 (E) WV14 8YP Wallbrook Primary Academy w210238850 Wallbrook Primary Academy 56 m
104344 (E) WV4 4LU Warstones Primary School w185964518 Warstones Primary School 138 m
131153 (E) WV1 4BE West Park Primary School w47587106 West Park Primary School 118 m
104312 (E) WV3 9EP Westacre Infant School w297417226 Westacre Infants School 94 m
124193 (E) WV5 8BH Westfield Primary School w194679116 Westfield Primary School 139 m
104297 (E) WV10 9JP Whitgreave Primary School w321622914 Whitgreave Primary School 47 m
104325 (E) WV14 8UR Wilkinson Primary School w150672256 Wilkinson Primary School 28 m
104345 (E) WV11 1PW Wodensfield Primary School w38919956 Wodensfield Primary School 142 m
140798 (E) WV6 0BY Wolverhampton Girls' High School w47587521 Wolverhampton Girls High School 63 m
104411 (E) WV3 9RB Wolverhampton Grammar School w47587336 Wolverhampton Grammar School 92 m
141343 (E) WV5 8BJ Wombourne High School w194679113 Wombourne High School 165 m
123550 (E) WV15 5LF Worfield Endowed CofE Primary School w385837747 Worfield Endowed CE Primary School 100 m

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