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OSM PRoW Mapping Priorities for Cambridgeshire

This pages includes various lists of parishes that would benefit from more Public Rights of Way mapping work in OpenStreetMap.

Parishes with largest length of unmapped RoWs

Length of unmapped/tagged Rights of Way by parish, based on the total length from the Council's GIS data, minus the total length of OSM ways with appropriate prow_ref tags.

Parish Distance
Whittlesey (Fenland) 66.1 km
Downham (East Cambridgeshire) 53.5 km
Kimbolton (Huntingdonshire) 46.5 km
Manea (Fenland) 45.1 km
Soham (East Cambridgeshire) 42.5 km
March (Fenland) 40.6 km
Sutton (East Cambridgeshire) 36.9 km
Bythorn and Keyston (Huntingdonshire) 36.1 km
Haddenham (East Cambridgeshire) 34.8 km
Steeple Morden (South Cambridgeshire) 33.8 km
Woodwalton (Huntingdonshire) 30.9 km
Abbotsley (Huntingdonshire) 29.9 km
Upwood and The Raveleys (Huntingdonshire) 29.1 km
Littleport (East Cambridgeshire) 28.0 km
St Neots (Huntingdonshire) 26.6 km

Parishes with largest number of incompletely mapped RoWs

Number of Rights of Way whose mapping status is recorded as less than 4, for parishes whose Definitive Statement list has been imported.

No parishes found

Parishes with largest number of RoWs with status zero

Number of Rights of Way whose mapping status is recorded as 0 (unassessed), for parishes whose Definitive Statement list has been imported.

No parishes found

Parishes without Definitive Statement import, with most complete RoW mapping

Percentage of the total length of Rights of Way mapped and tagged with prow_refs, for parishes that have not had their Definitive Statement list imported.

Parish % Mapped
Comberton (South Cambridgeshire) 108.0 %
Haslingfield (South Cambridgeshire) 103.3 %
Great Shelford (South Cambridgeshire) 102.7 %
Westley Waterless (East Cambridgeshire) 102.4 %
Toft (South Cambridgeshire) 101.8 %
Horseheath (South Cambridgeshire) 101.5 %
Newton-in-the-Isle (Fenland) 101.3 %
Gorefield (Fenland) 101.1 %
Coton (South Cambridgeshire) 101.0 %
Woodditton (East Cambridgeshire) 100.9 %
Harston (South Cambridgeshire) 100.9 %
South Trumpington (South Cambridgeshire) 100.6 %
Wimpole (South Cambridgeshire) 100.6 %
Teversham (South Cambridgeshire) 100.6 %
Milton (South Cambridgeshire) 100.3 %

Parishes with largest length of RoWs with missing prow_ref tags

OSM ways tagged with a suitable designation=* tag, but without a prow_ref=* tag.

Parish Distance
Haddenham (East Cambridgeshire) 76.7 km
Willingham (South Cambridgeshire) 70.0 km
Sutton (East Cambridgeshire) 44.5 km
Cottenham (South Cambridgeshire) 43.1 km
Over (South Cambridgeshire) 42.3 km
Kimbolton (Huntingdonshire) 40.2 km
Wilburton (East Cambridgeshire) 37.2 km
Steeple Morden (South Cambridgeshire) 29.9 km
Manea (Fenland) 29.0 km
Earith (Huntingdonshire) 28.4 km
Great Staughton (Huntingdonshire) 27.7 km
Catworth (Huntingdonshire) 26.2 km
Swavesey (South Cambridgeshire) 25.8 km
Bythorn and Keyston (Huntingdonshire) 24.2 km
Covington (Huntingdonshire) 23.2 km

Parishes with largest length of ways with prow_ref tagging errors

OSM ways with prow_ref=* tagging errors. (Missing prow_ref=* and missing highway=* tags are not counted here.)

Parish Distance
Great Staughton (Huntingdonshire) 5.5 km
Tilbrook (Huntingdonshire) 4.3 km
Hail Weston (Huntingdonshire) 4.2 km
Kimbolton (Huntingdonshire) 2.2 km
St Neots (Huntingdonshire) 1.9 km
Bourn (South Cambridgeshire) 1.2 km
Covington (Huntingdonshire) 0.9 km
Colne (Huntingdonshire) 0.9 km

Parishes with largest number of access tag errors

Rights of Way without explicit access tags that provide at least the minimum implied rights. (Missing access tags on routes with a traffic_regulation_order=* tag are currently excluded from this count.)

Parish Number
Horseheath (South Cambridgeshire) 36
West Wickham (South Cambridgeshire) 26
Cambridge (Cambridge) 23
Castle Camps (South Cambridgeshire) 10
Newton-in-the-Isle (Fenland) 10
Balsham (South Cambridgeshire) 7
Barton (South Cambridgeshire) 7
Milton (South Cambridgeshire) 7
Wicken (East Cambridgeshire) 7
Parson Drove (Fenland) 6
Elm (Fenland) 5
Girton (South Cambridgeshire) 5
Houghton and Wyton (Huntingdonshire) 5
Shudy Camps (South Cambridgeshire) 5
Fulbourn (South Cambridgeshire) 4