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I'm a volunteer mapper with the OpenStreetMap (OSM) project. As part of this, I've put together a collection of tools using official datasets to help check and expand the OSM coverage of UK amenities and services:

Survey Me!
A local comparison tool combining data from the other tools listed here. Aims to provide locations that would benefit from a ground survey.
Addresses & Postcodes
Tools and links to help those wanting to improve the coverage of address and postcode mapping in the UK.
Chain Reaction
Comparison of branches of UK retail chains, including supermarkets, shops, hotels, restaurants, and gambling establishments.
Lists UK chains that have closed or been re-named/re-branded but are still mapped in OSM.
Linear High Street Maps
A tool to produce linear maps showing the shops and other businesses along a high street, to help with both surveys and arm-chair mapping.
A tool to find OSM objects that should have names but are missing a name=* tag.
Tools and links to help those wanting to improve the coverage of pharmacies in the UK.
Post Boxes
Statistics, reports and maps to examine and check the data on UK post boxes found in OpenStreetMap
Post Offices
Statistics, reports and maps to compare the data on UK Post Offices found in OpenStreetMap with a branch list released by Post Office Ltd under the OGL.
Public Rights of Way
Tools and links to help those wanting to improve the coverage of UK Public Rights of Way and associated countryside mapping.
Public Access Defibrillators (AEDs)
Tools and links to help those wanting to improve the coverage of publicly accessible automated external defibrillators in the UK.
A comparison / progress tool and other useful resources to help complete the mapping of UK Schools.
Stale Developments
A tool to find OSM objects for constuction sites / developments that have not been updated for some time.

Some other useful OSM resources:

A simple tool that takes an OSGB 36 grid reference and displays a marker on OpenStreetMap at the correct location.
OSM Mailing List Links
Links to the latest mailing list posts on various UK-centric OSM lists.
OSM Notes
Various notes on aspects of OpenStreetMap and data licensing issues.

See the about page for code and technical information about my tool setup. If you want to get in touch, or find out more about my mapping, please see my OSM User Page, or follow @rjw62_OSM on Twitter. If you want to find out more about me, or send me an email, please see my Personal Homepage.