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Map Data Copyright Notices & Disclaimers

Background Map Tiles

The map tiles used in the background mapping are provided by OpenStreetMap. The tiles themselves are © OpenStreetMap, CC-By-SA, and the underlying data is © OpenStreetMap Contributors, ODbL. Full OSM Copyright statement.

Parish Boundaries

The parish boundaries are derived from OS Boundary-Line. The relevant boundaries are extracted and converted to GeoJSON using QGIS, then simplified using MapShaper. Some post-processing is then done to add names to unparished areas and adjust the names to match the (sometimes historic) parish names used in the Definitive Map and Statement for each county. The resulting files can be re-used under the Open Government Licence. The attribution statement is 'Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database right 2017 to present.'

Public Rights of Way Overlay

The rights of way overlays are derived from GIS data provided by each surveying authority (usually a county council,metropolitant district council or unitary authority). Copyright statements and disclaimers for this data are provided below. The actual data-files I use are often taken from Barry Cornelius's rowmaps website, as Barry has already done the hard work in converting the myriad of different formats from the councils into a standard KML format.

Bath and North East Somerset





East Riding of Yorkshire

East Sussex






Isle of Wight





South Gloucestershire




Other Routes with Public Access Overlay

Some other publicly accessible routes are also shown on the parish maps, derived from OSM data. Currently these only include ways tagged with designation=unclassified_highway that are not also one of the main road types (i.e. highway=* is not one of motorway, trunk, primary, secondary, tertiary, unclassified, residential or one of their _link variants). Other routes, such as adopted footways, cycle tracks, and permissive paths might be added in the future. These routes are © OpenStreetMap Contributors, and may be re-used under the ODbL.