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prow_ref tag checks


Access tag checks

OSM ways that are recognised as Rights of Way and contain a matching prow_ref tag are also checked for apprropirate modal access tags. Any errors or omissions found are shown on the relevent parish page, and the number of errors in each parish is also shown in the table on the district page.

Currently the tool checks for the presence of positive access for foot, bicycle, horse, horse-drawn_vehicle and motor_vehicle modes where these are permitted on the Right of Way. These access modes may be tagged explicitly or implied byhigher-level modes (e.g. access implies evreything, vehicle implies motor_vehicle, horse-drawn_vehicle and bicylce). Positive access values recognised are yes, designated, and official.

Right of WayFoot
(led or ridden)
Bicycles Non-motorized
foothorse bicyclevehiclemotor-vehicle
Public Footpath
Public Bridleway
Restricted Byway
Byway Open to All Traffic

For full details of the default implied access values for different types of Rights of Way see the PRoW Access Table.

Note that sometimes additional private or public rights will exist (e.g. for cycleways in urban areas, or Rights of Way that coincide with a Public Highway). The tool does not currently flag ways with extra rights above what would be implied by the Public Right of Way.

Also, a Traffic Regulation Order may be used to restrict some access (e.g. to ban motor vehicles from a Byway Open to All Traffic). These will be flagged as errors, though if a traffic_regulation_order=* tag is present, these will be marked in the parish lists, and omitted from the error counts in the district tables.