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Recent Changes to Rights of Way Updates in Herefordshire

This page attempts to list Rights of Way whose routes/descriptions have recently been updated by the Highway Authority in the Definitive Map and Statement. This includes Rights of way that have been added or modified, and may also include any corrections made to the Map and/or Statement.

New Rights of Way in GIS Data

Rights of Way present in the current GIS data from 2019‑11‑04, but not in the previous dataset from 2018‑07‑02. This includes completely new Rights of Way, and also existing routes whose designation has been changed between those two dates.

Parish (District) Number LGIS LOSM MS Last Update
Bishopstone (Herefordshire) RB BN8 167  
Bodenham (Herefordshire) RB BM30 198  
Brockhampton (Nr Ross-on-Wye) (Herefordshire) BY BKR14 882  
Callow (Herefordshire) BY CA11 1473  
Craswall (Herefordshire) RB CZ46 3200  
Craswall (Herefordshire) BR CZ47 922  
Dorstone (Herefordshire) RB DO16 609  
Grafton (Herefordshire) BY GF8 82  
Harewood (Herefordshire) RB HR7 262  
Hentland (Herefordshire) RB HN19 821  
Lea (Herefordshire) RB LE14 540  
Lower Bullingham (Herefordshire) BY LOB11 26  
Mansell Lacy (Herefordshire) RB ML1 109  
Michaelchurch Escley (Herefordshire) FP ME9A 30  
Michaelchurch Escley (Herefordshire) RB ME38 558  
Michaelchurch Escley (Herefordshire) RB ME39 234  
Michaelchurch Escley (Herefordshire) BR ME40 1233  
Michaelchurch Escley (Herefordshire) BR ME41 708  
Peterstow (Herefordshire) BY PO6 85  
Peterstow (Herefordshire) RB PO7 1134  
Peterstow (Herefordshire) RB PO8 743  
Sellack (Herefordshire) RB SK14 811  

Modified Rights of Way in GIS Data

Rights of Way whose designation is still the same, but whose length in the current GIS data from 2019‑11‑04 differs from that in the previous dataset from 2018‑07‑02.

Parish (District) Number LGIS,old LGIS,new ΔLGIS LOSM MS Last Update
Edwyn Ralph (Herefordshire) FP ER27 270 260 −10  
Eye, Moreton & Ashton (Herefordshire) FP EX13 1642 1614 −28 647  
Kimbolton (Herefordshire) FP KB24 274 295 +21  
Kington Rural (Herefordshire) FP KR60 1449 1464 +15  
Leintwardine (Herefordshire) FP LX2 1100 1128 +28  
Little Birch (Herefordshire) FP LB29 1251 1262 +11  
Little Dewchurch (Herefordshire) FP LD10 683 689 +6  
Llanrothal (Herefordshire) FP LO4 1493 1592 +99  
Llanrothal (Herefordshire) FP LO5 1366 1354 −12 1814  
Lugwardine (Herefordshire) FP LU26 546 540 −6  
Lyonshall (Herefordshire) FP LZ11 451 433 −18  
Marden (Herefordshire) FP MR5 2723 2756 +33  
Marden (Herefordshire) FP MR44 579 479 −100  
Marden (Herefordshire) FP MR45 1350 1344 −6  
Marden (Herefordshire) FP MR45A 342 347 +5  
Michaelchurch Escley (Herefordshire) FP ME9 3416 3151 −265 3963  
Much Marcle (Herefordshire) FP MM15A 1258 1390 +132  
Peterchurch (Herefordshire) FP PR8 1215 1234 +19  
Ross Urban (Herefordshire) FP ZK9 870 884 +14  
Sutton St Nicholas (Herefordshire) FP ST3 1432 1487 +55  
Sutton St Nicholas (Herefordshire) FP ST13 366 392 +26  
Weston Beggard (Herefordshire) FP WB1 925 894 −31  

Extinguished Rights of Way in GIS Data

Rights of Way not present in the current GIS data from 2019‑11‑04, but which are either still mapped in OSM, or are marked as appearing in the Definitive Statement, or have notes added through this tool.

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