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List of Parishes in Herefordshire for Public Rights of Way

ID Parish District
AD Abbeydore Herefordshire
AC Aconbury Herefordshire
AB Acton Beauchamp Herefordshire
AF Adforton Herefordshire
AN Allensmore Herefordshire
AM Almeley Herefordshire
AP Ashperton Herefordshire
AG Aston Ingham Herefordshire
AV Avenbury Herefordshire
AL Aylton Herefordshire
AY Aymestrey Herefordshire
BK Bacton Herefordshire
BH Ballingham Herefordshire
BJ Bartestree Herefordshire
BR Birley Herefordshire
BPF Bishops Frome Herefordshire
BN Bishopstone Herefordshire
BL Blakemere Herefordshire
BM Bodenham Herefordshire
BQ Bolstone Herefordshire
BZ Bosbury Herefordshire
BA Brampton Abbots Herefordshire
BB Brampton Bryan Herefordshire
BU Bredenbury Herefordshire
BD Bredwardine Herefordshire
BT Breinton Herefordshire
BS Bridge Sollers Herefordshire
BW Bridstow Herefordshire
BE Brilley Herefordshire
BF Brimfield Herefordshire
BO Brobury Herefordshire
BKB Brockhampton (Nr Bromyard) Herefordshire
BKR Brockhampton (Nr Ross-on-Wye) Herefordshire
B Bromyard Herefordshire
BC Buckton and Coxall Herefordshire
BX Burghill Herefordshire
BG Burrington Herefordshire
BY Byford Herefordshire
BKM Byton and Kinsham Herefordshire
CA Callow Herefordshire
CF Canon Frome Herefordshire
CP Canon Pyon Herefordshire
CS Castle Frome Herefordshire
CH Clehonger Herefordshire
CL Clifford Herefordshire
CG Coddington Herefordshire
CO Collington Herefordshire
CW Colwall Herefordshire
CD Cradley Herefordshire
CZ Craswall Herefordshire
CN Credenhill Herefordshire
CR Croft Herefordshire
CU Cusop Herefordshire
DS Dewsall Herefordshire
DW Dilwyn Herefordshire
DD Dinedor Herefordshire
DM Dinmore Herefordshire
DH Docklow Herefordshire
DN Donnington Herefordshire
DR Dormington Herefordshire
DO Dorstone Herefordshire
DT Downton Herefordshire
DU Dulas Herefordshire
ED Eardisland Herefordshire
EE Eardisley Herefordshire
EA Eastnor Herefordshire
EB Eaton Bishop Herefordshire
EL Edvin Loach Herefordshire
ER Edwyn Ralph Herefordshire
ESG Eggleton and Stretton Grandison Herefordshire
ET Elton Herefordshire
EV Evesbatch Herefordshire
EH Ewyas harold Herefordshire
EX Eye, Moreton & Ashton Herefordshire
EY Eyton Herefordshire
FL Felton Herefordshire
FD Ford Herefordshire
FWA Fownhope (A) Herefordshire
FWB Fownhope (B) Herefordshire
FWC Fownhope (C) Herefordshire
FWD Fownhope (D) Herefordshire
FWE Fownhope (E) Herefordshire
FY Foy Herefordshire
GN Ganarew Herefordshire
GW Garway Herefordshire
GR Goodrich Herefordshire
GF Grafton Herefordshire
GB Grendon Bishop Herefordshire
HB Hampton Bishop Herefordshire
HC Hampton charles Herefordshire
HR Harewood Herefordshire
HFN Hatfield Herefordshire
HA Haywood Herefordshire
HN Hentland Herefordshire
HER Hereford Herefordshire
HL Holme Lacey Herefordshire
HO Holmer Herefordshire
HM Hope Mansell Herefordshire
HD Hope under Dinmore Herefordshire
HK How Caple Herefordshire
HU Humber Herefordshire
HT Huntington Herefordshire
KT Kenchester Herefordshire
KD Kenderchurch Herefordshire
KZ Kentchurch Herefordshire
KK Kilpeck Herefordshire
KB Kimbolton Herefordshire
KC Kings Caple Herefordshire
KP Kings Pyon Herefordshire
KL Kingsland Herefordshire
KS Kingstone Herefordshire
KR Kington Rural Herefordshire
ZE Kington Urban Herefordshire
KY Kinnersley Herefordshire
KN Knill Herefordshire
LA Laysters Herefordshire
LE Lea Herefordshire
LR Ledbury Rural Herefordshire
ZB Ledbury Town Herefordshire
LS Leinthall Starkes Herefordshire
LX Leintwardine Herefordshire
ZC Leominster Herefordshire
LT Letton Herefordshire
LN Lingen Herefordshire
LTB Linton (Nr Bromyard) Herefordshire
LTR Linton (Nr Ross-on-Wye) Herefordshire
LB Little Birch Herefordshire
LC Little Cowarne Herefordshire
LD Little Dewchurch Herefordshire
LH Little Hereford Herefordshire
LM Little Marcle Herefordshire
LY Llancillo Herefordshire
LL Llandinabo Herefordshire
LG Llangarron Herefordshire
LO Llanrothal Herefordshire
LV Llanveynoe Herefordshire
LW Llanwarne Herefordshire
LQ Longtown Herefordshire
LOB Lower Bullingham Herefordshire
LOH Lower Harpton Herefordshire
LK Lucton Herefordshire
LU Lugwardine Herefordshire
LJ Luston Herefordshire
LZ Lyonshall Herefordshire
MY Madley Herefordshire
MG Mansell Gamage Herefordshire
ML Mansell Lacy Herefordshire
MR Marden Herefordshire
MO Marstow Herefordshire
MA Mathon Herefordshire
ME Michaelchurch Escley Herefordshire
MH Middleton-on-the-hill Herefordshire
MS Moccas Herefordshire
MK Monkland Herefordshire
MW Monnington on Wye Herefordshire
MF Mordiford Herefordshire
MJ Moreton Jeffries Herefordshire
MU Moreton on Lugg Herefordshire
MB Much Birch Herefordshire
MC Much Cowarne Herefordshire
MD Much Dewchurch Herefordshire
MM Much Marcle Herefordshire
MN Munsley Herefordshire
NN Newton (Nr Leominster) Herefordshire
NW Newton (Nr Pontrilas) Herefordshire
NT Norton Herefordshire
NC Norton Canon Herefordshire
OP Ocle Pychard Herefordshire
OC Orcop Herefordshire
OL Orleton Herefordshire
PM Pembridge Herefordshire
PG Pencombe with Grendon Warren Herefordshire
PC Pencoyd Herefordshire
PR Peterchurch Herefordshire
PO Peterstow Herefordshire
AT Pipe Aston Herefordshire
PL Pipe and Lyde Herefordshire
PX Pixley Herefordshire
PW Preston Wynne Herefordshire
PY Preston on Wye Herefordshire
PD Puddlestone Herefordshire
PT Putley Herefordshire
RC Richards Castle Herefordshire
RN Rodd, Nash & Little Brampton Herefordshire
RR Ross Rural Herefordshire
ZK Ross Urban Herefordshire
RW Rowlstone Herefordshire
SR Sarnesfield Herefordshire
SK Sellack Herefordshire
SO Shobdon Herefordshire
SH Sollershope Herefordshire
SD St Devereux Herefordshire
SM St Margarets Herefordshire
SW St Weonards Herefordshire
SB Stanford Bishop Herefordshire
SN Stapleton Herefordshire
SA Staunton on Arrow Herefordshire
SY Staunton on Wye Herefordshire
SE Stoke Edith Herefordshire
SL Stoke Lacey Herefordshire
SP Stoke Prior Herefordshire
SF Stretford Herefordshire
SS Stretton Sugwas Herefordshire
ST Sutton St Nicholas Herefordshire
TR Tarrington Herefordshire
TD Tedstone Delamere Herefordshire
TW Tedstone Wafer Herefordshire
TB Thornbury Herefordshire
TX Thruxton Herefordshire
TL Titley Herefordshire
TM Tretire with Michaelchurch Herefordshire
TV Treville Herefordshire
TU Turnastone Herefordshire
TY Tyberton Herefordshire
UW Ullingswick Herefordshire
US Upper Sapey Herefordshire
UB Upton Bishop Herefordshire
VO Vowchurch Herefordshire
WK Wacton Herefordshire
WA Walford Herefordshire
WLN Walford, Letton & Newton Herefordshire
WZ Walterstone Herefordshire
WG Wellington Herefordshire
WH Wellington Heath Herefordshire
WBK Welsh Bicknor Herefordshire
WNN Welsh Newton Herefordshire
WX Weobley Herefordshire
WS Westhide Herefordshire
WB Weston Beggard Herefordshire
WP Weston under Penyard Herefordshire
WR Whitbourne Herefordshire
WC Whitchurch Herefordshire
WY Whitney on Wye Herefordshire
WQ Wigmore Herefordshire
WE Willey Herefordshire
WW Winforton Herefordshire
WN Winslow Herefordshire
WT Withington Herefordshire
WV Wolferlow Herefordshire
WO Woolhope Herefordshire
WD Wormbridge Herefordshire
WM Wormsley Herefordshire
YK Yarkhill Herefordshire
YP Yarpole Herefordshire
YT Yatton Herefordshire
YZ Yazor Herefordshire