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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Tiptree Parish (Colchester, Essex)

Information provided by Essex County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2019‑05‑21. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 FP Commences at Messing Road, runs south-east along boundary at Pods Wood to meet Colchester Road.
3 FP Commences at Oak Road, runs north-westerly to boundary into parish of Messing as FP10.
4 FP Commences at Grange Road, runs north-westerly over railway line along western edge of Perrys Wood, continues to cross boundary into parish of Messing as footpath 17.
5 FP Commences at road south of Theobalds Farm, runs east to cross railway line and meet footpath 4.
7 FP Commences at Co-Op pits in Maypole Road, runs west, crosses Kelvedon Road to the northern end of Lansdowne Close.
8 FP Commences at Kelvedon Road, runs south-westerly, past junction with footpath 10 and exits in Vine Road.
10 FP Commences at Kelvedon Road, runs south-west and north-west to footpath 8.
12 FP Commences at brook in Grove Road, runs northerly along track towards Oakfield House (formerly Dawsnest) continuing on western side of the ditch and along western edge of Ransomes Grove to join footpath 13 on the parish boundary. The width of the path between the southern boundary of Oakfield House and Ransomes Grove is 1.5m.
13 FP Commences in Newbridge Road, runs north-westerly, through Viners Farm, joins footpath 12, continues over boundary into the parish of Layer Marney as FP11.
14 FP From Grange Road leading generally south-eastwards to Harrington Close by the crossroads. A short section running south-eastwards for approximately 6 metres and north-eastwards for approximately 20 metres, south of Sparrow Cottage, is 1.5 metres wide. The width of the remainder of the path is unspecified.
15 FP Commences at station in Maldon Road, runs east to Church Road. (Path known as The Cut).
17 RBWY Commences opposite Pumping Station in Grange Road, runs south-east past FP16 to the Maldon Road. (The width varies between 5m and 14m as more particularly delineated on the order plan of Modification No.446 2010)
18 FP From Anchor Road south-westerly and north-westerly to Maldon Road opposite Brook House.
19 FP Commences from Grange Road at Windmill Hill, running south-easterly then southerly to meet footpaths 20 and 21 and continues generally southwards. Then turns westwards and southwards, with a width of 1.5m to meet West End Road adjacent to The Ship Inn.
20 FP From Grange Road leading south-eastwards and eastwards to meet FP’s 19 & 21. A central section leading generally eastwards, crossing a stream after approximately 335 metres then continuing for approximately 90 metres, has a width of 2 metres. The width of the remainder of the path is unspecified.
21 FP Commences at junction of footpaths 19 and 20, runs north-easterly then south-easterly to meet Maldon Road.
22 FP Commences in Maldon Road, runs south-east, turns north-east to Bull Corner.
23 FP From Gladstone Road at the old railway south-easterly crossing Station Road then south-westerly along Gorse Lane to Bull Lane.
24 BR From Park Drive leading south-eastwards along Park Lane to the parish boundary where it continues as BR14 in Tolleshunt Knights.
25 FP From Winston Avenue north-west passing between number 14, Winston Avenue and the electricity sub-station then in a south-westerly direction (on the eastern side of the hedge) for 114mt. It then crosses the field boundary to continue south-west then in a southerly direction to Chapel Road. Then south-eastwards along the northern edge of Birch Wood and continuing to the parish boundary where it continues as footpath 4 in Tolleshunt Knights.
26 FP Commences in Priory Road, runs easterly then south-easterly to join FP27.
27 FP Commences in Priory Road, runs north-east, past footpaths 26 and 28 to Simpsons Lane.
28 FP Commences at footpath 27 and runs south-east to Maldon Road near Manor House Farm.
29 FP Starting north-west of Morley Road, generally south-westerly to link with Anchor Road.
31 FP Commences in Cherry Tree Chase, at junction with footpath 23, continues south-east to boundary with Tolleshunt D'Arcy parish, as footpath 21.
32 FP From a point 600 feet south of FP33 in a south-easterly direction to the parish boundary with Tolleshunt D'Arcy where it continues as FP22.
33 FP From Hall Road leading generally eastwards to meet Footpath 31. The central section leading north-eastwards for approximately 95 metres, southwards for approximately 15 metres and south-eastwards for approximately 150 metres, has a width of two metres. The width of the remainder of the path is unspecified.
34 FP Commences in Kelvedon Road, runs south-west along Perrys Wood to meet FP4.
35 FP Commences in Church Road, runs south-west over railway to meet footpath 23, (known as St. Lukes Chase).
36 BR Continuation of BR7 Great Braxted, south-westerly and south-easterly to the road south-west of Inworth Grange.
37 FP A short length of path from Winston Avenue north-east between number 194 Grove Road and number 196 Grove Road to join Grove Road.
38 FP From FP19 in a north-easterly direction to common land registered as CL388. The width is 1.5m.