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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for West Mersea Parish (Colchester, Essex)

Information provided by Essex County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2019‑05‑21. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
7 FP From the road south-east of The Strood leading generally north-eastwards along the flood bank to the parish boundary where it continues as Footpath 13 in East Mersea. The first 850 metres of the path has a width of 1.5 metres. The width of the remainder of the path is unspecified.
8 FP From junction of Coast Road and The Lane, leading northwards with a width of 1.4m, widening to 4m through gap between 143 and 146 Coast Road then reverting to 1.4m past cottages. Continues in north easterly direction with unspecified width to Colchester Road, north of Wellhouse.
10 FP From The Lane east of Mersea Lane in a southerly direction to Firs Chase.
11 FP From the eastern end of The Lane in a north-easterly direction to Brickhouse Farm.
12 FP From the road east of Brick House Farm in a north-easterly direction to the road south of Wellhouse.
13 BR From Colchester Road leading south-eastwards and north-eastwards along field boundary, through a copse then north-westwards along track on western side of next field. Then north-eastwards across the field to Dawes Lane. The path has a width of 3 metres.
14 FP From Daw Lane in an easterly direction to East Mersea Road west of Blue Row.
15 FP From East Mersea Road east of Blue Row in a southerly direction to its junction with footpath 16.
16 FP From the road west of West Barn in an easterly direction past footpath 15 to the District boundary with East Mersea where it continues as footpath 8.
17 BR From Firs Road in an easterly direction to High Street opposite Upland Road.
18 FP From the northern end of Oakwood Avenue in a westerly then northerly direction to B1025 at the Elbow south of Wellhouse.
19 FP From Victory Road in a south-easterly direction to St. Peter's Road, then easterly to Captains Road.
20 FP From High Street in a north-easterly direction to Barfield Road.
22 FP From Queen Anne Road leading north-eastwards between No’s 53 & 57 for approximately 75 metres to meet the adopted path at Thornwood Close. The path has a minimum width of 0.8 metres and a maximum of 1.1 metres
23 FP From Empress Avenue in a north-easterly direction to Fairhaven Avenue.
24 FP From Seaview Avenue in an easterly direction through Seaview Holiday Park to its junction with Bridleway 25 for the most part running to the south of the hedge or fence measured from the face of the hedge/fence. The path is 1.5 metres wide throughout. The path is subject to a limitation of a gate at the junction with Seaview Avenue.
25 BR (Green Lane) From Cross Barn in a southerly direction past footpath 24 to its junction with footpaths 34 and 26.
26 FP From Coast Road south of the site of the Bendictine Priory along the river front in an easterly direction passing FP34 and BR25. Continues in an easterly direction to the district boundary with East Mersea where it continues as footpath 1.
27 FP From BYW21, Queen Anne Road, leading north-eastwards with unspecified width. Then, with a width of approximately 2mt, south-eastwards and north-eastwards, following the alleyway behind the gardens at the rear of Birchwood Close, to Oakwood Avenue.
28 FP From Suffolk Avenue west to Norfolk Avenue.
29 FP From Norfolk Avenue westwards to Oakwood Avenue.
31 FP From Fairhaven Avenue north of FP23 north-easterly to Seaview Avenue.
32 FP From the coast road west of St. Peter's Well, south-westerly over The Saltings to the water's edge.
33 FP Running from Shears Crescent for about 33.528mt east-north-eastwards (not less than 3.048mt wide) along and against the southern side of the southern boundary of the curtilage of the house known as no.10 Shears Crescent to a point against an Electricity sub-station; from thence southwards (not less than 1.143mt wide) and eastwards (not less than 1.194mt wide) for about 4.191mt to a row of garages; thence for about 20.116mt in a southerly direction against the western sides of the garages (excluding the site of the down-pipe from the garage gutter) this length being not less than 1.295mt wide reduced to exclude the site of the down-pipe; then eastwards (not less than 1.448mt wide) for about 5.282mt and southwards (not less than 1.219mt wide) for about 26.822mt to the beach and across the beach for about 30.48mt (not less than 1.219mt wide) to high water mark of medium tides (1972).
34 FP From the junction of FP26 north to Sea View Avenue then eastwards, joining BR25 (Cross Lane) then continuing eastwards to join FP26 near the site of the decoy pond, West Mersea.
35 FP From Empress Avenue leading generally south-westwards to Kingsmere Close. The last 24mt of the path, passing between nos.12 and 13 Kingsmere Close, has a width of approximately 2mt, the remainder being unspecified.
36 FP From the footway at the south-western end of Reymead Close, south-westwards then generally southwards to meet the footway at the northern end of Vince Close. The width varies between 1.10m and 1.70m as more particularly delineated on the Order plan of Modification Order No.466 2010.