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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Mayland Parish (Maldon, Essex)

Information provided by Essex County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2019‑05‑21. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 FP From The Drive and Imperial Avenue leading northwards for approximately 25 metres with a width of 2 metres. Then, with unspecified width, generally eastwards to Nipsells Chase, generally south-eastwards to Mill Road, eastwards along Dock Road to Pigeon Dock and continuing eastwards to Maldon Road.
2 FP From Foxhall Road, west of Highlands Cottage, leading north-westwards and north-eastwards, with a width of 2mt, along the eastern boundary of OS field 8500. Then, with unspecified width, north-westwards along the eastern boundary of OS field 7433. Then crossing field boundary, reverting to 2mt width, and continuing north-westwards along western boundary of OS field 9332 to parish boundary. Then eastwards along northern boundary of field 9332 and then northwards into the parish of Steeple where it continues as FP7.
3 FP From Mayland Hill south of Bovill Uplands leading eastwards with a width of 2 metres for approximately 240 metres. Then, with unspecified width, continuing eastwards to FP4 and Mayland Court, then northwards, westwards and northwards again to Foxhall Road south of Highlands
4 FP From its junction with footpath 3 at Mayland Court in a southerly direction to the Althorne - Southminster Road West of Mayland Orchard.
7 FP From Althorne - Southminster Road west of Mayland Orchard in a southerly direction past Legions Farm to the parish boundary north of High House.
8 FP From its junction with FP 1 at Pigeon Dock in a northerly, westerly and southerly direction along the seawall to its junction with FP 11 north of the Yacht Club.
10 FP From FP 1 east of Pigeon Dock north to Steeple Parish where it continues as FP 1.
11 FP From its junction with FP 2 Latchingdon at the parish boundary in an easterly direction along the seawall, passing FP 8, then southerly to the Esplanade. Minimum width of path from the Esplanade to the seawall is 4 feet.
13 FP From the Steeple road north-east of Tideway Farm in a northerly then north-easterly direction to a point south of the southern boundary of the property known as "High Elms" fronting onto West Avenue.
14 FP A short link between FP13 and West Avenue - from FP13 in a northerly direction between properties numbered 150a and 151a West Avenue. Minimum width of path is 1mt.
15 FP From Imperial Avenue in a southerly direction with a width of 3.5 metres, narrowing to a width of 1.5 metres as it runs between the boundary fences of 30 and 28 Imperial Avenue and then narrowing to a width of 1.25 metres as it meets West Avenue between the boundary feneces of 10 and 8 West Avenue. This path is known as the Mayflower Path.
16 RBWY From Imperial Avenue with a width of 2.50 metres running northwards between the boundaries of 99 and 97 Imperial Avenue and widening to a width of 2.65 metres as it runs between the boundaries of 292 and Fairwater, The Esplanade, and then widening to a width of 2.85 metres as it meets The Esplanade.
17 RBWY From the northern point of the adopted section of Nipsells Chase running north-westward along the unadopted section of Nipsells Chase to the sea wall. The width of the restricted byway is 3.5 metres wide from the sea wall to its junction with Sea View Parade and then it varies in width from 3.5 metres to 5.5 metres at its junction with the adopted section of Nipsells Chase.
18 FP From North Drive in a westerly direction to Promenade. The width varies between 6.17m at North Drive and 5.45m at Promenade.
19 FP Number allocated to LW for claimed path. Case 1000