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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Tollesbury Parish (Maldon, Essex)

Information provided by Essex County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2019‑05‑21. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 FP From Old Hall Lane, at south-west end of Old Hall Lane, at junction with BYW 15 in a northerly direction to the parish boundary, where it continues in Tolleshunt Knights as footpath 18.
2 FP From Lodge Road by entrance to Guisnes Court, south-west past junction with footpath 3, to the parish boundary where it continues in Tolleshunt D'Arcy parish as footpath 14.
3 FP From its junction with FP2, west of Guisnes Court, leading generally south-eastwards to the western end of FP4 and then southwards to the road north of Garlands Farm._x000D_
The section north-east of Gorwell Hall, leading south-eastwards for approximately 158 metres on the western side of the farm track and north-eastwards for approximately 182 metres on the southern side of the farm track, has a width of 2 metres. The remainder is of unspecified width._x000D_
4 FP From the road south of Carringtons Farm, in a westerly direction to its junction with footpath 3.
5 FP From the north end of North Road in a northerly direction passing under railway past junctions with footpaths 16 and 18 to the "Ship Ahoy" (PH) where it joins footpaths 28 and 22.
8 FP From the road south of Prentice Hall, eastwards and north-eastwards to its junction with FP19 at the allotment gardens, then eastwards to the public road at the Recreation Ground.
10 FP From the road north of Bohun's Hall in a south-easterly direction to Mell Road and continues to Wick Lane.
11 FP From road south of Vicarage, in a south-easterly direction to join footpath 10.
12 FP From Mell Road, north of Mell House, in an easterly direction to the railway line, then turns south to the seawall; continues south and west along the seawall to join footpath 21.
14 FP From the road south of Prentice Hall Farm, in a westerly direction to the parish boundary. Continues in Tolleshunt D'Arcy as footpath 11.
15 BWY Old Hall Lane. From the road passing Old Hall Cottages in a north-easterly direction to join footpath 5 near the junction of footpaths 22 and 28.
16 FP From the northern end of Station Road, north and west to join footpath 5.
17 FP From West Street in a northerly direction to North Street.
18 FP From Woodrolfe Road, east of the railway line, leading northwards to the sea wall and FP24. Then generally north-westwards, following new section of sea wall and then south-westwards to meet FP5. Width of path is unspecified except for a 734mt section along new sea wall which has a minimum width of 2mt.
19 FP A short length of path from Elysian Gardens in a southerly direction to FP8.
20 BR From north end of Wood south of Boreham & Profits Farm, in a southerly direction to Rolls Farm.
21 FP From Bohun's Hall in a southerly direction to the seawall where it joins footpaths 12 and 25.
22 FP From 'Ship Ahoy" PH and junctions with BYW 15 and FP5, east along seawall to Old Hall Marshes, then north across marshes to seawall at Salcott Creek and south-west to parish boundary and FP28.
23 FP From Bridge Farm, north-east and north to the parish boundary. Continues in Tolleshunt Knights parish as footpath 19.
24 FP From its junctions with footpath 18 at the seawall, in a south-easterly direction, past Woodrolfe Road and Bathing Pond, to join footpaths 31 and 30.
25 FP Seawall path from its junction with footpath 32, south of Rolls Farm, in an easterly direction to its junction with footpaths 12 and 21.
26 FP Continuation of FP18 from Tolleshunt D'Arcy in an easterly direction along the seawall and its junction with footpaths 32 & 25.
28 FP From "Ship Ahoy" PH and junction with BYW15 in an easterly, northerly and north-easterly direction to the parish boundary with Salcott where it continues as FP7.
29 FP From Joyce's Head and its junction with FP22 along the seawall in a southerly, easterly and north-westerly circle to rejoin FP22.
30 FP From FP12 near Mill Creek in a general south-easterly, north-easterly and north-westerly direction around the Saltings to join FP24 and FP31 south of Woodrolfe.
31 FP From the County Road at Woodrolfe Farm north-east to seawall.
32 FP From Rolls Farm south to seawall and FP's 12 and 25.
33 FP From West Street in a southerly then easterly direction to Elysian Gardens. The width of the northernmost 25 metres varies between 2.4 and 4 metres
34 FP From Woodrolfe Road leading north-easterly for approximately 62 metres. This section is 2 metres wide. Then easterly and south-easterly towards Woodrolfe Creek to an old wharf, known as ‘Rickyards’ or Rickus’.
35 FP From Woodrolfe Farm Lane in a southerly direction with a width of 1.5 metres to Wycke Lane and then running eastward and southward along Wycke Lane with a width of 3 metres to join Footpath 10 Tollesbury.