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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Wickham Bishops Parish (Maldon, Essex)

Information provided by Essex County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2019‑05‑21. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. The entries below are ordered first by Right of Way number, and then in reverse chronological order (most recent first). show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 FP From Mope Lane leading north-westwards with unspecified width to a point north of Thistle Hall (previously "Glebe Farm"). Then, with a width of 2mt, northwards for approximately 91mt through the small wood known as "Mope Grove", then westwards for approximately 96mt along and outside the northern boundary of the wood, and then continuing westwards for approximately 29mt within the western extremity of the wood. Then, reverting to unspecified width, north-westwards to Blue Mills Hill.
2 FP From Mope Lane south of Mope Cottage, leading westwards with unspecified width to the centre of Sparkey Wood, then south-westwards to Drumochter Farm. Then south-eastwards with a width of 2mt. Then, after crossing culvert, south-westwards for 32mt. Then reverting to unspecified width and continuing generally south-eastwards to Station Road.
3 FP From the road north of Hill Place west to junction with footpath 2.
4 FP From the road 50 yards north-west of Wickham Place, in a northerly direction to Witham where it continues as footpath 96.
5 FP From Wickham Mill Bridge alongside Wickham Mill then across railway and in a northerly direction to Bluemills Hill east of Bluemills Bridge.
7 FP From Wickham Mill Bridge leading south-westwards along the west bank of the River Blackwater for approximately 280mt. Minimum width of path is 1,5mt except for the last 30mt which has a width of 1mt. Then, reverting to a minimum width of 1,5mt, westwards for approximately 20mt. Then, at the boundary of OS fields 0950 and 0834 reverting to unspecified width and leading south-westwards to the parish boundary where it continues as FP28 in Hatfield Peverel.
8 FP From Wickham Mill Bridge leading south-eastwards to meet BR21 at its junction with the road.
10 BWY From the property known as "Bridle End" in a north-easterly direction for approximately 405 metres to the Kelvedon Road. The width of the way is the whole of the area shaded grey on the supplementary order plan for Mod No 540 2013 (excluding any roadside ditches) and varies between 3 and 10.5 metres.
11 FP Short link from Byron Drive to Roots Lane.
12 FP From Church Road Estate, then south to exit on to Grange Road.
13 FP From Grange Road leading north-westerly, westerly, north-westerly, northerly then north-westerly to meet Wickham Hall Lane. The path is 2 metres wide apart from an approximately 20 metre section north-westerly from Grange Road and an approximately 5 metre section from Wickham Hall Lane which are unspecified in width.
14 FP From Wickham Hall Lane and FP15 leading south-westwards to meet FP22.
15 FP From Footpath 22 leading south-easterly, easterly, easterly, north-easterly, easterly and finally south-westerly to meet Wickham Hall Lane opposite junction with Grange Road. The path has a width of 2 metres.
16 FP From Whitehouse Farm in a north-easterly direction to Grange Road.
17 FP From Grange Road, with a width of 1.5m, south-westwards, then westwards to Likely Wood. Continuing south-westwards along and outside the boundary of the wood, then across the field via the track to Langford Road with a width of 3.8m.
18 FP From Walden House Road, north-east to Gt Totham parish boundary where it continues as footpath No.4.
19 BR From Langford Road south of The Reigate Bungalow leading south-westwards for approximately 420 metres to meet the former railway line now known as The Blackwater Rail Trail. Then north-westwards along the trail for approximately 1210 metres. Then up the bank for approximately 15 metres and continuing north-westwards for approximately 56 metres to meet BR21 7.5 metres south-west of the edge of the railway embankment. Width of the path is 3 metres.
21 BR From the B1018 Langford Road leading south-westwards, over the old railway line and past BR19, to St Peters Church. Then, with a width of 3 metres, north-westwards for approximately 390 metres to rejoin the B1018 south-east of Wickham Mill.
22 FP From Station Road and FP15, west of Hill Place, leading south-westwards, for approximately 148mt, along and within the northern boundary of the field. Then south-eastwards, for approximately 50mt, along and within the western boundary of the field to meet FP14. Width to this point is 2mt. Then, with unspecified width, south-westwards past Fairplay House to Langford Road.
23 FP From Bluemills Hill, opposite Mathyns, north-east to Glen Acres, then north to the parish boundary of Little Braxted where it continues as footpath 5.
24 FP A path 2 metres in width and approximately 150 metres long running south-eastwards along and inside the field headland adjacent to Langford Road. Starting from opposite the access point of the old FP19 and ending opposite the new BR19.