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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Foulness Parish (Rochford, Essex)

Information provided by Essex County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2019‑05‑21. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 FP 1A. From the Quay in a northerly and easterly direction along the sea wall past The Hard to BYW 5 at Crouch Cottages. 1B. From BYW 8 at Fishermans Head in a south-westerly direction along sea wall past FP11, BYW 13 and FP14 to Shelford Head
2 FP From FP11 just south of the Heritage Centre leading generally north-westwards and westwards along the track for approximately 975 metres to meet FP20 and then generally north-westwards for a further 90 metres at Monkton Barn. Up to this point the path has a width of 2 metres. Then, with unspecified width, continuing generally westwards to meet FP1 by the Quay.
3 FP From FP1 (by High Corner) in a southerly direction to Naze Wick thence south-west to join FP11 west of St Mary's Church.
5 BWY From FP1 (at Crouch Cottages) south-east to Ridgemarsh (BYW 18)
8 BWY From BYW 18 (at Mission Room Courtsend) in a south-easterly direction to Fishermans Head.
11 FP From FP3 west of St Mary’s Church leading generally south-eastwards past East Wick and Eastwick Head and on to The Broomway to meet BR28. Two diverted sections have a width of 2 metres. These are from Grid Ref TR0097,9273 leading southwards for 170 metres to cross a culvert and then eastwards for 190 metres on the south side of the drainage channel, and from Grid Ref TR0170,9241 leading eastwards for 100 metres to the north-east corner of the field and then southwards for 105 metres. The width of the remainder of the path is unspecified.
13 BWY From Smiths Shop along Turtle Wall thence south to Rugwood Cottages and south-east past Rugwood Head and FP1 to the Broomway (BYW 16) and BR28.
14 FP From BYW 13 (at Rugwood Cottages) in a west and south direction past BR17, Great Burwood and Asplins Head to The Broomway (BYW 16).
16 BWY Continuation of BYW 30 Great Wakering north-easterly along The Broomway passing FP19 to join BYW 13 and BR28, south-east of Rugwood Head.
17 BR From sea wall at Shelford Creek proceeding in a southerly and south-easterly directon along the track which runs between the security fence and the east bank of Shelford Creek to a point on the west side of the military road leading from Great Wakering Wick to Foulness Church End. Continues in a north-easterly direction along the grass verge adjacent to the military road. Minimum width of bridleway is 4mt.
18 BWY From Smiths shop through Church and thence in an eastely direction past The Lodge to Newhouse Farm thence north past BYW 8 and FP23 (Courtsend) and north-west to join BYW 5
19 FP From FP1B at Shelford Head in a southerly direction to join The Broomway (BYW 16)
20 FP From Bridge Road leading generally north-westwards for approximately 1060 metres to join with FP2 for a short distance near Monkton Barn. Then, from FP2, westwards between two drainage channels for approximately 500 metres and northwards for approximately 50 metres to meet FP’s 1 & 2 near The Quay. The path has a width of 2 metres except for the easternmost 60 metre long section west of Bridge Road where the width is unspecified.
22 FP From Bridge Road leading generally south-westwards, southwards back to the road and continuing southwards, all with unspecified width. Then, with a width of 2 metres, eastwards for approximately 160 metres to meet Byway 13.
23 FP From Byway 18 at Courtsend leading generally westwards with unspecified width past New Wick Farm to the road near Lodge Farm. Then, with a width of 2 metres, generally westwards along the southern boundary of the road to meet Byway 18 near the electricity sub station.
24 FP A short link between Footpath 23 and Byway 18 on the south side of the road near Lodge Farm. The width of the path is 2 metres.
25 FP From BYW 18 at Newhouse Farm in a south-westerly direction to join FP11 at East Wick.
26 FP From BR17 in a north-easterly direction to join BYW 13.
27 FP From FP1A in a northerly direction along Clark's Hard.
28 BR From Fishermans Head (BYW 8) south-easterly to The Broadway then along The Broomway south-west to join BYW's 13 and 16 south-east of Rugwood Head