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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Hullbridge Parish (Rochford, Essex)

Information provided by Essex County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2019‑05‑21. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. The entries below are ordered first by Right of Way number, and then in reverse chronological order (most recent first). show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 FP Continuation of FP2 Hockley from the railway northerly along Central Avenue to Coventry Hill.
2 FP Continuation of Rayleigh FP47 in an easterly direction thence southerly to the Rayleigh boundary where it continues as FP48.
3 FP Southern leg of Blountswood Road, from Gin and Water Cottage in an easterly direction to its junction with FP4.
4 FP From Byway 14 at the junction of Murrels Lane in a southerly then south-easterly direction to the railway.
5 FP From Coventry Hill north-westerly to Burnham Road.
6 BWY Long Lane, from a point approximately 118 metres north of its junction with Coventry Hill in a northerly direction for a distance of approximately 1170 metres to the point in Pooles Lane where it becomes a county road south-west of Kingsmans Farm.
7 FP From the junction of Malyons Lane and Elm Grove leading westwards along Malyons Lane and then continuing to the parish boundary where it continues as FP2 in Rawreth.
8 FP From road opposite Lower Hockley Hall northerly to the sea wall and Ashingdon FP12.
9 FP A continuation of FP1 Rawreth along the south bank of the River Crouch in an easterly direction to FP8. From the Parish boundary in the west down to the Esplanade the path has a minimum width of 1.4 metres; from the Esplanade east to the roadway at the club a minimum width of 1.5 metres; the path would run over the full width of the roadway to Ferry Road; from Ferry Road east to the yacht club the path has a minimum width of 1.5 metres.
10 BWY From the northern end of Ferry Road, in a northerly direction across the River Crouch to BYW 31 in South Woodham Ferrers.
11 FP From Mayfield Avenue in a northerly direction to Keswick Avenue (formerly Skupath Road).
12 FP From Pooles Lane opposite the Crouch Caravan Park in a generally southerly, westerly then southerly direction (immediately adjacent to the western boundary of 83 Keswick Avenue) to join the eastern end of Keswick Avenue, Hullbridge. Minimum width of path is 4 feet 6 inches.
14 BWY From Lower Road in a southerly direction for a distance of approximately 1020 metres to the junction of Murrels Lane.