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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Bradfield Parish (Tendring, Essex)

Information provided by Essex County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2019‑05‑21. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 BWY From Ship Hill near Bradfield Station in a north-easterly direction over and under railway down to The Saltings.
2 FP From Harwich Road leading north-easterly, north-westerly then easterly along the foot of the railway embankment to the railway tunnel. The path continues through the tunnel to the north side then easterly adjacent to the railway embankment then north-westerly along the track to its junction with Footpath 17 and 20. The first section from Harwich Road for approximately 188 metres is unspecified in width, as is the short section through the tunnel. The remainder is 2 metres wide.
3 FP From Mill Lane at the south west corner of Millgrove Wood leading westwards with unspecified width, and then north-westwards with a minimum width of 2mt, to the parish boundary where it continues as footpath 4 in the Parish of Mistley.
4 FP From the road east of Mill south-west to Straight Road.
5 FP From Heath Road at Coppengers Farm in a north-westerly and north-easterly and north-westerly direction before turning in a south-westerly direction to a footbridge and Mill Lane north-east of Home Farm. Minimum width of path from Mill Lane for approximately 400 metres is 1.5 metres.
6 FP From Cansey Lane in a southerly then westerly, south-westerly and south-easterly direction to join footpath 13 in the Parish of Wix. Minimum width of path from a point approximately 196 metres north of Crossman's Farm for approx 500 metres is 1.25 metres.
7 FP From King Street in a westerly direction to Straight Road by the Reservoir.
8 FP From Footpath 12 leading westwards to the parish boundary where it continues as Footpath 11 in Mistley. The path is 2 metres wide
11 FP From Steam Mill Road leading southwards to meet Footpath 12. The path is 2 metres wide.
12 FP From Steam Mill Road leading southwards and south-westwards to the parish boundary where it continues as Footpath 12 in Mistley. A 118 metre long section (Grid ref 61282,22947 to 61273,22939) has a width of 2 metres. The width of the remainder of the path is unspecified.
13 FP From Cansey Lane leading north-westerly along Ellis Road to Barrack Street. The path is the entire width of Ellis Road.
15 FP A short section of path from FP13 Wix, west of Crossmans Farm, leading generally north-eastwards back across the parish boundary to continues as FP35 Wix
16 FP From Cansey Lane near the Wix parish boundary in a northerly easterly then generally northerly direction then in a generally westerly then southerly direction to join Cansey Lane south of Mayfield Cottages (formerly Barrack Cottages) Minimum width of path is 1.25 metres.
17 FP From the northern side of the railway tunnel leading northerly then easterly to its junction with Footpath 2 and 20. The path is 2 metres wide.
18 FP Lotts Lane, From the road north of Barrack Cottages north-easterly to the road south-west of Street Farm.
19 BR From BYW 1 at The Saltings easterly along the river to join BR20 Wrabness
20 FP From its connection with Footpath 17 leading easterly on the south side of the foreshore banking. This section is 2 metres wide. Then with unspecified width the path continues easterly to the Parish boundary where it continues as Footpath 1, Wrabness.
21 FP From Shore Lane leading in a north-easterly direction then easterly to its connection with Footpath 2. The path is 2 metres wide.
22 FP From its junction with Bridleway 19 leading in an easterly direction to connect to Footpath 17. The path is 2 metres wide.