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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Harwich Parish (Tendring, Essex)

Information provided by Essex County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2019‑05‑21. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 FP From Dovercourt Station in a westerly direction along Station Lane to its junction with footpath 4
3 FP From Parkeston Road west of the Cemetery in a general south-westerly direction crossing the disused railway line and proceeding for approx 150 yards, then south and south-east to the Main Road at All Saints Church
4 FP From former Phoenix Dock site generally in a south-westerly direction and then turning south-easterly along Pattricks Lane to the point where Pattricks Lane forks in two. The remaining section of Pattricks Lane leading to the High Street is a public vehicular highway as declared by the Court Order made on the 27 October 1997.
5 FP From King George's Avenue (between numbers 59 & 60) in an easterly direction to footpath 7 north of Bobbits Hole.
7 FP From Parkeston Road in a north-easterly and northerly direction to the eastern end of Fryatt Avenue.
10 FP From north side of no.10 Portland Avenue leading south-westwards to meet Old Vicarage Road
11 FP From main road opposite south-west corner of Bobbit's Hole in a southerly direction along the west side of the football ground to Footpath 10.
12 FP From the southern end of Birch Avenue leading south-westwards to Highfield Avenue.
13 FP From Highfield Avenue opposite end of footpath 12 in a south-westerly direction to Manor Lane.
14 FP From Main Road in a southerly direction along western boundary of the Hospital, to Manor Lane
15 FP From Seafield Road leading south-eastwards to Lower Marine Parade
17 FP From Fronk's Road along the southern boundaries of Nos.1, 2 and 3 in a south-easterly direction to Wick Lane
18 FP From Hall Lane south of Dovercourt Lodge in a north-easterly direction to Fronk's Road.
19 FP Squat Lane. From Hall Lane in a south-westerly direction along south boundary of The Grange and south boundary of All Field to Half-Acre Lane.
20 FP From Fronk's Road opposite top of Hall Lane, north, east and then north to Grange Road.
21 FP From Fronk's Road north of The Grange in a south-westerly direction along northern boundary of All Field to footpaths 22, 26 & 27
22 FP Continuation of FP21 south-westwards to Long Meadows.
23 FP From Oakley Road in a southerly direction along the borough boundary to its junction with footpath 24.
24 FP Continuation of FP23 leading north-eastwards to Low Road.
26 FP Half Acre Lane. From Low Road in a north-westerly direction past footpath 19 to its junction with footpaths 22, 21 and 27 north-west of All Field.
27 FP Continuation of footpath 26, north-west to Main Road opposite All Saints Church.
29 FP From Ramsey Road in a southerly direction with a width of 4 metres along Gypsy Lane to Oakley Road.
30 FP Short path from Ramsey Road north-west to Valley Road.
32 FP From Ramsey Road south-east to the County Road known as Chase Lane.
33 FP From Hall Lane in a south-easterly direction along western boundary of Sports Ground, then east along sea wall to southern end of promenade.
35 FP From Fronks Avenue leading north-eastwards and south-eastwards around boundaries of Sports Club to Lower Marine Parade.
36 FP Short path from south end of St George's Avenue, north-east to Beach Road.
37 FP Short path from Main Road, westerly along southern boundary of Police Station to Fernlea Road.
38 FP Runs south along Wellington Road, then west to a point near High Lighthouse and junction with footpath 39.
39 FP North-west from Harbour Crescent to junction with footpath 38
40 FP From King George's Avenue, west between numbers 49 and 50 with a width of 3.4 metres then north to junction with footpath 44, with a width of 1.2 metres.
42 FP From Low Road leading south-eastwards and south-westwards, with unspecified width, along Marsh Lane and then generally southwards to FP43. The final 236mt has a minimum width of 2mt.
43 FP From FP33 leading south-westwards, with unspecified width, to the parish boundary where it continues as FP30 in the parish of Ramsey. The final 512mt has a minimum width of 2mt
44 FP From footpath 4 south of Phoenix Road in a general westerly and south-westerly direction to road in housing estate known as Rawden Close.
45 BR Stour Road - from its junction with Ingestre Street south for a distance of 57metres.
46 BR Stour Road - From its junction with Alexandra Street south to Talbot Street.
47 FP From junction of Long Meadows and Chase Lane leading south-westwards to Low Road. Width is 2mt. Path has a hardened, permanent surface with street lighting along its entire length.
48 FP A short link path, 1.3mt wide, from the northern footway of Goodlake Close leading north-eastwards for 50.8mt to meet the estate path south of Long Meadows.