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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Mistley Parish (Tendring, Essex)

Information provided by Essex County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2019‑05‑21. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 FP From Oxford Road north-east of Barnfield House in a south-easterly direction to Round Clump where it joins footpath 16.
2 FP From the road north of Ford Farm in a northerly direction to join footpath 23 in Mistley Park.
3 FP A short path from Pedlars Corner to footpath 1 in the parish of Little Bromley.
4 FP From footpath 23 in Laundry Wood cross Mistley Park in an easterly direction to the road north-east of Church Farm, then to the parish boundary with Bradfield as footpath 3. The final 80mt to the parish boundary has a minimum width of 2mt, the remainder being unspecified.
5 FP From the parish boundary at Mistley Heath in a west and northerly direction to Rigby Avenue.
7 FP From Middlefield Road leading generally northwards to Harwich Road. The northern section, along the footway of the new road for approximately 40 metres, has a width of 2 metres. The width of the remainder of the path is unspecified.
8 FP Revised Description:
From the parish boundary of Mistley and Bradfield on Dovehouse Farm Road leading westerly via the entrance of Dovehouse Farm then southerly along a track then westerly along the field edge on the northern side of the field boundary adjacent to Steam Mill Road then across an existing ditch to meet the road at the parish boundary. The path is 2 metres wide.
10 FP Entry deleted
11 FP From Clacton Road leading eastwards to the parish boundary where it continues as Footpath 8 in Bradfield. The path is 2 metres wide.
12 FP From the road north of the "Wheelwrights Arms", (PH) in a north-easterly direction along the parish boundary where it continues as footpath 12.
13 BR From the road north of Horseleycross St. in a general north-westerly direction, then southerly and south-westerly to the parish boundary with Little Bromley where it continues as BR8.
14 FP From Horseleycross Street in a westerly direction, turning south-westerly to run along and outside Aldecar Wood. Turning westwards along the track running through New Hall and continuing westwards before turning south-westwards to the parish boundary with Little Bromley where it continues as footpath 20. The width is 1.5 metres.
15 FP From the road near Mistley Dock in a southerly direction along the western boundary of Oak Grove to its junction with FP23.
16 FP From Brunswick House and footpath 7 in a westerly direction across Mistley Park to a point north west of Mistley Hall.
18 FP From St Mary's Church by the Cricket Ground in an easterly and north-easterly direction to Mistley Green.
19 FP From footpath 16 in a northerly direction to road by St Mary's Church and the Cricket Green.
20 FP From New Road in a westerly direction to the Gas Works.
21 FP From New Road to the School House.
23 FP From the field edge north of Clacton Road leading along the northern side of the hedgerow westerly then north-westerly then north easterly away from Clacton Road along a track to the east of Beech Plantation. This section is 2 metres wide. Then continuing north westerly toward the Beech Plantation then past Footpath 15 and through Laundry Wood to Footpath 16 at Round Clump. This section is unspecified in width.
24 FP From Harwich Road leading eastwards between No's 25 & 25a to Remercie Road
25 FP From The Walls outside the south-eastern boundary of Common Land CL106, continuing outside the boundary of Mistley Towers north-eastwards then south-eastwards and then generally southwards to the High Street, the width throughout being 1.5 metres.
26 FP From footpath 15 on northern side of the watercourse, running north-westerly (with a width of 1.6m widening to 2.1m) to the village green (VG99), then running north-easterly along the track within the eastern boundary of the green (with a width of 6.7m) to meet the public highway.
28 FP Footpath 28 is approximately 316 metres long. It commences from Footpath No.4 (part of The Essex Way) and proceeds in a south-easterly direction, and then follows a more south-westerly route around the edge of the wood before junctioning with the southern end of Footpath 29 and finally joining Footpath No.15. Dedication is subject to the limitations of two stiles: 1) 50 metres south of the junction with Footpath 4, 2) 50 metres south south west of the stile at (1). The width of the way is 1.2 metres.
29 FP Footpath 29 is approximately 650 metres long. It takes a circuitous route from a point further along the Essex Way, tending south west overall, but taking a detour to the north around the site of a former pond (previously known as Gull Pond) following the line of a track through the woodlands (and the site of the former game-keepers cottage) and then runs through the woodland near to the pond itself. It then crosses the outflow and circles back along the opposite side of the pond, before turning south west to meet Footpath 28. Dedication is subject to the limitations of a field gate at the junction with Footpath 28 and a stile 110 metres to the north west at the south bank of the pond. The width of the way is 1.2 metres.
30 FP Footpath 30 is approximately 45 metres long and is a connecting spur from Footpath 29 at the northern bank of the pond, north of the weir, in a northerly then westerly direction to join Footpath 28 approximately 40 metres south of its junction with Footpath 4. The width of the way is 1.2 metres.