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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Newport Parish (Uttlesford, Essex)

Information provided by Essex County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2019‑05‑21. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 BWY Continuation of Wendens Ambo BYW10 (Duddenhoe Lane). From parish boundary in a south-easterly direction via Three Corner Plantation and Long Plantation to junction with CRF2 west of the Grammar School.
2 BWY From BYW1 in a north and north-westerly direction to its junction with BR28 and drive to Whiteditch Farm.
4 FP From road south-west of Grammar School, north along eastern boundary of allotments continues north, crossing footpath 7 to junction with footpath 8 at Mill Hill.
7 FP From main road opposite nurseries, in a westerly direction, crossing railway line and footpath 4 to junction with CRF2.
8 FP From main road north of Sparrowsend Cottages in a westerly direction, over railway to junction with footpath 18 in Wendons Ambo parish.
10 BWY From road near Bonhunt Water in a south-easterly direction to FP11.
11 FP From junction with BYW10 near Bonhunt Water, east to join BR16 (Frambury Lane).
12 FP From Frambury lane, near end of FP11, in an easterly direction to the estate path linking Cherry Garden Lane with Frambury Lane.
13 FP From Wicken Road in a general southerly direction to Hitch Common Road.
14 FP From main road near Newport House, in a north-easterly direction across railway to join FP23.
15 FP From the road north of Newport Station leading south-eastwards with unspecified width. Then, with a minimum width of 4 feet, alternating north-eastwards and eastwards, around the northern side of the next field to Debden Road. Then, with a width of 1.5 metres, south-eastwards on the southern side of Debden Road to descend the bank and meet the road opposite Footpath 4 Widdington
16 BR From Frambury Lane in a southerly direction to a point west of "Braeside"; then turns south-west to Parish boundary; follows boundary south to Wicken Bonhunt BR7 and eventually enters the Parish of Quendon to continue as BR8.
17 FP From main road by Water Lane in a general easterly direction along the southern boundary of Shortgrove Park to parish boundary and junction with Debden footpath No. 4.
18 FP From junction with 17 at end of Water Lane in a south-easterly direction to parish boundary with Debden where it continues as footpath 2 (known as Bromley Lane).
20 BWY From station in a south-easterly direction to old chalk pit and east along parish boundary with Widdington continuing as No. 28.
21 FP From road near Bonhunt Water, north-east to Caces Acres.
22 FP From churchyard in a northerly direction to the Grammar School.
23 FP From White Horse Lane at railway line east to Chalkpit Plantation and parish boundary.
24 FP From Bury Water Lane north for approximately 6 metres then in an easterly direction, crossing FP22 to join the western end of Caces Acre. Minimum width of path from Bury Water Lane north then east for a distance of 90 metres is 1.25 metres.
25 FP From BYW1 in a southerly direction to join FP21 at ford.
27 BR From BYW10 at the Parish boundary south along the boundary into Wicken Bonhunt where it continues as BR2.
28 BR From its junction with byway No. 2, 116 metres north-west of Tudhope, in a generally northerly direction to join Bridleway 16, Wendens Ambo.
29 FP A short length of path from the High Street in a westerly direction to the estate path joining the cul-de-sac off Pond Cross Way. Minimum width of path is 1.2 metres.
34 FP From the road at Ringers to the parish boundary continuing as Footpath 7 Widdington