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List of Parishes in Lincolnshire for Public Rights of Way

ID Parish District
Aby Aby East Lindsey
Addl Addlethorpe East Lindsey
Aist Aisthorpe West Lindsey
Alfo Alford East Lindsey
Alga Algarkirk Boston
Alli Allington South Kesteven
Alvi Alvingham East Lindsey
Ambe Amber Hill Boston
Anca Ancaster South Kesteven
Ande Anderby East Lindsey
Anwi Anwick North Kesteven
Aple Apley West Lindsey
Asga Asgarby East Lindsey
AsHo Asgarby and Howell North Kesteven
AshL Ashby De La Launde and Bloxholm North Kesteven
AshP Ashby by Partney East Lindsey
Asla Aslackby and Laughton South Kesteven
Aste Asterby East Lindsey
Aswb Aswarby and Swarby North Kesteven
Aswd Aswardby East Lindsey
Aubo Aubourn and Haddington North Kesteven
Auns Aunsby and Dembleby North Kesteven
Auth Authorpe East Lindsey
Bard Bardney West Lindsey
Barh Barholm and Stowe South Kesteven
Bark Barkston South Kesteven
Barl Barlings West Lindsey
Barr Barrowby South Kesteven
Bass Bassingham North Kesteven
Bast Baston South Kesteven
Baum Baumber East Lindsey
Beck Beckingham North Kesteven
Belc Belchford East Lindsey
Bell Belleau East Lindsey
Belt Belton and Manthorpe South Kesteven
Beni Benington Boston
Benn Benniworth East Lindsey
Bick Bicker Boston
Bigb Bigby West Lindsey
Bilb Billingborough South Kesteven
Bilh Billinghay North Kesteven
Bils Bilsby East Lindsey
Binb Binbrook East Lindsey
Bish Bishop Norton West Lindsey
Bitc Bitchfield and Bassingthorpe South Kesteven
Blan Blankney North Kesteven
Blyb Blyborough West Lindsey
Blyt Blyton West Lindsey
Boli Bolingbroke East Lindsey
BooG Boothby Graffoe North Kesteven
BooP Boothby Pagnell South Kesteven
Bost Boston Boston
Bour Bourne South Kesteven
BrAW Braceborough and Wilsthorpe South Kesteven
Brac Bracebridge Heath North Kesteven
BrAS Braceby and Sapperton South Kesteven
Brak Brackenborough East Lindsey
Bram Brampton West Lindsey
Bran Branston and Mere North Kesteven
BrBS Brant Broughton and Stragglethorpe North Kesteven
Btft Bratoft East Lindsey
Brtl Brattleby West Lindsey
Brau Brauncewell North Kesteven
Brin Brinkhill East Lindsey
Broa Broadholme West Lindsey
Broc Brocklesby West Lindsey
Brox Broxholme West Lindsey
Buck Bucknall East Lindsey
Bull Bullington West Lindsey
BurM Burgh Le Marsh East Lindsey
BurB Burgh on Bain East Lindsey
BurC Burton Coggles South Kesteven
BurP Burton Pedwardine North Kesteven
Burt Burton by Lincoln West Lindsey
Burw Burwell East Lindsey
Busl Buslingthorpe West Lindsey
Butt Butterwick Boston
Cabo Cabourne West Lindsey
Caen Caenby West Lindsey
Cais Caistor West Lindsey
Calb Calceby East Lindsey
Calt Calcethorpe East Lindsey
Camm Cammeringham West Lindsey
Cand Candlesby East Lindsey
Canw Canwick North Kesteven
Care Careby Aunby and Holywell South Kesteven
Carl Carlby South Kesteven
CarM Carlton Le Moorland North Kesteven
CarS Carlton Scroop South Kesteven
Carr Carrington East Lindsey
Cast Castle Bytham South Kesteven
Cawk Cawkwell East Lindsey
Cayt Caythorpe South Kesteven
Chap Chapel St Leonards East Lindsey
Cher Cherry Willingham West Lindsey
ClxW Claxby West Lindsey
ClxE Claxby St Andrews East Lindsey
Moor Claxby with Moorby East Lindsey
Clyp Claypole South Kesteven
Clyt Claythorpe East Lindsey
Cold Cold Hanworth West Lindsey
Cole Coleby North Kesteven
Cols Colsterworth South Kesteven
Conb Coningsby East Lindsey
Cohm Conisholme East Lindsey
Corb Corby Glen South Kesteven
Corr Corringham West Lindsey
Coun Counthorpe and Creeton South Kesteven
CovB Covenham St Bartholomew East Lindsey
CovS Covenham St Mary East Lindsey
Cowb Cowbit South Holland
Cran Cranwell and Byards Leap North Kesteven
Crof Croft East Lindsey
Crow Crowland South Holland
Culv Culverthorpe and Kelby North Kesteven
Cumb Cumberworth East Lindsey
Dalb Dalby East Lindsey
DeeJ Deeping St James South Kesteven
DeeN Deeping St Nicholas South Holland
Dent Denton South Kesteven
Digb Digby North Kesteven
Dodd Doddington and Whisby North Kesteven
Dogd Dogdyke North Kesteven
Doni Donington South Holland
Donn Donnington on Bain East Lindsey
Dorr Dorrington North Kesteven
Dows Dowsby South Kesteven
Drib Driby East Lindsey
Dunh Dunholme West Lindsey
Dunb Dunsby South Kesteven
Dunt Dunston North Kesteven
Eagl Eagle and Swinethorpe North Kesteven
EBar East Barkwith East Lindsey
EFer East Ferry West Lindsey
EKea East Keal East Lindsey
EKir East Kirkby East Lindsey
ESto East Stockwith West Lindsey
EWyk East Wykeham East Lindsey
East Easton South Kesteven
Easv Eastville East Lindsey
Eden Edenham South Kesteven
Edli Edlington East Lindsey
Ewer Ewerby and Evedon North Kesteven
Fald Faldingworth West Lindsey
Farl Farlesthorpe East Lindsey
FenS Fenton South Kesteven
FenW Fenton West Lindsey
Fill Fillingham West Lindsey
Firs Firsby East Lindsey
Fish Fishtoft Boston
Fisk Fiskerton West Lindsey
Flee Fleet South Holland
Folk Folkingham South Kesteven
Fosd Fosdyke Boston
Fost Foston South Kesteven
Foth Fotherby East Lindsey
Fram Frampton Boston
Frei Freiston Boston
Frie Friesthorpe West Lindsey
Fris Friskney East Lindsey
Frit Frithville East Lindsey
Fulb Fulbeck South Kesteven
Full Fulletby East Lindsey
Fuln Fulnetby West Lindsey
Fuls Fulstow East Lindsey
Gain Gainsborough West Lindsey
GatB Gate Burton West Lindsey
Gaut Gautby East Lindsey
GayM Gayton Le Marsh East Lindsey
GayW Gayton Le Wold East Lindsey
Gedy Gedney South Holland
GedH Gedney Hill South Holland
Glth Glentham West Lindsey
Gltw Glentworth West Lindsey
Golt Goltho West Lindsey
Gosb Gosberton South Holland
Goul Goulceby East Lindsey
Gnby Grainsby East Lindsey
Gntp Grainthorpe East Lindsey
GDeL Grange De Lings West Lindsey
Gran Grantham South Kesteven
Gras Grasby West Lindsey
Gray Grayingham West Lindsey
GtCa Great Carlton East Lindsey
GtGo Great Gonerby South Kesteven
GtHa Great Hale North Kesteven
GtLi Great Limber West Lindsey
GtPo Great Ponton South Kesteven
GtSp Great Steeping East Lindsey
GtSt Great Sturton East Lindsey
Grea Greatford South Kesteven
GreS Greetham East Lindsey
Gtwl Greetwell West Lindsey
Grim Grimoldby East Lindsey
Gunb Gunby East Lindsey
GunS Gunby and Stainby South Kesteven
Hack Hackthorn West Lindsey
Haco Haconby South Kesteven
Hagw Hagworthingham East Lindsey
Hain Hainton East Lindsey
Hall Hallington East Lindsey
Halm Haltham East Lindsey
HalH Halton Holegate East Lindsey
Hame Hameringham East Lindsey
Hann Hannah cum Hagnaby East Lindsey
Hard Hardwick West Lindsey
Harl Harlaxton South Kesteven
Harm Harmston North Kesteven
Harp Harpswell West Lindsey
Harr Harrington East Lindsey
Hart Harts Grounds Boston
Hatt Hatton East Lindsey
Hauh Haugh East Lindsey
Haum Haugham East Lindsey
Heap Heapham West Lindsey
Heck Heckington North Kesteven
Heig Heighington North Kesteven
Help Helpringham North Kesteven
Hemi Hemingby East Lindsey
Hems Hemswell West Lindsey
HemC Hemswell Cliff West Lindsey
Heyd Heydour South Kesteven
High High Toynton East Lindsey
Hogs Hogsthorpe East Lindsey
Holb Holbeach South Holland
Brot Holland Fen with Brothertoft Boston
HoLC Holton Le Clay East Lindsey
HoLM Holton Le Moor West Lindsey
HoCB Holton cum Beckering West Lindsey
Honi Honington South Kesteven
Horb Horbling South Kesteven
Horn Horncastle East Lindsey
Hors Horsington East Lindsey
HOTH Hough on the Hill South Kesteven
Houg Hougham South Kesteven
Hund Hundleby East Lindsey
Hutt Huttoft East Lindsey
Ingh Ingham West Lindsey
Igml Ingoldmells East Lindsey
Igdb Ingoldsby South Kesteven
Irby Irby in the Marsh East Lindsey
Irnh Irnham South Kesteven
Kedd Keddington East Lindsey
Keel Keelby West Lindsey
Kels Kelstern East Lindsey
Kett Kettlethorpe West Lindsey
Kexb Kexby West Lindsey
KkLT Kirkby La Thorpe North Kesteven
KkUn Kirkby Underwood South Kesteven
KkOB Kirkby on Bain East Lindsey
Kirm Kirmond Le Mire West Lindsey
Kirt Kirton Boston
Knai Knaith West Lindsey
Lanr Langriville East Lindsey
Lgft Langtoft South Kesteven
LgBH Langton East Lindsey
LgBS Langton By Spilsby East Lindsey
LgBW Langton By Wragby East Lindsey
Laug Laughton West Lindsey
Lea Lea West Lindsey
Lead Leadenham North Kesteven
Leas Leasingham North Kesteven
Legb Legbourne East Lindsey
Legs Legsby West Lindsey
Lent Lenton Keisby and Osgodby South Kesteven
Leve Leverton Boston
Linc Lincoln Lincoln
Linw Linwood West Lindsey
Liss Lissington West Lindsey
LByt Little Bytham South Kesteven
LCar Little Carlton East Lindsey
LCaw Little Cawthorpe East Lindsey
LGri Little Grimsby East Lindsey
LHal Little Hale North Kesteven
LPon Little Ponton and Stroxton South Kesteven
LSte Little Steeping East Lindsey
LSut Little Sutton South Holland
Lond Londonthorpe and Harrowby Without South Kesteven
LgBe Long Bennington South Kesteven
LgSu Long Sutton South Holland
Lout Louth East Lindsey
Low Low Toynton East Lindsey
Ludb Ludborough East Lindsey
Ludf Ludford East Lindsey
Lusb Lusby with Winceby East Lindsey
Lutt Lutton South Holland
Mabl Mablethorpe East Lindsey
Maid Maidenwell East Lindsey
Malt Maltby Le Marsh East Lindsey
Manb Manby East Lindsey
MLFn Mareham Le Fen East Lindsey
MOTH Mareham on the Hill East Lindsey
Mark Markby East Lindsey
MaDe Market Deeping South Kesteven
MaRa Market Rasen West Lindsey
MaSt Market Stainton East Lindsey
Mrsh Marshchapel East Lindsey
Mars Marston South Kesteven
Mtin Martin North Kesteven
Mton Marton West Lindsey
Mavi Mavis Enderby East Lindsey
Meth Metheringham North Kesteven
Midd Middle Rasen West Lindsey
Midv Midville East Lindsey
Mini Miningsby East Lindsey
Mint Minting East Lindsey
MorS Morton South Kesteven
MorW Morton West Lindsey
Moul Moulton South Holland
Muck Muckton East Lindsey
Mumb Mumby East Lindsey
Nave Navenby North Kesteven
Nthm Nettleham West Lindsey
Nttn Nettleton West Lindsey
Nlea New Leake East Lindsey
Newb Newball West Lindsey
NwAH Newton and Haceby North Kesteven
NwOT Newton on Trent West Lindsey
Noct Nocton North Kesteven
NmBS Normanby By Spital West Lindsey
NmLW Normanby Le Wold West Lindsey
Norm Normanton South Kesteven
NCar North Carlton West Lindsey
NCoa North Coates East Lindsey
NCoc North Cockerington East Lindsey
NElk North Elkington East Lindsey
NHyk North Hykeham North Kesteven
NKel North Kelsey West Lindsey
NKym North Kyme North Kesteven
NoOr North Ormsby East Lindsey
NRau North Rauceby North Kesteven
NRes North Reston East Lindsey
NSca North Scarle North Kesteven
NSom North Somercotes East Lindsey
NTho North Thoresby East Lindsey
NWil North Willingham West Lindsey
NWit North Witham South Kesteven
Nthp Northorpe West Lindsey
NoDi Norton Disney North Kesteven
OLea Old Leake Boston
OSom Old Somerby South Kesteven
Orby Orby East Lindsey
Osbo Osbournby North Kesteven
Osgo Osgodby West Lindsey
Ower Owersby West Lindsey
Owmb Owmby West Lindsey
Pant Panton East Lindsey
Part Partney East Lindsey
Pelh Pelhams Lands Boston
Pick Pickworth South Kesteven
Pilh Pilham West Lindsey
Pinc Pinchbeck South Holland
Poin Pointon and Sempringham South Kesteven
Pott Potterhanworth North Kesteven
Quad Quadring South Holland
Rait Raithby East Lindsey
RaCM Raithby cum Maltby East Lindsey
Ranb Ranby East Lindsey
Rand Rand West Lindsey
Reep Reepham West Lindsey
Reve Revesby East Lindsey
Riby Riby West Lindsey
Rigs Rigsby with Ailby East Lindsey
Ripp Rippingale South Kesteven
Rise Riseholme West Lindsey
Rops Ropsley and Humby South Kesteven
Roth Rothwell West Lindsey
Roug Roughton East Lindsey
Rows Rowston North Kesteven
Roxh Roxholm North Kesteven
Rusk Ruskington North Kesteven
Sale Saleby with Thoresthorpe East Lindsey
Salm Salmonby East Lindsey
SaAS Saltfleetby All Saints East Lindsey
SaSC Saltfleetby St Clement East Lindsey
SaSP Saltfleetby St Peter East Lindsey
Saus Sausthorpe East Lindsey
Saxb Saxby West Lindsey
Saxi Saxilby West Lindsey
Scmb Scamblesby East Lindsey
Scmp Scampton West Lindsey
Scop Scopwick North Kesteven
Scth Scothern West Lindsey
Sctr Scotter West Lindsey
Sctn Scotton West Lindsey
Scrd Scredington North Kesteven
Scrm Scremby East Lindsey
Scri Scrivelsby East Lindsey
Sear Searby cum Owmby West Lindsey
Sedg Sedgebrook South Kesteven
Sibs Sibsey East Lindsey
Silk Silk Willoughby North Kesteven
Sixh Sixhills West Lindsey
Skeg Skegness East Lindsey
Skel Skellingthorpe North Kesteven
Sken Skendleby East Lindsey
Skid Skidbrooke with Saltfleet Haven East Lindsey
Skil Skillington South Kesteven
Slea Sleaford North Kesteven
Snar Snarford West Lindsey
Snel Snelland West Lindsey
Snit Snitterby West Lindsey
Some Somerby West Lindsey
Soms Somersby East Lindsey
Sotb Sotby East Lindsey
SCar South Carlton West Lindsey
SCoc South Cockerington East Lindsey
SElk South Elkington East Lindsey
SHyk South Hykeham North Kesteven
SoKe South Kelsey West Lindsey
SKym South Kyme North Kesteven
SOrm South Ormsby East Lindsey
SRau South Rauceby North Kesteven
SRes South Reston East Lindsey
SSom South Somercotes East Lindsey
STho South Thoresby East Lindsey
SWil South Willingham East Lindsey
SWit South Witham South Kesteven
Spal Spalding South Holland
Spil Spilsby East Lindsey
Spri Spridlington West Lindsey
Sprg Springthorpe West Lindsey
Stfd Stainfield West Lindsey
StBL Stainton By Langworth West Lindsey
StLV Stainton Le Vale West Lindsey
Stam Stamford South Kesteven
Stap Stapleford North Kesteven
Sten Stenigot East Lindsey
Stew Stewton East Lindsey
Stkd Stickford East Lindsey
Stky Stickney East Lindsey
Stix Stixwould East Lindsey
Stok Stoke Rochford South Kesteven
Stow Stow West Lindsey
Stru Strubby with Woodthorpe East Lindsey
Stub Stubton South Kesteven
Stur Sturton By Stow West Lindsey
Sudb Sudbrooke West Lindsey
Surf Surfleet South Holland
Sutt Sutterton Boston
SuBr Sutton Bridge South Holland
SuOS Sutton On Sea East Lindsey
SuSE Sutton St Edmund South Holland
SuSJ Sutton St James South Holland
Swab Swaby East Lindsey
Swal Swallow West Lindsey
Swat Swaton North Kesteven
Sway Swayfield South Kesteven
Swdb Swinderby North Kesteven
Swhd Swineshead Boston
Swhp Swinhope West Lindsey
Swtd Swinstead South Kesteven
Syst Syston South Kesteven
Tall Tallington South Kesteven
Tath Tathwell East Lindsey
Tatt Tattershall East Lindsey
TTho Tattershall Thorpe East Lindsey
Teal Tealby West Lindsey
Temp Temple Bruer With High Grange North Kesteven
Tetf Tetford East Lindsey
Tetn Tetney East Lindsey
ThAS Theddlethorpe All Saints East Lindsey
ThSH Theddlethorpe St Helen East Lindsey
Thim Thimbleby East Lindsey
Thon Thonock West Lindsey
Thwy Thoresway West Lindsey
Thgb Thorganby West Lindsey
Thor Thornton East Lindsey
ThLF Thornton Le Fen East Lindsey
TLFe Thorpe Le Fallows West Lindsey
ThSP Thorpe St Peter East Lindsey
TOTH Thorpe on the Hill North Kesteven
Thre Threekingham North Kesteven
ThuN Thurlby North Kesteven
ThuS Thurlby South Kesteven
Timb Timberland North Kesteven
TftN Toft Newton West Lindsey
TftL Toft with Lound and Manthorpe South Kesteven
Tork Torksey West Lindsey
Tthi Tothill East Lindsey
TyAS Toynton All Saints East Lindsey
TySP Toynton St Peter East Lindsey
Trus Trusthorpe East Lindsey
Tumb Tumby East Lindsey
Tuph Tupholme East Lindsey
Tydd Tydd St Mary South Holland
Uffi Uffington South Kesteven
Ulce Ulceby with Fordington East Lindsey
Upto Upton West Lindsey
Utte Utterby East Lindsey
Wdgm Waddingham West Lindsey
Wdgn Waddington North Kesteven
Wdgh Waddingworth East Lindsey
WaAS Wainfleet All Saints East Lindsey
WStM Wainfleet St Mary East Lindsey
Wait Waithe East Lindsey
WBil Walcot Near Billinghay North Kesteven
WFok Walcot Near Folkingham North Kesteven
Wale Walesby West Lindsey
Walk Walkerith West Lindsey
Walm Walmsgate East Lindsey
Wash Washingborough North Kesteven
Wlbn Welbourn North Kesteven
Wlby Welby South Kesteven
Well Well East Lindsey
Wlgr Wellingore North Kesteven
Welt Welton West Lindsey
WeLM Welton Le Marsh East Lindsey
WeLW Welton Le Wold East Lindsey
WeAs West Ashby East Lindsey
WBar West Barkwith East Lindsey
WDee West Deeping South Kesteven
WFen West Fen East Lindsey
WFir West Firsby West Lindsey
WKea West Keal East Lindsey
WRas West Rasen West Lindsey
WTor West Torrington East Lindsey
WDDd Westborough and Dry Doddington South Kesteven
Wstn Weston South Holland
Wvil Westville East Lindsey
Whap Whaplode South Holland
Wick Wickenby West Lindsey
Wigt Wigtoft Boston
Wild Wildmore East Lindsey
Wilw Wildsworth West Lindsey
Wlgm Willingham West Lindsey
WiWS Willoughby with Sloothby East Lindsey
Wltn Willoughton West Lindsey
Wils Wilsford North Kesteven
Wisp Wispington East Lindsey
WOTH Witham on the Hill South Kesteven
Wcal Withcall East Lindsey
WWSt Withern with Stain East Lindsey
WEnd Wood Enderby East Lindsey
Wood Woodhall East Lindsey
WSpa Woodhall Spa East Lindsey
Wool Woolsthorpe By Belvoir South Kesteven
Wrag Wragby East Lindsey
Wran Wrangle Boston
Wybe Wyberton Boston
Wyha Wyham cum Cadeby East Lindsey
Wyvi Wyville cum Hungerton South Kesteven
Yarb Yarburgh East Lindsey