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Rights of Way in Hagworthingham Parish (East Lindsey, Lincolnshire)

This page shows a map and table of the Public Rights of Way (Public Footpaths, Bridleways, Restricted Byways, and Byways Open to All Traffic) in the parish/area of Hagworthingham, in the district of East Lindsey, in the county of Lincolnshire. Data from the Surveying Authority (Lincolnshire County Council) is compared with the data in OpenStreetMap. (more information)

Key to Lines

Rights of Way

Public Footpath
Public Bridleway
Restricted Byway
Byway Open to All Traffic

Other Highways

Adopted Footway
Public Cycleway
Unclassified Highway


Parish Boundary

Basemap Lines

See: OSM Carto

OSM Map | PRoW GIS Data (GeoJSON)

44 Bridleway   1299 0     MZ OT
45 Footpath   833 0     MZ OT
46 Footpath   1487 0     MZ OT
47 Footpath   1262 0     MZ OT
48 Footpath   541 0     MZ OT
49 Footpath   1210 0     MZ OT
50 Footpath   1025 0     MZ OT
207 Footpath   1490 0     MZ OT
208 Footpath   248 0     MZ OT
209 Footpath   390 0     MZ OT
210 Footpath   715 0     MZ OT
211 Footpath   485 0     MZ OT
212 Footpath   567 0     MZ OT
213 Footpath   208 0     MZ OT
229 Footpath   811 0     MZ OT
Totals   12571 0 0.0%              

Table Details: To be counted in the table above, OSM ways need to be tagged with an appropriate designation=* tag (one of public_footpath, public_bridleway, restricted_byway, byway_open_to_all_traffic) and the relevant prow_ref=* tag (in the form 'Hagworthingham XX 12a', where XX is one of Footpath, Bridleway, Restricted Byway, Byway; and 12 is the route number, and a is an optional suffix letter). The Definitive Statement data and OSM Mapping Statuses have not been imported yet for this parish. This needs to be done manually, and there is no public interface for it yet.

Map Details: On the map, the Yellow (Footpath), Blue (Bridleway), Magenta (Restricted Byway) and Red (Byway) lines are Rights of Way from official Council data from 2021‑06‑22, licensed under the Open Government Licence (v3) (full copyright details). Routes whose length lines between −5m + 95% and 15m + 105% of the official length are shown with thin lines; the rest are shown with thick lines. The Green lines are different Highways from OSM: Dark Green for unclassified Highways, Blue-Green for Public Cycleways, and Yellow-Green for Adopted Footways. Click on any of these lines for more information. The black lines are approximate modern parish boundaries, constructed by simplifying the polygons in OS Boundary Line. The underlying mapping is OSM Carto (key). Click inside another parish for a link to switch to that parish.

Use of data in OSM: The Rights of Way GIS data shown on the map above is suitably licenced to be used in OpenStreetMap. If doing so, please use the source tag lincolnshire_county_council_prow_gis_data. But please do not map Rights of Way just from this data; it is important that OSM reflects what is on the ground as well. Official Rights of Way are not always usable on the ground, and the paths on the ground do not always follow the Definitive Line. The PRoW GIS data (and Definitive Statements, where available and suitably licenced) should be used primarily to add appropriate PRoW tags to ways that have already been mapped from other sources such as aerial imagery (where paths and tracks can clearly been seen) or ground surveys.

Errors and omissions in PRoW tags

OSM ways found in or near the parish with incomplete or contradictory designation=* or prow_ref=* tags. Further details.

Way ID Issue prow_ref designation LOSM OSM Note Tag OSM Fixme Tag JRC
344277271 Unparseable ref Aswd/122 public_footpath 97 m J+
912404369 Unparseable ref Aswd/122 public_footpath 105 m J+
912404374 Unparseable ref Aswd/122 public_footpath 1194 m J+
207524370 Unparseable ref Hagw/207 public_footpath 127 m J+
207524888 Unparseable ref Hagw/207 public_footpath 48 m J+
207524938 Unparseable ref Hagw/207 public_footpath 207 m J+
207525101 Unparseable ref Hagw/207 public_footpath 40 m J+
207525234 Unparseable ref Hagw/207 public_footpath 181 m J+
207525268 Unparseable ref Hagw/207 public_footpath 153 m J+
207525326 Unparseable ref Hagw/207 public_footpath 373 m J+
252697894 Unparseable ref Hagw/207 public_footpath 257 m J+
255520780 Unparseable ref Hagw/207 public_footpath 133 m J+
911382235 Unparseable ref Hagw/207 public_footpath 396 m Legal Line of PRoW J+
911382236 Unparseable ref Hagw/207 public_footpath 195 m Legal Line of PRoW J+
252698013 Unparseable ref Hagw/208 public_footpath 237 m J+
252698014 Unparseable ref Hagw/209 public_footpath 137 m J+
252698015 Unparseable ref Hagw/209 public_footpath 267 m J+
252699219 Unparseable ref Hagw/210 public_footpath 186 m J+
252699220 Unparseable ref Hagw/210 public_footpath 541 m J+
911382234 Unparseable ref Hagw/210 public_footpath 204 m Legal Line of PRoW J+
912404364 Unparseable ref Hagw/211 public_footpath 539 m J+
67056923 Unparseable ref Hagw/212 public_footpath 48 m J+
243920060 Unparseable ref Hagw/212 public_footpath 56 m J+
252698912 Unparseable ref Hagw/212 public_footpath 618 m J+
252698790 Unparseable ref Hagw/213 public_footpath 214 m J+
233962249 Unparseable ref Hagw/229 public_footpath 667 m J+
233962256 Unparseable ref Hagw/229 public_footpath 24 m J+
912404387 Unparseable ref Hagw/229 public_footpath 62 m J+
912404388 Unparseable ref Hagw/229 public_footpath 81 m J+
233967224 Unparseable ref Hagw/44 public_bridleway 493 m This is a public highway, open to all modes of transport J+
255520438 Unparseable ref Hagw/44 public_bridleway 155 m This is a public highway, open to all modes of transport J+
912404377 Unparseable ref Hagw/44 public_bridleway 377 m This is a public highway, open to all modes of transport J+
233966132 Unparseable ref Hagw/45 public_footpath 249 m J+
256365529 Unparseable ref Hagw/45 public_footpath 137 m J+
910325122 Unparseable ref Hagw/45 public_footpath 83 m J+
912404379 Unparseable ref Hagw/45 public_footpath 395 m J+
256365525 Unparseable ref Hagw/46 public_footpath 464 m J+
256365527 Unparseable ref Hagw/46 public_footpath 1057 m J+
233965528 Unparseable ref Hagw/47 public_footpath 64 m J+
233966070 Unparseable ref Hagw/47 public_footpath 68 m J+
233966723 Unparseable ref Hagw/47 public_footpath 158 m J+
255520439 Unparseable ref Hagw/47 public_footpath 501 m J+
912404382 Unparseable ref Hagw/47 public_footpath 195 m max speed may not be accurate J+
912404384 Unparseable ref Hagw/47 public_footpath 237 m J+
207578853 Unparseable ref Hagw/48 public_footpath 177 m J+
233964191 Unparseable ref Hagw/48 public_footpath 277 m J+
233964719 Unparseable ref Hagw/48 public_footpath 91 m J+
207578068 Unparseable ref Hagw/49 public_footpath 343 m J+
207578730 Unparseable ref Hagw/49 public_footpath 144 m J+
207578734 Unparseable ref Hagw/49 public_footpath 294 m J+
207578835 Unparseable ref Hagw/49 public_footpath 410 m J+
233961913 Unparseable ref Hagw/50 public_footpath 5 m stile at some point J+
233961914 Unparseable ref Hagw/50 public_footpath 5 m J+
233961915 Unparseable ref Hagw/50 public_footpath 277 m J+
233962048 Unparseable ref Hagw/50 public_footpath 325 m J+
233962113 Unparseable ref Hagw/50 public_footpath 550 m J+
912404391 Unparseable ref Hagw/50 public_footpath 401 m Legal Line of PRoW J+
1084575362 Unparseable ref Harr/121 public_footpath 705 m J+
912404372 Unparseable ref Harr/122 public_footpath 62 m J+
912404373 Unparseable ref Harr/122 public_footpath 11 m J+
207114863 Unparseable ref Lusb/205 public_footpath 727 m J+
234564683 Unparseable ref Lusb/206 public_footpath 381 m J+
234566040 Unparseable ref Lusb/206 public_footpath 65 m J+
911382238 Unparseable ref Lusb/206 public_footpath 40 m J+
234569863 Unparseable ref Lusb/207 public_footpath 571 m J+
234569864 Unparseable ref Lusb/207 public_footpath 69 m J+
234571072 Unparseable ref Lusb/207 public_footpath 570 m J+
234571078 Unparseable ref Lusb/207 public_footpath 3 m J+
252698793 Unparseable ref Lusb/207 public_footpath 42 m J+
911382237 Unparseable ref Lusb/207 public_footpath 1014 m Legal Line of PRoW J+
252698791 Unparseable ref Lusb/212 public_footpath 1191 m J+
233967223 Unparseable ref Soms/44 public_bridleway 702 m This is a public highway, open to all modes of transport J+
233962602 Unparseable ref Soms/49 public_footpath 765 m J+
912404385 Unparseable ref Soms/49 public_footpath 372 m J+
233960468 Unparseable ref Soms/50 public_footpath 1116 m J+

Errors and omissions in access tags

OSM ways with missing or inconsistent modal access tags are listed below. The classes of Public Rights of Way and Highways included on the map are checked, but Rights of Way with other tagging issues already listed above are excluded. Further details.

No issues found in this parish.

Parish ID: 6866. OSM data last refreshed: 2024-06-07 09:58:00 Z.