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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Capel St Mary Parish (Babergh, Suffolk)

Information provided by Suffolk County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2022‑07‑12. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. The entries below are ordered first by Right of Way number, and then in reverse chronological order (most recent first). show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 FP Starts at stile at southern end of path 2 and proceeds due east along hedge to end on Capel-Wenham boundary.
2 BR Starts at a point opposite Churchford Grange, runs parallel with hedge and ends where path 1 and 42 meet, about 300 ft. from road.
3 FP Runs from point opposite Churchford Hall to Little Wenham boundary (Little Wenham Hall).
4 FP Runs from entrance to Little Wenham Hall and branches right by small bridge on drive adjoining Parish boundary. The first 50 yds. (approx.) are part of path to Little Wenham Church.
5 BR Runs from end of Brook Lane by Jermyn's Farm to Little Wenham Boundary.
6 FP Path runs from railway crossing to Lt. Wenham boundary in direction of Park House.
Width: About 3 ft.
Limitations: Railway sleepers over ditches.
7 FP From junction with paths 8 and 14 to Copdock Border.
This path is not now used.
8 FP From junction with paths 9a and 7 to Railway Crossing.
9 FP From path 9A to road to Railway Crossing.
9A FP Joins Paths 7 and 10.
10 FP From Day's Road to junction with paths 9 and 9a - Path not used.
11 FP From path 9a to junction with path 12.
12 FP Runs from end of path 13 to a point in Ordnance Survey Field No. 0557, then in a southerly direction along the new cul-de-sac road footways to a point on the southern boundary of Ordnance Survey Field No. 0557; then continuing to village street by "Aisthorpe".
13 FP Begins at end of path 15 and continues over cultivated land to junction of Paths 11 and 12.
14 FP From Scott's Farm to junction with paths 9A, 7 and 8.
See 13.
15 FP Begins at termination of path 17 and continues to junction with paths 13 and 14.
17 FP Starts at "Ivy Dene" opp. Telephone Kiosk, runs past Vine Farm to Scott's Farm now demolished. Ends at junction with path 15. No recognised name.
18 FP Begins beside "Old Hadleigh" (Private residence opp. Tankard Garage on A.12), runs by hedge and comes out into Butcher's Lane.
21 FP From the By-Pass road southerly across open country to the boundary of the Pound Lane Link Road. From the boundary of the Pound Lane Link Road to junction F.P.25.
22 FP From Tawney Barn to Holly Wood Lane, meeting path across Stone's field to Bentley Road.
24 FP Commencing at FP25 at OS grid reference 60986 23723 and proceeding south for 455 metres initially on the eastern side of a hedge and then across a field to OS grid reference 61001 23680. Changing to an easterly direction and continuing parallel to the stream for 105 metres to the northern side of a bridge at OS grid reference 61011 23684. Changing to a southerly direction and proceeding over the bridge crossing the stream entering a wood and continuing for 125 metres to join Bentley FP30 at the parish boundary at OS grid reference 61015 23672.
Width: 1.2 metres (Grid references taken from OS MasterMap® data)
25 FP From junction of paths 26 and 27 to Tawney Barn.
26 FP From Round House to junction of paths 25 and 27.
28 FP Begins at stile at junction of paths 29 and 31 anf continues through Gt. Martin's Hill Wood to boundary (leads to B.P. at corner of Martin's Hill Cottages).
29 FP Starts at planked bridge on boundary and runs by side of Gt. Martin's Hill Wood: ends at stile at top of hill.
30 FP Commences at plank bridge on boundary, runs across rough grass to junction of paths 31 and 32.
31 FP Runs from junction of paths 30 and 33 up hill to a stile at the top by Gt. Martin's Hill Wood.
32 FP Commences at Boundary and runs to corner of King's field (crosses stream - no proper footbridge).
33 FP Begins at Old Road to stile, follows hedge to footbridge, thence across ploughed field to corner of King's Field Wood; alongside wood, past Howbridge Barn to junction of paths 31 and 32.
34 FP Commences in Old Road along farm road. Path enters Chaplin's Lane, thence across ploughed field to end at stream on boundary Hastlers Grove.
Width: 4 ft.
35 FP Starts on A.12 (main road) about 200 feet south of Cotswold Poultry Farm and runs along lane for about 400 ft. to junction with paths 36 and 37.
36 FP Starts where path 38 reaches Capel-Wenham border. Runs east down a clearing through spinney across small meadow over stream S.E. across field where it enters lane. Ends 300 ft. North of Main Road (A.12).
37 FP Starts at junction of paths 35 and 36. Runs due east between wire netting fences, goes N.E. across field. On reaching far side runs through fence and follows same until it joins field bordering Pound Lane where it runs between hedge and wire netting to Pound Lane about 300 ft. south of Pound Cottage.
38 FP Commences at junction of paths 39 and 40 (about 600 ft. from border) and ends at Capel Wenham Border.
39 FP Commences about 600 ft. north of Capel-Wenham Border where paths 38 and 40 meet and proceeds east across field to Capel-Wenham Border.
40 BR Starts 30 ft. east of cottage "Jibberdene", runs along lane and ends about 600 ft. from Capel-Wenham boundary where paths 38 and 39 commence.
41 BR Starts about 300 ft. from road opposite Churchford Grange where paths 1 and 2 meet. Continues to cottage "Jibberdene".
42 FP Starts at west end of path 44, runs across rough grass to stream and N.W. across meadow to the point where it connects with paths 2-41 and 1.
43 FP Starts at west end of path 44 and runs across rough grassland.
Ends at junction with paths 40 and 41.
(Bridge dangerous especially for children. Five feet drop to bottom of stream).
44 FP Starts at bottom of Blacksmith Hill and goes due west. Ends at junction with paths 42 and 43.
45 FP Path has no recognised name. It begins just below the Rectory and continues to point below Brook Farm.
46 FP Begins just above Brook Farm on opposite side and ends at junction with paths 47 and 49.
47 FP Begins by side of present Rectory and continues to junction with paths 46 and 49.
48 FP Enters eastern boundary of Churchyard opposite Plough Inn. Joins up with paths 47 and 49.
49 FP Begins in Day's Road by Ladyesmead (private residence) and continues to junction with path 46.
50 BR Path commences opposite St. Mary's cottage on East side of Church and continues to junction with paths 52 and 53.
51 FP From Dodmans to Tollgate Road. Continuing from Little Grove to junction with paths 52 and 55.
52 BR From junction of paths 51 and 55 to junction of paths 50 and 53.
53 FP From junction with paths 50 and 52 to path 58.
54 FP Commences about mid-way along Pound Lane. Has long been unused.
55 BR Runs from junction of paths 56 and 57 to junction with paths 51 and 52.
56 BR Bridle road about 400 yards from Brackenbury Garage on Ipswich side of A.12 known as Red Lane.
Width: Room enough for farm vehicles.
57 FP Runs from "Leaping Wells" at beginning of by-pass (Ipswich end - A.12) to junction with B.R. 55 and 56.
58 FP Commences on Ipswich side of Brackenbury Garage on main London Road and joins up with path 53.
59 BR Old London Road, Lattinford; from a point nearest to the A12 trunk road in a southerly direction for a distance of approximately 122 metres.
60 FP Commencing at the junction of the U4311 road and bridleway number 5 at grid reference 08853910, and proceeding as a hard core track in a general east north-easterly direction along the southern edge of arable field parcel number 9222, with arable field parcel number 0006 to the south, for approximately 90 metres to join footpath 9 at grid reference 08943914; changing to a general north-easterly direction, down a gentle slope, along the south-eastern edge of arable field parcel number 9222 and north-western edge of arable field parcel number 7300 with arable field parcel number 0900 to the south and arable field parcel 9222 to the north for approximately 213 metres to join footpath 8 at grid reference 09083929; continuing in the same direction, up a slope, along the north-western edge of arable field parcel number 7300 with arable field parcel number 9222 to the north, across the dismantled railway (now a hard core track on level ground) for approximately 47 metres to reach a footbridge set in a gap in the hedgerow at footpath 6, at grid reference 09113933 for a total distance of approximately 350 metres.
Width: 3 metres.
61 FP Commencing at the western end of footpath 18 at grid reference 0980538385 and proceeding as a grass track set in a fence/tree lined lane known locally as Butcher's Lane in a generally south-westerly direction for approximately 110 metres to the northern side of The Street (C470 road) at grid reference 0974538295.
Width: Width: 3 metres approximately.
63 FP Commencing at the junction with the U4327 (Winding Piece) at Ordnance Survey British National Grid (OSBNGR) 609,456mE 238,366mN and progressing in a southerly direction across a vehicle access area then along a path immediately east of the Cooperative Stores building for 64 metres and joining the private car park at OSBNGR 609,465mE 238,303mN.
Width: 1.5 metres.
Limitations: may be subject to private vehicular use.