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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Woolverstone Parish (Babergh, Suffolk)

Information provided by Suffolk County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2021‑10‑12. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. The entries below are ordered first by Right of Way number, and then in reverse chronological order (most recent first). show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 FP Commences from Harkstead Lane. Following the line shown on the Ordnance Survey 1:2500 plan of 1904, crossing two fields before ending at Glebe Lane.
2 FP No name - commences at the southern end of Harkstead Lane in a north-easterly direction going along N.E. side of bank for 30 yds. then passing to the S.W. side of Bank as far as corner of Dench Wood, and then passing through gangway to N.E. side of wood, continuing to N.W. corner of same and joining with paths No. 3, 4 and 5.
3 FP No name - from junction of F.P.2 at N.W. end of Dench Wood in a south-westerly direction to parish boundary with Holbrook.
4 FP No name - commences at North West end of Dench Wood in a north westerly direction to the parish boundary in the direction of Freston Cross Roads.
5 FP No name - in 2 sections. Section 1 commences at field gate in Harkstead Lane and passes across arable field to N.W. corner of Dench Wood connecting with Nos. 2, 3 and 4. Section 2 commences at same point passing along south side of bank to parish boundary and continues towards Freston Crossroads.
6 FP No name - from Main Road 70 yards west of Reading Room in a south westerly direction along east side of bank to a point in Harkstead Lane near first pair of cottages.
Width: First section 4' wide; section 2, 18" wide with deep farrow alongside. Last section varying width and dangerous owing to barbed wire fence being too close to bank, and deep farrow between fence and bank.
7 FP No name - commences at Parish Boundary north-east of Home Farm and continues south side of fence terminating at Love Lane.
Width: 3 ft. wide alongside fence through arable field.
8 FP In two parts. First section no name - second section runs on what is known locally as the "Tank Road".
1) commencing at a point at the junction of footpath No. 9 with an intermediary hedge at O.S. field No. 26 and being approximately 4 yards west of a hut formerly used by Woolverstone Football Club and extending in a south westerly direction along the western side of the said hedge; then to Tank Road.
Section 2 runs along Tank Road to intersection with Paths 9 and 10.
Width: 1. 3 feet in width over approximately 105 yards. In second part wide enough for one person to walk. 2. The Tank Road is about 4 yds. wide.
9 FP No name - from kissing gate at end of Pratts Lane in a south-easterly direction to concrete road (Tank Road).
10 FP No name - from Tank Road (8) to junction of paths 25 and 15 near Thatched House.
11 FP No name - from junction of paths 25 and 26 at gate on carriage drive to Vestry Gate and thence via stile to Cat House joining concrete road about 5 yards from river, thence past Club House and via kissing gate and stile across park lane parallel with river to steps over Chelmondiston boundary fence.
Width: Narrow from Church to Cat House. About 4 ft. wide in most other places.
12 FP No Name. Extends from Chelmondiston boundary fence and path No.11 across Woolverstone Parks passing on south side of Woolverstone Hall School Boundary fence and ending at stile at junction of paths Nos. 13, 14 and 17.
13 RB No name. Runs from junction of paths 14, 17 and 12 in a northerly direction to a point where metalled road is joined by Old Carriage Drive (26) and Church Path (27).
Width: The road is about five yards wide.
14 FP No name - extends from junction of paths 15 and 16 approximately 60 yds. south of the Church in a north-westerly direction to the stile at the junction of paths 12, 13 and 17 - a distance of about 120 yards.
15 FP No name - continuation of Path No. 14 in a north-westerly direction for a distance of about 50 yards.
16 FP No name - starts at junction of paths 14 and 15 in a south-easterly direction and ends at the stile at the junction of paths 17, 18, 19. Length about 120 yards.
17 RB No name - runs from the junction of paths 16, 18 and 19 in a northerly direction to its junction with paths 12, 13 and 14, a distance of about 35 yards, terminating approximately 65 yards south of the Church.
Width: Approx. 5 yards wide.
18 RB No name - starts at Holbrook Lodge on the Main Road in a north easterly direction and leads along a Private metalled road in the direction of the Church till intersected by paths 16 - 19.
Width: Approx. 5 yards wide.
19 FP No name. Runs from stile and field gate north-east of path No. 18, i.e. Church Road, in a south-westerly direction to north-east end of path No. 20, i.e. Berners Lane. Runs freely and unimpeded across park land used for grazing.
20 RB Berners Lane. Footpath runs along the lane from main road and along parish boundary in a north-easterly direction to stile at east end of path No. 19.
Width: Normal cart-track width.
21 FP Leaves Main Road by an old but usable wooden kissing gate 15 yards S.E. of wooden gate at entrance of old Service Drive to Woolverstone Hall. Runs alongside the hedgerows of 2 fields known as Forty Acres, and exactly parallel with Main Road to a stile known as Park Steps at junction of Main Road and Berners Lane (path 20).
22 FP Begins at field gate on main road and proceeds in an easterly direction over two fields, then turning down the east side of Glebe Wood and terminating at the south-west corner of the wood where it links up with paths 23 and 24.
23 FP Commences at South-west corner of Glebe Wood at junction of paths 22 and 24 in a northerly direction along western side of Glebe Wood terminating in Glebe Lane.
24 FP Joins 22 and 23 S.W. corner of Glebe Wood, and then through two meadows to Harkstead Lane near Whitehouse Farm.
25 FP No name. Runs from junction of 10 and 15 near Thatched House towards Vestry Gate. On reaching old carriage drive, paths turns half right and follows old carriage drive to gate across drive. Here it meets 11 and 26.
26 FP Old Carriage Drive. Runs from junction of paths 17 and 13 in front of Church to the gate at the junction of paths 11 and 25.
Width - about 3 yards.
27 FP Church Path. From Church Gate to point where metalled road (13) is joined by old carriage drive (26) - about 15 yards long.
Width - 6 ft.
28 FP Pratts Lane. Commences at junction of footpath No. 7 and Love Lane, and goes through Pratts Lane, terminating at Kissing Gate at entrance to Park and connects with No. 8 and 9.
Width - 4 ft. clear of line fences.
29 RB Love Lane. From the junction of Pratts Lane to the foreshore, at a point approximately 15 yards west of Deer Park Lodge.
Width: Cart road 6 ft. wide as far as field gate. Grass path, not clearly defined.