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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Flixton (Nr Lowestoft) Parish (East Suffolk, Suffolk)

Information provided by Suffolk County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2024‑04‑09. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. The entries below are ordered first by Right of Way number, and then in reverse chronological order (most recent first). show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 FP Cart road. Starts at field gate opposite Flixton Ho back drive. Cart road to field gate 150 yards short of White Ho. Farm; then left-handed footpath across meadow to field gate; through farm yard to field gate.
Width approximately eight feet.
2 FP Cart road. (Continuation of No. 1). Cart road across cart bridge. Footpath bears lefthanded across meadow to field gate, to second field gate where footpath joins cart road; continues through field gate and exits at field gate on main road at bottom of Park Hill.
Width approximately eight feet.
3 FP Footpath. Footpath along edge of meadow to stile (steps missing); along edge of stream across cart bridge to stile near White Ho. Farm; then footpath along edge of field.
4 FP Footpath. Footpath along edge of field and wood skirting Flixton Old Hall Farm to stile on lane. Across lane footpath continues to St. Andrew's Church (in ruins) then across fields, to OS grid reference (OSGR) 65187, 29517 and progressing in a west south west direction along the field edge for 103 metres to OSGR 65177, 29515 continuing in a south south easterly direction along the east side of a field boundary and small ditch for approximately 56 metres to a junction with footpath 10 on the eastern boundary of Flixton Holes Wood at OSGR 65178, 29510.
Width: 1.5 metres between OSGR 65187, 29517 and OSGR 65178, 29510
5 FP Footpath. Footpath along edge of field to Low Barn (obstructed by straw stack and single barbed wire). Continues righthanded along lower end of field.
6 FP Footpath. Footpath along edge of field to Workhouse Wood; along edge of wood then following the northern boundary of O.S. Plot No. 115 and the eastern boundary of O.S. Plot No. 115 to the western end of Union Lane, Oulton.
7 FP Footpath. Footpath from Route B.1074 along accommodation road to junction with F.P.4 near Old Hall.
Width four feet.
8 FP Footpath. Footpath starts from field gate near Web Cottages, along edge of wood to stile (no steps). Continues along edge of wood to stile (no steps) through wood to footbridge (moved 15 yards out of position) right handed along edge of stream to stile (no steps) exits by stile (no steps).
9 FP Footpath. Commences at field gate opposite Web Cottages along edge of wood.
10 FP Footpath. Footpath along side of hedge, over hill to gap in hedge on bridle road, left-handed across bridle road, continues along edge of field, to OS grid reference (OSGR) 65154, 29500 progressing in a generally north easterly direction to the B1074 road at OSGR 65161, 29503; recommencing on the opposite side of the B1074 through a field entrance at OSGR 65161, 29504 and continuing in an easterly direction for 58 metres to the edge of Flixton Holes Wood at OSGR 65167,.29502, continuing in a north easterly direction through Flixton Holes Wood to the junction with Flixton footpath 4 at the north eastern boundary of the wood at 65178, 29510; changing to a southerly direction for 35 metres to OSGR 65178, 29506, then changing to east south east for 27 metres to OSGR 65181, 29506, then changing to south south east for 40 metres to OSGR 65183, 29502, then in a easterly direction to OSGR 65188, 29501. Left-handed along edge of field to stile. Exits into lane near entrance to Oulton Poor Law Institution.
Width: 1.5 metres between OSGR 65154, 29500 and OSGR 65188, 29501.
11 BY Commencing at the junction with the B1074 at Ordnance Survey British National Grid Reference (O.S.B.N.G.R.) 651,416mE295,305mN and progressing in a generally south south westerly direction, along a track, hedged on the western boundary, for 330 metres to the junction with FP10 and Byway 13 at the Oulton Parish Boundary at O.S.B.N.G.R. 651,314mE294,996mN.
Width: Varying between a minimum of 3 metres and a maximum of 4 metres as shown on O.S. sheet 4/14 Scale 1:2500 1884.