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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Frostenden Parish (East Suffolk, Suffolk)

Information provided by Suffolk County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2021‑04‑13. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 FP Starts west side of main Lowestoft road between Bullock sheds and Rectory going due W. on the S. side of hedge crossing ploughed field. After first field goes to Parish of Wangford for 100 yards crossing unplanked ditch proceeds diagonally over ploughed field through gate into fourth ploughed field, gate to fifth thence through rough pasture to stile thence to Frostenden-Brampton Road.
Width: First field path width four feet.
1A FP Commences between cottages and pond from Bloomfield Lane to its union with F.P.1.
2 FP From its junction with path No. 4 near Owl's Hall in a northerly direction to join with path No. 1 in the Parish of Wrentham.
3 FP Starts in Parish of Frostenden at W. corner of Foxburrow Covert where it takes over from Parish of Wrentham and joins F.P.4 in Frostenden Hall farmyard.
Width about eight feet.
4 FP Starts in Parish of Frostenden where it leaves Parish of Wrentham at E. corner of Foxburrow Covert and continues S. then W to Ordnance Survey grid Reference (OSGR) 64790 28197; Recommencing at OSGR 64785 28196 at a junction with Frostenden Footpath No 3 and proceeding in a southerly direction along a track for 73 metres to OSGR 64785 28189; to wicket gate into ploughed field, to OSGR 64777 28192 and proceeding in a westerly direction for 19 metres to OSGR 64775 28192 then in a north westerly direction for 17 metres to OSGR 64774 28194; On through gap over planked ditch into private lane, again through Bridle Gate into pasture. Obstructed by moveable barbed wire from pasture to ploughed field then through Bridle Gate to Byway 15.
Width about eight feet between where it leaves the parish of Wrentham to (OSGR) 64790 28197 and between OSGR 64785 28189 to OSGR 64777 28192 and between OSGR 64774 28194 to Byway 15. 2.5 metres between OSGR 64785 28196 to OSGR 64785 28189 and OSGR 64777 28192 to OSGR 64774 28194.
5 FP Starts at North side of Lowestoft main road at Pillar Box Corner, continues northwards across two ploughed fields to Church Lane and Ordnance Survey grid reference 64789 28181. (Section from junction with F.P. 5a to Church is on unclassified road).
Width: About three feet wide in second field.
5A FP Starts from west side of corner of Church Lane continues due W. for length of the field turning S. along verge of one field and bearing S.W. to Frostenden Grove at a point at Ordnance Survey British National Grid reference (OSBNG ref.) 647,462mE281,219mN; changing to a south easterly direction and continuing along a grass track for 12 metres to a point at OSBNG ref. 647,469mE281,211mN; changing to an easterly direction and continuing along a natural surface track, entering a copse and passing the southern end of a ditch, for 33 metres to a point at OSBNG ref. 647,502mE281,209mN; changing to a south south easterly direction, and continuing within the copse to the west of a hedge and ditch, for 150 metres to a point at northern edge of a pond at OSBNG ref. 647,545mE281,064mN; continuing around the western edge of the pond for 13 metres and joining the U1511 at OSBNG ref. 647,548mE281,053mN.
6 FP Starts at gate between two blocks of cottages at 100 yards from Wrentham boundary on North side of main Lowestoft Road. Continues due west to OSGR 64798 28182 and proceeding in a west south westerly and then westerly direction for 87 metres to join Frostenden Footpath No 5 at OSGR 64789 28181.
Width: 2 metres between OSGR 64798 28182 and OSGR 64789 28181.
8 FP Starts E. side main Lowestoft Road and opposite school. Passes Council Houses and continues E. on Farm Road to stile on to marsh thence to stile and plank bridge turning N. through Sweetbriar Lane. Turns E. into Covey Lane crosses road (from Gipsy Lane to main Lowestoft Road) to Strawberry Lane turning S. to 3' F.P. and over footbridge to Church Marshes to Gipsy Lane corner.
Width varies from three to eight feet.
9 FP Starts from F.P.8 at Valley Farm and continues S. to Gipsy Lane.
10 FP Starts S. of Gipsy Lane, two fields W. of Gipsy Lane X Roads, proceeds on E. side of hedge on verge of ploughed field then cuts diagonally across second ploughed field to Poplar Hall joining road at point opposite Brick Works.
11 FP Starts from road Frostenden Corner - Gipsy Lane X Roads to join F.P.12 in Frostenden Brick and Tile Works
Width approximately eight feet.
12 FP Begins at west end of footbridge over stream on the Frostenden/South Cove Parish Boundary, crosses marsh dyke by footbridge and continues until turning south through rough grazing land to and beyond Brick and Tile Works, crosses Vale Road and then proceeds via Nuttall Farm until terminating at the road to Frostenden corner.
Width varies from three feet to eight feet.
12A FP From its junction with Path No. 12 via the western side of New Covert to its junction with the road leading to South Cove.
13 FP Commences at Poplar Hall and continues W. through two ploughed fields and through Bridle Gate to White House Farm and joining with path No. 14.
14 FP Starts on the N. side of road from Bullock Sheds to Frostenden Corner and continues due N. to Gipsy Lane passing through plantation and verges of two ploughed fields including a short stretch of cart track.
15 BY Commencing at the junction of Primrose Lane and Green Lane (U1509 road) at Grid Reference 46468236 and progressing in a generally east-south-easterly direction along a hardcore track known locally as Green Lane track (parcel no 7025) in the form of a hedge lined lane, becoming a concrete track, passing the northern side of Owls Hall, following the southern side of a drain and hedgerow with field parcel nos. 7900 and 0005 to the south and field parcel no. 9543 to the north for approximately 630 metres to a point adjacent to the south-easterly corner of field parcel no.9543 at Grid Reference 47068216.
Width: between the boundaries on Ordnance Survey 1:2500 Map 1927 Edition (sheet no. 18/16) varying between a minimum of 6 metres and a maximum of 11 meters.
16 BY Commencing at the southern end of the U1633 at grid reference TM 4862 8028 and proceeding in a south-westerly direction as a natural surface track in OS field parcel no.6115 alongside Spore's Wood for a distance of 147 metres to grid reference TM 4851 8019, changing to a southerly direction for 66 metres to the parish boundary and the junction with Footpath 24 Reydon at grid reference TM 4852 8012, a total distance of 213 metres.
Width: As shown by the boundaries on the Ordnance Survey Sheet (29/5) 1927 Edition, 1:2500 scale, a minimum of 4 metres and a maximum of 10 metres.
17 FP Commencing at Ordnance Survey grid reference 64789 28178 at a junction with the U1520 road and Frostenden Footpath No 5 and proceeding in a north north westerly direction along the driveway leading to Frostenden Hall for 123 metres to join Frostenden Footpath No 4 at Ordnance Survey grid reference 64785 28189.
Width: 2.5 metres