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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Holton Parish (East Suffolk, Suffolk)

Information provided by Suffolk County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2021‑04‑13. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 FP Commences by Railway Bridge on main Halesworth - Bungay road, continues through meadows and along edge of cultivated land, terminating about 25 yards West of cottages on Westhall road. No recognised name.
Width: No recognised width, but wide enough for two people to walk side by side at the most narrow part of this path.
2 BR Begins about 75 yards North West of two cottages on Bungay road, Upper Holton, continues across Holton aerodrome, terminates just before runway at Holton Boundary. Path known as "Scalesbrook Lane".
Width: Wide enough for lorries.
Limitations exercised by Ministry of Food notice.
3 FP Path begins from Beccles Road on West side of woods, continues along fields to a point then running in a north-easterly direction for a distance of approximately 70 metres to a point, then in a south-easterly direction for a distance of approximately 120 metres to a point and then in a southerly direction following the route of the existing track for a distance of approximately 70 metres to join Blyford Lane.
Width: From start to a point: Wide enough for lorries.
4 FP Begins on the Halesworth - Lowestoft Road approximately 155 yards north east of Corner Farm, in a north westerly direction for a distance of approximately 230 yards to the Holton St. Peter - Blyford Road.
Width: 4 ft.
5 FP Begins from Beccles road on North East side of Churchyard and continues past Holton bowling green where it enters road to Upper Holton leading from Orchard Valley. Known as "Church Path".
Width: Wide enough for two people to walk side by side.
6 FP Starts from estate road opposite Allotment Gardens, continues across field which is cultivated and known as "Black Acre", continues through Holton Orchards to the boundary of the Holton - Halesworth road. (Section from stile at west end of Orchard Valley along field boundary and driveway deleted; new section follows N.E. boundary of O.S. 350 for 200 ft., then S.W. across O.S. 350 - Diversion Order 1957)
Width: No recognised width, but only sufficiently wide to allow people to walk in single file.
7 FP From F.P. 8 to the Orchard Valley Housing Estate.
Width: 1.2 metres wide.
8 FP Path known as "Lovers Lane", starts at a point about 20 yards North East of Ford on Bungay Road, continues between hedges, terminates where it meets path 7.
Width: Recognised width of about 6 ft.
9 FP Begins by ford on North East side of Holton-Bungay road, continues through three fields afterwards grass footpath, ends by T junction west of wood, known as "Gypsys Corner".
Width: Cart track width through three fields, top field single track path.
10 FP Commences on north bank of the River Blyth, continues along the north bank of the above river and south of the disused Southwold Railway Line terminating about 300 yards North East of Catchpoles Farm, joining Wenhaston Boundary.
12 FP Commencing from the northern side of the U1316 road at grid reference 40317757 and progressing in a generally easterly direction along a sand and shingle path, up an incline along the southern side of a disused pit for approximately 40 metres to grid reference 40357757; changing to a generally west south westerly direction and continuing up the incline to level ground passing along the southern edge of field parcel no.3873, following along the northern side of a hedgerow at the top of the cliffs for approximately 146 metres to the south eastern corner of field parcel no.3873 at grid reference 40487752; then changing to a generally northerly direction, passing along a concrete track for approximately 10 metres to join Holton St Peter footpath 3 at grid reference 40487753.
Width: 3 metres minimum.
13 FP Commencing at a footbridge at the Halesworth parish boundary at a point at OS grid reference TM39567695 and proceeding in a north-easterly direction for 10 metres to a point at OS grid reference TM39577696; then changing to a south-easterly direction along the river bank to a footbridge at a point at OS grid reference TM39677689; then continuing for 65 metres to a footbridge at a point at OS grid reference TM39727686; proceeding in an east-north-easterly direction for 215 metres to a footbridge at OS grid reference TM39927693; then continuing for 78 metres to join Footpath 10 at OS grid reference TM39997694.
Width: 2.5 metres (except over footbridges) and 1.5 metres between TM39727686 and TM39997694.
Limitations: Footbridges 1 metre wide at OS grid references TM39567695, TM39677689, TM39727686, TM39927693 and TM39997694.