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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Leiston Parish (East Suffolk, Suffolk)

Information provided by Suffolk County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2021‑04‑13. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 FP Saxmundham Road to Blyth Rural District boundary.
2 FP Saxmundham Road, just past Highbury Cottages to Blyth Rural District.
Width: From the road to the turn the path is 4ft. wide. The remainder of the path has no recognised width.
3 FP "Cox's wells". Commencing from Saxmundham Road between Highbury Cottages and "Redhead's Field", skirting a pond on right continuing between field across railway line to a point on the western boundary of OS no 446 adjacent to the southern boundary of the property known as `Fisher's Farm at OS grid reference TM43516367 running on levelled consolidated and unobstructed ground along a field headland adjacent and parallel to the southern boundary of the said property in a generally west north westerly direction for a distance of approximately 10 metres and then in a generally northerly direction adjacent to the western boundary of the said property passing to the west of a pond for a distance of approximately 50 metres to a point south of the access track to the said property at OS grid reference TM43506372; thence along the southern boundary of OS field no 445 to the east side of Buckles Wood Road in a westerly direction.
Width: Two and a half yards wide at Saxmundham Road, for 50 yds, where ditch is blocked, 2 ft. wide from 50 yds on, where ditch recommences 1 ft wide beyond railway line, then 1.5 metres from TM43516367 to TM43506372; then undefined to end.
4 FP From Waterloo Avenue to Church via Drive to Leiston Hall.
5 FP From Waterloo Avenue running in a northerly direction to the railway line, thence running as a path constructed of tarmac and sleepers northerly for a distance of approximately 65 feet to Westward Ho!.
Width: 6 feet wide for last 65 feet (except between the wicket gates where it is not less than 4' 3" wide).
Limitations: BR fences and gates.
6 FP "Neave's Path". Commencing from Westward Ho; between L.F. Geater's Nurseries and Summerhill school, parallel with Abbey Road, becomes footpath between fields and terminates in gateway on Abbey Lane near Hill Farm.
Width: Approximately 3ft. throughout.
7 FP Leiston Road, Knodishall, to Blyth Rural District boundary.
Width: Approximately 4ft. throughout.
8 FP From Haylings Road near new house northwards to St. Margaret's Church.
Width: Approximately 4ft. wide for 150 yds. then 5ft. 6ins. for the remainder of the footpath.
9 FP From Dunn's Hole eastwards to Haylings Road via Victory Road.
Width: 5ft.
10 FP "Abbey Drift". Commencing from Abbey Road between Apple Garth and Wayside, terminating in Abbey Lane, 300 yds. from Abbey Road.
Width: 3yds. wide between properties at Abbey Road for length of 200 yds. 1 yd. wide abutting ploughed field for length of 200 yds. 1 ft. wide between fields to end.
11 FP From Goldings Lane via Water Tower to Haylings Road.
Width: 6ft. throughout. Wide entrance from Haylings road 10ft. to 12ft. to Water Tower.
12 FP From end of Paradise Place to Aldeburgh Road.
Width: 4ft. 6 ins.
13 BR Path leads from Abbey Road to a bridle path from Common Farm to the Upper Farm. No. 19.
Width: 10-12ft.
14 FP Packway commences just off main Aldeburgh Road, terminates at edge of Common Path across arable land south east of Hawsalls Farm.
Width: Chiefly 2ft. wide. In one place (field) it is ploughed up to the hedges.
14A FP From Aldeburgh Road opposite Goldings Lane running in an easterly direction along the U.D.C. boundary with Aldringham to join F.P. 14.
15 BR This path leads from Grimsey Lane to the Blyth Rural District boundary via Hawsalls Farm.
16 FP From King Georges Avenue next to Dr. Burlingham's house, round the recreation ground and on to Grimsey Lane.
Width: Approximately 3ft. And 4ft.
16A FP From Grimsey Road eastwards to F.P. no. 16.
16B FP From Grimsey's Lane northerly and easterly to F.P. 16.
17 FP From Valley Road and branch through to King Georges Avenue.
Width: Approximately 5ft.
18 FP Commences near sewage works and runs alongside works and terminates at Bridleway no. 19.
19 BR Sandy lane. From Sizewell Road continuing to Eastbridge Road north-west of Round House.
Width: Approximately 8ft.
20 FP From Theberton boundary to Dovehill plantation and Minsmere Sluice.
Width: Approximately 18".
21 FP From Leiston boundary near Coney Hill along beach to Cliff House. (the landward sections adjoining Power Station from Hill House south to junction with main path extinguished by Order - 1960).
22 FP From junction of Grimseys Lane running parallel with railway to Urban District boundary.
23 FP From bridlepath to path 22. From junction paths 26 and 27 near Halfway Cottages to path No. 22.
24 FP From Grimseys Lane crossing path 23 on to path No. 26.
25 FP From path no. 26 to Urban District boundary.
26 BR From the junction of path 27 at rear of Halfway Cottages to Sizewell Common.
27 BR Continuation of Grimsey's Lane to Sizewell Road.
28 BR From Sizewell Road via Crown Farm to path No. 27.
29 FP From bridleway crossing No. 27 to path 23, joining path 24, crossing path 25.
30 FP From junction of path No. 19 north of Common Farm across Leiston Common west of Round Covert to a point on the western boundary of OS field no 208 then running generally south-east following a curved line across that field for a distance of approximately 117 yards to a point on Sandy Lane approximately 100 feet north-east of the junction of that lane with an unnamed track or roadway.
Width: Approximately 4 feet for last 117 yards approximately.