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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Playford Parish (East Suffolk, Suffolk)

Information provided by Suffolk County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2024‑04‑09. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. The entries below are ordered first by Right of Way number, and then in reverse chronological order (most recent first). show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 FP Tuddenham Bottoms, commences due west of Brook Lane, enters field through open gateway and runs on south side of fence through two meadows over rails into a marshy field, subsequently bearing N.W. to high fence at corner of Willow Spinney.
2 FP Tuddenham Warren Path after Ford in Brook Lane, north by lane between hedges, crosses field then skirts northern boundary of warren plantation, through gangway, then along south side of fence for 180 yards then across field to north-west corner by Elm and over rails.
Width 10 feet in lane, otherwise none.
3 FP Culpho-Bransons Path, leaves Brook Lane due north at stile just beyond Archway Meadows, along west side of fence, over second stile into small meadow, fork right. Through wicket gate into lane for 150 yards at bend in lane up steep bank with bungalow on left to N.W. corner of field into grass pathway.
4 BR Squeech Path to Hill Farm, Gt. Bealings. Leaves Culpho - Great Bealings Road at junction of road leading to Playford Church in a northerly direction along a Green Lane, fences on each side. Follows lane until bends east at Playford - Great Bealings boundary.
Width average 8 feet.
5 FP Gt. Bealings via Playford Mount. Leaves road north of Playford Church in east direction through gap on north side of hedge for 200 yards then cuts across field N.E. direction to a stile. Along fenced path over a bridge and into lane by Playford Mount Stables.
Width - none until fenced path, then 4 feet.
6 FP Parish Hall path. Leaves Hill House road 50 yds from Playford Street in a northerly direction through a gate along W. side of fence and east side of Parish Hall, onwards through a gate into road leading to Playford Church.
Width 3 feet.
7 FP Church Lane to Spring Meadow.
8 FP Little Bealings footpath. Branches off to left on Hill House Road about 100 yds. from Hill House through a spinney along a field by a fence above stackyard, over a stile and along northern fence of two meadows over a stile through the osier bed, through a gate into lane leading to Admiral's Head, Little Bealings.
Width 3 feet.
9 FP Little Bealings via Pogson. From end of path 14 across field to south of Mill Cottages. Through gate across swampy meadow to a stile and steps over railway. Continue in east direction along top of meadow across small valley over rails, across meadow leaving Pogsons to the south. Along parish boundary through gateway to a spinney. Barbed wire at commencement but gateway 15 yards to east.
10 FP Straight path (part) from south side of Lux Farmhouse gate into meadow in a north-east direction across second meadow into Pogson's Lane. Straight across next field keeping about 100 yards from dairy buildings.
11 FP Ipswich-Bealings Road south of Lux Farm across corner of field, over stile, across heath in S.E. direction to main road by Kesgrave Bell.
12 FP Straight path (part) from junction of paths 13 and 15 it goes in easterly direction along lane between fences through farmyard of Lux Farm and south of farmhouse.
Width 12 feet.
13 FP Lux Wood Path. From end of path 14 in S.E. direction across field to railway line. Across railway along grass path south to north-west corner of Lux Wood. Along lane on west side of wood at end of wood, turn left into lane leading to Lux Farm.
14 FP From point on road just north of entrance to Hall, leaves road over rails in south-easterly direction across meadow to rails in next hedge. Also barbed wire and small stream. Gate 15 yds. to east.
15 FP Straight path (part). In Rushmere along south side of south fence of allotments. Enters Playford Parish next field. Runs along side of fence of field and in next field strikes across to a gate near copse on Rushmere-Playford Road. Across road over stile across a field to another stile, across a further field over stile into a lane leading to Lux Farm.
16 FP Playford Heath - Gesgrave Bell. On lane leading across Playford Heath, path 17 through gap on left on to heath runs parallel to lane for about 200 yards and in valley branches left towards point on main road opposite Kesgrave Bell.
Width 4 feet.
18 FP Leaving Ipswich - Bealings Road approx. 300 yds. W. of Playford Corner, over a stile diagonally across field in S.E. direction, across Kiln Farm Lane, across another field in east direction to Playford Heath. Over lane into heath.
19 BY Bridle path to Rushmere. From end of path 22 through field gate or handgate at side across meadow in S. direction at rear of Playford Hall to a white field gate and handgate into lane hedged on both sides, over railway bridge and past new buildings following lane along S.E. side of hedge through the fields.
Width 12 feet.
20 FP Tuddenham via Alder Carr. From end of path 21. Instead of turning S. over footbridge runs due west on North side hedge and watercourse in wash meadow. At corner of Alder Carr turn left over plank across watercourse and right across footbridge into Alder Carr then left up side of fence and bear right to Spring Pond passing N. of Pond incline towards Railway and continue parallel to Railway Line.
Width 3 feet.
21 FP From end of path 22 over stile immediately beyond river bridge diagonally across corner of meadow in S.W. direction. Turn S over footbridge over watercourse.
Width three feet.
22 BY At the end of Brook Lane, Lane runs S. between two hedges and then over River Bridge.
Width 10-12 feet.
23 FP Cricket meadow. Leaves Playford St. opposite end of Hill House by stile in W.S.W. direction across cricket meadow. Over footbridge at far end into land path 22.
Width 3 feet.
24 FP Starting from end of path 21 by footbridge across meadow in S direction and rear of Playford Hall to a white field gate and handgate joining path 19.
Width 3 feet.
25 FP Lane to Bransons Cottages. Starting at top of rise by Bransons cottages on path 3 follows lane in N.W. direction between hedges until reaches Playford-Culpho Road about 200 yards S. of cross roads on Culpho-Gt. Bealings Road.
Width 10 feet.