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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Sibton Parish (East Suffolk, Suffolk)

Information provided by Suffolk County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2024‑04‑09. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. The entries below are ordered first by Right of Way number, and then in reverse chronological order (most recent first). show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 FP Starts on path 3 south of Wood Farm and goes south to Yoxford Road ending opposite Town Houses.
2 FP Lone Lane. Commences on Poy Street 30yds. past bridge and finishes on Peasenhall boundary running S.W.
3 FP (I) commences on the Sibton Green Road 50yds. west of wind pump. Goes diagonally S.W. across the first field then south for three fields, then turns W.for one field, then south past Hill Farm. Path then turns S.W. for three fields.
(ii) begins at its junction with F.P.1 and runs westward to cottages in Walpole Road south of Wood Farm.
4 FP Starts on Dunwich Lane at a point 100yds. N.W. of High House Farm, goes W. for the width of one field and then S.W. to North Grange Farm, then W. to cottages on the Halesworth Road.
6 BR Commences on the road at Sibton Green a few yards west of wind pump and goes North to Walpole boundary.
Width: Approximately 4ft.
7 FP Commences on the north side of the unclassified road leading from the Peasenhall water tower to Sibton Green approximately 27 yards north-east of the Mission Room and leads in a generally northerly direction along the western boundaries of OS field nos 251, 250, 249 and 248 for a distance of approximately 745 yards to path no 16 Walpole on the parish boundary.
Width: Approximately 4 feet wide.
8 FP Starts by the Town Houses on the Yoxford Road, heading south for two fields, then path turns east to end at the Yoxford parish boundary. Joins F.P.9 at this point.
9 FP Starts from the point at which path 8 terminates, continues south for two fields, turns west to East Wood, then south along the side of East Wood, gradually bearing S.W. until it ends where paths 14, 11 and 10 meet at a point 200yds. S.E. of South Grange.
10 FP Commences at the termination of path 11, goes south along a bridleway to Potash Cottages, turns east to Potash Farm and then south to Boundary with Yoxford.
11 FP Runs south along east side of field, commencing at end of F.P.12 and ending at top of driftway leading down to Potash Farm.
12 FP Starts N. of Hencoop Wood, crosses field to n.e. corner of Hencoop Wood, then skirts E. side of the Wood. Turns due E. halfway down wood and crosses in front of Hill Farm and then due S. to end of road E. of South Grange.
13 FP Begins just N. of Hencoop Wood and is really a continuation of path 20. Runs S. along W. side of Hencoop Wood, keeping same direction for two fields, skirts W. side of copse to the north-west corner of Cape Horn Copse, then in a westerly direction following the northern bank of the drainage ditch through OS field no. 2059 for a distance of approximately 170 metres, then in a south-westerly direction for a distance of approximately 40 metres, then in a southerly direction along the western boundary of OS field no. 2337 for a distance of approximately 220 metres to the south west corner of that field, then S. To end at Wood Farm.
Width: 1.2 metres for 430 metres after north-west corner of Cape Horn Copse.
14 FP Begins at end of FP9 and runs due west to the south-west corner of OS field no. 5700, then in a north-westerly direction along the western boundary of that field for a distance of approximately 230 metres (measured from the south-west corner of that field) to the north-western corner of that field.
Width: 1.2 metres for last 230 metres approximately.
15 FP Commences at Rotten End corner going east on south side of Coe Wood passing over parish boundary after about half a mile.
16 FP Commences at Rotten End Corner and proceeds south across two fields and then passes into the next parish.
17 FP Commences from F.P.18 at corner of first field and goes south over six fields keeping west of Brick Kiln Farm until just before reaching the parish boundary when the path turns west.
18 FP Begins at the first S. bend on the Rendham Road and proceeds due west across six fields to boundary south of Gale's Farm.
19 FP From Hencoop Wood to the Peasenhall Boundary east of the Chalet.
20 FP Starts on Yoxford Road almost opposite Sibton School and runs due south practically to Hencoop Wood where it crosses path 19. From this point it is numbered 13. The path is deemed to have been dedicated subject to the right to plough - Rights of Way Committee 18.5.54.