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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Snape Parish (East Suffolk, Suffolk)

Information provided by Suffolk County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2024‑04‑09. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. The entries below are ordered first by Right of Way number, and then in reverse chronological order (most recent first). show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 FP Path commences at Stone Cottage and runs north to Chagford.
Width: Approximately 4ft.
2 FP Starts opposite Stone Cottage and runs down side of field known as Left Close to Gromford where it ends at a stile just before the first dwellings.
3 FP Path commences on Church Road and runs past "Chagford" to Gromford Lane where it turns north and travels up the field and terminates at the Wadd Lane just below Snape Croft.
Width: At commencement the path is incorporated in the carriageway to "Chagford" - thereafter about 4ft. wide.
5 FP "The Wadd". Starts at Empshort Cottage and runs across open land past "The Wadd" to a point about 25yds. above South Lodge.
Width: 2-3ft.
7 FP From OS grid reference TM38515970 running on levelled consolidated and unobstructed ground within adjacent and parallel to the southern boundary of a paddock in a generally west north westerly direction for a distance of approximately 175 metres to a point within the southern western corner of the said paddock at OS grid reference TM38345973 and then continuing in a generally north north easterly direction within and mainly adjacent and parallel to the western boundary of the said paddock and passing to the east of trees for a distance of approximately 135 metres to a junction with the A1094 Farnham Road at OS grid reference TM38395986 a total distance of approximately 310 metres.
Width: 2.5 metres
Limitations: OS grid reference TM38375981 gate of 1.2 m width for stock control. OS grid reference TM38375982 gate of 1.2 m width for stock control. OS grid reference TM38395986 bridge of 1m width.
8 FP From Wadd Lane through farm buildings at Snape Croft to Farnham road opposite entrance to Back Lane.
Width: 8-10ft.
8A FP From Croft Farm across road leading to Snape Watering, down field to Cottage and then left across field to South Lodge.
Width: Wide enough for a cart to cottage. Narrowing to a track across field.
10 FP Commences at a point about 20yds. above commencement of No. 9 and opposite entrance to Gildings Lane - across common direct to the junction of Farnham Road and Wadd Lane.
11 FP From a point at the back of "Heathlands", across Church Common to main road at entrance of Valley Farm.
Width: 3-4ft.
11A RB Commencing on the C247 at Ordnance Survey British National Grid Reference
(OSBNGR) 639,372mE259,923mN and progressing in a generally east north easterly direction for 739 metres and joining Restricted Byway 13A and FP21 Friston at OSBNGR 640,097mE260,078mN
Width: As shown by the field and parish boundaries on OS edition of 1882 Scale 1:2500 sheet 60/5, varying between a minimum of 2.5 metres and a maximum of 4 metres.
11B FP From point where Sloe Lane meets Saxmundham Road in the direction of Farnham to where footpath from Snape Croft meets Farnham-Aldeburgh Road. "Back Lane".
Width: 9-10ft.
12 FP Church Road to Rookery Lane (Priory Back Gate) South west of entrance to The Priory.
13 FP From Aldeburgh Road at a point about 50yds. above Valley Farm entrance across waste land turning to cross Red Barn Lane at the back of St. Margarets and following hedge of field to the carriageway of Friston Hall about 250yds. from road.
Width: 2-3ft.
13A RB Commencing at the junction with the U2322 at Ordnance Survey British National Grid Reference (OSBNGR ) 639,944mE260,394mN and progressing along a track, adjacent to the Friston parish boundary to the east and initially passing No.2 Friston Hall Cottages to the west, in a south south easterly direction for 350 metres and joining Snape FP11A at OSBNGR 640,097mE260,077mN continuing for 232 metres to OSBNGR 640,189mE259,863; leaving the parish boundary and continuing for 365 metres and joining Snape FP13 at OSBNGR 640,327mE259,526mN; changing to a southerly direction, continuing for 185 metres, initially hedged on the western boundary and then passing Lodge Bungalow and Friston Lodge, and joining the A1094 at OSBNGR 640,337mE259,342mN.
Width: 3.05 metres between OSBNGR 639,944mE260,394mN and OSBNGR 640,189mE259,863mN 6.1 metres between OSBNGR 640,189mE259,863mN and OSBNGR 640,337mE259,342mN
15 FP From carriageway to Friston Hall at a point about 250 yds. from Road diagonally across field in the direction of Friston and terminates at Parish Boundary.
Width: 2-3 ft.
15A RB Commencing at the junction with the U2307, FP17and FP18 at Ordnance Survey British National
Grid Reference (OSBNGR) 640,147mE258,391mN and progressing, between hedged boundaries
in a generally east north easterly direction for 318 metres and joining FP30 at OSBNGR
640,433mE258,528mN; continuing for 415 metres and joining FP32 at OSBNGR
640,794mE258,729mN; continuing for 96 metres and joining Friston Restricted Byway 3A at the parish boundary at OSBNGR 640,889mE258,744mN.
Width: 6.1 metres
17 FP "Sailor's Path". From White House to parish boundary at west side of Black Heath Wood. (Finally terminates on Aldeburgh Road opposite Aldeburgh Golf Course).
Width: Average width 6-8 ft.
18 FP From the White House past Mann's Creek to Pettis Hard.
Width: Approximately 6-8 ft.
19 FP From the Snape-Bromeswell Road near the Village Hall in an easterly direction along The Terrace and across the Common to the County Road near the Cloisters.
Width: 2-3 ft.
20 FP Starts at a point about 30 yds. below Firtree House and runs across Snape Common, crossing No. 19 and on toGildings Lane opposite Belle Vue.
Width: 2 - 3 ft.
21 FP From the Bridge Road to the eastern extremity of OS field no 256 at the entrance of Abbey Farmhouse running in a northerly direction along the western boundary of OS field no 263 passing to the east of the farm buildings and thence skirting the northern block of buildings, passing through the south-west corner of OS field no 264 and thence in a westerly direction through part of OS field no 254 for a distance of 200 yards (measured from the entrance to Abbey Farmhouse) to the north-west corner of that field, north-west to the farm buildings, then to Stone Cottage in Gromford Lane opposite No. 1.
Width: 8-10 ft, except for 200 yards round Abbey Farmhouse.
22 FP From a point off the road known as the "Cancer", towards the Warren where it joins the footpath that runs from White House to Petters Hard.
Width: 8 - 10 ft.
24 FP From Road at Prospect House across waste land to Footbridge and Parish Boundary.
Width: Wide enough to walk.
28 FP Path commences at point where F.P. no. 3 meets bungalows near Wadd Lane. Path continues across waste land in a north easterly direction until it joins Wadd Lane.
Width: 3 - 4 ft.
30 FP Path commences at Cottages on Sailor's Path and runs north across Waste Land to Sandy Lane.
Width: 3 ft.
31 BR Gilding's Lane. Starts on the Class II Road B.1069 opposite Snape Hall; proceeds in a southerly direction across Snape Common joining the unclassified Road opposite The Cloisters.
Width: Approximately 10 - 12 ft. In widest part, narrows about midway where hedges have become overgrown.
32 FP From a point 180 ft. West of S.W. corner of O.S. 411, in a northerly direction for 666 yds. across O.S. 136 to county road.
Width 6 ft.
33 FP Commencing on the eastern side of the B1069 road at Snape Bridge at grid reference 3920 5764, and progressing in a generally easterly direction along the driveway to Riverside Cottage for approximately 4 metres, then in a generally southerly direction over grassland for approximately 6 metres to the northern bank of the River Alde, then passing along the top of the river bank in a generally east-south-easterly direction for approximately 95 metres to grid reference 3929 5761, then generally north-easterly for approximately 20 metres to grid reference 3930 5762, then generally east-south-easterly for approximately 110 metres to grid reference 3940 5758, then generally east-north-easterly passing over a sluice leading to the marshlands for approximately 190 metres to grid reference 3958 5765, then generally south-easterly for approximately 60 metres to grid reference 3963 5762, then generally south-south-easterly for approximately 120 metres to grid reference 3967 5751, then generally north-easterly for approximately 100 metres to grid reference 3975 5757, then generally easterly, remaining on the river bank, but moving away from the general line of the river towards mud flats, continuing up a slight incline in a wooded area for approximately 370 metres to join FP 18 at grid reference 4011 5759.
Total distance approximately 1075 metres.
Width: 1.2 metres.
34 FP Commencing from a bend on the northern side of Footpath 18, adjacent to a pond at Grid
Reference 4043 5740, the path progresses across Snape Warren Heath, in a general
north north westerly direction, up a gradual incline, across level ground, then down a gradual slope, passing through field parcel Nos. 3460 and 2900 for approximately 625 metres, to connect with a track at Grid Reference 4022 5798, then continuing in the same direction along the eastern edge of a spinney for approximately 113 metres to rejoin the eastern side of Footpath 18 at Grid Reference 4017 5808 for a total distance of approximately 738 metres.
Width: Minimum 2 metres