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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Westleton Parish (East Suffolk, Suffolk)

Information provided by Suffolk County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2024‑04‑09. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. The entries below are ordered first by Right of Way number, and then in reverse chronological order (most recent first). show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 FP From Red Stile via Old Decoy and Old Hall to a point midway between Walk Barn and Lambpits.
2 FP From Old Hall northwards to High House Farm.
3 FP Leading from west of Charity Farm northwards to Blythburgh boundary.
Limitations: Subject to ploughing.
4 FP Off Lymball's Road east of Lymball's Farm south-west to the parish boundary with Darsham.
5 FP From Blythburgh-Dunwich road to Blythburgh parish boundary; at the north-west corner of Fen Covert.
6 BY From Blythburgh-Dunwich Road to Blythburgh parish boundary, south of Newdelight Walks.
7 FP From Further Dingle foreshore to Walberswick parish boundary, west of Corporation Marshes.
8 FP From Little Dingle west of Dingle Marshes to Little Hill Dingle, Dunwich parish boundary.
9 BR From Bridge Farm to Little Dingle.
Width: Carriage way width.
10 FP From Dunwich-Blythburgh Road southwards to a point on the forest access track at OS grid reference TM46597071 then running on levelled consolidated and unobstructed ground on the forest access track in a generally southerly direction to a point on the Dunwich-Westleton parish boundary at a junction with Footpath No 5 Dunwich.
Width: 1.5 metres.
11 FP From junction of paths 13 and 15, north-east to Dale Trees on the Blythburgh-Dunwich road at St. Helens Walks.
This was open heathland part of which has been taken over by the Forestry Commission.
12 FP From Blythburgh-Westleton Road via Potten Hall to the unclassified road leading from St. Helena Farm.
13 FP From the junction of paths 11 and 12 generally in a north-westerly direction, south of Walk Barn, via the Lambpits to the junction of path No. 14.
14 FP From the junction of Whites Lane near the Lambpits, northwards to Highfield Barn.
15 FP From Westleton - Blythburgh road north-east to OS grid reference TM45787026 then in a generally easterly direction for approximately 190 metres mainly within OS field no 8544 to OS grid reference 45957028 then north-east to Sandy Lane on the Dunwich parish boundary.
Width: Minimum 1.5 metres for 190 metres approximately in OS field no 8544.
16 BR From Sandy Lane on the Dunwich parish boundary, south-west to junction with Dunwich-Westleton Road.
Width: Wide enough for bridleway.
17 FP From Westleton Road at Dunwich parish boundary via Raceground House to a point approximately 440 yards west-south-west of Raceground House, then in a southerly direction for 100 yards approximately, thence in a west-south-westerly direction for a distance of 540 yards approximately along the east and southern boundaries of the Nature Reserve to a point 866 yards approximately from Clay Hills Road, then to Westleton-Dunwich road (known as Clay Road).
18 BR From Dunwich parish boundary east of Grimston Belt to junction with path 19, north-west of Scottshall Coverts.
19 FP From Dunwich parish boundary north-west of Scottshall Coverts westwards to junction with path No. 22.
20 FP Commences at a point approximately 20 yards south of Walkbarn Bungalow and leads in a generally east-south-easterly direction for a distance of approximately 366 yards along the north-eastern boundary of Whin Covert, thence for a distance of approximately 617 yards along the track which forms the north-eastern boundary of OS field no 107 to the junction with bridleway no 22 in the extreme south-east corner of OS field no 124.
Width: Approximately 8 feet wide.
22 BR From junction of paths Nos. 18 and 19 south-west to Hangmans Cottages.
Width: Carriage way width
24 FP From the junction of path no. 26 at Hard Piece Lane in a south-easterly direction, east of the Old Windmill to the unclassified road about 660 yards north of Hangmans Cottages.
Hangmans Cottages to Aldercar Wood section; not used, path now connects up with Eastbridge Road as marked on plan.
25 FP From Rickford Bridge south-east to Dam Bridge via right bank of Minsmere River.
26 BR From junction of Clay Road (Hardpiece Lane) to Middleton Road north-east of Reckford Bridge.
Width: Wide enough for bridle road.
27 FP From junction Westleton-Yoxford Road to a point approximately 3 yards west of the old barn situate in the extreme north-west corner of OS field no 214, then in a generally southerly direction along the western boundary of that field for a distance of approximately 248 yards, thence in a generally west-north-westerly direction for a distance of approximately 47 yards along the southern boundary of OS field no 210, and thence in a generally south-westerly direction along the western boundary of OS field no 251 for a distance of approximately 264 yards to the junction with the unclassified road known as Fenstreet Road approximately 58 yards east of the old farm buildings opposite the new bungalow adjoining Yale House. Recommences and runs to Middleton marshes. Minsmere River (Duffers Bridge).
Width: 4 feet wide for 559 yards approximately before unclassified road.
28 FP From junction of path No. 29 to Yoxford Road west of Reading Room.
29 FP From Westleton St. Peter's church to junction Westleton-Darsham road.
Limitations: Obstructed by overhanging growth.
31 BR From Westleton Green to junction with paths Nos. 1 and 14. Known as Whites Lane.
Width: Wide enough for bridle path.
32 BR From Westleton-Darsham Road northwards to Old Hall junction of path No. 1.
33 FP From the junction with the Westleton-Blythburgh Road south-west of Westleton Heath to the junction of path No. 1 at its acute angle, thence proceeding eastwards in a direct line with part of path No. 1 to the junction of the Westleton-Blythburgh Road opposite Westleton Heath.
34 FP Commencing on the eastern side of Bakers Lane (U2818) at grid reference 44306888 and proceeding as a natural surface track up an incline in a generally north-easterly direction across Westleton Common (field parcel no. 3700) for approximately 60 metres to a junction of tracks at grid reference 44346892; continuing as a natural surface track up an incline; changing to a generally easterly direction passing along the southern side of the football pitch for approximately 75 metres to level ground at grid reference 44416891; then changing to a generally east-south-easterly direction passing the northern side of a pit, following along the northern side of a hedge of gorse bushes, passing between overhanging trees for approximately 115 metres to grid reference 44526887; then changing to a grass path in a generally easterly direction in the form of a hedge lined lane for approximately 170 metres to the southern side of a pond at grid reference 44696888; becoming a hard core track in the form of a hedge lined lane (field parcel No. 7488) passing the southern side of outbuildings and house of Kings Farm and the northern side of a pond for approximately 280 metres to the western side of the U2829 road at grid reference 44966890.
Total distance approximately 700 metres.
Width: From grid reference 44306888 to grid reference 44526887 - 2 metres. From grid reference 44526887 to grid reference 44696888 - 1 metre. From grid reference 44696888 to grid reference 44966890 - 2.5 metres.
35 BY Commencing on the B1125 at OSBNGR 645,009mE271,502mN and progressing in a generally westerly direction across heath land, adjacent to the Blythburgh parish boundary to the north, for 17 metres to OSBNGR 644,992mE271,505mN.
Width: As shown by the dashed boundary line and parish boundary on OS sheet 39/12 scale 1:2500 1904 edition, being 2.5 metres.