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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Wrentham Parish (East Suffolk, Suffolk)

Information provided by Suffolk County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2021‑10‑12. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. The entries below are ordered first by Right of Way number, and then in reverse chronological order (most recent first). show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 FP No name. Commencing with a driftway at corner south of West End on the 6" O.S. Map XVIII.SW (1928 Edition) leading in a southerly direction to the Parish boundary, Wrentham-Frostenden.
2 FP Copper Meadow Path. Commencing Church Street - West End Road at a point just s.w. of w. In wrentham on 6" o.s. map xix sw (1928 edition) leading in a northerly direction, then in a westerly direction, terminating at Wrentham West End.
Width from 10' to 15' according to where it has been used and for what purpose.
3 FP Wash lane. Commencing at North Hall Cottages at Savage Wood, Wrentham-Beccles Road, leading in an easterly direction, passing north of North Hall to parish boundary between L and A in Wash Lane in 6" O.S. Map XIX SW, continuing through Benacre Parish to the London-Gt. Yarmouth A.12 road.
Width 10' to 12'.
4 FP No name. Commencing at Priory Farm, Priory Road, in a northerly direction for approx. 400 yds. Then bending west at boundary fence between enclosures 294 and 166 for approx. 300 yds. To boundary fence, then running diagonally over encls. 271 and 238 passing between Wrentham Gt. Wood and Kitchen Wood to the boundary hedge of encls. 232 and 228 continuing along the east side of the hedge to Wash Lane, keeping west side of North Hall Buildings.
Width of driftway from commencement to the bend to the west varies from 10' to 15'.
6 FP Allotment Path. Commencing at London Road, leading along west side of Allotment Gardens, Encl. 83, in a northerly direction, joining Church Street at a point opposite 'R' in Street on 6" O.S. Map XIX SW (1928 Edition).
Width: Cart track width approx. 10'; remaining path 3'.
7 FP No name. Commencing at a point opposite Wrentham House Lodge, Southwold Road (6" O.S. Map XXIX NW - 1928 Edition) in an easterly direction for approx. 220 yds. Crossing into South Cove Parish enclosure 193 for approx. 180 yards, again entering Wrentham Parish enclosure 35, for approx. 300 yards to Covehithe boundary.
8 FP No name. Commencing at "A" in Allotment Gardens on 6" O.S. map XIX SW (1928 edition) keeping south side of boundary hedge for approx. 180 yds. Crossing through opening to enclosure 393 keeping north side of boundary hedge for approx. 220 yds. leading through opening in hedge to encl. 892, then through opening on to cart track, south side of boundary hedge to Guild Hall Lane.
Width: Cart track 10' wide.
9 FP No name. Commencing on Naughtons Lane, approx. 200 yds. South of junction Naughtons Lane - London to Gt. Yarmouth A12 Road, crossing diagonally S.W. over enclosure 13 to Covert Lane at a point between "O.S." in Frostenden on 6" Map XXIX NW (1928 Edition).
10 FP No name. Commencing approx. 75 yds. West of junction Guild Hall Lane - London to Gt. Yarmouth A12 Road, runs in an easterly direction till it joins path No. 14 approx. 75 yds. To the north of Brimstone Covert.
11 FP No name. Commencing at Guild Hall Lane through gateway to enclosure 387 leading to Old Meeting House Farm, bearing south through enclosure 381 to the Parish boundary in enclosure 404.
Width: Cart track 8' to 10' wide.
12 FP No name. Links with No. 11 path on the S.W. side of Old Meeting House Farm Cottage gardens, leading round west of gardens into enclosure 382, keeping north side of boundary hedge, crossing through opening to enclosure 376, keeping south side of ponds and hedge to Cuckolds Green - Low Farm road, approx. Midway between these two points.
13 FP No name. Commencing at Cuckolds Green in a S.W. direction, passing east of Low Farm to parish boundary at N.W. corner of Foxburrow Covert.
Width approx. 10'.
14 FP Linking with No. 10 on enclosure 14; leading to Brimstone Covert keeping on north side of covert joining Covert Lane at north end of Sweet Briar Lane.
15 FP Commencing at the junction with Footpath 6 Wrentham at OS grid reference TM49438253 and proceeding in an east south easterly direction for 54 metres to the footway at the southern end of Bosney Gardens at OS grid reference TM 49488252
Width: 2 metres