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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Creeting St Peter Parish (Mid Suffolk, Suffolk)

Information provided by Suffolk County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2021‑10‑12. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. The entries below are ordered first by Right of Way number, and then in reverse chronological order (most recent first). show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 FP Stow Path. Commences at unclassified road by Council houses proceeding down to Stow Market through Mr Holden's, Mr Foster's and Mr Morland's land (except where it crosses the Trunk Road). Four fields all told termination is on the Stowmarket Road (Class III).
Width - approx 3 ft.
4 BR Starts at Stowupland Road at entrance to Braziers Hall, proceeds along drive then up through two fields belonging to Mr Marland and eventually comes out at Stowupland (Stowupland Bridle Path).
5 FP From Stowupland Road to Stowupland parish boundary. No name.
6 FP From Hammond's Corner to Stonham Road (Bell's Lane) through near Blacks Lane. No name.
7 FP From Royden Hall gates to Stonham lanes. Runs up drive of farm from junction Nos. 8 and 11 then branches off across meadow land to Stonham lanes. No name.
8 FP Starts at junction of Nos. 9 and 10 from plantation halfway along new Road to Royden Hall gates where it joins path No. 7.
9 FP From Village Green to junction of paths 8 and 10. Called the new road.
10 FP From path 8 along edge of lane field round the allotments down between lane field and sharless to Rush meadow. No name. This path continues to Creeting St Mary.
11 FP From Royden Hall gates across front meadow - Earl Stonham parish boundary. No name.
12 FP Starts at gate at foot of Rush Meadow, and proceeds up Romans to Creeting St. Mary, is a continuation of path 10 terminating at Earl Stonham parish boundary. No name.
13 FP From Rush Meadow to Church Road running along the bottom of Romans over a stile through a little meadow over a ditch into Church Long Meadow into the Church Road to the Class III road in Stowmarket. (Excludes section over Trunk Road).
14 FP Runs South East from path No. 16 through meadows to bend in cart track leading to Grove Farm, down grass lane, then through field gate South East along meadow next hedge and down to River Gipping. Over stream running in from N.E. and across another meadow to Parish boundary north of Ravens Bridge.
15 FP Begins at end of path No. 16 runs a zig-zag course to across a large arable field to O.S. grid reference TM07895693 and proceeding in a west north westerly direction for some 102 metres to join the driveway leading to Creeting Hall at O.S. grid reference TM07795695; then in a south south easterly direction for some 90 metres along the driveway to O.S. grid reference TM07815687; then along a grass cart track over a stile and along a grass path to Parish boundary on edge of River Gipping (a path leads from here and connects with path No. 17 at bridge over Canal Lock).
Width: Cart track 9 ft; grass path - about 4 ft. 2.0 metres between TM07895693 and TM07795695, 2.5 metres between TM07795695 and TM07815687.
16 FP Commences on Main Road due south of Flint Hall, crosses stream by wooden footbridge and meets junction of paths No. 14 and 15.
17 FP No name. Begins on main road at entrance of Creeting Hall drive, goes down for about three quarters of the length then turns almost due West along grass cart track then turns S.W. across some very rough ground; continuing to the southern side of Badley Lock bridge at grid reference TM 07342 56802 then through a gate at OS grid reference TM0734256804, following the bank of the watercourse for a distance of 135 metres in a generally westerly direction, through a gate, to the parish boundary and the junction with Footpath No. 24 Badley at OS grid reference TM0723856797.
Width: a minimum of 2.5 metres between OS grid reference TM0734256804 and TM0723856797 measured from the top of the watercourse bank.
Limitations: pedestrian/kissing gates at OS grid references TM0734256804 and TM0724256799.
18 FP Commences at junction of paths 20 and 21 near St Peter's Church, runs almost due South on west side of ditch and fence between Mr Holdens meadow and arable field. Joins main road west of Flint Hall.
20 FP Church Path. Commences at end of Village Street opposite Church Room ends at Churchyard gate (excludes length where it crosses the Trunk Road), but a short length continues to junction of paths No 21 and 18.
Width - 7ft.
21 FP Commences at steps up bank at Pound Road, runs along edge of fence and ditch to the junction of paths No. 20 and No. 18.
Width - about 4 ft.
23 FP 1. From footpath 14 along the River Gipping towpath to Footpath 17 near Badley Mill.
2. From Badley Mill along the River Gipping towpath to the railway line.
25 FP From Footpath No 1 to Footpath No 20.
26 FP From Footpath No 13 to Footpath No 18.
28 FP Commencing at OS grid reference TM07795695 at a junction with Creeting St Peter Footpath No. 15 and proceeding in a north north westerly direction for some 135 metres to join Creeting St Peter Footpath No. 17 at OS grid reference TM07755708.
Width: 2.5 metres