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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Flowton Parish (Mid Suffolk, Suffolk)

Information provided by Suffolk County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2022‑07‑12. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. The entries below are ordered first by Right of Way number, and then in reverse chronological order (most recent first). show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
3 FP From Valley Farm and Gate Farm Road westwards to Elmsett parish boundary.
4 FP The path runs from a point within the entrance to Valley Farm to join the Flowton-Somersham road. The portion within the parish of Flowton is comprised by a cart track leading through the stackyard of Valley Farm.
5 BR The track runs from the entrance to Bush Farm, skirting the south-west end of Somersham Park Wood adjoining the parish boundary, along the north border of two fields to Lovetofts Farm, then in a generally south-westerly direction along the south-eastern boundary of OS field No 46 for approximately 30 yards, then in a general south-easterly direction for a distance of approximately 137 yards through OS field No 48 to the public highway known as High Street leading from Ipswich Road to Lovestofts Farm approximately 35 yards south-west of the entrance to Lovetofts Farm.
Approximately 8 feet wide for last 167 yards approximately.
10 FP This path forms the initial portion of a track from Flowton Brook Lane to Bullen Green in Burstall parish. From an open gap or gateway in the lane the track runs along the north side of the hedge forming the southern boundary of the first three fields, thence the track disappears but would seem originally to have crossed to the south side of the hedge at this point and thence over a stile and into Burstall parish.
11 FP This path forms a continuation of No. 13 from the southern extremity of which it crosses a meadow to join up with a cartway from Hall Farm at the point where the cartway crosses the brook. The cartway debouches on to a large meadow which encircles the west side of Flowton Hall Grove. The path then runs along the eastern side of the hedge (in the meadow) to a field gate giving entrance to a wide cart track which runs thence the west side of the hedge to meet the road at a point opposite Camperdown Cottage.
12 FP The path commences from a wide gap in the hedge bordering the road near Rhodd's Farm, whence it skirts the east side of the farm buildings and thence passes into a meadow at the bottom of which it passes through an open gateway into another meadow (in Elmsett parish) and across the stream to join the road at the boundary with Hintlesham.
13 FP The path commences at its northern end as the road entrance to a now derelict cottage; passing along the front of this cottage the path proceeds along the W side of the hedge of a ploughed field to a point near the southern extremity of the field where it crossed the hedge and ditch on the south-west corner of the adjoining field to a gateway at its junction with paths Nos. 11 and 14.
14 FP The path runs from a point just east of Hall Farm along the southern side of a hedge which forms the northern boundary of two meadows to a point on the Flowton Brook Lane.