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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Kenton Parish (Mid Suffolk, Suffolk)

Information provided by Suffolk County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2021‑10‑12. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. The entries below are ordered first by Right of Way number, and then in reverse chronological order (most recent first). show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 FP Begins on the Debenham road (unclassified) opposite north-west corner of church. Enters at the southern corner of O.S. Field No. 72 and the path runs in a north-westerly direction along its western boundary of O.S. 72 for 62 yards and thence in a north-easterly direction for 10 yards, keeping the hedge to the left. Enters Field O.S. 51 by a rail fence next the ditch. Field 51 is arable. Joins Path No. 2 in north-west corner of Field 51.
2 FP Continues Path No. 1, inside northern hedge of field O.S. 51 which is arable. Enters arable field 52 by a green cartway across the ditch. Path keeps inside the northern hedge of field 52 to join the road near Sycamore Farm Cottages.
3 FP Continues paths 1 & 2 from north-west corner of field O.S. 51. Path crosses into field 46 by the broad green cartway over the ditch. No gate or fence across this. With the ditch to the left the path runs inside field 46 until the southern hedge of field 29 touches it.
4 FP Continues path 3 from field 46 into field 50. The ditch and hedge is crossed by a broad green cartway without obstruction. Keep the hedge of field 50 to the right. Crosses to field 49 and to 48 which is rough meadow. Then to corner of Moat Farm and joins the broad track inside the western hedge of field 48. Then to field 82 which is rough meadow, and so to the road.
5 FP Continuation of path No. 3 from its junction with path No. 4 in field O.S. 46. There is 20 yards of this path No. 5 from this junction until it crosses to field 27 which is arable. There is a broken plank bridge over a deep ditch.
6 FP Continues Path No. 5. Branches right handed inside field O.S. 27. No real path left, the hedge is big and the field ploughed close. Enters the corner of field 26 by fine-barred farmgate fastened by a loose chain. Field 26 is a meadow. The path crosses this diagonally to the north-east corner where it joins path No. 7.
7 FP Continues path No. 6 from north-east corner of field O.S. 26. Path No. 7 enters field O.S. 13 by a farmgate on a loose chain. This field is meadow. The path keeps the hedge and orchard of Laurels Farm to the right-hand and enters the High Road by a fine-barred farmgate on a loose chain near Potash Farm.
8 FP Continues path No. 5 and 6 from south-west corner inside field 27. Keep the hedge to the left. Crosses the hedge and ditch to field O.S. 15 by an open green cartway 15 feet wide.
10 FP Continues path 8 from south-west corner of field 15. Keep the hedge to the left and so to the railway and the parish boundary. The railway can be crossed by a stile each side in good order.
11 FP The path continues path No. 4 from the western corner of field O.S. 49. Crosses the hedge and ditch into field 204 until the green gateway 6ft. wide. Keeps the outer moat of Moat Farm to the left and follows inside field 204 until the Path joins Berrys Lane (No. 12) by an open green gateway 9ft. wide.
12 BR Berry's Lane. From the Debenham - Kenton Road this lane runs between fields O.S. 209 and 574. It ends in the north-east corner of field 574. Path No. 11 joins this lane and from it a footpath runs by Aspall Wood to Aspall Hall.
It is enclosed by a hedge either side and then ditches.
Width: The lane varies from 18ft. to nearly 30ft. in width.
13 FP Enters from high road to the north of Potash Farm at grid reference TM18946675 in field parcel 1866/9973 generally north east for some 47 metres along the northern boundary of the property Farm to grid reference TM18986678. Enters field 8 by fine-barred gate on a loose chain, and keeps the hedge to the left. Enters field 5 by open green cartway 15ft. wide and still keeps the hedge to the left to the parish boundary with Bedingfield.
Width: TM18946675 - TM18986678: minimum of 1.5 metres TM189846678 end: Undefined
14 FP Enters from the road by a lane between Sycamore Farm Cottages and the Orchard to the north of the Farm. In field 57 follows the rough track near the left-hand hedge. Crosses the rivulet by a bridge and so to the north-east corner of 57 where the path branches to join path No. 18.
16 FP No. 17 continued. Crosses from field 35 by an open cartway 15ft. wide into field 24. Continues with the hedge to the right to cross the parish boundary into Monk Soham Parish and join the road just south of the Broadway Farm.
17 FP Continues path 16 from north-east corner of field 35. Keeps inside field 35 with the hedge to the left. Crosses to field 58 by open cartway. Turns right down the cart-track with the hedge to the right and joins path No. 18 and 19 in the corner of field 58.
18 FP Continues path 14 from the corner of field 57. Enters field 66 by a field gate and keeps the hedge to the left. Enters field 58 by an open cartway and joins Path No. 17.
19 FP Continues No. 18 and 17 in field 58. With hedge to the right. Crosses to field 65 by an open cartway. Keep hedge to right and at the corner crosses to field 66. There is no bridge to cross the deep ditch here. In field 66 path branches into paths 20, 21, 22.
20 FP No. 19 continued. Keep the hedge of field 66 to the left. There is no bridge to cross the rivulet into field 101. Continues to cross the roadside ditch by a small green earth foot-bridge 2ft. wide and enter the road near the Crown Inn.
21 FP Continues paths No. 20 and 19. Runs down field 66 to enter by a farmgate the carpenters yard at northern end of field 101. Through this yard and by a stile enters the road opposite the carpenters shop. Known as The Church Path.
22 FP Continues paths 19, 20, 21. Crosses the hedge from field 66 by an open cartway to field 102. Runs with hedge to the left. Crosses to field 103 by an open cartway and thence emerges by an open cartway on the high road. With path No. 21 known on the Church Path where paths 19, 20, 21, 22 meet is known as the "Four Cross-ways".
23 FP The Cancer or The Causeway. Begins from the road at western corner of vicarage garden. Enters field 89 by a stile. This field is meadow. Keep hedge to left. Enter 88 by a handgate 5ft. wide. Leave this wooded portion of path by a similar hand-gate into field 132 which is meadow. Here the path branches and becomes Nos. 24 and 25.
The piece in O.S. 88 is enclosed between two ditches about 12ft. distant from each other.
24 FP Continuation of path 23. Keep the hedge of field O.S. 132 to the right. Enter field 212. Keep the hedge to the right until the hard road from Kenton Hall - Blood Hall is met in the diagonally opposite corner of the same field.
25 FP Continuation of path 23 from field 132. Crosses this field which is meadow to the corner of the moat of Kenton Hall. Keeps the moat to the right and follows it around. Enters the drive of Kenton Hall junction of 26 and 27.
26 FP Continuation of path 25. Joins path 25 to path 24 on the roadway from Kenton Hall - Blood Hall.
27 FP Continues paths 25 and 26. Keeps to the left of the drive to Kenton Hall as one walks towards the main road.
28 FP Continues paths 24 and 26. Follows the roadway from Kenton Hall to Blood Hall until this road bends to the right to Blood Hall. Here the path enters field 539 by a five barred field gate. The path branches when it enters this field. One branch goes across 539 diagonally and so to Debenham, the other goes to the Kell.
29 FP Known as The Kell or Kiln Path. Continues path 28 from inside field 539. The eastern hedge of 539 is the parish boundary but path 29 is shown here as in Kenton for it keeps this hedge close to the left hand side and runs on the parish boundary in just this field only, then it enters Debenham parish confines.
30 FP Continues path 28. This path runs along the road, which is the boundary between Kenton, Debenham to Blood Hall.
31 FP Leaves the Kenton - Monk Soham road where the boundary hedge, fields 120 and 105 meets the road. Enters field 105 with hedge to right. No means to get into the field from the road across the ditch and hedge. Enters field 106 and runs to the windmill crosses to field 119 by a plank bridge to a hurdle.
33 FP Continues path 31. Runs down field 119 which is meadow with the hedge to the right. Joins main road opposite Red House, Kenton, through large double-field gates and a bridge over the rivulet.
34 FP Kenton Corner to Monk Soham Green Path.
Enters field 119 by a bridge and double field gates opposite Red House. Bears right to meet the right-hand hedge of field 119 where a gateway opens to field 118. Here two paths join (35 and 36).
35 FP Continues path 31 to join paths 34 and 36. Runs across field 119 from the windmill to the field-gate on the opposite side.
36 FP Continues paths 34 and 35. Keeps the hedge of field 119 to the right. At the top of the field crosses right-handed into field 118 by a five barred gate on a loose chain. Keeps the hedge to the left crosses into field 117 by open cartway 18ft. wide. Continues to the parish boundary with Monk Soham.
37 FP
38 FP Continues path 37 up the field 145 with the hedge to the right, until near the top where the hedge leads to the right. Enters the Crown Road by a fieldgate near to the right-hand hedge of the field.
39 FP Continues 37 from the point in field 145 where path 37 touches the hedge of field 129. From here path 39 strikes left-handed to an open gateway in the hedge. Across next field which is arable to join path 40 on the cart-track.
40 FP Known as the "Hundred Acre Path". Enters field 146 by an open gateway from the Kenton - Ashfield Road north of Red House. Follows the cart-track to where it meets path 39 on the crest of the hill.
41 FP Continues paths 39 and 40. Follows the cart-track. Crosses to field 180 by an open gateway. The stile was some 17 paces to the right of this gateway, but has now vanished and the hedge can only be crossed by the gateway. Field 180 is a meadow. Across this to a stile is the hedge where the drive to Oak Tree Farm leaves the Crown Road.
42 FP Known as "The Grove Path" for it runs to Ashfield Grove Farm. Continues paths 39 and 40 across to the field 179 which is entered by a fieldgate. Turn right and keep the hedge to the right. Enter 180 which is meadow by a five barred gate. Turn left and keep hedge to left. Just before the triangular copse shown as 200 on the map turn left into field 201 by a double gate. Turn right and with hedge to right run down to join Waddle-goose Lane by an open cartway.
43 FP Is a continuation of a path that starts in Debenham Parish. It crosses the Kenton boundary by Pages Farm between a farm pond and the length of water known as the Canal. Enters field 189 by a 4-rail fence no plank over the ditch. Crosses 189 which is meadow. Enters Waddlegoose Lane at the entrance to field 198.
44 FP Known as "The Sick House Path". Path commences on Waddlegoose Lane near the gardens of the Old Sick House. Crosses into the corner of field 202 by a broken gate set in the hedge. This leg-end of the field is meadow. Continues in field 202 with the hedge to the left. Enters 178 by an open cartway. Across 178. Crosses the little rivulet by a cartway into 177. Here path branches.
45 FP Continues path 44. Across field 177 to the gate at the top right-hand corner. 4 rails on left-hand side of this gate afford a crossing. In 176 turn left with the hedge to the left. This field is meadow. Enter field 168 by a broken iron hurdle and keep in this field which is meadow with the hedge to the left. Enter 160 by five barred gate. Keep hedge to the left. Enter 154 by open gateway and with hedge to right go down to the road Kenton - Ashfield.
48 FP Known as "The Woodcraft Hall Path". Leaves the Kenton - Ashfield Road to enter field 171 in the corner opposite the cottages known as Monk Soham Low Road cottages. No stile in the hedge, a rough iron hurdle covers the corner. Across field 171 which is low-lying meadow. Crosses the parish boundary and enters Monk Soham parish.
49 BR Part of Waddlegoose Lane. From the junction of the Kenton, Debenham and Ashfield parish boundaries eastwards along the Kenton - Ashfield parish boundary to The Sick House.