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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Weybread Parish (Mid Suffolk, Suffolk)

Information provided by Suffolk County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2021‑04‑13. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 FP Starts on Weybread-Needham Road passes through arable fields and pasture and ends at Syleham boundary. Connects with F.P.2 and 3. No recognised name.
2 FP Starts on F.P.1 at Luck's Mill Farm and ends at Luck's Mill Bridge across marshes. No recognised name.
Width: Wide enough for two people to walk side by side.
3 FP Starts at Weybread House Street through pasture land to F.P.1 S.W. Luck's Mill Farm. No recognised name.
Width: Wide enough for two people to walk side by side.
4 FP Commences on Weybread-Wingfield Road and ends on Weybread-Needham Road by River Waveney. Through arable fields. No recognised name.
5 BR Starts at Tunstead Hall Farm junction of No. 4 proceeds through pasture and ends at Weybread House.
6 FP Starts on Weybread-Wingfield Road through low meadows and ends at Instead Hall Farm at B.R.5. No recognised name.
7 FP Through arable fields and ends at roadway to Manor Farm west of Weybread House.
8 FP From a point on Wingfield Road, grid reference TM24088065 into field parcel TM2480/0081 for some 370 metres then into field parcel TM2481/0081 for some ten metres; thence generally south in field parcel TM2481/0004 along the eastern field edge for some 490 metres, (skirting two ponds on their western sides), to grid reference TM24218149.
Also in a north-easterly direction to grid reference TM24168165 then into field parcel TM2481/1570 for some 63 metres in a generally north north east direction for some 90 metres to grid reference TM24198181 at the northern edge of field parcel TM2481/1677. No recognised name.
Width: TM24088065 - TM24218149: minimum 1.5 metres Also start - TM24168165: undefined TM24168165 - TM24198181: minimum 1.5 metres
8A FP Branch from FP8 to FP8.
8B FP From the existing maintenance boundary of the unclassified road from Weybread House proceeding northwards by a footbridge across the River Waveney, east of the Corn Mill to the left bank (or north side) of the River Waveney in the County of Norfolk.
9 FP Starts at Weybread St Andrew's Church through arable fields to grid reference TM24098030 in field parcel TM2480/0036 generally east north east by a hedge for some 100 metres, then north north west for some 58 metres then generally east north east for some 91 metres along a track then curving generally to the north north west by the hedge for some 150 metres then generally north for some 135 metres to point by Wingfield Road, grid reference TM24098064. No recognised name.
Width: Start - TM24098030: wide enough for one person TM24098030 - TM24098064: minimum 1.5 metres
10 FP Branch from F.P. 11 on O.S. 157 and ends at New Bridge on Weybread-Wingfield Road, N.E. of Instead Manor House through arable and pasture land. No recognised name.
12 FP Commences Weybread-Wingfield Road and continues along Parish boundary to the Syleham-Weybread Parish south of Oak Farm.
Width: Wide enough for one person.
13 FP Starts at Church Farm Lane to grid reference TM2357937 in the south western corner of field parcel TM2379/5453 along the southern field edge for some 112 metres generally east north east then along the eastern field edge generally north for some 100 metres to grid reference TM23627951; then through pasture and arable land via No. 11 and via Greengate Farm to the Weybread-Wingfield Road.
Width: a minimum of 1.5 metres between TM2357937 and TM23627951; otherwise wide enough for one person.
14 FP Commences Weybread Street on O.S. 203 and ends at Lords Wood. Edges arable fields, across Church Farm Road and down farm driftway to Syleham parish boundary.
Wide enough for one person.
15 FP Starts at Middleton's Farm, to Ordnance Survey grid reference TM24778031 and proceeding in a generally northerly direction along a path around the western edge of a lake for approximately 93 metres to Ordnance Survey grid reference TM24808039 then in an easterly and then south easterly direction along the path around the northern edge of the lake for approximately 83 metres to Ordnance Survey grid reference TM24878037 then in an easterly direction for approximately 15 metres to Ordnance Survey grid reference TM24888037; then proceeds through pasture and arable land and ends at parish boundary Mendham Priory.
Width: 2 metres from TM24778031 to TM24888037.
16 FP Starts at Weybread Street opposite Post Office, proceeds through pasture and arable land, crosses Mill Lane and again through pasture and arable land, crossing F.P.15 on O.S. 281 and ending at east end Grinders Lane.
17 FP Starts at Mill Farm Cottages via Old kiln Cottages and ends on Mendham-Fressingfield Road near Windmill, through pasture land.
18 FP Starts at Weybread Street near Crown Inn, roadway to Willow Farm and across meadow land, joins F.P.19 on O.S. 118.
Width: About 10 feet wide on metalled surface.
19 FP Commences Church Farm and ends Fressingfield parish boundary continuing to Dale Road, through arable land.
20 FP Commences at the side of Belderson's Stores opposite O.S. 340, though arable land and ends at Corner Farm on road leading to Upper Weybread.
21 FP Path commences in meadow just past Rookery Farm, through pasture and arable land and terminates on Wiehtersdale-Fressingfield Road.
22 FP A short section of path Near Safford's Farm.
23 FP A short section of path near Church Farm.
24 FP From Lord's Wood to Greengate Farm.
25 FP From grid reference TM24208137 in field parcel TM2481/0004 generally east south east for some 2 metres then into field parcel TM2481/2321 for some 124 metres to grid reference TM24328134.
Width: minimum 1.5 metres
26 FP From grid reference TM23517947 in field parcel TM2379/5453 generally south for some 114 metres to grid reference TM23577937 in the south western field corner.
Width: minimum 1.5 metres
27 FP From grid reference TM23948152 in field parcel TM2381/9665 in a generally easterly direction for some 4 metres into field parcel TM2381/004 for some 45 metres then into field parcel TM2481/0004 along the northern field edge for some 160 metres to grid reference TM24158150.
Width: minimum 1.5 metres