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Rights of Way in Whiteshill and Ruscombe [MWH] (Stroud, Gloucestershire)

This page shows a map and table of the Public Rights of Way (Public Footpaths, Bridleways, Restricted Byways, and Byways Open to All Traffic) in the parish/area of Whiteshill and Ruscombe, in the district of Stroud, in the county of Gloucestershire. Data from the Surveying Authority (Gloucestershire County Council) is compared with the data in OpenStreetMap. (more information)

Key to Lines

Rights of Way

Public Footpath
Public Bridleway
Restricted Byway
Byway Open to All Traffic

Other Highways

Adopted Footway
Public Cycleway
Unclassified Highway


Parish Boundary

Basemap Lines

See: OSM Carto

OSM Map | PRoW GIS Data (GeoJSON)

MWH 1 FP   135 177 +31.1% 12m   MZ OT
MWH 2 FP   316 105 −66.8% 3y   MZ OT
MWH 3 FP   981 941 −4.1% 2y   MZ OT
MWH 6 FP   372 0     MZ OT
MWH 7 FP   410 427 +4.1% 2y   MZ OT
MWH 8 FP   83 53 −36.1% 2y   MZ OT
MWH 9 FP   423 393 −7.1% 2y   MZ OT
MWH 10 FP   608 417 −31.4% 21m   MZ OT
MWH 11 FP   375 0     MZ OT
MWH 12 FP   88 0     MZ OT
MWH 13 FP   433 0     MZ OT
MWH 15 FP   249 0     MZ OT
MWH 16 FP   78 88 +12.8% 22m   MZ OT
MWH 17 FP   571 599 +4.9% 2y   MZ OT
MWH 18 FP   159 0     MZ OT
MWH 19 FP   113 0     MZ OT
MWH 20 FP   85 91 +7.1% 3y   MZ OT
MWH 22 FP   174 182 +4.6% 3y   MZ OT
MWH 24 FP   78 81 +3.8% 3y   MZ OT
MWH 24A FP   206 213 +3.4% 3m   MZ OT
MWH 27 BR   192 188 −2.1% 3m   MZ OT
MWH 28 BR   297 287 −3.4% 3y 1 MZ OT
MWH 29 BR   332 341 +2.7% 3y 1 MZ OT
MWH 30 FP   404 412 +2.0% 3m   MZ OT
MWH 31 FP   18 0     MZ OT
MWH 32 FP   434 0     MZ OT
MWH 33 FP   484 0     MZ OT
MWH 34 FP   278 0     MZ OT
MWH 35 FP   225 0     MZ OT
MWH 36 FP   188 0     MZ OT
MWH 37 BR   142 0     MZ OT
MWH 38 FP   17 0     MZ OT
MWH 41 FP   115 88 −23.5% 2y   MZ OT
MWH 43 FP   80 77 −3.8% 3y   MZ OT
MWH 44 FP   34 0     MZ OT
MWH 45 FP   320 313 −2.2% 22m   MZ OT
MWH 46 BR   132 194 +47.0% 3m   MZ OT
Totals   9629 5667 58.9%              

Table Details: To be counted in the table above, OSM ways need to be tagged with an appropriate designation=* tag (one of public_footpath, public_bridleway, restricted_byway, byway_open_to_all_traffic) and the relevant prow_ref=* tag (in the form 'MWH 12a', where 12 is the route number, and a is an optional suffix letter). The Definitive Statement data and OSM Mapping Statuses have not been imported yet for this parish. This needs to be done manually, and there is no public interface for it yet.

Map Details: On the map, the Yellow (FP), Blue (BR), Magenta (RB) and Red (BOAT) lines are Rights of Way from official Council data from 2023‑12‑15, licensed under the Open Government Licence (v3) (full copyright details). Routes whose length lines between −5m + 95% and 15m + 105% of the official length are shown with thin lines; the rest are shown with thick lines. The Green lines are different Highways from OSM: Dark Green for unclassified Highways, Blue-Green for Public Cycleways, and Yellow-Green for Adopted Footways. Click on any of these lines for more information. The black lines are approximate modern parish boundaries, constructed by simplifying the polygons in OS Boundary Line. The underlying mapping is OSM Carto (key). Click inside another parish for a link to switch to that parish.

Use of data in OSM: The Rights of Way GIS data shown on the map above is suitably licenced to be used in OpenStreetMap. If doing so, please use the source tag gloucestershire_county_council_prow_gis_data. But please do not map Rights of Way just from this data; it is important that OSM reflects what is on the ground as well. Official Rights of Way are not always usable on the ground, and the paths on the ground do not always follow the Definitive Line. The PRoW GIS data (and Definitive Statements, where available and suitably licenced) should be used primarily to add appropriate PRoW tags to ways that have already been mapped from other sources such as aerial imagery (where paths and tracks can clearly been seen) or ground surveys.

Errors and omissions in PRoW tags

OSM ways found in or near the parish with incomplete or contradictory designation=* or prow_ref=* tags. Further details.

Way ID Issue prow_ref designation LOSM OSM Note Tag OSM Fixme Tag JRC
4406416 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 527 m J+
36353714 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 468 m J+
36353718 Missing prow_ref public_bridleway 237 m J+
42447078 Missing prow_ref public_bridleway 79 m J+
111508607 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 243 m J+
111508612 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 679 m This footpath is a separate path, largely parallel to the one to the south, and in some cases only a few metres apart, but nevertheless separate. J+
168243776 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 231 m J+
168243781 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 353 m J+
168243783 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 138 m J+
168243784 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 18 m J+
171986011 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 203 m J+
171986012 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 325 m J+
172121463 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 30 m J+
239602658 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 85 m J+
240135828 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 164 m J+
659153765 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 32 m J+
660581236 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 206 m J+
807731850 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 104 m J+
807732688 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 69 m J+
900136451 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 288 m J+
936870763 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 273 m J+
936892967 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 433 m J+
936892968 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 156 m J+
937979665 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 39 m J+
947491049 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 541 m J+
948786912 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 443 m J+
1123020196 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 98 m J+
1127397861 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 42 m J+
1127464604 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 61 m J+
1134482300 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 156 m J+
1181790248 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 449 m J+

Errors and omissions in access tags

OSM ways with missing or inconsistent modal access tags are listed below. The classes of Public Rights of Way and Highways included on the map are checked, but Rights of Way with other tagging issues already listed above are excluded. Further details.

Way ID Number TRO? Notes Fixme JRC
62264441 BR 28   J+
62264443 BR 29   J+

Parish ID: 3869. OSM data last refreshed: 2024-06-01 08:04:00 Z.