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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Brandon Parish (West Suffolk, Suffolk)

Information provided by Suffolk County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2021‑04‑13. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 FP Ram Hotel — The River Ouse Bank
From the S.E. corner of the Ram Hotel in a S.W. direction to the Norfolk County Boundary at the river.
2 FP High Street — Victoria Avenue
From High Street, N. of the Chapel W. turning S.W. to Victoria Avenue at a point S.E. of the Rectory.
3 BY Lode Street — Santon Downham Parish Boundary
From opp. White Hart Lane in an E. direction along Gashouse Drove to the parish boundary of Santon Downham.
4 BR N. end of Town Street — The River
From the N. end of Town Street in a N. direction along Small Fen Lane, then N.W. to the river.
5 FP Footpath 2 — Pit Cottages
From path No. 2 from a point N.E. of the Rectory in a W. direction to a footbridge at Ordnance Survey Grid reference TL 7767 8653 where it runs in a north-westerly direction for a distance of approximately 125 metres parallel to and between the north-eastern boundary of the sewage works and a drain and thence in a westerly direction for a distance of approximately 140 metres and parallel to the northern boundary of the sewage works to a point at Ordnance Survey Grid Reference TL 7746 8660, and then continuing in a W. direction to meet Path No. 4, recommencing approximately 250 yds. N.along path No. 4 in a W. direction along the S. side of Small Fen to Pit Cottage against the railway.
Width 4 feet for a total distance of 265 metres by the sewage works.
6 BR Path No. 7 — Path No. 5
From the E. end of Path No. 7, N. along Sandy Drove, turning N.W. then N. to meet path No. 5 100 yds. W. of a Boat House.
7 BY Path No. 6 — Wilton-Lakenheath Road
From the S. end of Path No. 6 in a W. direction turning N.W. towards the railway, then N of Limekiln Farm, W. again via Fenhouse Farm and over the bridge over the Relief Channel to the Wilton-Lakenheath road about 100 yards S. of the Swan Hotel.
8 FP Thetford Road — Gashouse Drove
From the Gashouse Drove at the gasworks running S. to Thetford road.
9 FP Thetford Road — Gashouse Drove
Approx. 100 yards E. of Lode Lane, N. to Gashouse Drove.
10 RB Thetford Road — Pumping Station
Approx. 250 yards E. of the Fox and Hounds (P.H.) S. to the Rural District Pumping Station.
11 FP Town Chalk Pit
This path is circular and is round the above Chalk Pit which is situated near the "Fox & Hounds" (P.H.)
12 BY Town Street — Path No. 7
From the S. end of Town Street (S. of the "Crown" P.H.) W. to Wilton Hill Wood then N. between Brandon Field Wood and Home Wood to path No. 7.
13 FP Small Fen Lane — Manor Road
From the S. end of Small Fen Lane (Path No. 4) S.E. across the Hall meadow to Manor Road approx. 130 yards W. of Manorhouse Farm.
14 BR Bury Road — Wangford Parish Bdy.
Approx. 150 yards N. of Mayday Farm, S.W. via the S.E. edge of Spruce Covert to the Wangford parish boundary at Smith Belt.
15 FP London Road — Gravel Hill
Approx. 835 yards S.W. of Mile End, in a N.W. direction to Gravel Hill. The path also encircles Gravel Hill.
16 FP Lode Street — The Lode
Gashouse Lane Junct.
From the W. end of Gashouse Lane at the Lode Street junction, N to the Lode.
17 FP Thetford Road — Lode Street
Approx. 100 yards E. of High Street junction, in a N. direction then W. to Lode Street.
18 FP Towing Path
Those three parts of N. river bank that are in West Suffolk.
19 FP Commencing on the western side of the B1112 road at grid reference 72418658 and progressing in a general north-westerly direction along the top of the southern flood bank of the Little Ouse river with field parcel number 0051 to the south for approximately 380 metres to grid reference 72108681; then changing to a general westerly direction for approximately 120 metres to grid reference 71988680; then changing to a general south south-westerly direction for approximately 380 metres to grid reference 71838645; then changing to a general south-westerly direction for approximately 135 metres to grid reference 71758635; then changing to a general west south-westerly direction for approximately 45 metres to grid reference 71718633; then changing to a general southerly direction for approximately 35 metres to a stile at the former Lakenheath parish boundary to join Lakenheath Footpath 15 at grid reference 71708629 and having a total distance of approximately 1095 metres.
Width: minimum 1 metre maximum 1.5 metres
20 BR Commencing on the U6111 road, known as Riverside Way, at Ordnance Survey Grid Reference TL78408701, proceeding along a natural surface path immediately to the north east of the boundary fence of "The Maltings" in a east south easterly direction for 45 metres, then proceeding in a southerly direction immediately to the east of the boundary fence of "The Maltings" for 62 metres, then proceeding in an easterly direction for 8 metres to the County boundary at the centre of a 2.4 metre wide bridge spanning the drain and to connect with Bridleway No.16 Weeting at TL78458692.
Width: 2 metres for first 27 metres. 2 metres minimum and 3 metres maximum for next 18 metres. 3 metres for remainder.