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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Dalham Parish (West Suffolk, Suffolk)

Information provided by Suffolk County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2021‑04‑13. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 FP The Street — Ashley-Gazeley Road
From a footbridge approx. 200 yards S.S.E. of Malting Farm, in a N.W. direction, along S. bank of River Kennett to the Ashley-Gazeley road at Catford Bridge.
Width: 4'0"
Limitations: Subject to being ploughed.
2 FP Dalham-Denham Road — Path No. 3
From approx. 160 yards W. of Jillings Farm in a N.W. direction, passing along S. boundary of Leipsie Wood to Path No. 3.
Width: 4'0"
Limitations: Subject to being ploughed.
3 FP St Mary's Church — Dalham-Denham Road
From the end of the road S. of the Church in a S.E. direction to the W. boundary of Leipsie Wood. Path known as Beech Row, then S.S.W. to Dalham-Denham road approx. 330 yards E. of the School.
Width: 4'0"
4 FP Dalham-Gazeley Rd. — St Mary's Church
From approx. 35 yards E. of Malting Farm in a N.N.E. direction to St Mary's Church.
Width: 4'0"
5 FP Dunstall Green — Path No. 6
From the end of the road N. of Seven Elms Inn (P.H.) in a W. direction to path No. 6.
Width: 4'0"
6 FP Dunstall Green — Dalham-Denham Road
From approx. 150 yards S. of the entrance to Snapes Farm in a N.W. direction along field boundaries to the Dalham-Denham road approx. 80 yards W. of Chalk Pit.
Width: 4'0"
Limitations: Subject to being ploughed.
7 FP Road to St Mary's Church — Gazeley Parish Boundary
(a) From S.W. corner of Parsons Plantation in a N.E. direction, crossing Path No. 3 to Gazeley parish boundary.
(b) The footpath then proceeds generally parallel with and to the west of the boundary between the Parishes of Dalham and Gazeley for approximately 67 metres in a northerly direction, then approximately 488 metres in a generally north-east direction, then for approximately 166 metres in a generally north-west direction, then for approximately 187 metres in a generally north-east direction (with a spur for approximately 2 metres in an east direction to join Path No. 1 in the Parish of Gazeley at the Parish boundary) and then for approximately 724 metres in a generally north-west direction to at a point to the north of Bluebutton Wood at Ordnance Survey Grid Reference TL 7292 6369 and running in a north westerly direction for a distance of some 7 metres progressing from the edge of plantation parcel no. 9656 into a field edge and crossing the Parish boundary to the Parish of Gazeley at Ordnance Survey Grid Reference TL 7292 6369 to join Public Footpath No.1 Gazeley.
Width: First section: 4 feet Second section start - 72926369: - 1.2 metres 72926369 - 72926369: minimum 1.5 metres
Limitations or conditions: Subject to being ploughed over first section.
8 FP Dunstall Green - Ousden Road — Hargrave Parish Boundary
From W. of Dunstall Green Farm, in a N.E. direction for 60 yards where a short path continues to Hargrave and the path turns N. for approx. 700 yards, then S.E. to Hargrave parish boundary.
9 BR Ashley-Gazeley Road — Moulton Parish Boundary
From approx. 75 yards N.W. of Catford Bridge in a N.E. direction to Moulton parish boundary approx. 300 yards S.E. of St Peters Church.
Width: 20'0"
10 BR Commencing from the Denham parish boundary at the south-eastern corner of arable field parcel No 6239, Grid Reference 74816129, the track then passing along a hedge lined grass lane in a general southerly direction for approximately 175 metres to the northern side of the C660 road at the junction of the C662 road, Grid Reference 74826112.
Width: Minimum width of 3 metres.
15 FP Commencing from the western side of the C662 road at grid reference 74855970, and progressing in a generally westerly direction into meadowland field parcel no. 8067, following along the southern side of the pond in the garden of Cherry Tree Farmhouse for approximately 12 metres to grid reference 74845970, then changing to a generally south-westerly direction across meadowland field parcel no. 8067 for approximately 110 metres to cross a drain and stile at the Ousden parish boundary to join Ousden FP2 at grid reference 74755963.
Width: 1 metre
Limitations: 74755963: stile
17 FP Commencing at the parish boundary at Ordnance Survey grid reference (OSGR) 5746026020 and progressing north-easterly for 21 metres to meet Dalham Footpath 6 at OSGR 5746126021.
Width: 1.5 metres