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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Eriswell Parish (West Suffolk, Suffolk)

Information provided by Suffolk County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2021‑10‑12. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. The entries below are ordered first by Right of Way number, and then in reverse chronological order (most recent first). show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 FP St. Peters Church — Brandon Road
From a point S.E. of the Church in a S. direction, turning S.W. for a short length, then S. again passing round the S. side of Dalehole Plantation, S. again to the Brandon road.
2 FP Village Street — Mildenhall Parish Boundary
Approx. 250 yards S. of Chamberlains Hall Farm, in a W. direction to Mildenhall parish boundary.
3 BR Village Street — Brandon Road
Approx. 75 yards S. of Path No. 2 in a N.E. direction, then E. via Little London to the Brandon road approx. 200 yards N. of the Chalk Pits.
4 BR Little Eriswell Rd. — Brandon Road
From a point at the junction of the driveway to School House with the B1112 road, to the Brandon road.
Width: 3.98 metres from B1112 for 29.4 metres.
5 BR Lakenheath-Eriswell Road — Mildenhall Parish Boundary
Approximately 400 yards S. of Eriswell Hall, due W. to and across the bridge over the Relief Channel, then in a southerly direction and then due W. to the Mildenhall parish boundary, at a fen Drove.
6 FP From Lords Walk, beside Brandon Road to opposite Footpath 7.
7 BR Brandon Road — Path No. 8
From approx. 200 yards N. of Path No. 6, in a S.E. & E. direction to Junction with Path No. 8.
Width: 20'0"
8 BR From the E. end of Path No. 7, in a S. & W. direction then S. again along W. edge of Lodge Heath down Shakers Road through Partition Belt.
Width: 20'0"
9 FP Path No. 1 — Path No. 32 (Mildenhall)
Commencing at the end of Path No. 1 on the eastern side of the Relief Channel proceeding in a South-westerly direction over the bridge, then in a south-easterly direction along the western bank of the Channel and then in a west-south-westerly direction to join Path No. 32 in the Parish of Mildenhall at the parish boundary.
10 FP From opposite Lords Walk and the end of Footpath 6, along the eastern verge of the A1065 to opposite the U6127. Recommencing at a junction with Footpath 2 and running along the cut-off channel to the Lakenheath boundary; then continuing from the Lakenheath boundary to the B1112.
11 BR Commencing at the junction with Eriswell Bridleway 8 at OS grid reference 5774727814 and proceeding in an easterly direction along a natural surface track through the southern edge of Partition Belt for 363 metres to OS grid reference 5778327818; then leaving the tree belt and continuing for 29 metres to cross a track at OS grid reference 5778627819; then changing to a southerly direction and continuing along a grass track for 90 metres to the field gate into Weather Heath at OS grid reference 5778727810; then changing to an east-north-easterly direction along the northern side of the Weather Heath perimeter fence for 983 metres to OS grid reference 5788527820; then changing to a south-south-westerly direction along the eastern side of the of the Weather Heath perimeter fence for 286 metres to OS grid reference 5788127791, where the path moves 3 metres west; then continuing along the fence line for 218 metres to OS grid reference 5787827770; then changing to an easterly direction for 7 metres to join Elveden Bridleway 7 at the parish boundary at OS grid reference 578,793 277,701.
Width: 3 metres between OSGR 5774727814 and OSGR 5778727810 4.5 metres between OSGR 5778727810 and OSGR 5787827770 3 metres between OSGR 5787827770 and OSGR 578,793 277,70