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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Fornham St Martin Parish (West Suffolk, Suffolk)

Information provided by Suffolk County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2021‑10‑12. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. The entries below are ordered first by Right of Way number, and then in reverse chronological order (most recent first). show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 BR Thetford-Bury Rd. — Gt.Barton - Fornham All Saints Road
Approx. 40 yds. N. of the Rectory in an Easterly direction, to a point on the farm access road 50 metres west of the existing crossing over the disused railway running southwards and then eastwards, crossing the classified road by means of an overbridge, rejoining the farm access road120 metres south-east of the existing crossing over the disused railway; thence via. Hall Farm (known as Farm Drift), turning Northwards above the N. corner of Carr Plantation to the Barton-Fornham All Saints road at the N.W. corner of Conyers Plantation.
2 BR Path No. 1 (B.R.) — Gt. Barton - Fornham All Saints Road
Approx. 300 yds. West of Hall Farm entrance, Northwards between Farm Covert and Brick Kiln Plantation to the Barton - Fornham All Saints Road.
3 FP Path No. 5 — Fornham St. Genevieve Parish Boundary
Commencing E. of Old Hall, running Northwards via the Corn Mill, along the S.W. edge of Johns Hill Plantation to the Parish Boundary.
4 RB Gt. Barton Road — Farm Drift
From due S. of Halfmoon Covert, Northwards along W. side of same to Farm Drift (Path No. 1) opposite Hall Farm.
This is known as Bury Drift.
5 BR Thetford Road — Old Hall
Approx. 100 yds. N. of the Church in a South - West direction to meet Path No. 3 immediately E. of Old Hall.
6 FP Fornham All Saints Boundary — Fornham All Saints Boundary
This path is a short portion cutting off a portion of the Parish, its ends being located at the Parish Boundary with Fornham All Saints, and is a continuation of Path No. 1 in that Parish. The path is shown on the map as being due S. of Johns Hill Plantation.
7 FP From its commencement point on the new bridleway 15 metres north-east of the disused railway running north-eastwards to the eastern boundary of the classified road for a distance of 20 metres.
Limitations: subject to stiles at OS grid reference points TL 85716695 and TL 85726697
8 FP From the junction of the existing A134 with the B1106 Culford Road by Flint Cottages following the route of the existing A134 running generally north-eastwards for a distance of 480 metres to the eastern boundary of the classified road.
Limitations: subject to kissing gates or stiles at OS grid reference points TL 85076736, TL85186745, TL85316755, TL85336758 and TL 85406769
9 FP Commencing on the A134 road opposite Footpath 8 at OS grid reference TL85446775 and progressing in a north easterly direction for 300 metres to the B1106 road at OS grid reference TL85596801.
Width: 9.1 metres