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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Risby Parish (West Suffolk, Suffolk)

Information provided by Suffolk County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2021‑04‑13. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 FP Quays Farm — Trunk Road
From the junction with Footpath No. 2 62 metres south of the Class III Road C628 in a southerly direction for 137 metres along the western boundary of OS Plot 200, thence in an easterly direction for 123 metres along the southern boundary of OS Plot 200, then S to the northern boundary of the trunk road.
Width: 4 feet minimum for first 260 metres.
2 FP W of Quays Farm — Risby Place
Approx. 220 yards W of Quays Farm, S along W side of playingfield, then W along S side of allotments, then turning southwards for approximately 47 metres, then running in a westerly direction for approximately 13.5 metres, continuing in westerly direction for approximately 140 feet to a point approximately 50 feet north of Risby Place.
6 FP Commencing at grid ref. 7950/6712 260 metres or thereabouts North of the original line and running in an Easterly direction for 435 metres or thereabouts along the Northern boundary of parcel number 7000 and on the South side of an uncultivated baulk and staggered hedging clear of the point on the Flempton Road (Road No. C629) grid ref. 7994/6706.
Width: Minimum width 1.2 metres
7 FP Flempton Road — Risby Hall Farm Road
Commencing at the North corner of Risby Little on the Flempton Road (C629) grid reference 7995/6706 running for 86 metres or thereabouts in an easterly direction clear of the wood turning South and running along the Western boundary of Parcel Number 3300 for 147 metres or thereabouts clear of the wood and latterly a hedge then turning east for 33 metres or thereabouts to grid reference 8008/6689; thence in a S. direction turning W. into the Risby Hall Farm Road.
Width: Start - 80086689: minimum 1.2 metres 80086689 - end: Undefined
Limitations: 80086689 - end: Part subject to being ploughed
8 FP Cavenham Road — S side of the Green
From the Cavenham Road in a generally SW direction, then S for about 300 yds then E turning NE to the road at S end of the Green.
9 FP Commencing 346 metres or thereabouts South West of the Welham Lane/South Street road junction grid reference 7932/6636 and following a track in a Westerly direction for 616 metres or thereabouts turning North West for 35 metres or thereabouts before continuing in a Westerly direction along a track between parcel numbers 4658 and 4525 for a distance of 472 metres or thereabouts to the Cavenham Road (Road No. 6217) at grid reference 7823/6645.
Width: Minimum width of 1.2 metres
10 FP From the old A45 road grid reference 7863/6608 and running along the eastern boundary of parcel numbers 4525 and 4658 in a north north east direction for a total distance of 616 metres or thereabouts minimum width 1.2 metres clear of a hedge to the south east corner of parcel number 5000 grid reference 7878/6670; N to the Cavenham Road.
Width: Minimum width 1.2 metres to GR 7878/6670.
Limitations: Subject to being ploughed N from GR 7878/6670.